FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 9 11:49:11 PDT 1997
Yes. I knew that the early Floyd used lightening. Syd would strap on a 30 foot (10 meters) iron rod to a custom made back brace and would draw power off the monitors. More often then not he'd get hit on a hot summer night. When the conditions were just right, he'd get struck seven or eight times during "Set the Controls...". "Astronomy Domine" was another big hit with the children. Syd would do anything to entertain ya. I think it left him a bit dazed in the end. Quiz- I just didn't have a clue. Thanks for the answer though. Voltaic- You always know when I'm kidding. Simple rule: I never kid.

FROM: Decoy <online@last.wbr>
DATE: Tue Sep 9 11:47:03 PDT 1997
Perhaps we have subconsciously raised a point which is not meant to be taken literally (if it is to be funny at all). Everyone lives somewhere, and thats just fine. I live in my kitchen, for example. But where someone lives can really be about 'where the state of mind is.' Or maybe where you are in your life. I add my voice to the leave poor Syd alone chorus - he's about the the only big time music person (undead) that I truly pity. So, depending on how you take it, 'I know where Syd lives,' can certainly have some tragic if only unflattering connotations. Not in that you go gawk at him looking through the shoe bins down at the mall, but that you are there as well - if not physically but voyeuristically and on purpose. Shame on you. Syd seems to be casualty of different era. Dennis, get the joke, though, and do lighten up. I think we all know where he lives to a degree, especially poor Squelchy.

FROM: Decoy <online@last.wbr>
DATE: Tue Sep 9 11:38:45 PDT 1997
Perhaps we have subconsciously raised a point which is not meant to be taken literally (if it is to be funny at all). Everyone lives somewhere, and thats just fine. I live in my kitchen, for example. But where someone lives can really be about 'where the state of mind is.' Or maybe where you are in your life. I add my voice to the leave poor Syd alone chorus - he's about the the only big time music person (undead) that I truly pity. So, depending on how you take it, 'I know where Syd lives,' can certainly have some tragic if only unflattering connotations. Not in that you go gawk at him looking through the shoe bins down at the mall, but that you are there as well - if not physically but voyeuristically and on purpose. Shame on you. Syd seems to be casualty of different era. Dennis, get the joke, though, and do lighten up. I think we all know where he lives to a degree, especially poor Squelchy.

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Tue Sep 9 11:33:04 PDT 1997
Didn't you know The Pink Floyd used Lightening in its early show?!?!?!

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Tue Sep 9 11:32:22 PDT 1997
I guess my last question wasn't interesting enough for you folks. The answer is that former Robyn manager Peter Jenner originally formed Blackhill Ent's with The Pink Floyd! It was the early days, when the band had a live schedule and needed lightening and other production thingies handled. Later, when the partnership with the Floyd was dissolved, Jenner and Blackhill boasted Syd, Roy Harper, and Kevin Ayers amongst its stable of talent (if you don't know who Harper or Ayers are, you need albums by both....Harper: Stormc--k and HQ; Ayers: Confessions of Dr. Dream; Joy of a Toy. No new question today; gotta go! Toodle-Loo!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 9 10:44:57 PDT 1997
Who's minding the store! Two points here: 1) Irony is very hard to convey on a message board, so we've seen a lot of "I was only kidding"s; 2) I wish I were an angelpoise lamp, Yah! PS: Point 1 is true a--uming I, who have misunderstood more than one posting [hi, CW! :-)], am not a complete idiot (hmmm...); Point 2 is true either way you look at it....Turn me on!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 9 10:18:47 PDT 1997
I hate replying to myself. I know. don't do it. Are you all hard at work? Still sleeping? I'm being eaten upwith guilt fpr my small contribution to beatle dennis dear's flight. Let's track him down on the big Syd Barrett page where I got my picture of Syd from 1990 that I often use as my desktop. It is a very moving picture for me. It says it all. He's fat, old and bald and still has those crazy black Syd Barrett eyes. But enough. This isn't about Syd. It's about psychopathic obsession with the occult.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 9 06:33:34 PDT 1997
I can't tell if our caring sensitive friend beatle dennis is kidding or not. He's a very good actor if he is. Such passion in a message board posting is rarely seen. I still want Syds address though daisey. Hooded, I thought about buying the Ryko compilation first, but I chickened out. Now I'll buy it on your good advise. Still haven't picked up any Nick Drake yet. And a big welcome back to our dear friend Squelchy, released by Decoy after their epic journey south to harrass The Misshapen Guard and poor frightened Enilorac.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 22:07:37 PDT 1997
as for qm reg: you frighten me with your gift for robyn minutiae! i couldn't begin to get these right. my fave live reference to a fellow musician: "we both like Bryan Ferry!" can't remember which song he chimed that in at the end. heh heh.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 22:03:16 PDT 1997
you guys are the best. excellent guidance! Beatle Dennis: you MUST return! i think that it is clear that no harm was done here, and all was a misunderstanding, near as i can read. your insights are entirely too valuable to lose, and your keen watchful eye is exactly what this place needs. i consider this place a day care center for eccentric net users with good musical taste... and so it needs to be monitored! and YOU, beatle dennis, must be a part of it.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Mon Sep 8 19:06:26 PDT 1997
Unless you can find "live at the portland arms" in my opinion the best legal S.B's recording.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Mon Sep 8 18:58:18 PDT 1997
Myk, I consider myself a rather versed follower of the Soft Boy's. I'd have to say a must purchace is the two CD set 1976-81 on Rykodisc. It gives a fair cross-section of the better 'boys tunes. Also included are a few songs you won't find on any albums. If you were to peg a sound or musical style of the S.B.'s take your average late 70's english garage band and add Robyn. A delightfully raw and spotanious combustion occurs that I think you will find best captured on this collection.

