FROM: Homer
DATE: Fri Sep 19 14:22:04 PDT 1997
It's about my sister. Read it again. Son, there are mirrors here - watch your performing little/ whales / Or snip your harness off and take another walk around the/ bay/ The way the English say We only mustn't grumble in the/ end / A needle in your back, an arrow in your heart you smile/ Is your wax doll still crying in the fire?/ It cramps your handwriting, and dulls what little style you/ have/ You cast your mind back to professionals like Alan Breeze/ Who sees the windows freeze and hands around the keys/ "Unlock yourself!", he says, but no one ever does/ Except for Jacob Lurch, and Mr. Moose and Dandy / Is your wax doll still crying in the fire?/ Do you think that anybody wants to be your friend/ Now that they know?/ Son, there are breakers here-- your living room it glides across the sea/ Or high above waves, the wrinkled little waves you cannot smooth/ We travel everywhere, we're gonna take the suburbs to the stars/ If I was man enough I'd come on your stump/ If I was man enough I'd come you your stump/ But don't you know, this is the Home Counties/ Is your wax doll still crying in the fire? You'll Never Walk Alone

FROM: Chewing Wax <>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 13:57:48 PDT 1997
Pungo, What could be worse than "If I was man enough I'd come on your stump?" Come on. Offend away. The genious of the lyric is the way it lends itself to such varied interpretation. I'm outa here. Love you all and have a great weekend. Go Southhampton! I've got a fiver that they win the FA Cup.

FROM: Pungo <mercilessthemagistrateturnedaround.frowning>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 13:30:52 PDT 1997
I think that I have a pretty good idea what "Is your wax doll still crying in the fire?" means. But, I'm sure if I can say it without being offensive. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 19 10:32:34 PDT 1997
Raymond Chandler Evening right? Element of Light? What recording do you have Joe?

FROM: Joe <>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 09:56:41 PDT 1997
Thats really cool Sleepy. I have it on this tape I got from e-mailing the House of Figgy Dude: Unreleased Hatchlings. Thats a really good song. Incidentally Robyn worked at a record store for a couple of weeks and later played at it. (Check out the Chronology bit on the fegmaniax site). Phraedus dude - thanks so much for that news of the tribute gig in NYC on the anniversary of his passing on. Poor fellow. Right up there with the Beatles and, of course, Robyn. And Lets hear it for the Soft Boys! One fine band. A stepping stone that led to the Egyptians, Element of Light, and all that wonderful stuff. Is Robyn still doing those London gigs does anyone know, at the 12 Bar. I recall he used to do them every week. Lets hope Robyns around for quite some time now. I hear Storefront Hitchc--k will be released early (like say February) next year. Still, can't see Robyn getting mainstream; anyone hear been on a bus (or boat) ride with Robyn? Tell us your story! Bye for now. Keep your teeth clean. Ni! Chris (aka The Man Who Rented Himself) you are a buttmunch. Goodnight!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 09:40:14 PDT 1997
I need food and music. That's handy, I'm off to a gig. Yaeee! Have a good weekend everyone. Here's a nice lyric to leave you with: I remember what I told you, but I can't remember why and the yellow leaves are falling in a spiral from the sky... Ahhhh....

FROM: phaedrus
DATE: Fri Sep 19 09:39:22 PDT 1997
I see some similarities between 'Black Snake Diamond Role' & 'Moss Elixir'. In the liner notes for BSDR, Robyn mentions that this was the first time he could select who he wanted to play on each track. He didn't have to find something for anyone who was left out. Now, in his interviews for ME, he states nearly the same thing. Musically, the two albums are different, but the circ-mstances and production seem similar. Just my 2 cents.....

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Fri Sep 19 09:38:16 PDT 1997
Homer lies. Homer lies. Who here fancies Douglas Addams? Oh I miss my Football Browns.

FROM: Homer
DATE: Fri Sep 19 08:25:57 PDT 1997
Candy from a baby. How many goals did they give you? Wax Doll is about my sister Louise and her filthy affair with a Roman Catholic priest back in the early 70's. You'll Never Walk Alone.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 19 07:44:14 PDT 1997
No Sleepy, I am the fool for letting something as mundane as work pull my attention away from this board. Anyhow, Voltaic gave too much information yesterday about his Italian angel. I dreamed of her all night. Your dancing will fill my dreams tonight I fear. Anyhow, the line is "You cast your mind back to professionals like Alan Breeze". The other line mentioned was "But don't you know, this is the Home Counties". Another reference I miss is to Jacob Lurch, and Mr. Moose and Dandy. So, there you go. I've got a fiver on Southhampton upsetting Liverpool tomorrow.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 06:58:07 PDT 1997
Where is everyone? I should never have mentioned the dance. What a fool I've been...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 06:01:58 PDT 1997
Was that too much information?....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 06:00:21 PDT 1997
Joe - Rabbit Train sounded like it was improvised when I heard it, but maybe you know different... I heard people shout for it at other gigs, but it was never repeated. You may like to know that my friend and I performed a lovely little dance to aforementioned song down the ailes of the Bon Marche department store in Seattle. On the other hand you might not...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 05:52:02 PDT 1997
CW - what's the name of the person referred to in Wax Doll?

