FROM: rOb.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 22:09:48 PST 1997
Wow...just got back from my local lovely 'Open Book'. Right up front, near the register, they had a small bin of cut-out cassetes. They had a lovely selection: Todd Rundgren, Squeeze, Game Theory, of all....QUEEN ELVIS!!!! For only a buck! Four quarters! Ten dimes!

FROM: OH, I know
DATE: Sat Dec 27 22:04:41 PST 1997
The holidays were nice. We had Christmas eve with my inlaws, Christmas day at home and then yesterday (Friday) at my mom's. I have to say that my hubby and I did alright for the kids on Christmas even though we are a little short on cash because of the house. Of course the house is very worth it..dispite the Ants. My mom is raising my brothers son because my brother has more important things to do than be a dad.....ridiculous. My mom already said she couldn't splurge on my kids...because she has to take care of my nephew. Now my parents are pretty well off so don't get a picture of a struggling family. I was already prepared for her to over indulge on my nephew (she has for quite sometime) but I wasn't prepared for how little my kids would get...which was fine, but am I wrong to be hurt that my mom did nothing for Tristan. Material things arent' that important, but I would have been happy for her to even give him a rattle or bib...a small teddy bear. I didn't say anything. I've had a hard time adjusting to the fact that my kids have lost a grandmother due to her playing mom and grandmother to my nephew. I'm angry with my brother who lives the single life without resposiblities and leaves my mom to raise his son...but I'm angry at my mom for allowing it. She enjoys keeping my nephew because she won't let me even keep my nephew. I do take him overnight occasionally, but I know my stepdad is a little stressed to have an eight year old who runs the house. Actually, there is SO much more. Point I wrong to feel hurt by a missing gift to my baby boy! My mother in law who I'd expect that from actually sent something beautiful for Tristan...She is an artist and made and outfit and painted a Winnie the Pooh design on it. It is so cute. Anyway...sorry, I started to vent and I shouldn't have. I'm just feeling alittle sorry for myself! I can't think of a better place to vent. Friends listen and help when they can. Oh, it's tough when there's favoritism in a family. I know what you mean about getting something for Tristan. I wanted one of my dad's Marine pins and got nothing. Now, we're talking very little here--just a remembrance. So I understand what you mean. It seems that basically, you want your mom to recognize your children as important as your nephew. Nothing wrong or selfish about that. If you've talked to her about it and been honest, then there's very little else you can do. You know how they tell you that an alcoholic (or drug addict or whatever) can't be helped until he/she's ready and WANTS to be helped? Well, that's how it is in these sorts of situations, too. My mom hasn't spoken to me for years because I can't take being told how stupid and no good I am all the time. So, I decided to get on with my life without her. Not that you want to go quite that far, but sometimes we just have to recognize that the other person isn't going to change, no matter what we do; so we just have to change our attitude. Your mom wants to spend all her time and effort with your nephew, there isn't anything you can do about that. What you can do is enjoy the time and love you spend with your children. How wonderful that you and your husband share childcare duties and they don't have to be with a sitter all the time! How wonderful that the two of you found each other and began a loving relationship of your own in spite of past hurts and problems! My mother is missing out on the best son-in-law God ever put on this earth and that's her loss. Now that I have done my best to make things right and she has refused to do so, I can hang out and put my life on "hold" and make myself miserable waiting for her to grow up or I can get on with my frumpy little life and rejoice in the love of those sad eyed DOGGIE paintings (and Tom) and what we have together. I have decided not to make her problem my problem for it would just make me as miserable as she is and not help either of us. When my oldest was young, some doctor said that kids eat a certain amount of dirt no matter what you do. (Of course we're talking regular hygiene and cleanliness here.) My neighbor fussed and fretted about her kid being outside and playing in the dog crap. I figured that I could worry myself sick over it and Vickie'd eat that average amount of dirt; or I could relax and let us both enjoy her childhood and she'd eat that average amount of whatever is out there. I decided to relax. It took me a lot longer to quit fretting and worrying over trying to get my mom to love me. Some things you just can't force. You do your best. Then, sometimes, you just have to let go. Give those kids each a big hug and kiss and hold them for a little while and plant that feeling in your head as a memory. When the situation with your mom gets to you, just hang on to that memory, relax, and remember that it's her loss and there's nothing you can do about it. Take care of yourself. You give so much to your family and they love you, now if you could only hang a star on that.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 21:50:28 PST 1997
I am you, I am me, I am.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 21:47:14 PST 1997
Deep below the surface of the planet the trapped wind howls and moans in crevices of sandstone and lime. Nether regions of darkness and silence. The grinding plates which shift and change, sending slow vibrations up to the surface, the world of air and light. Birdsong and salty waves where the deep ocean joins the land, music taken for granted in the overworld, the rustle of leaves, the gurgle of the swamp. Here we spend our indolent days playing in the shallows, fashioning crude clothes from nature, eating fire and drinking the milk of the clouds. This, then, is peacefulness at last, blue days, blue nights, the caresses of weather and the tranquility that comes after life. Impression of time