FROM: daisy bomb
DATE: Mon Sep 8 17:47:17 PDT 1997
ok, I personally had always been under the impression that TV Personalities had been having a joke about precisely the sort of people that would be bragging they knew where Syd lived. That was the root of MY joke. I can't answer for them. Poor B. Dennis, you simply misunderstood me and I fear I misunderstood their intent. You're right to be upset I think.

FROM: Boob man
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:45:32 PDT 1997
shat, eh? shat shat shat shat shat shat! HAHHAHAHAH!

FROM: Henry C. Earwicker
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:44:20 PDT 1997

FROM: squelchy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:43:32 PDT 1997

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:41:55 PDT 1997
griffith, you savant! Psi Com it is! And as for personalities mentioned by Robyn during Bass, perhaps this was a lame question, but the answer was Annie Lenox and David Gilmour, the latter who curiously enough is mentioned in dennis beatle's tirade below. chill dennee! what next for a quizzical robynism.... robyn's former manager peter jenner was in partnership in the early career of which band as part of "Blackhill Enterprises..." What was the name of the band, and any other artists who recorded for Blackhill....

FROM: beatle dennis
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:29:36 PDT 1997
bye bye. i won't be back

FROM: beatle dennis
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:28:32 PDT 1997
daisy bomb, honey baby, television personalities are part of the problem don't you know......gave out syd's address at a concert once as david gilmour stood off stage helpless and fuming. i have an issue with this as a joke. it isn't funny, and those t--ds are not funny.

FROM: phaedrus
DATE: Mon Sep 8 16:19:11 PDT 1997
I just read that a CD of live performances from Late Night with Conan O'Brien is being released next month. No mention if Robyn's performance of 'I Something You' will be included. I doubt it will be though, since Robyn doesn't have much public recognition yet.

FROM: daisy bomb
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:36:00 PDT 1997
Beatle Dennis dear, do pay attention. "I know where Syd Barrett" lives is a joking reference to a song of the same name by Television Personalities. I have no idea where he lives nor am I interested in knowing, especially, as it is none of my business.

FROM: daisy bomb
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:33:27 PDT 1997

FROM: griffith
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:27:22 PDT 1997
Since I've been listening to Jane's Addiction much longer than I have Robyn H-i-t-c-h-c-o-c-k, I'd have to say that the answer to quizzmaster Reg's question is Psi Com. As for the other question, I don't ever recall hearing a live version of 'Bass'.

FROM: squelchy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:10:10 PDT 1997
schhmoooooooock!!!!! grgrgrgragsasdasdggfg fugggugugugugugugugugug gugugugugugu brluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrg!!!!!!

FROM: beatle dennis
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:06:54 PDT 1997
i mean it; syd is a sad and unfortunate person who doesn't need any visitors. seems that the acquisition of his address has become the nerds equivalent of the unholy grail...what could you possibly do with it aside from let it fall into the hands of some idiot who'd actually go look the poor guy up and cause him grief. i too love syd's music; i began to collect it and immerse myself in it -- and in the myth of the man -- in 1978. i even wrote a novel about the guy, which i never published (it isn't very good) so i don't feel i am talking out of turn. there was a bio out a few years ago about syd; i suggest you all read it. there is nothing "neat" or "fun" or "cool" about bothering the guy or making it possible for others to do the same, no matter what your intent really is.

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Mon Sep 8 15:02:25 PDT 1997
jane's it is, you geniuses. now, for a further in-depth query: what was the name of jane's lead singer perry farrel's pre-jane's band, hmmm? And too: Robyn used to add some names of celebrities/rock stars during "Bass" -- like, "...even [insert name here] has a bass..." Got any names? I remember two distinctly from the second show I saw with him---at the filmore west in the late '80s--pete buck appeared there then, too.

