FROM: Daisy Bomb <throwingherself@robynh>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 19:24:01 PDT 1997
I haven't been to any 12 Bar Gigs, Sleepy, but I know what they are and all about them, as indeed on the feglist (back when we HAD one, sniff sniff) the 12 Bar setlists were regularly posted there. I would love to go but there is the small matter of what Terry Gilliam supposedly once referred to as "a whole bunch of water" standing between myself and that bally country where the 12 Bar is located. Of great interest to me is finding out exactly what Robyn is intrinsic TO. Anyone have any guesses? The original poster seems to want people to figure it out themselves.

FROM: Topical Flash <dotdotcom>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 19:13:37 PDT 1997
What is going on here?

FROM: Topical Flash <dotdotcom>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 19:10:20 PDT 1997
What is going on here?

FROM: Decoy <Back@theFridgeForMoreBeer>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 19:07:58 PDT 1997
Well, Squelchy, do you wanna watch the World Series? All you have to do is raise your hand. Hey everyone,look. someone put in a REAL edress! I'm glad we can all share some other common interests - like football. I would have thought we'd be derided into making up new names by now, but it is a testimony to open minded thinking of the RH fans here. Did you know that you can put a web page in the task bar of W95 with IE4? This is definately the preferred mode of access to a hppin' message board. Anyway, I'm sitting here listening to Globe of Frogs and the length and breadth of the conversations here inspire one to pull those little pieces of paper out of the cd jewel case and read them (and accordingly long for 12 inch LP jackets. I digress: in the Manifesto there, I was struck by Robyn's complete disassociation between his music and conventional reality. The imagery reminds me of what it is like to have a bad dream after watching Fellini movie. Descend into the organic - A Globe of Frogs proper and we are all amphibian based anyway and there's the appeal. Its funny that we all buy what he is selling through a veil of disdain for mass marketing - we are a sub-mass market I guess. Oops, I bogarted it. Here, Squelchy - sorry. Oh come on, there's a lot left... don't complain.

FROM: Professor Backwards
DATE: Wed Sep 3 15:56:08 PDT 1997
Nurse Rrratchet, pleez cawl zee orderleez and hawv zem brring zee valium....

FROM: Nurse Ratchet
DATE: Wed Sep 3 15:52:33 PDT 1997
Squelchy, time for your medicine. Open up and say, "Allright Yah!"

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 15:51:39 PDT 1997
ggrgrg hrhr hr...... Hey, in this brief moment of lucidity I'd like to say I am not who you think I am and it wasn't me. grgr gr azz.. will not tolerate---grrgrgssdf dz zzzzz --- and now I mus-vavdlkflk dsa AAHAAHHAHA!!!!HH!H!HH!!HH!!! wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhH!!!!

FROM: Dumty Humpty
DATE: Wed Sep 3 15:49:55 PDT 1997
Intrinsic! That's a new one. Have to think about that!

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 13:12:46 PDT 1997
Robyn is so intrinsic. I can't wait to see him next. He must think some of you are weird for discussing Football on this message board though...

FROM: Alternity <>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 13:11:35 PDT 1997
Robyn is so intrinsic. I can't wait to see him next. He must think some of you are weird for discussing Football on this message board though...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 13:11:30 PDT 1997
hey lobs... thanks for the info on the bumbershoot festival. "ask and ye shall receive" was never so apt a phrase! very cool to hear that buck was there for the show. must have been a fine one.

FROM: Decoy <>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 12:21:04 PDT 1997
True, Acid, by correct reasoning, Chewing Wax and I have no real reason to be threatened by you. We didn't have 6 out of 8 second half of the season chokes where you actually were in first place or in the playoffs. We only choked four times. Okay, you've been given the opportunity to band against the Jets - you'll be back. Here's a quote from todays Democrat and Cronicle: Reporter : ""If you were to bring this team to the Super Bowl, do you think they should change the name of the Meadowlands to Parcells-lands?" Parcells' response. after a long pause:"Is LSD back?"" Guard, if I guess your team will you tell me?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Sep 3 12:09:51 PDT 1997
Guard, you are one cold paranoid bastard you are. You give me the shivers. But, we've been at it since day one haven't we? I know this shouldn't be mentioned on the official Warner Brothers site, but how does a person manage to get these concert recordings? What's the contact? Never mind, I'm being lazy. I can do the investigation, the scrounging, the dirty work myself. I managed to find Decoy hiding in no less than fifteen different cities in seven different countrys over a seventeen year span. So, I'm off. Love you all, except for the obvious miscreants.

FROM: The Mishapen Guard
DATE: Wed Sep 3 12:02:24 PDT 1997
Lobsterman, you snuck in there while I was writing. Thanks.

FROM: The Mishapen Guard
DATE: Wed Sep 3 12:00:08 PDT 1997
Good morning everyone out there in Internet land. Lobsterman, what SONGS did Robyn play? By my estimation, this puppy is ripe for the archiving and this is my first entry. I was out of town on very important business. Just got back this minute. Could log in for security purposes. I have a good idea of who that Squelchy guy is and it would be a good idea not to encourage him. Here is a hint about where I live. Robyn did not play here last night. I just bought NFL GAMEDAY '98 for the Sony Playstation. I couldn't recommend it more for all you Football heads out there. I could tell you my favorite team, but then Decoy would guess where I was. We can't have that can we? Let's get to it and put this one in the books. Chewing Wax, you are awfully quiet today. Tired from a night of gay bashing?.