DATE: Fri Sep 19 05:41:35 PDT 1997
Decoy, you stole my idea about quoting Fearless. It is true, mortal enemies often are more alike than they wish to think. I curse you. Where is that delightful Homer anyhow?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 19 05:37:52 PDT 1997
Indeed, that was one of the most enjoyable strings of overnight postings I can remember. I did my homework. I got home, put Queen Elvis and Black Snake Diamond Roll on the old changer and cleaned up a bit with Robyn. What could be better? Well, actually a lot of things, but them is two wonderful ablums. And so different from one an other. I grabbed the lyric sheet for Queen Elvis. Even reading the words to Wax Doll, some of his references escape me. What does he say after the "come on your stump" lines? Something that sounds political. And he refers to a man earlier in the song who I have no idea who he is. It occurred to me that maybe he was talking about a stump as defined as "a place for political speeches" Anyhow, the Lynch comparison is nicely done. What a wonderful album. I must admit it has been years since I last listened to it. I've never appreciated it more. I was dissappointed that the lyric sheet didn't include the story imbedded in Autumn Sea. Oh anyway, he was covered in it....October.

FROM: Decoy <FearlesslyTheIdiotFacedTheCrowd.Smiling>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 04:37:29 PDT 1997
Sinister? Not even. My, was there a lot of posts since yesterday. I think we need a PS field on the message board posing interface. I dont like reading bottom to top, but I guess there's not really a better way. Thanks Ballon Man. Look at it this way - next stop, COlts. Voltaic sounds like he regrets two aspects of that night, eh? Today will suck, I forgat to bring any CDs to work. Ineed coffee before I can make sense.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 02:39:05 PDT 1997
That last sentence sounds a bit sinister - it's not supposed to be!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 19 02:35:52 PDT 1997
I heard that Brenda's Iron Sledge was about Mrs Thatcher... The first time I ever saw/heard of Robyn was when he performed that song with the Egyptians on a TV programme called The Whistle Test, presented by Mark Ellen (see Clean Steve!) in 1985. Ahh, happy days. Who could have know back then how far we could take this thing...

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 22:34:01 PDT 1997
Lynn, alarmingly enough, I believe Robyn is speaking to his "son," whom he tells earlier that "...there are mirrors your performing little whales." Wax Doll. Surreal like a David Lynch outtake....

FROM: lynn
DATE: Thu Sep 18 20:13:58 PDT 1997
see below

DATE: Thu Sep 18 20:12:43 PDT 1997
Black Snake Diamond Role was kind of the first rock and roll/post punk music that I ever liked. I never understood much of it, though. I didn't know for a long time that a sledge is a sled, for example(Brenda's Iron Sledge, please don't call me Redge, its not my name) I thought that Hitchc.ock was talking about a sledgehammer. That's why I figured the t-tle had to be some kind of reference to something , possibly British, that just whizzed over my head. I am glad to see that nobody else is really sure either, even though you all seem to have your own ideas. I think that album is a lot different than his later stuff. Also that song with the lyrics " if I was man enough I'd come on your stump" has always puzzled me.( It is on Queen Elvis) Is he talking about an amputee or a tree or what?

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Thu Sep 18 19:44:47 PDT 1997
Voltaic- thank you for the nod. today is queen elvis day! today i found an rem import that included a cover of robyn's "arms of love" it was pricy, but i may return to buy it tomorrow.

DATE: Thu Sep 18 17:46:52 PDT 1997
And now for something completely different

DATE: Thu Sep 18 16:35:08 PDT 1997
Swirling takes up all my life And if I had a wife She'd be you. f--king fantastic. f--kin moving music. Human music. Sleepy - I think "Rabbit Train" was played at McCabes in 90. Is that an original? Its quite good. Goodnight I say!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 15:31:58 PDT 1997
Alternity, are you playing "subliminal man" with your football reference? Clever you!

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 15:21:55 PDT 1997
Bill Nelson and Jullian Cope are by far my two favorite artists next to Mr Hitch. I think deep music is what is what connects the people that post to this web site. We're all deep ,and thinking individuals that feel each others ned to unite and communicate.And I am sure Robyn feels the same way, that we will someday become one collective being that reacts as a whole.

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 15:19:40 PDT 1997
Bill Nelson and Jullian Cope are by far my tw favorite artists next to Mr Hitch. I think deep music is what is what connects the people that post to this web site. Were all deep ,and thinking individuals that feel each others ned to unite and communicate football.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 14:36:17 PDT 1997
If I have ever posted a stream of consciousness message, that last one would be it..... I hope you got my meaning though -- it's a nod, I think, to some of the trappings of rock stardom, no?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 14:34:53 PDT 1997
Black Snake Diamond Rock could be a stream of consciousness phrase -- black snake, diamond (as in the snake skin), and a diamond is a "rock".... And then the later album t-tle, with "Role" is the finish of Rock and Roll as well as being part of the hot-rob seat covering (and speaker cabinet decor) known lovingly as "diamond tuck and roll, you know, with the diamond shaped genuine vinyl pattern -- sometimes black, sometimes glittery blue, or green.....