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Mon Sep 8 14:31:50 PDT 1997
Seems I got away with shat. As in ,"I nearly shat a brick" But the Sat--day thing is laughable. About Underwater Moonlight. This is a classic release featuring many fine tunes by our master, but overtime it has become my least favorite overall of the 3 Soft Boy CD's (forgetting the retrospective). Don't go nuts people!! I know many hold this record extreamly dear to thier hearts. It also seems to be the critics fave all around. But I don't know...perhaps the abscence of Andy Metcalfe and the step down in studio quality from the other two discs have done it to me. Don't get me wrong though...these are records everyone should own!!! I often meet Robyn fans who don't have any Soft Boys and I implore them to raise the quality of their lives with those purchases. Again my old posting is screwed up..but the one before seems to have fixed itself. Interesting...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 13:39:00 PDT 1997
ya know, mr wax, sometimes i don't feel so real, so i take comfort in the idea that i'm not very real, after all. however, one would think that the database servicing this message board would have the good sense (and the correlated programming) to avoid profanity like sat--day, t-tle, and hitchc--k. some lousy database i turned out to be.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 8 12:45:22 PDT 1997
Janes Addiction. That's right. That's what he said the last time I saw him. I remember that now very destinctly. Cool. Decoy, weren't you at that show too? Didn't I see you slinking down behide the pool table with that idiotic disguise on stealing drinks when their backs were turned? Well done griffith.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 8 12:37:56 PDT 1997
rings, no. These are all just computer generated messages created from a modest logical relational database of Robyn Hitchock related material. How else could you explain the likes of Decoy's postings? I'm buzzing on some very hot salsa. Whoopwhhoop. I read it gets your natural endorphins flowing. I don't care what it is. Quizzmaster's quiz is way too tough for me. Daisy, where does Syd live? I won't tell anyone. It's just I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask him. It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here, and I'm most obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here. Jugband Blues...

FROM: griffith
DATE: Mon Sep 8 12:29:12 PDT 1997
Quizzmaster Reg, At the show in Los Angeles, he mentioned fellow Warner Bros. lablemates Jane's Addiction.

FROM: rings of saturn
DATE: Mon Sep 8 11:30:44 PDT 1997
is there anybody out, there?

DATE: Mon Sep 8 10:48:46 PDT 1997
Bealtes or Beatles...... shmeetles!

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Mon Sep 8 10:48:18 PDT 1997
I just realized that referring to Robyn's storytelling onstage as "patter" is a little like calling the Bealtes a mildly successful little band. Sorry...still, what's the band? C'mon guys....

FROM: Beatle Dennis
DATE: Mon Sep 8 10:44:36 PDT 1997
Anybody bragging about knowing where Syd lives is a potential stalker. Leave the guy alone, for chrissake.

FROM: Quizzmaster Reg
DATE: Mon Sep 8 10:42:46 PDT 1997
Listen up, me soft boys, here's one for the addled in yer midst: what band is the girl listening to on headphones in "lysander" -- at least according to Robyn's recent stage patter?

FROM: voltaic
DATE: Mon Sep 8 10:39:56 PDT 1997
Nobody should mention Underwater Moonlight and "pop" without bowing to one of the greatest pop songs ever to be grooved, packaged, sent to stores and consequentally tortured by a turntable: Queen of Eyes

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 8 07:55:43 PDT 1997
thanks for that speedy and thoughtful response! damn, sounds like an album i'll love... everyone is so full of good ideas for purchases! some soft boys, some nick drake, some abba.... well, we'll see...

FROM: Chewing Wax <Bills@1&>
DATE: Mon Sep 8 06:50:45 PDT 1997
Hey all. I knew Nick Drake was dead. It was part of the joke. Obviously not a very funny joke, but anyhow, that was a long long time ago now. My favorite palindrome was coined by the esteemed baseball writer for The New Yorker who wrote an article after the 1986 World Series entitled "Not so Boston". Little roller up along first. Behind the bag! Behind the bag! It gets by Buckner. Here comes Knight and The Mets win it. Ah, living the past. So, is Decoy pitiful or what? I managed to update my Robyn collection to that new high-tech CD thingy. Now I have to get all the Soft Boy albums. Then I'll be able to enter into this debate. Well done all and keep up the stiff upper lip what?

FROM: Nick <>
DATE: Mon Sep 8 06:31:16 PDT 1997
Myk...I'd throw down 'Underwater Moonlight' as the best Soft Boys album. There's a nod at punk with 'I Wanna Destroy You,' and the very Barrettesque 'I Got The Hots.'I guess the whole thing might be a little bit different from Robyn's solo stuff but the songs hold together well. Some nice lyrics too, as well as a really happy three minute pop slice from Robyn that features a sitar, 'Positive Vibrations' ('Forget your paranoia...It'll only destroy ya!') Underwater Moonlight must feature one of the best slicing solos from Kimberley. Then there's the bonus tracks....'Where Are the Prawns' is the closest the Soft Boys ever came to prog rock. 'Strange' sounds very sinister. 'There's Nobody Like You' comes across like Lou Reed mixed with frenzied rockabilly.I think 'Underwater Moonlight' is one of the finest things Robyn has done, solo or with a group. It is an album that is impossible to categorize, a 'lost classic.' I think if Robyn had been given the credit he'd deserved for it at the time he'd be a much widely known figure by this stage. As some scribblings said in a recent Soft Boys bootleg I've got hold of, if people had bought more Soft Boys stuff then maybe we would have been spared New Romanticism....

FROM: Myk Murphy <>
DATE: Mon Sep 8 05:29:19 PDT 1997
ok everyone.... if it pleases the court, i would like to request information from fellow message posters: do you have a favorite soft boy album, and if so, which one? i'm not really into the soft boy records yet, and so i'd like to hear what the seasoned pros say! if we lack seasoned pros, i'll settle for "overzealous amateurs". anything would be helpful! merci.