FROM: Lobsterman <>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 11:46:49 PDT 1997
Bumbershoot setlist: Gene Hackman, Lysander, Serpent at Gates of Wisdom, Clean Steve, My Wife & My Dead Wife, I'm Only You, Beautiful Girl, Feels Like 1974, I Am Not Me, You & Oblivion. THEN, Peter Buck and Scott Mc Caughey and a few percussionists join Robyn and play the following: Chinese Bones, Queen of Eyes, Viva Seatac. No fewer than 4 people taped the show, so it should be no problem finding a copy. If Robyn and company didn't play the Croc Club Sunday night, then I guess those three songs in the encore would be considered Viva Seatac 2.5. It was so short tho, it should be only Viva Seatac 2.1. Bye yall

FROM: Acid Bird
DATE: Wed Sep 3 11:44:43 PDT 1997
I will. I will buy some Nick Drake. Thank you for the advise. Decoy, Chewing Wax, my poor pathetic misguided friends. Joining together with you two in order to cheer against the Jets is a lovely sentiment, but it would not change anything. The old the enemy of my enemy is my friend? But it works both ways. By that reasoning, I could band with a Jets fan in my hatred of the Bills. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. Can't do it. Besides, the Jets haven't knocked my team out of the playoffs umpteen times in the last eight years. But, football a--ide, you are my brothers in Robyn Hitchc--k admiration. Go Dolphins. Go Fish.

FROM: Lobsterman <>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 11:41:45 PDT 1997
For those of you who asked, the Bumbershoot festival was amazing. Tons of bands, short films, ballet, drumming circles, art, acrobats, all for one low price! As for Robyn's set, the most amazing thing was seeing him react to the audience of 2,000 people that packed the Opera House to see him and Peter Buck's side project TUATARA. He grinned alot more than usual, and told more jokes than the usual allotment as well. I've no idea if a Viva Seatac 2.5 gig took place or not. I'll leave that to Seattleian to post. But I do know that the Crocodile Club (where the other Seatac gigs took place) had no act scheduled for that Sunday (Aug 31)

FROM: Martyn Johnson
DATE: Wed Sep 3 09:58:42 PDT 1997
Those of you intrigued by "I Saw Nick Drake" really owe it to yourselves to beg borrow steal Pink Moon, Bryter Layter, and Five Leaves Left, a trio of incredibly beautiful albums originally released on Island Records and nowadays available on Ryko. Nick Drake's particular charm and beauty is perfectly captured by Robyn's tribute--which is not so much a Nick Drake-like song as a poetic appreciation; if you like the song but have not heard Drake, do search him out...his albums are rewarding treasures all...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 09:33:43 PDT 1997
Myk - I think Robyn was going to playing some Spanish/Italian dates, according to Fegmaniax, but now it looks like they're off. Might have made a nice Autumn break.... Robyn played some European dates with the Egyptians some time ago. In fact I saw him in Germany, so there may one day be some hope for you gig-wise. Robyn would probably abandon his usual big screen stadium show now he's solo though. Tee hee. As for gigs in London, we have Tanya Donnelly soon and Cheap Trick?!! Me, I really like Silver Sun, a deeply poppy guitary fab London band, although the lyrics are slightly undesirable... (The link here is that they are huge Cheap Trick fans.)

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Sep 3 09:14:24 PDT 1997
Sucking on a tap that never drys. Gee wilickers, Ted Woody and Junior is the name of the song. How in the world did I manage never to actually look at the name of the song? A true inner mystery and a disturbing one at that. Decoy, I was wondering why you were being so darned nice about Acid Bird and his unwarranted attack on our beloved Bills. We may have our many differences, not to say deep hatred for each other, but we both love our Bills and so Acid Bird's attacks on you hurt me as well. I can take no joy in the suffering he inflicts upon you. God I hate the Dolphins. Anyhow, welcome back Myk. Squelchy i apparantly dead and never called me Mother. HEY! WHERES THE f--kING BAR PUNGO?

FROM: Decoy <Sat--day>
DATE: Wed Sep 3 08:56:38 PDT 1997
Work, work, work, work, hello boys! I missed you! Its hard to get a mere one posting a day in this week. Let's see ... what haven't I commented on? Herr Myk, I like to think of sports as the carrier wave or 64K channel of our discourse - an anchor with which to reference actual sanity over the relative sanity of our analysis of Robyn. Hooded one, I like the description of our most hallowed institution - "well orchestrated beating..." Bril. Where are you Acid? I still see red when I try to address your obvious, ignorant football comments and I can't write anything snappy in that state of mind. I hope Jimmie Johnson is crushed by a giant orange or something. See what I mean?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 08:47:52 PDT 1997
i have yet to see a report from the bumbershoot show in seattle. didn't anyone go to this thing? well, if someone gives a report, please include info on the whole festival... after all, one of us may one day wish to head out west for it, robyn or no robyn. any info would be appreciated. sleepy: what's the latest on UK gigs? robyn has a couple this fall, but anyone else worth catching? another question: does robyn ever play continental europe? i don't believe i've ever seen a gig list with shows there.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 06:09:08 PDT 1997
Squelchy - Did you find your extraordinarily gnarled sumac tree? Maybe you lost your watch and you couldn't concentrate.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 3 02:17:13 PDT 1997
Daisy Bomb - so you were at the 12-Bar shows then?! Good song. Perhaps they'll remember the words one day! I guess part of its charm is that no-one knows what they're singing next. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I apologise. I will now make a cup of tea.