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 14:14:30 PDT 1997
I dream of Robyn with Audry Hepburn feelers.

DATE: Thu Sep 18 14:01:51 PDT 1997
Rock and Roll. Get it? Hello Cleveland.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 14:00:38 PDT 1997
Still don't know what it means.

FROM: Daisy Bomb
DATE: Thu Sep 18 13:03:12 PDT 1997
Black Snake Diamond Rock is the song t-tle you're looking for. It's on the Ryko reissue of Underwater Moonlight and the phrase "black snake diamond role" is a line from the song. You probably all already knew this so I'm not sure why I felt compelled to say it for the benefit of the one or two who didn't :). Anyway, this is one of my favorite albums period on any day and in any mood, all the time.

DATE: Thu Sep 18 11:29:08 PDT 1997
Goodness. I've no idea how that happened. Sorry

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 11:21:18 PDT 1997
That's it. Thanks sleepy. Wax again. It's all over the place. Sorry to hear I'll miss you in Glasgow. Hardly seems worth it now. Off to South Hampton then.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 10:16:32 PDT 1997
You guys are awesome and my lack of musical knowledge makes me feel soundly inadequate. Teardrop Explodes and Julian Cope. Never heard of them before. More and more recommendations and I trust Voltaic and Sleepy to point me in the right direction. This is the kind of resource I was hoping for when I first searched out this board low those many months ago. Thanks.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 10:11:48 PDT 1997
For those of you curious, I was a complete gentleman with that angel, though I suspected later than she was not looking for a gentleman....meanwhile, I do gather that Julian and Robyn are acquainted, but are they pals? That would open up a complete new picture with regards to the work of both....Copey is overtly spiritual these days; whereas Robyn's spiritual side is much less literally expressed in his music.....

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 10:07:54 PDT 1997
Sleepy, got to meet The Arch Drude! The closest I ever came to meeting the man with the same initials as Christ was to drive by a club where he was going to play later that evening. I was in an, er, transitional period in my life and had in tow an incredibly beautiful Italian girl who, alas, was under the required age to enter the club. I forsake my hero in favor of gazing into the eyes of that angel all evening. What a mixed emotional evening that was! I don't know if Julian has toured the states since!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 10:01:31 PDT 1997
I'm off home now, but I must just add that The Teardrop Explodes were my absolute teenage favorites. It makes me teary-eyed (ho, ho, funny joke) to think about their greatness. I got the chance to meet Julian when he did an in-store signing of the mighty "Peggy Suicide" and he did not disappoint. And he's a friend of Robyns (swiflty bringing the conversation back to our main man...) I am now going to time a journey to Notting Hill Gate and will sing Wax Doll to myself as I do so. Bye for today.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:52:27 PDT 1997
And this may frighten some of you, but some days are Wading Through Your Ventilator days! Scaaaaryyyyy!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:51:14 PDT 1997
Oh yes, one more thing: The Hooded One and I are in complete agreement regarding the "judgement" of albums. Your favorite of today could be your third favorite tomorrow. Face it, you like them all, and all in their own way: Some days are Eye days, some days are Element days, some are Queen Elvis days, some I say wholeheartedly are Respect days!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:47:59 PDT 1997
I believe Black Snake Diamond Role refers to a similarly named Soft Boys song; which brings us back to the album-named-after-later-song discussion. World Shut Your Mouth is a great album, Julian's first solo. The song, World Shut Your Mouth, appears on St. Julian as mentioned below. And there is in addition an e.p. called World Shut Your Mouth released by Island as a sort of sampler--has a cool song called "Non Alignment Pact". In the early 80's I was a big fan of the Teardrop Explodes, Julian's old band. Their "Wilder" is a masterpiece (and I don't use the term very often). Cope's own Peggy Suicide is also a Masterpiece (there I've used the term twice in one posting, and not even about Robyn!). I do think, however, that Black Snake Diamond Role (to bring this posting entirely back to Robyn) is a definite Masterpiece as well (that's three times, and I swear I hardly ever use the term!).....

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:47:57 PDT 1997
That's it. Thanks sleepy. Wax again. It's all over the place. Sorry to hear I'll miss you in Glasgow. Hardly seems worth it now. Off to South Hampton then.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:32:10 PDT 1997
CW - "Wax Doll" is the song. (Belated answer to lyric question).

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 09:31:21 PDT 1997
Is everyone as frightened of Homer as I am? Are soccer fanatics lurking out there keeping their crazed eyes on this message board and thousands of others for the off handed dis at their beloved albeit boring game? Speaking of which, I have to jet back from Glasgow bright and early to catch my beloved Bills. Homer, our front five offensive linemen could tear your entire Mighty Reds to shreds hog tied. See, I shrunk to their level again. And isn't this Balloon Man's fight? Homer. Can I go to a game with you?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 08:59:05 PDT 1997
Allwrighhht CW! Actually I've got to stay in London because Ezio (fine acoustic two-piece from Cambridge) are playing tomorrow. Lots of good gigs at the moment.