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Sun Sep 7 16:02:41 PDT 1997
Hey's know who. Wirin...Wirin...that's what those things are called.Check me postings below you rotter. How were the mountains. Yikes. Yes Mr. Joe below is the man responsible for turning me on to Mr.Robyn by passing on a little mix tape a fellow Syd fan gave him. We used to listen to that tape over and over and over till we got all the records. We went to see him in NYC during the Queen Elvis tour on Morris' birthday. Joe: Remember the bus ride...the way you guzzled the vodka?...the precense of the erudite Mr. James...and whatever happened to that incredibly ugly shirt you were wearing. Oh yes...we knew so little about Mr Hitch then...we harbored a wierd fantasy he was Syd...ah youth!!! Yes we have been talking about Robyn/Syd constantly for years now. Yes Scarillion Autumn is perhaps my favorite Robyn song as well and Joe's too if I can be so bold as to speak for him. (I can) Touches me every time and Joe and I nearly shat a brick when he did it at the Bottom Line in April 95. Oh yes seems my posting about A Can of Bees has been corrupted since last time I visited...I was comparing the 2 guitar sound of The Soft Boys with Captain Beefhearts Trout Mask period Magic Band and Pavement. About the Soft Boys retro CD: It's worth it for the early Soft Boy's Size of A Walnut is a fave plus the Yodeling Hoover and Hear My Brane from their first EP. The rest I guess would only be great to completists (which I am). Whatever happened to the PreSoft Boys material that was supposed to be released by Ryko...anyone know???

FROM: Joe <>
DATE: Sun Sep 7 11:13:50 PDT 1997
Hi! Just thought I'd put in my two cents about Nick Drake, whose "little buddy" is featured on this website (strange that). Anyway, his music is quite intimate if heartbreaking. Pink Moon is his best, certainly his most quietest. Rob ever do any Nick Drake, like "From the Morning". ... Unfortunately, Nick can be too intense and sometimes you may need to back away for a bit. But really, Pink Moon, you can't get anymore personal than that. Poor fellow.

FROM: Mr Helpers Elf
DATE: Sun Sep 7 09:00:46 PDT 1997
If you don't already know where Fegmania is, go to the main page here (robynhitchc--k/) and follow the "fan links" link to the link you want to link to, at which point you'll find a link to the link I told you to link to.....

FROM: Mr Helper
DATE: Sun Sep 7 08:58:59 PDT 1997
Fegmania has a link to the liner notes to UPT, as well as any news regarding the movie. I read the liner notes just the other day!

FROM: Nick <>
DATE: Sun Sep 7 06:42:32 PDT 1997
Can anyone who has bought 'Uncorrected Personality Traits' tell me a little bit about the packaging and liner notes/photos? Also, I've got most of Robyn's stuff (solo and group work) , but I don't have that Rykodisc compilation 'The Soft Boys 1976 - 81,' partly due to that fact that I never seem to be able to afford it! I seem to have quite a few tracks off it already. Does anyone have any thoughts on it...?

FROM: <>
DATE: Sun Sep 7 06:37:23 PDT 1997
Chewing someone has already kindly pointed out to you, 'The Rats Prayer' is on 'A Can of Bees,' the first Soft Boys album. It's a funny effort. For me the first seven tracks are brilliant (and I'm talking about the Rykodisc re-release here) and after that it doesn't really have any flaws but it gets a little bit uneven because of the live/studio matchings.'The Rats Prayer' was the first Soft Boys song I ever heard. I was taping something off the radio many years ago and when it finished I accidentally taped the next song which was 'The Rats Prayer.' I had no idea of the t-tle or who it was by but I loved it to bits. It was a surprise to find it nestling away in 'A Can of Bees' many years later....' Robyn's finest solo moment was 'Trains' for me too, Man Who Rented Himself. 'Autumn is Your Last Chance' is my favourite Robyn song. There's an air of resigned wistfulness about love and relationships throughout the whole thing. I know Robyn was reclusive from the music scene after 'Decay/Decoy' for a little while and 'Trains' at times has elements of that in it, the feeling of being reclusive and hidden from everyone else, being able to observe all that goes on around you from some hidden point ('I smile in the heather....)Maybe I'm over reacting, but I've always linked 'Winter Love' with that line of Syd's from Jugband Blues: 'I don't care if I'm nervous with you/ I'll do my loving in the winter.....' Voltaic - 'Stroke It Noel' is lovely, isn't it? It took me some time to get into Big Star but it was well worth it - 'Apocalypse' has a really seductive slide guitar at the start, really melancholy.Another Hicthc--kian suggestion - what about a book full of Robyn's illustrations, stories and paintings, past and present?

FROM: The Man Wo Rented Himself <>
DATE: Sun Sep 7 00:21:08 PDT 1997
Last Sat--day night, the DJ at The Townhouse Tavern (R Street??) played Viens Of The Queen after the anoncement of Diana's death. Royal mix no less. Oh well.... No I wasn't at the party...but actually my memory of last night is very very poor. Still recovering.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Sat Sep 6 00:51:23 PDT 1997
it's nice to hear my city mentioned by someone else on here! i just drove into georgetown tonite, tmwrh, and i spotted no one resembling our exalted songwriter. went to a party in northwest tonite... were you there? heh heh. good time had by all, i a--ure you. strange party.... the only song i heard tonite was neil young's "like a hurricane". no robyn at all. well, it's almost 4am... i was up watching the sad services for Diana. in 10 minutes her body will travel the streets of london for one last time with her adoring subjects. too sad to watch, really. crowds of this size are rarely so quiet, but this one is.