FROM: Daisy Bomb
DATE: Tue Sep 2 21:23:42 PDT 1997
Greetings and Salubrations all. the feglist is still down. this is unpleasant. any idea when it will be working again, anyone? that's all I guess. P.S. to psychics on pluto- the bob dylan song you were looking for the t-tle to is "It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry" from "Highway 61 Revisited". probably five hundred people have already told you but I guess being five hundred and first couldn't hurt.

FROM: Myk Murphy <tired@home.ugh>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 20:42:20 PDT 1997
i can't begin to tell you how long it took me to read all the postings since i was last here. between a long weekend and a chaotic period of work and setting things up with my new work, i've been gone too long. god help me, i've missed you all! glad to see so many new faces; i would hate to see anyone go. i rather enjoy the american football banter running tandem with the robyn chatter, though i have yet to find a correlation or a shared metaphor between the two. perhaps that's why i enjoy the incongruity of the two topics hanging on the same board. i would also like to say how sad i was to hear of the untimely death of the Princess. i wish all who hurt a healthy healing process. well... i still haven't run off to germany, mr wax, though i will soon. two fridays from now, actually. U2 will be in Nurnberg (Nuremberg) when i'm there. not much into U2 and their overblown shows, but it would be a riot to catch their show at the Zeppelinfeld. i'll write again soon when i have something useful to say, or if the mood strikes me.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 2 20:13:05 PDT 1997
Squelchy, are you okay? Your silence is deafening!

FROM: pungo <>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 18:48:36 PDT 1997
hello enilorac. welcome to the wacky world of hitchc--k message board. it is a shame about Diana. prince charles was such a fool. sil vou plait, ou le bar?

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Tue Sep 2 16:33:10 PDT 1997
Go Bears!!!!! Oh, a little late I guess. I curse the pack, they will not repeat. Anyone looking for Mossy Liquor should do as I did. Go to 3-4 record stores and order it. Or, go to green bay (where they don't have any musical taste except for polkas), and look in the cut out section. Another thing that I might comment on, anyone that thinks american football is confusing should take a look at rugby. Does rugby have rules? Or do you just start over when the ball stops? American football is a well orchasrated beating, ment to reproduse the glory and massacre of the ancient wars that are now unneccarry thanks to the miracles of modern football. God bless "da Bears"

FROM: Decoy <Fish@GatesOfHell>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 13:33:44 PDT 1997
I still can't catch my breath, I'm going to be giggling through next week. I have to take some responsibility for Chewing Wax and his little 'problem'. Sorry All. SOMEONE HELP POOR SQUELCHY! I recommend liberal doses. Hey Acid, J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! I know you hate them. Join Chewing Wax and I in a Postal attack on His Tub of Gooness. Are the Butterfly Hunters a new team in the next NFL expansion? Queen Edgar?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:51:56 PDT 1997
Whew. I need to catch my breath. Sorry for the graphic image there Enilorac. No need to spell it frontwards eh? Yes Voltaic, where is Myk when you need him? He hasn't jaunted off to Germany already has he? I need to get back to work. Love you all - bye.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:46:57 PDT 1997
It is Junior? Why did I think it was Julian? I don't know. Doesn't really matter I suppose. Thanks Dr. for your understanding and info.

FROM: Enilorac <>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:41:17 PDT 1997
Cheers all. Thanks Dr. I appreciate it. I have to go back into the archives and become aquainted with you all. Wow. Is squelchy alright? Should he be sharing his rather private moments like that? Yes, Perspex Island is a wonderful album. I like them all I think but I'm partial to that one and Element of Light as well. I thought it was Ted, Woody and Julia for the longest time until I read that it was based on a pictorial in a gay magazine. It just changed the mental images generated a bit, and now I'll always see Chewing Wax there along with them, squirming in obvious embarrassment and discomfort. Thanks Wax. Thanks a lot.

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:39:39 PDT 1997
Chewing Wax my good man, I misread your missive and mistook your meaning, my most monolithic apologies. By the way, Julian makes no appearance in the song, though he is the apostate emperor who gave Rome back to the pagans, and for that a famous gay, Gore Vidal, has been forever grateful......

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:36:31 PDT 1997
grppp ... vssshssh.. zzzzzzzzzzzSSZZZZZ..ZZZ ZZZ

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:35:15 PDT 1997
Tolerance! They aren't giant insects! Chewing Wax is a kidder! Let's all make up and have a game of tag! heh heh! Where's Myk when we need him most? Don't go away anybody, this is not the way anything should end. We're all citizen of the planet earth. And by the way, I love the Roy Cohn reference. Wasn't he a good friend of J. Edgar Hoover, longtime FBI queen transvestite? Let's not get personal but I for one like the lively discussion!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:28:22 PDT 1997
Gosh boys, I didn't mean nothing by it. I was kinda kidding. It's not the fact that Ted, Woody and Julian are gay that scares me, it's the fact that they are playing about naked and cold in the leaves and I, metaphorically, based on Three-eyed Ted's note, was lying on those same leaves after rending myself and writhing because I'd ripped football from myself.... So, that was the jist of it, and I included Queen Elvis in there just to confuse the issue. And that part about Robyn being a bit strange, well, that was the kidding part. As for famous gay men, how about my personal favorite, Roy Cohn. I shouldn' have to defend myself like this. Let's not get carried away with political correctness. It takes all the fun out of things and I don't think Robyn is all that PC anyhow.