DATE: Sat Dec 27 21:27:36 PST 1997
After you left Jack's, three Santas walked in. As in Claus. They sat to my left, in a row, and commenced to complain about Christmas and its attendant annoyances. The one that occupied your former chair turned to me and asked for a cigarette, which I was unable to provide. His teeth gleamed yellow behind his cheap beard. I really wanted to ask him what he thought of the following scenario: a distraught Santa stumbles into Union Square and pours a container of gasoline over his suit. A throng of consumers gasp in horror as he puts a match to himself and is consumed in a festive swirl of flame. I thought better of it and turned my attention to the beer before me.

FROM: ed kook
DATE: Sat Dec 27 20:17:26 PST 1997
Hooded take anouther shot,it's a fickle flame.

FROM: a spittle-flecked kook.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 19:50:01 PST 1997
Grey Burgers. You want fries with that???

FROM: Your love slave
DATE: Sat Dec 27 18:08:24 PST 1997
I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sooooo much in love with you. Have to go xoxoxoxox

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 16:31:33 PST 1997
Dont worry, I'm keeping an eye on him.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 16:19:08 PST 1997
Well I'm gone!

DATE: Sat Dec 27 16:13:58 PST 1997
what do you do? sit there and trip hoping to come up with some worthwhile poetry?

FROM: no nose
DATE: Sat Dec 27 16:10:17 PST 1997
I die a little each time I see the multimodule rain falling on my face, disintegrating my head like acid,while two cats named Boris face down a frequent butterfly.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 16:09:18 PST 1997

DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:55:56 PST 1997
As he went to sleep things like mosquitoes buzzed in his ears. He dreamt of a gigantic traffic jam, and a billion honking cars. He woke to his dogs barking and people swearing at each other, he nodded back off to a symphony of guitars. He woke again to the sound of his heart beat and the neighbor's loud and taunting air conditioner.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:48:11 PST 1997
I have no problem getting shrooms and Acid here in E. Hartford, I have been using it more and more over this christmas vacation. But I keep forgetting to put socks on.

FROM: Flaming Lips
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:42:09 PST 1997
I have had some very interesting trips on Amanita Muscaria. It is important to watch the dose, all mushrooms of this type contain a small amount of muscarine, which is quite toxic and definitely not pleasant. The amount varies greatly depending on many factors. If the levels are low, fly agaric is very enjoyable.

FROM: Grimace
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:38:17 PST 1997
Turkey psilocybin I am wondering if this would be an unsafe combination or what anyone thinks about it.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:33:24 PST 1997
Has that ever happened with Robo before? Maybe you're just allergic?

FROM: wb
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:31:36 PST 1997
I had a 4oz bottle of Robo Maximum strength. Drank the whole bottle with water. Then after 40 minutes I turned bright red in the face and my head started itching then the rash worked its way down my body to my back, chest, arms, and not so much legs. It was horrible the itching and I got kind of hot from it. I was all red and itching and going crazy. After about 2hr.s the rash went away but I was still gone. In a hour I ate and 30minutes after that I wasnt high at all anymore just walking was hard. Anybody got any ideas ?

DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:24:36 PST 1997
CLONAIDÆ, the first company in the world to offer human cloning, expects to have over a million customers worldwide interested in its services as well as many laboratories to seek partnership with in this venture. CLONAIDÆ will also offer a service called "INSURACLONEÆ" which, for a $50,000 fee, will provide the sampling and safe storage of cells from a living child or from a beloved person in order to create a clone if the child dies of an incurable disease or through an accident.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:22:17 PST 1997
Well, rOb, in that case, YOU can put a strain on my neck and shoulders anytime you want!

DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:13:12 PST 1997

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:03:51 PST 1997
Damn this infernal nicotine addiction!!!!

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 14:03:00 PST 1997
No, EaTrom, I'm not incredibly wealthy. As a matter of fact, I had to scrape the change from the bottom of the sofa just to buy a pack of smokes yesterday!

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:44:39 PST 1997
Hello rOb, you must be very wealthy by now. you bought the lottery tickets didn't you?