FROM: sailor mooch <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 08:17:36 PDT 1997
..dear dear dear!!..still nattering about footba'...ROBYN wept.

FROM: Homer
DATE: Thu Sep 18 08:07:58 PDT 1997
You'll Never Walk Alone When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high, And don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of a storm, There's a golden sky, And the sweet silver song of a lark. Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain, Though your dreams be tossed and blown.. Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone....... Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone....... You'll never walk alone.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 07:24:49 PDT 1997
Sleepy, once again you make me blind with jealousy. I WANT GO TO CRAWL IN GLASCOW. I'm calling British Air right now. See you there.

FROM: Homer <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 07:14:05 PDT 1997
Mighty Reds at 2 3 and 1. We smash Southhampton next you right bastards. I know the answer to Balloon Man's question but I'm not telling.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 07:00:19 PDT 1997
BM - nice way of getting round the Hitchc--k problem...

FROM: Homer
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:53:17 PDT 1997
L I V E R P Double O L Go Red! Rip the lungs out of your rediculous players if they had the guts to take off those girly helmets.

FROM: Balloon Man <Dolphins@2and1>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:49:52 PDT 1997
Oh yeh. Decoy. How those Bills doing? FOOTBALL! and I mean AMERICAN NFL FOOTBALL, not some ninny eurocrud soccer which is the most mind bogglingly dull game I can conceive of. The singing is pretty cool though. You'll Never Walk Alone.

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:46:09 PDT 1997
Is there a link between Robyn Hitchc.ock, Monty Python, The Simpsons, David Letterman, Dungeons and Dragons, Tomb Raider, Star Trek, Pink Floyd, bitter and Autumn? Kevin Bacon goes without saying.

FROM: Mr. E.C.Gumby
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:42:07 PDT 1997
Ooh. My brain hurts.

FROM: Decoy <Second@That>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:29:41 PDT 1997
Crawls sound cool! I can just see myself with a crowd of well intentioned Gumbys stumbling around from club to club. Love the Sleepster! This board is entirely populated with heavies. Myk needs to find 'Cyber Cafe' and give us an update. And a special non patronizing ;) good morning to Enilorac from me as well.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 06:12:11 PDT 1997
I've no idea what happened just then. I just hope it doesn't happen again. Let me reassure you that pungo is pungo and sleepy is sleepy. I must say that I'm really living up to my namesake today. I went to an excellent 'event' in Camden (groovy part of London) last night, called the Intercity Crawl. This involves six venues in Camden playing host to around 26 bands in the space of one evening. In exchange for your ticket you get a wristband to get you into all the venues, a CD featuring some of the artists playing, and most importantly, a timetable of who's playing where and when. Good fun! I saw the magnificent Silver Sun and Sweden's finest, The Wannadies. The "Crawl" happens tonight in Manchester and tomorrow in Glasgow. Good idea, huh? Oh, yes, re: Chewie's comment about Robyn naming albums after songs which then appear in later albums, Julian Cope did the same thing. JC had an album called World Shut Your Mouth, but the hit single which followed came out many years later and featured on a later album - St Julian, I think. I've no idea what this says about British artists. Maybe its a Robyn/Julian conspiracy. Maybe they're just forgetful!

DATE: Thu Sep 18 05:59:02 PDT 1997
Sleepy, you alright there buddy?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 05:56:59 PDT 1997

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Sep 18 05:56:57 PDT 1997

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 18 05:26:52 PDT 1997
One of Robyn's most disturbing lyrics must be, "If I were man enough I'd c-m on your stump". That is one bold, lyric. So naked and unprotected and raw. The song escapes me. Is it on Queen Elvis? Anyhow, good morning, and a special good morning to Enilorac who has made me laugh on more than one occassion. I still think sleepy and pungo are the same. Well, maybe not.

FROM: Mark Yurkovic <>
DATE: Thu Sep 18 03:29:38 PDT 1997
Free demo CD of a project that sounds like Jellyfish,Beatles and Hitchc--k combined.....Interested......send e-mail to

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Wed Sep 17 19:04:48 PDT 1997
black snake diamond roll! i was just thinking about how that t-tle never comes up on this board! while we're at it how about fegmania! which brings me to my point. all of this comparing that has been going about how this album is better than which one or whatever is nonsence. yes, there are some albums i enjoy more than others, that is my personal preference(which changes almost weekly). but think about this- without "element of light" could we have "queen elvis" - all of robyn's work shows a progression. without "eye" there would be no "moss elixer". now i'll go back to "black snake diamond roll". no idea at all lynn, what the t-tle refers to, but I like it. isn't "do policemen sing?" one of those songs you just have to hear once in awhile?

FROM: lynn
DATE: Wed Sep 17 18:28:22 PDT 1997
Black Snake Diamond Role...hmmmm... does anyone know to what that t-tle refers? Surely it refers to something.

FROM: Pungo
DATE: Wed Sep 17 18:07:28 PDT 1997
...and by the way, I was the first one to say hello to enilorac. Just check the afore mentioned archives. Okay, see-ya!!!