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 17:36:23 PDT 1997
Yes...Robyn used to live in Washington DC. But he moved right before I moved hoo. He used to be found perusing the groceries in Georgetown. Now how cool would that be...stumbling upon Robyn checking the freshness of some turnips or something. No I my self consider A Can Of Bees (along with Trains) as one of the top records of all time. No question! I mean it ROCKS!! The harmonies on Human Music get me every time. The solo section of The Pigworker with Andy's driving bass line and Kimberly's crazy chord pre solo into Robyn's crazy wiggily lines back to Kimberly absolutly tearing the roof off. Not to mention that wonderful sliding screaching guitar stereo pan from right to left channel before all that happens. I mean I could go on and on... The Soft Boys were one of those great 2 guitar bands and I just love how each guitar is in each speaker. Just like Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Magic Band and even..well...Pavement. His body of work is truely great. But we all know that don't we. So fellow Robyn enthusiasts...Goodnight I say.

FROM: groovy <Dictionary@Literary.Terms>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 17:23:46 PDT 1997
Don't feel bad, Enilorac, they teach it wrong: Palidrome : A word, sentence, or verse reading the same forwards as backward: "civic": "Madam, I'm Adam;" "Able was I ere I saw Elba." A palindrome is a word stunt not calculated to contribute to literature, but early in the eighteenth century an obscure English peot did write a revealing line: "Lewd did I live & evil I did dwel."

FROM: Decoy <See@Below.Sorry>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 17:11:15 PDT 1997

DATE: Fri Sep 5 17:09:53 PDT 1997
Wannabe, eh? Well, the list is growing. Any gender specific reference was unintentional and I offer my most conciliatory apologies if my ravings went askew. It's easy to get caught up when trying to find a good friend who won't answer the phone. I wish I knew and owned as much as Chewing Wax (who, I have to admit, is the master), Myk, and Voltaic, and all the authorities I left out because of server space constraints, but most of my Albums are on LP and I can't find a new needle for my turntable; besides that, the medication has really interfered with my memory. I did tape as many of them as I could. Again, I ask only for your pity. Let's see -- Hawkwind, Urban Squirrels, Floyd Bootlegs, Syd ... ah, Fegmania. Ahhh... play ... !!!!!taped over by an AM radio sports show ?!?!?!?!? Oh, sat--day ! - - - This has been a real life re-creation. Sucks to be me. Note that I am not a real-life stalker - or so I would have you think. Wait ... Egyptian Cream! I really should learn how to use my tape deck ... never mind. Chewing Wax's longing remarks for the impending dissolution of the American a--ociation has struck a resonant cord in me. At first I was really confused by the fact that the British Royalty caved in and did everything they never did for the last 400 years. The falling upper lip. Perhaps royalty is truly outmoded at this point. The kind of humanistic reaction that the people of Britain have demanded is encouraging; and maybe people will take the death of Mother Theresa a little more seriously for it. Hey, I think she knew Diana! Anyway, the point is that AAA league realignment seems to be appropriate when you consider what is happening to the Royals in Britian. And once again, I have almost entirely managed almost not talk about Robyn at all. Hey phaedrus, all my happy meals come with a Robyn Hitchc--k toy, you should see the store manager. That said, I will go on record by saying that Robyn is one of the greatest who managed to keep it together. I wish I could.

FROM: phaedrus
DATE: Fri Sep 5 15:58:04 PDT 1997
I wonder what kind of promotional storm will accompany "Storefront Hitchc--k"? One of the reasons I like Robyn is the fact that he is not everywhere. Whenever I mention my favorite musician, I am often greeted with a blank stare. I like that. Robyn is a hidden treasure in the music world. I'd hate to a huge media blitz for "Storefront Hitchc--k." Although some sort of Robyn Hitchc--k toy in every McDonald's Happy Meal would be cool. Have a good weekend all.

FROM: daisy bomb <worship@thegroundrobynwalkson>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 15:49:05 PDT 1997
Yes, Matthew Seligman was a soft boy, ya berks. He was also a thompson twin and a member of bruce woolley and the camera club. Yes, I know, I have too much time on my hands. But I know where Syd Barrett lives! So ha! P.S. is there something wrong with dead people touring? I don't see it. I mean, the Stones have been dead for years and it hasn't seemed to stop their fantastic profit-generating juggernaut from rolling along. I can see it now, the 80 year old Stones organize a concert for the last 25 people remaining on earth after total nuclear devastation. The tour theme song? Why, "Only the Stones Remain", of course.

FROM: joe <>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 14:46:29 PDT 1997
Nick Drakes dead, but should definitely tour!