FROM: Caterwally Oshboink
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:23:00 PDT 1997
Hey, football fans, go to Jim Rome's message board. This site is for us Butterfly Hunters! Out of my way, savages!

FROM: Acid Bird <Dolphins@16and0>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:18:30 PDT 1997
I'm back. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Oh Decoy, I checked the sports page this morning. What team has a full game lead on another team after just one week? Football football football. If Jimmy Johnson was coaching your team, you'd love him to death, cause you'd win! Maybe Marv should give Jimmy a call. See you November 2nd. The season should be pretty well decided by then.

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:16:40 PDT 1997

FROM: Granchester Lester
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:16:01 PDT 1997
Squelchy, you mus'n't fall asleep! It would be bad for you right now. Stay awake!

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:14:40 PDT 1997
fsszzzz fzzcxxxx fssssszzz hrrgghgghghgh sssssssss s ss rrrghgghghg..... oh! ..... ....

FROM: Coach Falstaff
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:12:34 PDT 1997
Ahh! Well then! We have football players, big strong manly types on the one side and Ted, Woody and Junior-- "funny" men--on the other; and never the twain shall meat, er, meet? Ahh, yes, well, then, we, ah, awwwwww, that's how it might be; maybe, perhaps....s'pose. Perchance, a some you 'phobes run across a toss-off tome name of 'the book of lists' check out a list of famous homosexual men....might surprise you...greek philosophers, artists like michaelangelo and leonardo. no more time, for this, that is, must er move on and on and re=flate my bike tire, doncha know? Well, ah, yes, then, byebyenow.....

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 2 12:06:57 PDT 1997
Squelchy, calm down. The stuff should wear off soon. Just be cool, and pretend you are in a warm comfortable womb. Chewing Wax, am I detecting a slight homophobic streak in you? Of course Robyn is "strange" sometimes. Why else would so many of us consider him a meaningful and relevant voice of a generation?

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:52:40 PDT 1997
Gloom! Blib oh Blib. I'm vibrating! I'm vibrating! Where's the soap?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:41:24 PDT 1997
Redjeaves, is that you being funny or do we have a hydra poster? Clearly the same person talking to themselves. Decoy perhaps? And football is at the very essense of our being. To separate Robyn and football would be to rend ourselves and fall writhing on the leaves. I'm staying clear of Ted, Woody and Julian. Queen Elvis? I love him like a brother, but Robyn gets a bit strange sometimes. Has anyone noticed?

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:22:20 PDT 1997
Any of you seen my extraordinarily gnarled sumac tree?

FROM: Far Out Phil
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:20:38 PDT 1997
Pat, where are you? You've always been there.... nowhere at all...

FROM: Three-Eyed Ted
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:19:28 PDT 1997
Woody, Junior, where are the leaves!

FROM: One-Eyed Wendy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:18:50 PDT 1997
Where is it, you ask? At the nape of my neck, if you must know!

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 2 11:17:25 PDT 1997
Enilorac, I too am puzzled by the fuzzball obsession. Perhaps they've begun rendering the bomb from fresh cheddar or edom, and Robyn's fans being the most rabid of cheese enthusiasts, although I too am a fan and have not found any connection between coagulated milk and the great american war game. So you like Perspex Island, do you? Some of his best lyrics found there; and a very commercial production which at moments borders on fantastical. Cheers and welcome!

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Tue Sep 2 10:30:17 PDT 1997
Which way hither does this follow? Robyn Hitchc--k is the man. The Sun setting behind the ocean horizon while Robyn plays on? Paradise defined. Order me up a couple of those Perfect Bourbon Manhattens but hold the Vermouth please. Pop on Perspex Island and I'm good to go. Yummy. What is this American game of football have to do with Robyn anyhow?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 2 08:42:01 PDT 1997
Greetings this Tuesday am! ....My sincerest condolences to the British members of this board -- and all others in mourning -- on the passing of your beautiful princess. Chewing Wax: Don't despair, it is possibly still possible to find Mossy Liquor... Here's how I did it: I went to a record store and special ordered the thing; meanwhile, a friend of mine at a record distributor ordered it for me. Ironically, he called me about a month later to tell me it was deleted, and hence unavailable; then, two whole months later, the record store called me to tell me my record was in. I flew down to the store and gladly plunked down all of $10 for what is, I might add, one of the best vinyl pressings, quality-wise, that I have heard in many CD-quagmired years. All-right Yah!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 06:00:41 PDT 1997
I'm not going to Princess Diana's funeral though.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 2 05:57:37 PDT 1997
I've just got back from Buckingham Palace actually.