FROM: Pungo
DATE: Wed Sep 17 18:05:12 PDT 1997
Greetings, Mighty Voltaic!!! How goes the battle? Sorry about not popping in with such regularity anymore, but with my class schedule and work schedule, just finding a moment to breath can be challenging. But, never fear, for the Pungo is here. And thank you for the kind words. Man, this place is archiving out of control. I suppose that's good, tho, speading the word of Robyn, huh? LATER!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Wed Sep 17 12:54:55 PDT 1997
Thank you phaedrus. Please post more info as available. I don't the regulars will mind a bit of Nick Drake news on this board. Meanwhile, the heavies being mentioned did not include one of our most charming, but lately scarce, contributors: pungo. Wherefore arte thou, pungo? I miss your humor and welcoming chat.

FROM: phaedrus
DATE: Wed Sep 17 12:32:28 PDT 1997
For all of you Nick Drake fans: 8 November at St. Ann's Church in New York City, a Nick Drake Tribute Concert will be held. That's all of the info I have.....

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Sep 17 12:28:57 PDT 1997
Hey, thanks for including me as a board heavy. I don't desearve that accolade. And don't forget sleepy. He could be Board King in his quiet wisdom. Plus he went on the boat trip which makes me blind with envy. Funny, I was just thinking about Monty Python. Knowing the words is a prerequisite to membership in the Order of the Geeks. I love that episode. The crowd of Gumbys linking up the skits. It's very organic, like a Terry Gilliam animation or a Robyn Hitc,ock album. Very British. A friend of mine said something I found very funny. A long while ago we were posting about how Robyn names albums after songs that then appear later in different albums. Someone said it was a British thing to do. I told my friend this and he said, "Seems too optomistic to be a British thing to do". I thought that was funny. Sleepy? Your British insite?

FROM: Architect
DATE: Wed Sep 17 12:28:50 PDT 1997
Sheesh! I was only kidding! Golly, didn't mean to offend anybody!

FROM: Decoy <quick@posting>
DATE: Wed Sep 17 09:44:42 PDT 1997
I did not post that Architect message to prove a point. That was posted while I was writing. I just want to make that absolutely clear and be entirely disassociated.

FROM: Decoy <quick@posting>
DATE: Wed Sep 17 09:42:07 PDT 1997
I did not post that Architect message to prove a point. That was posted while I was writing. I just want to make that absolutely clear and be entirely disassociated.

FROM: Decoy <I seen you looking good the other evening>
DATE: Wed Sep 17 09:38:34 PDT 1997
Enilorac, I dedicate this posting to you. It can be hard to get the attention of the board heavies (Myk, Voltaic, Chewing Wax, Hooded, no offense to those exluded); It looks like posting patterns suggest that mild antagonism can really break the ice - don't apply that to c--ktail parties, though. For example, Grumpy deserves nothing more than our combined silence. We are such sports. I saw the new Adam Sandler video at the end of EW whilst waiting for the Simpsons to start - something about the goats in sports or something. I think he was parodying Springsteen. Sandler is hilarious sometimes, but slick produced aor parodies may be best left to Weird Al. I love that Opera Man he did when the Dead sang the national anthem at Candlestick, "Baseball fans are getting mello ... Eat a hot dog. smoke a bong-o ..."

FROM: Captain
DATE: Wed Sep 17 09:38:14 PDT 1997
Have we got any of those sticky things?

FROM: Architect@Mason.Com
DATE: Wed Sep 17 09:37:09 PDT 1997
Well, that's the sort of blinkered, philistine pig ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative sit there on your loathsome, spotty behinds, squeezing black heads, not caring a tinker's cuss for the struggling artist. You excrement! You whining, hypocritical toadies with your golf clubs and your bleeding Masonic handshakes! I wouldn't become a Freemason now if you got on your lousy stinking hands and knees and begged me!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Sep 17 08:39:30 PDT 1997
Some what. Hooded, no, not that one. The Robyn Hitchc.ock's Greatest Hits.

FROM: Old Pink <>
DATE: Wed Sep 17 08:14:30 PDT 1997
Is there anybody out there?

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Tue Sep 16 16:48:53 PDT 1997
pthbbbttt! sorry pthbbttt!!

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Tue Sep 16 16:47:31 PDT 1997
CW- if your asking about the sb's 1976-81, the answer is yes. lots of wonderful stuff inside. partiularly "caroline says", "gigilo aunt", and a good stab at the velvet undergroud's "train round the bend". some added attractions are polished versions of the better sb tracks (leppo and the jooves, ugly nora, only the stones remain) let me know what you think. when listening to robyn (pre element of light) this compilation is my fave.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Tue Sep 16 16:34:49 PDT 1997
CW- if your asking about the sb's 1976-81, the answer is yes. lots of wonderful stuff inside. partiularly "caroline says", "gigilo aunt", and a good stab at the velvet undergroud's "train round the bend". some added attractions are polished versions of the better sb tracks (leppo and the jooves, ugly nora, only the stones remain) let me know what you think. when listening to robyn (pre element of light) this compilation is my fave.