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:36:48 PST 1997
You know, Queenie, people often mistake me for that handsome Agent Mulder. No lie.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:32:04 PST 1997
It was McLuedt causing trouble again. something about the "Grand order of chip consumption". Typical.

FROM: alternity
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:30:04 PST 1997
Queenie,..I've been abducted during the day.

FROM: Mary Ann
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:16:24 PST 1997
Queenie, Do NOT let anyone, for any reason, inject a chip in your right hand or forehead. That kind of thinking can get the likes of YOU in all sorts of epistemological binds! Hey EaTrom, there's big trouble on the Rod Stewart Lounge,you better get over there.Pronto!!

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 13:00:53 PST 1997
No Queenie, agent Mulder would put a terrible strain on your neck and shoulders, neccesitating the alfalfa oil. It's all connected.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:48:20 PST 1997
I'd willingly be abducted if the handsome Agent Mulder were to come question me about it afterward.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:46:48 PST 1997
Hey Jimmy, have you ever thought about getting a job where you work graveyard so you're awake all night but you sleep during the day. No alien's gonna abduct you in broad daylight.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:44:52 PST 1997
I'm correct about what? I said three different things. Who is Edgar Casey and what's wrong with my neck & shoulders?

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:38:55 PST 1997
Remember it's not Edgar Cayce. this one is from Mexico.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:35:38 PST 1997
Yes, you are correct Queenie. By the way Edgar Casey told me to tell you to take 1 tsp of alfalfa oil a day for your neck and shoulders.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:32:51 PST 1997
Jimmy, Sometimes you just have to say "What the f--k?", and move on before you go insane. Oh yes, and wearing the aluminum-foil hat won't fool them. It's your transmitting teeth that guide them.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:32:36 PST 1997
Hey EaTrom, do you beleive this "God module" is implanted by people that benefit from human beings getting all caught up and distracted by religion to help aid them in their dirty work, or do you think that it's put there by God himself and if so then how do you explain people that turn away from traditional, christian religion?

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Sat Dec 27 12:10:18 PST 1997
Jimmy, Scientists believe they have discovered a "God module" in the brain which could be responsible for man's evolutionary instinct to believe in religion. So it could be a slightly faulty unit you have there in your head. These "grays" may be just trying to carry out a factory recall. They have a quota ,so dont panic.

FROM: jimmy
DATE: Sat Dec 27 11:36:59 PST 1997
I have been abducted by aliens at least once every other month since I was 17. I am now 24. No one believes me. I cannot get the federal Government to even listen to my story. My doctor and the local sheriff has threatened to lock me up. It always happens in the middle of the night, I wake up near morning somewhere in the woods behind my house. After a few weeks I begin to remember bits and pieces of what happens but that's all. Has anyone had similar experiences? I am pretty much at the end of my rope. I could use a little help.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 10:29:10 PST 1997
I'm in a wierd mood. I wanted movies for christmas that were from the 80's...Basically anything involving John Hughes and/or Molly Ringwald. I think I need to go watch one of them now. They're so grounding.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 10:27:39 PST 1997
I'm OK. I got post-christmas letdown. Like I don't have anything to look forward to. We are having a party tomorrow for my husband's band, which is a lot of people (12) plus thier spouses. I have to cook food and appetizers for all these people. So that'll be fun. But I know everyone's just going to drink to much and I'm not going to have any fun thinking about all the puppies and small children they'll probably kill driving their drunk a--es home.

DATE: Sat Dec 27 09:59:42 PST 1997
Man, dis bored is laime~

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sat Dec 27 09:57:31 PST 1997
Anybody know what Robyn's former benefactor, Captain Sensible, is doing these days?

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Sat Dec 27 09:51:10 PST 1997
G'morning, Queenie. How are you on this miserably dark and drizzling (at least here in SC) day after the day after X-mas?

FROM: Your Good Fellow <goodbuddy>
DATE: Sat Dec 27 06:58:40 PST 1997
What is being said here is ok but really now!!!!

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 02:52:46 PST 1997
Good morning, rOb.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Sat Dec 27 02:52:01 PST 1997
Yes, Anon, thank you I had a lovely christmas. And it was a prosperous one so I was able to shower my friends and loved ones with gifts. I hope everyone else had a lovely christmas, too.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 23:55:25 PST 1997
"underneath this blue catawba moon"zzzzzzz

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Dec 26 22:25:18 PST 1997
i'll have you know that i've been drinking. it's good to hear from all of you, especially L, who really should get out of the house more. i know who L is, of course, which makes me enjoy the writing even more! heh heh. [myk nods to hooded]. technology is f--king odd.