FROM: Chewing Wax <Iwas@thegameboohoo>
DATE: Tue Sep 2 04:44:38 PDT 1997
Ah, back to work, all sobre and fresh. I think Myk's Skins are going all the way this year. Absolutely. Yes, psychics on pluto making me very very jealous. I think my coffee is ready. Hold on... That's better. Luminous Rose, we hardly knew you. I was like you once, jaded, antagonistic, full of hatred and sarcasm. You went to a lot of trouble making up that name and e-mail address. And, as for Jay, I want those things too. Apparently, Moss Liquor sold out to the likes of Voltaic and Sleepy in about two seconds. The Albert Hall promo seems even more elusive. Decoy, I'm tracing your next message so be ready for me. Sleepy, are you going to Princess Diana's funeral. Oops, I've done it again. haven't I?

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Mon Sep 1 21:59:34 PDT 1997
Oh, Pluto! I'm so jealous. Sounds like a wonderful time. I should plan a vacation to Old Blighty just for the occasion. Sounded grand. More info on it PLEASE!!!

FROM: psychics on pluto
DATE: Mon Sep 1 06:53:31 PDT 1997
part of the Robyn at Sea message I posted was eaten because of strange characters: they played something between 1974 and Viva Sea-Tac: ... 1974 / Bob Dylan tune with "don't say I didn't warn you, when your train gets lost. . ." in the lyrics / Viva Sea-Tac / ...

FROM: psychics on pluto
DATE: Mon Sep 1 06:44:41 PDT 1997
Subject: Robyn at Sea, 16 august 1997, Ahoy Lymington Pier [Lower Deck of Boat, across the Solent to Yarmouth Pier] I Dream of Antwoman (with Robyn wearing sunglasses) / Oceanside (Jake joins on bass for this one) / Allright Yeah / [Abandoned Railway Station] Don't Talk to Me About Gene Hackman / Somebody Ring the Cheese Alarm / de Chirico Street (Jake joins on bass) / Devil's Radio / Queen of Eyes / Jewels For Sophia / Heliotrope (with a long story and an extra guitar solo at the end!) / [Upper Deck, off shore Totland Bay, Alum Bay, and back to Lymington] Beautiful Queen (the sun was setting during these songs) 1974 / / Viva Sea-Tac / If You Were A Priest (with the grapes & oysters lyrics!!) / Bass (with Robyn calling chord changes to Jake) / All Shook Up (hilarious, with a middle verse in his own voice) / Mystery Train / Clean Steve // (the moon was full by the time we got back to Lymington Pier)

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Mon Sep 1 03:44:15 PDT 1997
WHOOPS...I forgot me name below. Well here it is.

DATE: Mon Sep 1 03:41:47 PDT 1997
I love Mr H. I got all his albums...seen him more times than any other performer.. and got to meet him once. A real nice laid back guy. I'd had a dream I'd met him they day before and it was the most aqward of situations. Not so in real life!!! Luckly I was with two chicks who asked all the important questions. All I said was that he should try to play the banjo!! He said' "I tried to play the banjo in 1970. I made it sound like a sitar." Hmmmmmm. This was in Piermont NY at The Turning Point 1995. This was where Jon Demme first talked to Robyn about the Storefront film. I asked if he would have an objection to signing a dollar bill. It was all I had for him to sign. His eyes lit up and he said' "Certainly not." As he signed he wrote "To Robyn" realizing this (perhaps) error he goes "Well, who's it from then?" I responded. Then he tried to put it in his shirt pocket!! Quite a funny little moment. Nice guy folks don't forget. Incidently whenever I order a Rob Roy, I say a Scotch Manahattan cause that's basicly what it is and I've recieved some wierd stuff in it's place. Don't forget the cherry!!!!

FROM: The Man Who Rented Himself <>
DATE: Mon Sep 1 03:29:14 PDT 1997
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sorry

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 1 02:26:17 PDT 1997
Concise and to the point. Very good! Sounded excellent. I love Underwater Moonlight.

FROM: psychics on pluto
DATE: Mon Sep 1 01:05:16 PDT 1997
Cambridge Junction Marquee, 23 august 1997 (all songs solo acoustic):: I Dream of Antwoman/ Lysander/ Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom/ Chinese Bones/ de Chirico Street/ I'm Only You/ Beautiful Girl/ Queen Elvis/ Adoration of the City/ Glass Hotel/ Each of Her Silver Wands/ The Yip Song// notes: the performance was wonderful, but unfortunately the sound system was a bit dodgy at times due to the rave going on inside the main building. i was really impressed with robyn's guitar playing on Adoration of the City; this was the first time I'd heard it. clothing: white jeans, black t-shirt with 'firefly' written on the chest. //

FROM: Luminous Rose <>
DATE: Mon Sep 1 00:37:44 PDT 1997
Most of you guys sure know how to bore us with your idle chat. *yawn* I love RobynH, but not enough to listen to this prattle...bye!

FROM: jay <>
DATE: Sun Aug 31 05:15:42 PDT 1997
Mossy Liquor references a 3 track vinyl EP "I Something You" on K Records. Anyone know where this can be ordered? Also info on the UK promo only Hitchc--k tribute to Dylan "Royal Queen Albert & Beautiful Homer" if it can be obtained. Thanks.