FROM: Swirling <>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 13:42:31 PDT 1997
I don't have time to read all this right now. If I've taken someone elses name forgive me. I don't listen to Queen Elvis enough. I must remedy that this evening. That album is sort of half "Eye" and half "Respect" in my mind. I've no artistic reason why it is, it just is. Clean Steve right? And Superman. Crunchy little superman. Queen Elvis is kind of an artistic island. Veins of the Queen. Two different versions? Love it.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Tue Sep 16 13:13:35 PDT 1997
Why do I get ignored? Aren't I provocative enough? Grumpy is in class learning how to appreciate Mesopotamian ceramic design through a post modern nihilistic structural framework. Actually, for what he was worth, a whole lot of space has been devoted to the discussion of Grumpy. CW, you have to learn to let this kind of thing go. And here here for Decoy and the return of his Ramble. That's the Decoy I know and quietly fear. But what of Robyn? Sometimes you need to listen to someone else, just to put his greatness in perspective. Let's see what other artist Warner Brothers has to offer. Oh look. It's Adam Sandler.

DATE: Tue Sep 16 12:42:20 PDT 1997
So what is D.ickins got paid by the word? All major periodicals that publish poetry pay by the word. If Robyn got paid by the word maybe Respect would have been longer. Doh.

FROM: Philip K. Paranoid
DATE: Tue Sep 16 12:24:35 PDT 1997
I dunno who Grumpy was, but his silence is deafening. Do you feel his eyes on us?

FROM: Philip K. Paranoid
DATE: Tue Sep 16 11:51:08 PDT 1997
I dunno who Grumpy was, but his silence is deafening. Do you feel his eyes on us?

DATE: Tue Sep 16 11:09:55 PDT 1997
Decoy - you a funny boy. Norton Anthology. Zima is pretty nasty. It's a hangover in a bottle that stuff is. It's what Coors gets after they suck out the alcohol to make Coors Light. I want to hear "Feels like 1974". I loved that song in concert. Did anybody notice Grumpy didn't say a single thing about Robyn? He just popped on, gave me quick lesson in artistic criticism, gave me an a--ignment and dissappeared. Who was that Grumpy fellow?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 16 10:38:14 PDT 1997
Man has it been a long day already. Very cool for Myk eh? Voltaic, it wasn't Grumpy's point that I disagreed with, it was his snotty, "my art history professor said this" self important know it all attitude. I was having a go at him. To me, indicating that I'd have to go on liking Can of Bees because Robyn hadn't said why he found it unlistenable was halariously stupid. That someone could take such a statement seriously can't be helped. We've been down that street before. The limitations of the typewritten word. I don't buy it. Taken in a vacuum perhaps, but Grumpy had two or three good postings to catch on and he just didn't get it. He either wasn't reading my postings carefully or he wasn't trying to understand me. All of this a--ide, I agree with his point. I likes what I likes. He just wanted me to argue with him and I couldn't resist. When you have the opportunity to give the likes of Grumpy a hemorrhage, you take it. I'd much rather discuss what is wonderful about Robyn's work. The trashing of Respect is over. From now on I no explain myself to no one.

FROM: Decoy <Bad@Plagarism>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 10:33:54 PDT 1997
I just read the end of Archive Eight and saw the good Dr. mentioned the d--kens thing as well. Sorry for not reading up before posting, didn't mean to plagarize - I didn't know it was brought up yet. But I do like the thesis on Robyn idea. If the Romantic poet types could gain such recognition for those rambling trips to the lakes to steal a canoe, I think the test of time will preserve Robyn as well. Perhaps we could publish a Squelchy anthology to support his obviously expensive lifestyle. Yip yip yip yip - its even fun to type "yip."

FROM: Decoy <Bisons@Wings.Can't.Wait>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 10:22:51 PDT 1997
I'm 'Shocked' that someone would use the message board to say 'hi.' I for one was glad and warmed indide to hear that Myk is doing well auf Deutchland. As any English Major worth one page of rice paper from the Norton Anthology would know; there are many ways to go about a critical approach to analyzing an artistic work. Today we are focusing on the Artist or 'expressive' school of thought. Previously we discussed the imatative types of approaches in the organic interpretation of Globe of Frogs. My that is interesting about his bout with the flu on the day he wrote "All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love." But all the people that I know that follow that kind stuff are stalkers and drink Zima. So I am kinda leery of spouting all that personal kinda stuff - which I could about Pink Floyd, for example. It gives me the creeps to watch that stuff come out of people - even the personal stuff, eh? It's just not comfortable. Anyway, the context of the artist is generally not his opinion but what we know about his life that made him express certain ideas in his work. Voltron had a good example with the flu - perhaps he was taking a powder or something as well. What does motivate the man? Did you know that Charles d--kens got paid by the word? It's at least as interesting as why Robyn can't listen to Can of Bees. GtheP seems an object interpretive type exclusively. But he should LIGHTEN UP and look at things from all the angles. I hope I'm not out of line - but, again, a--ume I'm joking: I do it to you. And I just noticed I ended up defending Chewing Wax - oh well.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 16 09:12:24 PDT 1997
Greetings to Myk! Glad you found a cyber cafe....actually never been to one. Where can I find one out here in Alpha Centauri? Chewing Wax: Grumpy in all his anti-supercilious gory glory made something of a good point or at least I think he did; perhaps I am giving him more credit than is due, but here's what I think he was trying to say, in his most anti-ironic, anal-retentive fashion (and I admit I agree with him, if this was his point after all): If you are looking to be enriched and entertained by art (and who isn't), bringing your interests and experience to it is more valuable than reading 25 interviews by the artist, wherein he tells you about his bout with the flu on the day he wrote "All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love." Those interviews are fun, mind you, and sometimes illuminating; but the artist is the last person to trust when it comes to discussing his/her art. Still, Grumpy chose a most appropriate way to name himself, no?