FROM: Hymie (the lender)
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:49:59 PST 1997
Krishna is either a mythological or real character. In his childhood he had habit to dine and then dash. He is called affectionately "Makhan Choor" by brahmins. This is not a joke it is a fact. Any brahmin can confirm it. He is role model for hindu physche. This is exactly the reason that hindus as individually as well as collectively view lying, cheating, and cab driving perfectly normal and preferable behaviour.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:45:44 PST 1997
Queenie-did you have a nice Christmas?

FROM: Pliny (the other one)
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:45:29 PST 1997
The "feminine" elements are on the left and the "masculine" elements are on the right, corresponding to the left and right pillars when facing the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The more "stable" elements are on the bottom, the more "volatile" in the middle, then spirit is on top, representing the three "levels" of the Tree (I forgot the word used to describe them right now)Oh, Triple.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:42:37 PST 1997
Oh well. That's your choice.

FROM: Pliny (the other one)
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:39:45 PST 1997
Yep. A handful of meccanobots regurgiposting the same things time and again with the talk. comical regulars refuting it ad nauseum. It gets frustrating and fish unfortunately can fry. I personally believe in the literal creation as it is written in the phone book. Let your fingers do the walking.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:38:45 PST 1997
I don't really subscribe to any particular existing beliefs. Just my own. Queenie-ism?

DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:35:42 PST 1997
It's possible to just NOT KNOW. Hmm, Hindu.? Sufi?Buddhist?

FROM: nosy
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:34:46 PST 1997
You're "glad" you don't? Interesting choice of words. Do you ascribe some moral quality to this scientific concept?

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:33:02 PST 1997
I wonder about any philosophy that can be explained briefly or summed up in a little four page tract.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:29:47 PST 1997
I cannot give you a quick overview of my philosophies as it has taken me 25 years to know what I know and I am still learning. And I disagree with your statement that in order to discredit one philosophy you must embrace another. That's just simply not true. It's possible to just NOT KNOW. Andy Partridge said it better. I'm not very articulate.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:23:40 PST 1997
Give me a quick overview of your philosophies, to discredit one phil. you must have a firm grasp on another.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:20:20 PST 1997
Of the little, green variety.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:18:24 PST 1997
You probably believe in aliens, don't you?

FROM: J.C. (for short)
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:17:43 PST 1997
Silly non-believers. You'll pay!!

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:13:06 PST 1997
the father son and holy ghost is just somebody's unholy hoax.

FROM: Jesus Christ
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:09:14 PST 1997

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 20:04:28 PST 1997
Oh, rOb, I concur.

FROM: the protein people
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:58:45 PST 1997
I used to enjoy food in two locations the Dunk-a-Donut in Hillbrow, Johannesburg and the Suikerbossie tea room in Capetown - almost worth the political bother.

FROM: <>
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:24:41 PST 1997

FROM: God <>
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:20:56 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:15:15 PST 1997
We don't allow such things here, only Mississippi Mud Pie.

FROM: the protein people
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:13:04 PST 1997
Yeah, it's hard to believe. I've never come across *good* black pudding anywhere south of Manchester.

FROM: the protein people
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:08:06 PST 1997
Mmmmm! When in Pretoria I like to go to the Danish Ice-protein Cream shop, outside Sunnypark. For the obvious reason of their truely wonderful ice protein creams, of course, but on a Sat--day morning I would often taken a break from shopping for their excellent all day protein Breakfast.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:05:00 PST 1997

FROM: the protein people
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:04:04 PST 1997
We demand a voice!!!Ahem..:::

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 19:02:54 PST 1997
Yes, you can afford vast quantities of foreign goods.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:59:03 PST 1997
It's $45 and overseas shipping! Oh what the hell, I can afford it. I'm God after all.

FROM: Mrs.O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:57:17 PST 1997
I'm sorry, Mark has choked to death on a pigs ear.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:55:46 PST 1997
God, buy the single, it can't hurt.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:54:05 PST 1997
Hey!! you're right! that Jeff Foxworthy board is great! Did you know you might be a redneck if you...GGGGGGAAAAAaaAAAK!!!!!!:::::::...

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:53:28 PST 1997
I'll take that as a no.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:49:09 PST 1997
No, its a band, a musical group.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:47:27 PST 1997
God buying Japanese fabric?