FROM: Decoy <Recipies@theBar>
DATE: Sat Aug 30 11:33:41 PDT 1997
Rob Roy: 2 Parts Scotch, 1 Part Sweet Vermouth with a twist. My preferred Gargleblaster style c--ktaial is, however, the Perfect Bourbon Manahattan which is similar: 2 parts Bourbon, 1 part Sweet Vermouth, 1 part Dry Vermouth - don't drink and drive, these beverages are for recreational drinking only and should not be consumed in public.

FROM: Decoy <Not@TheGame.Sucks>
DATE: Sat Aug 30 11:22:20 PDT 1997
Ah, Sat--day. Just though I'd check quick - at least just to type Sat--day. Chewing Wax, what was that bit you used to do about a shaven cat? Perhaps our feline friend would be interested. Pungo, I don't believe you, poor Bruce is so misunderstood. Tomorrow --- GAMEDAY IN THE NFL!!!! Whahooo!

FROM: Pungo
DATE: Sat Aug 30 10:21:44 PDT 1997
Hey, gang! It's time once again for another edition of Pungo Says. I think it would be great if the Bills lost another Super Bowl. That way, they would have the record. Incidentistry, me and Bruce Smith are homeboys. He's from around the way. I used to work security at a club that Bruce liked to frequent. He would come in there with his possee actin' all bad. One night, I had to throw him out-he was acting like a major bleep. We almost went toe to toe. He ain't nothing but a punk. Well, I think I'll go listen to 'Why Can't I Be You?'. Peace!

FROM: Robert Smith
DATE: Sat Aug 30 04:34:29 PDT 1997
Heading off to the pub sounds simply fabulous.*meow* It will give me the chance to show off my new haircut. See you next time Robyn. *purrrrrr*

DATE: Fri Aug 29 23:26:30 PDT 1997

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Aug 29 18:20:25 PDT 1997
I'm back. My boss is my friend and I'm stealing some precious band width during my private hours. I went straight to the record store and after looking at the selection, I bought "Invisible Hits". The double RYKO album looked good for the price but I didn't want a specialty selection. I could have gotten "Can of Bees" but I wanted to hear the song Sleepy was talking about. I've yet to hear those all improtant lyrics, but I have to sit down with the head phones and concentrate. As for the archive burning, I figure, this puppy is here for Robyn. The more traffic, the more popular he is right? The more popular he is, the bigger the contract he gets next time. This can only be good for him. It's probably a test and we are passing it. No matter how strange we get, there seems no doubt we all know and love and BUY Robyn. What's in a Rob Roy anyhow Decoy?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 15:51:44 PDT 1997
Brits, is Bucketful of Brains still being published? It was quite a source of Robyn info late-80s and early90s. Included flexi's of songs. Great layout-- all hand done, no desktop publishing for them!

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves of Northern California
DATE: Fri Aug 29 15:49:42 PDT 1997
P.O.O.P., that is a cheap joke, scatalogical, and only mildly humorous. Do you listen to Robyn? Gents! I love the reference to bodies coming up miles from the original source, like the shasta story. Do you think they will kill this board if we manage to burn up an archive's worth of messages in, say, a coupla days? I don't think we should try it, but we are getting on quite a roll, aren't we....

FROM: p.o.o.p.
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:58:09 PDT 1997
rectum? damn near killed him!

FROM: Censorial Tonscilrectumy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:57:22 PDT 1997
a--ume Hitchc--k doesn't hassle c--ker spanials on Sat--day walks

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:53:13 PDT 1997
Speaking of new people, where is the expanded conciousness of Jennifer, who spurred on so many of our discussions. We had spirited debates as a result of your interest particular to lyrics. Boy, that last post had some god tipos, know?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:42:56 PDT 1997
Chewing Wax -- I missed by all of four minutes! Hopefully you will by anything Soft and of course it will be the right thing as this is the best of all possible worlds....

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:40:21 PDT 1997
Glad to be of service. To the strangers, new folk, and curious, we are always welcoming new people. No auditions necessary. Having 16 albums by, for, and about Robyn is a distinct crowd pleaser, you will find. Sleepy! Wey Wey Hepa hOle (however that's spelled) I had a feeling it was on invisible hits. When I saw Robyn on the Eye tour, he did the song and mentioned the year and locale it had been written--early seventies in a train station (I am sure he mentioned which train station but it escapes me now)... Chewing Wax: the latter was Can of Bees and was considered by the early-80s post-breakup fans as the Soft's best, but Invisible Hits is great too. The Compilation, I believe, has some rarities, but was derided by the critics for including many already available pieces. You can't lose with any of those, but Can of Bees is the classic lineup and a proper official album. And, ironically, it's the one Soft I don't have!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:36:46 PDT 1997
Hey, it's time for me to go home and buy my music and no one answered me. I'm sad. I thought you guys loved me. Don't tell me you were all busy working, being productive, feeding this extraordinarily robust economy of ours (U.S. Citizens only). Well, have a groovy Labor Day weekend, and if you have to drive, please drive safely. I'm going to the Bills Game. GO BILLS! FOR WE ARE HERE TO CHEER FOR YOU. GO BILLS! WE ARE YOUR FANS SO TRUE! Many injured exclamation points.