FROM: Myk Murphy <>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 08:05:14 PDT 1997
well, i'm here in germany, and i'm having a great time, except that the german keyboards are humorously rearranged for me. oh well. haven't seen robyn here, but that's no surprise. because i'm in a crappy cybercafe in stuttgart, i don't have the time to review all the archived stuff i've missed, but i'm sure it's lovely reading i'll enjoy some time later. well, glad to see things are still hummin' here. i gotta go act like an "ugly american" now! bye!

FROM: Decoy <RedWings@ILChamps!>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 06:45:57 PDT 1997
Good RobCon people! Archive 9 will be a masterpiece. A friend of mine brought over Can of Bees to the house this past weekend and we sat on the deck and drank beers and listened to it. We discussed it at length and I'll be damned if the beer didn't wash all the insights away by the next morning. Now its like far away bees on a summer's day. I liked the guitar work (the chick, there) and the lyrics in general. I wouldn't classify it as remarkable work and I can understand that it may get old if you created it and then entered a new phase of songwriting. Not to fear CW, even I am mystified by GtP, but then I tend to look at everything as a joke first and then be corrected by people who insist that they are being serious. Again, I ask for your pity. S'YA

DATE: Tue Sep 16 05:13:41 PDT 1997
Voltaic, I didn't see your cry for help embedded in there as it were. I'm sorry if I contributed to this impending man made disaster. Sometimes one can be reduced below a certain level of quality after a long day of talking to idiots on the phone. And then the next thing you know you are wasting the effort of typing gibberish to the likes of Grumpy who hasn't a clue about anything I'm saying. In the end, the whole board suffers and I regret that I let down the high standards that you, and I think a lot of us would like to apply to this esteemed Board

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 16 04:57:45 PDT 1997
Morning all. Afternoon sleepy and everyone over there in Redding. Basingstoke? I have yet to sip my first sip of coffee. Hold on. Ahh, as they say in Columbia. El Hooded one, funny poignant stuff. Made me laugh. I'll buy the complilation next. When I was in the store on Sat--day, before my ill-fated purchase of Can of Bees, I saw the "Greastest Hits" album but didn't look too closely. Is it something someone who has all the albums should think about buying? Any previously unreleased cuts? Yip yip yip yip yip. Now I've got that in my head. Any mention of Vera Lyn (sorry if I'm spelling that wrong) is alright by me. Christmas comes but once a year, for every girl and and boy. The laughter and the joy. Some sunny day.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 16 02:34:03 PDT 1997
Heh, what's going on here then? By the time I get back to work, the discussion is over - ooh that time zone thing. For what it's worth, I don't think the production was quite right on Respect. The Yip Song in particular is too cluttered I think. Like a tall shelf full of things about to rain down on you. It sometimes makes me want to run for cover. But I still love the songs and I think Can of Bees is ace! Coffee anyone?

FROM: Chris <>
DATE: Tue Sep 16 00:07:31 PDT 1997
This is where I read up to last time I visited. Robyn is great.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Mon Sep 15 19:20:55 PDT 1997
I promice next time not to use RH and ZZ top in the same inference- sorry

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Mon Sep 15 19:18:58 PDT 1997
the postings of late on this board have just caused me to emit a loud "hackphbt!", kind of like the noise produced when clearing the throat of some kind of offencive nastyness. a large bit of rough sputem landed on the ground with a "splurt" it bubbled for awhile then metamorphed into a squat golem. it began to sing from "a can of bees". the creature must have had a recorder of some kind because its song was complete with a backing cacophony of harsh instrumentation. under all of its putrid vileness it was quite beautiful. it again changed shape but this time it took the form of four men named, odly enough, robyn, kimberly, morris, and andy. musical instruments dropped from the sky and landed in their hands while they all stared forward as if they were in a zz top video. the quartet broke into "only the stones remain", and finished 3 hours later with "rock 'n roll toliet". it was a dazzling display of lyrial wizzardry (the band wasn't that bad either) comlpete with illiusions of dancing fish, jack 'o' lanterns, and two crabs. and then i awoke. the morel of this story- quit your bitchin' and buy the soft boys 1976-81. its short on sputem and heavy on early robyn at his best. ps- i don't work for rhino

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:58:04 PDT 1997
sleepy, don't be silent. I think this is as near as this message board has ever come to a meltdown.