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:46:22 PST 1997
Yes, Goodbye.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:45:56 PST 1997
Goodbye Hooded.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:44:16 PST 1997
Robyn says.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:43:44 PST 1997
Anyone heard The Nips material? I found an old single, but they want an arm and a leg. I dunno' if it's worth it.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:42:48 PST 1997
Oh, yah where am I ? what's this one?

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:41:50 PST 1997
see ya Mark O, Hey Zeus, gotta go brush my teeth for the coming apocaolypse.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:41:05 PST 1997
Excuse me Mark, but I think you want the Jeff Foxworthy board, just down the hall, to the right.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:38:01 PST 1997
So anyway, Jesus said: "My people, man again has a mentally challenged nature with bridges that are vulnerable to the food elements. Much of your dental work will be challenged in the coming meals. All of these things are signs to you that you are in the Dead End Times. Be persistent in your taxes, so that you do not forget to pay them."

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:36:26 PST 1997
Anyone up for a bottle of ripple?

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:35:50 PST 1997
Hey Zeus! nice to have you. Is it warm where you are? Its cold here in the windy city.

FROM: God, it's me alright
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:35:37 PST 1997
Fegmaniacs unite!!

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:33:42 PST 1997
I don't know if this board is equiped to handle deities. Just us Fegs.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:33:32 PST 1997
Hey!! Zoos, like that.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:31:38 PST 1997
This Jesus is from Mexico.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:30:43 PST 1997

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:30:26 PST 1997
Besides it's a different Jesus.

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:27:05 PST 1997
OK, Mark O- but be careful after the 1st, because you start your deductable again.

FROM: hooded (not a cub fan)
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:25:17 PST 1997
Harry? Is that you. Holy Cow!

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:24:38 PST 1997
It's O.K. I have a trancenDENTAL plan

FROM: The Lord Harry
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:22:52 PST 1997
Yes, I know what you mean.

FROM: Lorraine
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:20:32 PST 1997
"a special Costco wherehouse" I'm laughing. Have to go, Love. Good night. Sweet dreams, jelly bean.

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:19:31 PST 1997
I must warn you though Mark O- taking the Lord's name in vane is a trancendental no-no.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:19:07 PST 1997
Any Questions?

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:18:04 PST 1997
Any Questions?

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:17:35 PST 1997
I was right all along, I won't eat McDonalds unless it was the last thing on earth.

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:15:18 PST 1997
that was fa.rt, and I should clarify #1 to exclude all those holding a meaningful conversation, like those below, but a name would be nice.

FROM: Mark O'Kane
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:15:12 PST 1997
Jesus said: "My people, there will come a time when this food will be scarce and food will be guarded in a special COSTCO warehouse. The One-World people will dole out rations of large Arch food only to those with Zeek paper and the Mark of the Beat. They will use food, wars, and beverage shortages to control the protein people in their burger world takeover."

FROM: hooded
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:11:27 PST 1997
I have a really good idea - so listen close - #1 Anyone to perverse, stupid, just plain lazy, ashamed, or cronicly board of living a life not worth a fish f--t, to not leave a name attached to their post- GET OFF THE BOARD. #2 opinions of the author are strictly that, opinions. If you have nothing better to do than bash other posters, refer to above CAPS. (except for Myk when he adds the heh heh) #3 Don't waste our space with multiple posts (like more than the accidental 2 or 3). Raving aside, post at will.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:09:28 PST 1997
Don't you think reality is relative?

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:08:19 PST 1997
I have to go. Leave me a message so I know that you forgive me. (please)

FROM: aah!
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:07:23 PST 1997
Reality is relative to each unique experience

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:05:35 PST 1997
I have to go in a minute. I hope you will forgive me. I'm really sorry. You're the last person on this earth that I would want to hurt. xoxo

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:04:30 PST 1997
does Robyn read any of these posts? I a pretty stupid shi.t on here.

FROM: CHOoo00OO00o
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:02:01 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:00:51 PST 1997
Reality is the fact that the Pope just closes his eyes to these world problems and preaches as if he lived in the dark ages. Reality is relative to each unique experience.

FROM: CHumbo
DATE: Fri Dec 26 18:00:36 PST 1997
yah, There's some pretty stupid shi.t on here.

FROM: H2sO 4
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:58:48 PST 1997
ooops , I mean Man, this board is lame.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:56:55 PST 1997
Man,I am so lame.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:56:31 PST 1997
That made no sense. I don't know what this computer is doing.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:55:14 PST 1997
I hope now that you know how sorry I am for hurting you. I'll never hurt you like that again. Please find it iin your heart to forgive me. I love you. n your heart to forgive me this time?