FROM: griffith
DATE: Fri Sep 5 14:40:44 PDT 1997
Finally picked up "Uncorrected Personality Traits". I really impressed with the picture of Robyn holding a steel body National Resophonic guitar. I've never heard one on any of his songs. Resophonics make great props in photo shoots. Has anyone seen him perform with one? Those guitars have a nice sound to them. "Rat's Prayer" is on Can of Bees by the way.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Sep 5 14:14:14 PDT 1997
And also a sumbline offering on the Big Star album you mention, Nick, is "Stroke it Nole." That song the first time I heard it was a revelation and has been every time since. Waldo, if you need to ask, you'll never know; perhaps you are the "corporate web sites suck" guy in a new coat of leaves, eh? Hey, Chewing Wax, no reunion tours are in the works for Nick Drake, as he passed away in his sleep one late night (in 1974?) after accidentally taking too many anti-depressents(sp?). He was a manic depressive, and believed that he had lost his touch on the guitar -- he played very unique tunings he'd worked out himself.....

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 5 13:42:55 PDT 1997
Nick, you humble me. What album is "The Rat's Prayer" on?

FROM: Nick Stewart <>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 13:28:53 PDT 1997
It's funny how all my musical tates seem to be interlinked. They all seem to converge with Robyn (but that's probably because he's my favourite of the lot). The Velvets, Love, Syd, Nick Drake, Fairport, they all seem to come through Robyn's songwriting filter at some stage. Even Brian Eno gets a twirl with 'The Pit of Souls.' I think I prefer the 'country version' on 'Invisible Hitchc--k' to the longer one on 'Fegmania' (bonus track). What do you fegmaniax think of 'gray deco/groovy decoy/groovy decay.' Why is this album reviled? Certainly not for the songwriting, but for the 'sound' of the songs. 'Grooving on an Inner Plane,' 'When I was a Kid' and 'it was the Night' testfy to this. The earlier versions on the bonus tracks of 'Black Snake Diamond Role' and in the case of 'When I was a Kid' with The Soft Boys really show that if other tracks like 'The Cars She Used to Drive' and 'Midnight Fish' had been given different treatment in the studio (i.e. more input from Robyn) they would have been much better! Having said all that I love 'America' and 'St Petersburg,' they're brilliant as they are.'America' reminds me of early Psychedelic Furs. That brings me back to the start of my e-mail about everything converging with Robyn. I love the Furs' early work and it was such a surprise to find that Vince Ely played drums on 'Black Snake Diamond Role.'Curiously enough I was watching Channel 4 here in the UK the other night and there was a repeat of a comedy show called 'Vic Reeves Big Night Out.' Robyn fans might be interested to know that the music was orchestrated by Andy Metcalfe and that Morris Windsor plays in the on stage band.... A final word - my favourite bit from Robyn's entire canon is the lovely flanged harmony at the end of 'The Rat's Prayer' - delicious!(an extra final point...may I point you lovers of Drtake/ Hitchc--k folk rock (particularily the 'I Often Dream of Trains/ Eye' style songs) in the direction of an album by Big Star called 'Sister Lovers/Third?'(1975) I guarantee you will adore it, particularily the last two songs, 'Blue Moon' and 'Take Care.' Sublime, and very very moving.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:46:21 PDT 1997
Wait. My palindrome didn't work. Whatever.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:44:06 PDT 1997
It is exactly part of a palindrome containing the name Caroline, as in "Caroline I'm Enilorac". It's from a song, you Robyn fan wannabe. And what makes you guys think I'm female? I've done nothing to indicate one way or the other have I? I have to go board up my windows now. Guard, if you still have your own free will, call out and let me know.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:32:48 PDT 1997
Decoy, in order to trace Guard's packets, you'd have to be at the Warner Brothers dsu site. It's only a matter of time now. And don't scare Enilorac like that. You could spook her.

FROM: The Misshapen Guard
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:29:06 PDT 1997
Decoy, you a funny boy.

FROM: Decoy <Almost@Guard'sHouse.Cake?>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:26:54 PDT 1997
Its nice to be on the road again, travelling to see a good friend - in this case Misshapen Guard. If I tell you we are coming will you bake a cake? Not to worry, just me and eight close friends with a van full of network diagnostic equipment that we use to trace TCP/IP packets. I knew being a LAN Administrator would help me later in life. I have been dutifully monitoring the board, my friends. Chewie missed me! In fact I had a nice little posting typed up this morning, but hit refresh in a moment of impatience with the task switcher before I hit post. Oops. Once we impose the mind control interface on Guard, the ten of us are off to visit Caroline - Elinorac the pallindrome (not exaxtly) girl. What fun!

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:12:28 PDT 1997
You guys are kidding right? I mean, this isn't really happening is it? I'm getting scared. What kind of freaked out weird stuff have I gotten into? I thought it was all about Robyn.

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Fri Sep 5 12:10:13 PDT 1997
Guard, deep down I think we are all feeling very very sorry for you right now and wish you the best of luck if indeed Decoy, Squelchy and Voltaic are hunting you down as I write.

FROM: The Misshapen Guard
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:57:53 PDT 1997
Voltaic is missing too. They couldn't have found out where I live could they? Should I be alarmed? They'll comb my neighborhood with pricked ears listening for the dulcet tones of Mr. Hitchock whafting through the cool late summer night air. Or stiflingly hot night air. Or even cold winter air, cause I could be in Argentina or even New Zealand. It's WORLD WIDE web. Just keep away.