FROM: Decoy <goinghome@3.30>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 12:33:59 PDT 1997
I have never been to Miami, nor have I registered a DBA, Corporation, or any taxible entity in Dade County in the last year. And Jimmie Johnson is the anti-christ. Have a good holiday weekend (Sat--day), ha, all.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Aug 29 11:00:52 PDT 1997
Sorry Sleepy, I did it again. No cricket and no pub crawling. Anyhow, now I'm just aching to get the hell out of here and buy me some Soft Boys albums. Any of the ones Voltaic mentioned will do I imagine. I just did a little tele shopping (while on line) I'm multi talented, and they said they had the Ryno compilation, 76 through 81, Invisible Hits and Can of something or other. Which should I get and which should I buy for Decoy?

FROM: Acid Bird
DATE: Fri Aug 29 10:33:17 PDT 1997
Vroom! I'm a bit intimidated by you all and the special bond you seem to share. What are there, six or eight of you chewing up Warner Brother's valuable hard drive space? I've only got 16 Hitchc--k albums. How many are there? I've got a strange grinding, ringing in my ear. What's that all about? Decoy, your writing style is familiar to me. Were you hiding from CW in Miami in the past ten years?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 10:08:03 PDT 1997
Aha, Chewing Wax - I'm just leaving work now. I haven't been to the pub, nor am I going. Am I really English?!! Good weekend everyone.

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Fri Aug 29 10:02:32 PDT 1997
Decoy! Chewing Wax! I don't care about your past together. You are both here now and you are going to have to find away to get along. I must admit your little back and forth is somewhat amusing but I think it is starting to get out of control. Calm down and share a special Hitchc--k moment together. Voltaic, thanks for the music.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 10:00:33 PDT 1997
Voltaic - calm yourself lad! All will be revealed in but a few minutes. I have to agree with you that Robyn and Kimberley's combined guitar onslaught is one of the finest things to bathe your ears in. Just seeing Robyn and Kimberley playing guitar together at one of the recent London gigs was incredible - they're both so different from one another and they seem so competitive - I can't imagine how tense it must have been being the Soft Boys! But hey, what a great tension - bring on the guitars! And the song is..... Wey, Wey, Hep-uh-hole. Phew!

FROM: Decoy <LastWord@ChewingWax>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:59:47 PDT 1997
Yeh, right.

FROM: Chewing Wax <>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:50:37 PDT 1997
Thank's for all the stuff Voltaic. Decoy, I hit a nerve there eh? You know we met long before that New Orleans fiasco. I caught back up with you after someone gave me the tip that they'd seen your name on the television list of Johns. As usual, you managed to give me the slip again. Alright. I don't want anymore of this. It is a family site. Please forgive me and don't banish me. Besides, I'd just change my name and be spawned as a new and better character. Sleepy is off at the pubs already, leaving us hanging.

FROM: Clutch ManDibble
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:48:26 PDT 1997
Anybody from this message board on the new robyn h.i.t.c.h.c.o.c.k. release with the comments from fans?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:26:49 PDT 1997
Another band with the finest in double guitar entendre was Thin White Rope from Davis CA. "Exploring the Axis" and "The Red Sun" are masterpieces. Sleepy, did I even come close? I don't have the albums here at work with me so I can't go and peak. Please tell me!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:23:32 PDT 1997
Sleepy, you've stumped a soft boys albums owner as well as CW...for I have Wading Through Your Ventilator, Underwater Moonlight, Invisible Hits....It's on one of them, either Wading, or Hits. Is it "Verna Knoll is a Headbanger"? "Wading Through Your Ventilator"? [the two are one in the same, instrumentally, doncha know, magnificent duel guitar crescendos. By the way, any of you out there craving two guitar genius that doesn't make you ill with commerciality -- if you've never heard Television's Marquee Moon, get thee a copy pronto, and listen to the t-tle track. Only the Soft Boys have ever equalled the 2-axed magnificence.

FROM: Decoy <BustedDown@BourbonStreet>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 09:16:39 PDT 1997
I heard that Robyn never jammed with Jerry Garcia either; nor did they form a trio with Bob Plant. Chewing Wax, New Orleans was how we met! How could you Chew? (That's also part of his real nickname.) Tomorrow is Sa t-u-r-d a y and our anniversiary. That's enough, but CW initiated a very distasteful (and a--uredly fictional) topic to the board. I move for irrevocable banishment for the slander of one of my good names. 'Hard to push the Post button on this one...

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Aug 29 07:58:19 PDT 1997
Thanks Sleepy, I feel better now. I must admit, my collection of Soft Boys is woefully inadequate, as in nonexistant. I can't really explain that negligence on my part. I will do something about it soon. Very soon. Like this afternoon if I get a paycheck, which is always a crap shoot. Ooh, I bet the Net Nanny will blurp that one out. Sat--day, f--ther, and t-tle are all very good words to be bleeped out. Stick in a Hitchc--k here and there and you are business. Decoy, what are you whooping it up about? You didn't have a clue either. Myk, what's that German word that means taking pleasure in the misfortune of others? Anybody? I know I've been guilty of that from time to time. Like when Decoy got busted picking up transvestite prostitutes in New Orleans and his name was broadcast on the local news every evening for a month. I got quite a chuckle out of that let me tell you.