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:48:52 PST 1997
reality? exlain this, what is reality.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:46:33 PST 1997
I'm very skeptical about Jesus. Odd, because I grew up in such a strict catholic family. I don't agree with any of their doctrines. Instead of dwelling on how many starving people there are in third world countries, why doesn't the Pope educated these people on birth control. Then there won't be so many starving children. But of course birth control is forbidden. He says there's only one place where sperm should end up, and it's not in the mouth or any other external body parts. He needs to get into reality.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:45:20 PST 1997
Main Entry: 1lame Pronunciation: 'lAm Function: adjective Inflected Form(s): lam…er; lam…est Etymology: Middle English, from Old English lama; akin to Old High German lam lame, Lithuanian limti to break down Date: before 12th century 1 a : having a body part and especially a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement b : marked by stiffness and soreness 2 : lacking needful or desirable substance : WEAK, INEFFECTUAL 3 slang : not being in the know

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:41:40 PST 1997
Man, this board is lame.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:41:12 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:40:51 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:40:35 PST 1997
Wow...nice place you got here......does Robyn read any of these posts? I hope not. There's some pretty stupid shi.t on here.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:38:42 PST 1997
Do you forgive me?

FROM: religious rOb.
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:38:13 PST 1997
Queenie, contrary to popular belief (and unfortunately Mr. Wait's opinion as well), Jesus isn't coming back anytime soon.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:36:52 PST 1997
lame means: poor and ineffectual What do you want me to say?

FROM: rOckin' rOb.
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:36:51 PST 1997
Well, just got back from the music store. Evidently it was not in the stars for me to own the Fountains of Wayne CD. Instead, I treated myself to a John Coltrane album. Also picked up an older copy of Goldmine with a large article about Blur. Now, I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), But that Damon Albarn is one hot tamale! Oh, yeah, Mike (LOWBOT) says "Sod off, you losers!"

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:33:57 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:32:13 PST 1997
Let me see, what else will cheer you up? You already know I love you. I'll be your love slave forever, and,you're very sexy and handsome. Especially that hair on your chest. I remember seeing it last time I saw you. You probably didn't know this , but, whenever I see you I examine you from head to toe. You have very good taste in the clothes you wear.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:29:10 PST 1997

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:25:11 PST 1997
I get those post-christmas blues too. Sometime in the future mmaybe I can tell you something about myself with regards to feeling blue. Would it make you feel better if I came to you and undressed very slowly in front of you, while you are getting the bath ready for us.

FROM: To cheer you up
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:20:33 PST 1997
I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted you. Feel happy inside because you know how much I love you. I wish I could give you long, slow kisses all night long.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:16:58 PST 1997
I don't think there is anything else I can say to convince you I love you and that I'm sorry. Please don't be angry with me. I'll never let go of you.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:16:06 PST 1997
EaTrom, tell me something that will cheer me up.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:15:37 PST 1997
I got the post-christmas blues.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:14:21 PST 1997
Since I'm your love slave, I do anything you want me to do.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:11:38 PST 1997
Please forgive me for being so insensitive and thoughtless about you feelings. I'll be your love slave forever.

FROM: EaTrom Order of Melchizedek
DATE: Fri Dec 26 17:02:33 PST 1997
To grow as a message board. To rip the polyester fabric of fear away from the eyes of the world, and to share the knowledge and the hardship in coping with the unknown and that.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:56:07 PST 1997
I'm just leaving for a few minutes, because I have to use the bathroom.

FROM: Mary Ann
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:53:36 PST 1997
Any other suggestions on current research into Nazi Flying Saucers?

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:53:35 PST 1997
I'm not leaving untill I've convinced you that I love you more than anything, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:50:43 PST 1997
Tell me you care.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:50:24 PST 1997
Yes, Cheap booze, polyester, and fire. a bad mix.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:49:53 PST 1997
I'm wearing sweats because I ate too much fudge and drank too much champagne yesterday

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:48:09 PST 1997
Was this processor on a chip? One would guess that a 1957 chip with several million transistors would be about the size of Rhode Island.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:46:48 PST 1997
Thank you for warning me, but I don't have any polyester on right now.

FROM: Mary Ann
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:45:53 PST 1997
Blue, you're behind the times! The NSA uses only the finest Transresistors in their interociters. Transresistors have 10^23 orders of magnitude more ohms than Transcapacitors!

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:44:19 PST 1997
Not necessarily, for though perhaps acceptable in normal environments, FTL subspace wormhole travel can cause even Quantum Flux Capacitors to defibrilate at alarming rates. This, of course, throws the entire Gravitron Relay out of synch and risks an antimatter implosion! No, I'm afraid ordinary high-voltage caps simply will not do!