FROM: Acid Bird
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:33:01 PDT 1997
Yes, he and Squelchy are off to warmer climes to root fo the Dolphins and sit by the beach working on their tans, sipping large fruity drinks with umbrellas.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:31:16 PDT 1997
I think Decoy has skipped town again. Oh well, back to work.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:24:56 PDT 1997
I went out and bought a Soft Boys album because of this message board, and I'm serious considering buying a Nick Drake album. We are being used to convince each other to buy records. Chances are good Warner Brothers will sell something. And think about all the good will we are feeling towards Warner Brothers for letting us use all this valuable space on their computers. It's a warm happy glow I'm feeling. And some poor guy has to pour through this for market analysis. I'll betcha. Or, they are going to come to their senses when they see all those archives and tear this page down. I just did a tiny bit of research on other artist pages provided by WB. Elvis Costello doesn't have a message board. k.d. lang does but is isn't like this one. We are truly blessed fellow Robynites.

FROM: Phaedrus
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:09:29 PDT 1997
After listening to Dylan's "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan", I'd really like to hear Robyn cover some of Dylan's earlier work. I think Robyn could do a stellar version of "Talkin World War 3 Blues" (I think that is the song t-tle).

FROM: Waldo Jeffers <>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 11:01:28 PDT 1997
I was wondering what the point of this message board is. I really don't think that Robyn reads these, although he might be aware that this board exists. I doubt that Warner Bros. reads this as well. This board serves no purpose for them. I wonder what their motive is?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 10:25:20 PDT 1997
me neither, bird. i felt pretty cheated by my lack of robyn sightings too. some city THAT is! you walk around all day, and no semi-famous, ultra-literate singer/songwriters to be found... that bum was doing US shows at the time... ugh! where ya headed in england, sleepy? and were you talking to me in german? just because i'm going there doesn't mean i know anything more than "ein bier, bitte" and "ich bien ein drunkard"! heh heh. well, i hope you enjoy your travels, and make sure to keep in touch with your pals in happy-cyber-world.

FROM: Acid Bird
DATE: Fri Sep 5 10:07:20 PDT 1997
You lucky bastard. You lucky, jammy bastard. I went to England once. Oh yes, so has everybody else. I saw Suzanne Vega in some park in London. Not that big famous one. Another one. I didn't see Robyn in England. Not once.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 09:48:41 PDT 1997
I was of course talking to Chewing Wax in that last posting, and not myself.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 09:47:58 PDT 1997
Woah! - you got in 40 seconds before me. I'm going somewhere else in England. Hooray again! Later...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 09:43:44 PDT 1997
Jetzt gehe ich. Auf wiedersehen. Bis spater ...

FROM: Chewing Wax <Jets@1and15.parcellssucks>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 09:43:04 PDT 1997
Sleepy, You rule with the info. Where are you going for holiday? I want to relax vicariously. Maybe you'd better not tell. Decoy might follow you and hit you up for spare change. That happened to me outside Disney World in 1978. He said he needed it to ride the monorail. I told him it was included in the price of the ticket. Then he said he need change for the ticket. Then I lost him in the crowd and didn't see him again until the horrible night in Budapest.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 08:45:26 PDT 1997
Mathew Seligman was a Soft Boy. Check out the back of Underwater Moonlight for a pic (I think).

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 06:42:18 PDT 1997
just think... we'll all have our nick drake records, and we'll kindly ask warner bros to change the t-tle of thi s page to "The Nick Drake (and his li'l pal Robyn) Fan Message Board". then, of course, we should finish it off with matching drake tattoos! success! .....well.... maybe not. stargazer: i have no idea who matthew seligman is, but i'll take it on faith that he is, in fact, dreamy. hooray for sleepy! i doubt that sleepy's boss will notice his absence, because with the hours he keeps, i must wonder if he is an a--et to the office at all! heh heh, just kiddin', oh somniacal one. i can't wait for vacation... er, holiday too! i promise to find the grooviest cybercafes to post from, and i'll try to find way cool german pressings of robyn, nick, and yanni. ok, maybe not yanni...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Sep 5 06:08:45 PDT 1997
It's all gone quiet. What's everyone up to? I'm on holiday next week, so hooray for me!

FROM: Chewing Wax <Bills@NewJersey.Parcellssucks>
DATE: Fri Sep 5 04:45:30 PDT 1997
I have no response to that question. Myk, I like your singing. Very clever. Some weeny record exec is going to be going over sales sheets and wonder what the sudden increase of Nick Drake purchases is all about. He'll get very excited and try to get a big reunion tour off the ground. Thaould be a huge feather in his cap. Hey Decoy, The Bisons are returning tonight after splitting their first two games of the semi-finals with Indianapolis. This is for the LAST American a--ociation Championship ever ever ever. Over 100 years of tradition down the toilet. Oh well. That's progress for you. My favorite ball leagues are all falling down. OH well.

FROM: Stargazer
DATE: Fri Sep 5 02:58:51 PDT 1997
Isn't Matthew Seligman dreamy?