FROM: Decoy <Bills@Heart.luv>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 06:40:39 PDT 1997
Always Bills, all lies; I remember the day OJ broke the record. I was watching the game on TV, I'm still not sure why he was in court on TV for a year and a half. Ch--ing W-- will get no further rise. Sleepy! You 'da MAN! Chewing Wax ... stumped! Blah blah boo hoo!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 06:14:13 PDT 1997
Don't be embarrassed now Chewing Wax. - it's from a Soft Boys song, so you may not be familiar with their stuff.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 06:12:54 PDT 1997
last night i left that realaudio radio show playing while i went to sleep. when i finally slept, i slept poorly. i wonder if robyn's music can trigger insomnia? that would be better than his music CURING insomnia. heh heh. sleepy: i can't recall. it sounds like a line from "agony of pleasure", but it isn't. hmmm....

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Fri Aug 29 05:12:38 PDT 1997
Gosh, you skip a day and everything disappears. An archive in less than a week? Zoom. Griffith, thank you for the radio show. It's not just songs, it's a pretty good interview too. I had no idea Dylan was such a large influence for him. Listening to Robyn speak reminds me while we are all here on this board. He's just up there above us, on a different plane. Got to go. Oh Myk, I'm sitting here in Cleveland pathetically jealous of Chewing Wax and his mediocre football team. A lousy football team is better than no team at all. Woe is Browns

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Aug 29 04:35:57 PDT 1997
sleepy, I wasn't ignoring you, I just don't know and I'm embarrassed. Some of you guys have dipped into the "non-commercial" realm of Robyn's recordings and have more opportunity to see him them us stuck over here. I did miss a show in Toronto late last year which I'm still kicking myself about. Anyhow, I'm stumped.

FROM: Chewing Wax <Decoy@homealoneeatingcheese>
DATE: Fri Aug 29 04:31:10 PDT 1997
Hey all. Myk, I was just wondering what would happen if this page were ripped away from us. I'm sure we'd all recover eventually but it would be a traumatic event and we'd probably never find each other again. Decoy especially has a way of slipping through the cracks and disappearing for years on end, popping up in the most curious places. Speaking of Decoy, he has upped the anti yet again, accusing me of being a former Patriots fan. Oh that's cold. I was never ever a patriots fan. You are the one who rooted for the Dolphins throughout the 70's. I remember your smug little grin as the Dolphins piled up the victories. You are the one with the autographed Marino jersey hanging above your bed. Let's not rewrite history Decoy, my ancient foe. I was going to Bills games before you were born. Oh how I rue that day.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 02:39:53 PDT 1997
OK, Here's a question. From which song does this line come:- "Slow coagulation of luscious jam". I know it's easy, but it's a bit of fun and I'm alone here (on the forum, not in the real world) for a good few hours. So, anyone know anybody who's going to Bumbershoot then? Ask them to report back - it sounds fab.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 29 02:17:02 PDT 1997
Myk - It's gotta be "Hitchc--k".

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Aug 28 21:28:23 PDT 1997
let me share with you what happened a few minutes ago... i clicked on message board, like i always do, and it showed me a stock "WB" page. it told me i went to a nonpage... a mistaken URL, as it were. i was very sad, thinking that they had taken this page from me. i was furious, actually. then, a little later, i tried again and saw that we were now building archive 6, and that all was back to normal. whew... you never know how much you value something until someone (seemingly) takes it away. an observation. nice work on the pseudo-profanity! my favorite faux-foul word is "sat--day". what's yours?

FROM: Decoy <new@ie4>
DATE: Thu Aug 28 17:45:43 PDT 1997
I've made this board the first IE4 experience for myself, hasn't crashed yet - just one failed logon to the ISP so far. Everything is bigger somehow, its hard to describe. I think we went through two archives this week my prolific pals. CW, I'd love to go to the Bills game, but its a sellout. Tickets are going for $200 apiece here and we couldn't sit together anyway. I think the Bills are on an attendance record pace this year. Duck. Calm down Chewing Wax, throwing beer will only make you sad. Besides - who introduced you to the Bills first? Do you wish you didn't jump from the Patsies 15 years ago? How many archives do we get? Rob Roy, please? No twist, neat.

FROM: p.o.o.p.
DATE: Thu Aug 28 16:51:30 PDT 1997
Encryptian is a new word for egyptian magic, no?

FROM: Censorial Tonscilrectumy
DATE: Thu Aug 28 16:50:42 PDT 1997
Hitchc--k, I a--ume most music lovers are hyper aware, can a--uredly be enjoyed Sat--days or, I a--ume, anyday, whether you are a bitchin music veteran or a virgin.... How was that, Hitchc--k fans?

FROM: The Archive Savant
DATE: Thu Aug 28 16:47:24 PDT 1997
Doh! Heh heh

FROM: phaedrus
DATE: Thu Aug 28 14:44:00 PDT 1997
Chewing Wax, I believe you hold the record for having the most "-" in your last post. Censorship at its best.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Aug 28 14:05:18 PDT 1997
Hey! I got it to work without crashing the computer. It's sounds like s--t but I a--ume that the t-tles are worth it. I'll listen again on Sat--day I a--ure you. I wasn't even trying too hard. Decoy, are you coming to the Bills game?