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:43:44 PST 1997
I want things to go on like they have been. I don't care if it's strange. Ilove you. I love you. I love you, I love you. I love you, I love you.

FROM: Blue Resonant Human
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:43:25 PST 1997
That's just a waste of money. If you build an interocitor using the recommended catherimine tubes with an endiom complex of at least plus 4, ordinary high-voltage capacitors will work just fine.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:40:43 PST 1997
Fire?,watch that polyester L.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:36:21 PST 1997
I can't live without hearing your sweet words night and day. I want you so much. I wish we could just lay in front of a fire and make love all night.

FROM: EaTrom
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:35:50 PST 1997
we view objects such as subatomic particles as separate from one another because we are seeing only a portion of their reality. particles are not separate "parts", but facets of a deeper and more underlying unity that is ultimately as holographic and indivisible as the previously mentioned rose. And since everything in physical reality is comprised of these "engrams", the universe is itself a projection, a hologram.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:32:55 PST 1997
Tell me you care about me. You're the only one that really matters in my life right now!

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:30:52 PST 1997
I'm really being sincere. Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg your forgivness. I will.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:28:15 PST 1997
I'm sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me. I want to be able to talk to yoou here untill the end of time.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:25:47 PST 1997
Who cares if ours is a strange relationship. It dosn't matter. I love you more than I've loved anybody.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:22:55 PST 1997
I'll be your love slave untill the end of time. I will never stop loving you.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:21:15 PST 1997
I love you so much it hurts. Why can't we be together ? Please don't be angry with me. I wrote that because I didn't want to be hurt again. What a selfish person I am to hurt you because I didn't want to be hurt. I love you.

FROM: Mr. Perv.
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:20:03 PST 1997
I want you to be my undenying love slave.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:16:09 PST 1997
Please tell me you don't want me to go, and I'll stay here with you forever.

FROM: Dr. Spock
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:15:10 PST 1997
I think you all need help.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:13:20 PST 1997
I will not look back at this with laughter and wonderment and wonder why did I put up with this. If I looked I wouldn't find anyone better than you in this world. I would give anything to be with you. I never felt like I was putting up with anything. I love talking to you . Please tell me to stay and I will. I don't want to go .I just don't know what you want. Please make me stay here. I love you . Don't let go of me. Tell me somethin so I know you still care. I can't bear the thought of not talking to you again. Don't let me go away. Keep me here with you.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:09:46 PST 1997
And Jesus gonna be here soon.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Fri Dec 26 16:09:30 PST 1997
You know it was me...But the streets aren't for dreaming now and only suckers fall in love with perfect strangers.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:57:18 PST 1997
If it was up to me I would want too talk to you every minute and I would want things to go on just as they have been . I still love you. I just feel that you don't want me. I ddon't have any negative thoughts about you, I'm sure I will still think about you every minute of the day. I wish we could be together, I really do!

DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:49:54 PST 1997
I still feel the same way about you. But I can't give you anything. Tthis really hurts, it's killing me.

FROM: sody Cracker
DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:32:32 PST 1997

FROM: vortex
DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:08:27 PST 1997
I suggest you tell your boss to "Take this job and shove it." Find a better job with greater benefits and more pay. You'll look back on the episode with laughter and wonderment of "why did I ever put up with this?" I'm sure. Sometimes you just have to say "What the f--k?", and move on before you go insane.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:06:25 PST 1997
I'm sorry if I hurt you, but that was not my intension.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 15:02:18 PST 1997
I couldn't bear to be hurt again. Maybe that's why I wrote this. When you talk about yourself and you say "our". I think you are trying to get a message to me that you are in a relationship.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:57:16 PST 1997
I think I scared you away when I said I would leave. You have your own life and you are free to do as you wish. I'm not in that kind of a situation. I'm sure there are other people in your life that you have meaningful relationships with . Our's is a very strange situation. I want you to be happy. I know that you'll meet other people. And, that is good. I'm in a very different situation. I'm not out there looking for someone. You know how I feel about you, but I think it would be better for you if you just erased me from your mind. Your life will be a lot easier. I don't want to hinder you in any thing you do. Our's is a strange and impossible relationship. I can't give you anything at all. All your sweet postings are in my memory, and they will always stay there. I understand how you must feel. I wish the circ-mstances between us could have been different. I think we could have had a very loving, fun and meaningful relationship. But the circ-mstances for us are not going to change. I meant every word I said to you. I think you are a unique and wonderfully talented person. Love. Lorraine

DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:29:58 PST 1997
Yes, Maui, "no ka oi."

DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:27:17 PST 1997
Lahaina in Maui is a great place. It's an old whaler village. I go there in the evening just before the sun sets.( They have very beautiful sunsets there) It's very laid back. They have a lot of cool stores. It's fun just to walk through the village, especially when the sun is setting. It's right on the ocean. It's so warm at night there. I usually always over-pack, but now when to Maui, I just bring a few pair of shorts, t-shirts, a few sun sundresses and 2 or 3 bathing suits. Just wear sandals all the time or go barefoot.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:25:38 PST 1997
Hello Holiday people..Hey Myk, tryptophine(sp?) fest on Sat--day,eh? have a large helping..On Christmas eve,around 9:00, I went downstairs to the basement to find a box to wrap a present in,...and found 2 inches of hot water on the floor..our hot water tank had become incontinent and had lost its total 50 Gal. tank o' water..which, added to my Kamakazi accident the day before,codein and my aching back, neck, etc. all congealed to produce a rather interesting Christmas effect. A sort of "Bladerunner meets Waterworld" but It left me feeling very calm, as if I was ready for absolutely anything.completly centered and pop- eyed,and at one with the strange universe unfolding and flowing around me and my ankles...So a few days without hot water seems to be in our stars. Try washing Christmas Gravy dishes in cold water (damn near immpossible..)But you gotta laugh,It can only get better.. Willybee, I hope you had a good holiday, dont burn down the place with those Cubans..(hhmmm, I should start a cigar mail order biz for american Cuban afficianados..No, not with my present luck..heh.) see you all later..cheers..

FROM: <Home alone>
DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:08:05 PST 1997
Wish you were here so we could talk.

DATE: Fri Dec 26 14:02:49 PST 1997
Where are you?

FROM: wb
DATE: Fri Dec 26 12:19:56 PST 1997
10 minutes and counting!

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Fri Dec 26 11:12:56 PST 1997
Well, time to eat. Mmmmmm....Ramen noodles. The cornerstone of any (and, unfortunately, EVERY) bachelor pad meal.

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Fri Dec 26 11:10:10 PST 1997
Kudos to whoever posted that Tom Waits song (Queenie?) for me last archive. 'Diamonds on My Windsheild' happens to be a personal favourite of mine. Anybody heard of a band called Fountains of Wayne? I'm gonna pick up their CD today. Also I put in an order for the Nick Drake bio.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:56:56 PST 1997
see ya later, wb. thanks, you have a good weekend too. sounds like you got some cool stuff. maybe it IS a bit oversensitive to worry about these things. i'll have to dwell on that. later.

FROM: Superman
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:47:03 PST 1997
Hmm, it's about lunch. referring to my previous posting, he has a coin from the Roman period that has an amorous couple on it. It's my fave', it's silly to care about "raping" the history of these other cultures. They're long since passed that life, what the hell do thay care. I got bayonettes from both world wars, and the civil war. Also a Japanese WW2 rifle with elevation scope, it's cool. Amost got my hands on a Japanese flag with bullet holes, writing and blood. oh well. It's time to go, have a nice weekend and trip to Atlanta.

FROM: wb
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:25:40 PST 1997
Galaxie 500 has a very "heavy" sound, The Church would be proud. I've got a brother who is heavily into history, Roman and Medieval periods, he collects the coins which are surprisingly cheap and accessible.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:10:58 PST 1997
i don't know a thing about galaxie 500. i've heard folks say nice things about 'em, but they've slipped past my radar. darn radar. tell me if it's groovy. i don't really have a favorite visual artist. i'm more into art that has to be found using an archeologist. i'm into history, and art artifacts/antiquities are the ticket. unfortunately, history museums get rather peeved when one attempts to take home the nice art they have. i would love to have a house full of antiquities, but then i might feel like such an imperialist, having stolen these items from other cultures, dead or living. one has to choose carefully, i guess. ugh... too early in the day for ethics.

FROM: wb
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:05:43 PST 1997
Ignore that last post, arch. 70 showed up.

FROM: wb
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:04:55 PST 1997
Great now I'm stuck in the vortex again!

FROM: wb
DATE: Fri Dec 26 08:03:33 PST 1997
Nothing wrong with wanting a better lifestyle, just keep the attitude away from me. As soon as I leave here I'm going out and picking up the Galaxie 500 box set, only heard them once on the radio and was very impressed. You familiar with them? Who's your fave' visual artist?