FROM: Perseveratin' in Redding
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:38:51 PDT 1997
Well, some are better than others.

FROM: Shocked in Redding
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:38:09 PDT 1997
I am shocked at the tone of this board. Can't we all just talk about how neat Robyn is and how groovy all of his songs are?

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:36:51 PDT 1997
Crooooog! Huwumpooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guguu uggugug gugug ugug gugug gugg guggug ug gug gug gug gu gug ug gug gug gug gug ggug gugggugg ggugg g

FROM: Subtle man
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:35:34 PDT 1997
CW, you are the master of understatement. So sly and fey. Grumpy is just a galloot. My suggestion is we all listen to "Trash" and sing along when Hitch sings, "God, you're embarrassing..." And then examine the way you continually discuss Robyn's opin's of his own work in response to questions about you're own views. Brilliant!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:12:42 PDT 1997
Now. Now. I'm out of here. I'm going to listen very carefully to "Can of Bees" to figure out why I just wasted $14 on an album Robyn finds "unlistenable". I feel so cheated.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Mon Sep 15 14:06:35 PDT 1997
CW, just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 15 13:51:48 PDT 1997
GtheP, at the risk of being tedious explaining myself. Keep in mind that I think I'm funny, even if no on else does. You couldn't possibly know that so I don't hold it against you. First of all, I could go on giving you many reasons why I consider Respect something of a lesser work of Robyn's, but I have no interest in doing that. I didn't start this Respect bashing anyhow. Oh screw this. Read the last sentence of my last posting carefully and think about how ludicrous what I said is. It's got some typos so maybe you missed the jist of it. I feel so tedious. Sorry.

DATE: Mon Sep 15 13:11:52 PDT 1997
See there, you've looked to the artist for your opinions! I don't wanna know what the artist says about his work when conversing with you; I wanna know what YOU think. I read the interviews and notes you mention too! Also, I didn't say you said Robyn sucks! You're word in describing pizza was "sucks"! Let's put it this way: I don't care if you say you like or dislike anything, or even if you don't have a reason....I just think weighing one over another simply because the artist does isn't very mature.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 15 12:23:40 PDT 1997
Gosh, homework. And such pressure. I don't think I post on this message board because I think Robyn sucks. Maybe applying a wee bit of your own analysis to my postings would allow you to grasp the subtlties. I'm finished with this subject for a while. I love Respect. I proudly own it. There are a few songs I like a lot and the rest I just like. I just read Robyn's bio on this site. Even he mentions problems with "Respect" and out right pans "Can of Bees" and I just bought it. He doesn't mention what's wrong with though so I guess I'lljust have to go on liking it.

DATE: Mon Sep 15 11:52:08 PDT 1997
[impatient finger taps....]

DATE: Mon Sep 15 11:51:36 PDT 1997
I am waiting....

DATE: Mon Sep 15 11:50:15 PDT 1997
I am not emperor, so don't freak.

FROM: Grumpy the Prig
DATE: Mon Sep 15 11:48:17 PDT 1997
If I were emperor, I would not allow us to speak like, "This album is better because he was trying; this one isn't very good....must have had a bad day." Tell me that Picasso had a bad day when he painted one painting; and a good day when he painted another. WHAT ABOUT THE PAINTING? Aside from what mood the artist was in (at best, a guess, unless you KNOW the artist), what does the painting tell you? My art history teacher always stressed that you get from art only what you bring to it; what he meant was that unless you have your experiences at hand, you won't understand art when you encounter will be looking for the artist to do everything for you instead of conversing with the work. If all you can reflect on is whether or not the artist was "on" that day, then you are selling the artist, and yourself, very very short. So, what I want is a very good appraisal of a song on Respect that illuminates your claim that the album sucks. Shouldn't be too hard....

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Mon Sep 15 11:45:13 PDT 1997
I thought it was sex that was still pretty good. I agree though. It is only degrees of greatness that seperate Robyn's music. He is so wonderfully prolific, the constant flow of his work since The Soft Boys days allows his listeners to trace the evolution. Moss Elixer is a triumph. The albums are only soft delineators of the entire body of his work. Voltaic, I didn't know "The Speed of Things" or "The Yip Song" were about his father. Thanks for that. Got to go.

DATE: Mon Sep 15 10:07:27 PDT 1997
Man I love starting these archives. Honorable mention to "She Doesn't Exist Anymore". That's one of those multi-layered brilliant lyrical offerings. Yes. I love that song. I admit I know a couple of girls who don't exist anymore.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 15 10:04:40 PDT 1997
Voltaic is right. Well, no. Albums are compared because they are an entity unto themselves, often representing a body of work linked together through common theme and idea. The link may not even be conscious, but simply a product of what is happening in the artist's life at the time. I think comparing quality between albums is a legitimate and worthwhile exercise. For whatever reason I just don't think Robyn tried too hard with Respect. It doesn't seem to be a true effort. It's the old joke. His music is like pizza. Even when it sucks, it's pretty good.