FROM: griffith <>
DATE: Thu Sep 4 16:57:51 PDT 1997
I have to agree with Myk. On my next visit to the CD shop, I will have to look for some Nick Drake. Perhaps I will finally pick up "Uncorrected Personality Traits."

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Sep 4 16:47:45 PDT 1997
well, after reading all these endorsements of drake's work, i feel i must run out and get some of his music! rarely am i so open to musical suggestions from strangers, but then i pause and realize that there are no strangers here. (violins begin to play...) everyone here has a common bond (violins grow louder...), and his name is robyn, and (really cool strings crescendo NOW) it draws us close enough to suggest my next CD/record purchase! technology like this may not be pretty, but when it allows such depth in communication, using only the barest of text, me thinks it is sublime. heh heh.

FROM: Knowitallmost
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:56:11 PDT 1997
Joe Boyd also had a hand in recordings of Fairport Convention and offshoots like Fatheringay, Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, among others....

FROM: Reg, it's not my name, even now
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:49:50 PDT 1997
One song by Robyn in particular captures that mood as Drake captured it: "Shuffling over the flagstones," a beautiful, shimmering instrumental on Mossy Liquor

FROM: Nick Stewart <>
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:43:02 PDT 1997
I got into Nick Drake shortly before I got into Robyn. Nick's music has the beautiful ambience of the rural English countryside running through it that makes it very traditional. It reminds me of a great tradition amongst English artists that runs through painters and even poets like Edward Thomas. To anyone who hasn't heard Nick, please do so! He recorded three albums during his life, @Five Leaves Left,' 'Bryter Layter' and 'Pink Moon.' The first two are best to start with and there's an anthology of unreleased tracks called 'Time of no Reply' out there too. His stuff was produced by the brilliant Joe Boyd who worked with REM and of course oversaw the recording of 'Arnold Layne' by Syd's Floyd. Back to that 'English countryside feel,' I know it's evoked in some of Robyn's music, but doesn't it come out strongest in that beautiful photo on the front of 'Invisible Hits' by The Soft Boys?

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:39:36 PDT 1997
I just used "intrinsic" out of a need for a good word. Then , seeing that I got a response, looked it up in a thesarus and and one of the refrences pointed to natural. So I think he's natural I guess. Pretty deep yes i know, but Rob would want it that way.

FROM: Reg is not my name, still
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:23:50 PDT 1997
...and thankyou teresa m. wherever you are for sharing nick with me back in '90

FROM: Reg is not my name
DATE: Thu Sep 4 13:21:18 PDT 1997
Nick Drake is an all purpose mood enhancer, guaranteed to put a special light on any occasion in the countryside...strolling or driving or riding through rural northern california, I am sometimes transported to a smaller, quieter English hamlet, with narrow roads and yards overgrown with ivy and clouds of silence float overhead, where legends of your neighbors are mythical and frightening and where you might very well see a young man strolling down the way, smoking a cigarette and smiling like the mona lisa (is that a smile or a veil?) -- that is Nick Drake, and that is the Nick Drake Robyn so aptly captures in his song. By all means, find the Drake (who it is said is paid homage yearly with a brief performance of his music in the church near his home).

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 4 12:41:35 PDT 1997
Gosh, it's been deathly quiet today. I hope everyone is alright. Thanks for the congrats Myk. I hope it wasn't something I wrote. I hope I didn't put anyone off. My day is done. I have some money in my pocket. Maybe I'll buy me some Nick Drake too.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Sep 4 11:11:00 PDT 1997
congrats to mr. wax! drink a beer and enjoy it, pal.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Sep 4 05:06:26 PDT 1997
Morning all. We clinched the series and the year last night out on the old sail boat. 20 knot gusts and I got soaking wet. Yummy Lake Erie water in my face. I see that Decoy and Squelchy have stopped taking their medication. Decoy, I don't know about poor Squelchy, but your failure to take medication is in direct violation of a judges order and is a felony in New York State. You remember what happened last time don't you? Deep down I'm jealous of your ability to disassociate like that. All the pretty colors. I love Globe of Frogs though. The organic imagery is particularly vivid. The innards of Balloon Man, the underwater graveyard in Luminous Rose, the Chinese Bones like an alphabet on the grass. The moth unfurls its moistened wings. Sitting in the dark with my head phones on, I am blanketed with warm moist womb-like protection as Robyn paints on my brain.

FROM: Abandoned Brain
DATE: Wed Sep 3 22:57:48 PDT 1997
To the binary 0's and 1's, and to the flashes of light and molecules of thought of a future archive (7), bon voyage.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 21:01:54 PDT 1997
another archival... 6 days and a few hours of enlightening postings. currently i'm listening to that great live version of "My Wife..." on "Uncorrected...". this song has roxy music written all over it, except for the bizarre topic of the lyrics. i can just see a tripping bryan ferry performing this one. what a wonderful mental image. heh heh.

FROM: Reverse Flash
DATE: Wed Sep 3 20:11:51 PDT 1997
For anyone looking for Mossy Liquor, check Goldmine mag's classified ads. I've seen a few advertisers offering it in the relatively recent past. It makes a great side 2 of a cassette tape w/ Moss Elixir on the flip. Good luck!