FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 22 08:52:57 PDT 1997
Readjeaves, you old sock! You're right, I wasn't even on this board yesterday. I was out building a mud man in my front yard while the lightening passed overhead like shattering crystals. Balloon Man, I see by your comments that you are reacting to what could be construed as far too much "reading into" the works of Robyn. Let's agree that these discussions are what many fans would like, but not all... What a perfect forum, however, to carry on such discussions. I hope they continue. And to put another spin on this, one of the truly beautiful things about seeing Robyn live is his incredible, funny stories with which he introduces them (it seems that the more jovial he is, the more stories you get during the course of a show). They are usually surreal yet ostensibly non-metaphorical -- he's telling stories of events, not moral tales. There is not interpretation of motive or social commentary so much as funny images, interesting characters and magical events. A truly precious treat, those stories.

FROM: Chewing Wax <Dolphins@worstinleague>
DATE: Fri Aug 22 08:47:11 PDT 1997
Myk, Exactly. And the customers are the ones being made sick by the "thing" in "How do you work this thing?" I'm still waiting for someone to take a crack at that one. Not you.

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Fri Aug 22 08:45:52 PDT 1997
I missed yesterdays postings and was gratified to see that jennifer's comments, which inspired my own, had resulted in such a spirited and lengthy discussion. I do think, however, that Thursday's Voltaic must be an imposter. How could the real Voltaic even facetiously praise the Swedish Osmonds so profusely. Nick and all who discussed Birds in Perspex, you have grasped a larger theme of the song I hadn't yet arrived at, and it was very interesting and enlightening. To return to the purely physical/mechanical realm, though I do think there is a distinct double entendre when he sings "And when the sun goes down on her" could be read as "and when the SON goes down on her...." just a thought.......... The trousers were a key to that "uptight" England Robyn's been resisting for so long. It's love/hate, otherwise, he'd still be living in San Francisco, no? To the person who has been looking for Eye, it's a great album, a solo work much like I Often Dream of Trains in instrumentation; also like Trains in that RH was at his most bucolic. Lots of names named on Eye, seemingly actual friends and hangerson who populated Robyn's SF milieu. "How Do You Work This Thing" is a very funny songs, and presents itself so clearly I don't see how a discussion could help much.

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Fri Aug 22 08:42:18 PDT 1997
No one knows anything about Robyn and his mysterious ways. If you strip his lyrics down to the root phonemes, run them against the proper 128 bit keys, you will find they are encrypted passages from the Bible. Mostly Old Testament but I've found several passages from REVALATION as well and I think a line or two from The Gospil According to Luke. Check it out!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 22 08:36:51 PDT 1997
i'm glad to see ol' Wax is still his insightful, insultful self! "Earthly Paradise" seems to be about the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. or, perhaps, it's about a pet ferret that robyn had as a child. who can be sure? also, wax, what customers do you mean?

FROM: Chewing Wax <>
DATE: Fri Aug 22 07:12:21 PDT 1997
And while your at it, would you geniuses (Dr. Redjeaves with his big college education don't you know) tell me what "How do you work this thing?" is about. It's making the customers sick! Love ya bye bye

FROM: Chewing Wax <>
DATE: Fri Aug 22 06:59:23 PDT 1997
Hey all, Good to see you all chatting away in a nice steady regular sort of way. You all know my favorite song on Perspex Island. Why don't you analysts take a crack at "Earthly Paradise". I would be very interested to see what your take on that one is. You can even talk about the music too if you'd like.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Aug 21 15:31:39 PDT 1997
nick: i believe the t-tle "Perspex Island" refers to Britain. you refer to it as "cobweb infested inhibited fusty U.K", and RH sees it that way too, referring to it as an island ensnared in lucite. "perspex island, she's my girl... way above the chimneytops [a reference to UK cities' ubiquitous chimneys]... and when the sun goes down on her [i.e., sunset on the empire]... so beautiful my heart just stops". i think he sings of the freedom of only two individuals, and the island remains ensnared. i'm not sure. yes, i see that decoy is abusing the same medication as pungo. heh heh

FROM: Decoy <Bills@SuperBowlToo.Com>
DATE: Thu Aug 21 14:25:20 PDT 1997
Don't underestimate the popularity of Abba or the awesome power of the Bills. Thus, the allusion to madness is entirely lost on me. And I apparently decline into a pit that has no walls and a floor that is quite slippery but has a drain in the middle. I haven't bought a RB album in ten years, I need to catch up - perhaps Voltaic would give me one for Christmas like he said he would.

FROM: Nick Stewart <>
DATE: Thu Aug 21 12:24:04 PDT 1997
Dr Redjeaves: What you said about 'Birds in Perspex' was very interesting, especially because I was thinking about that very track recently (I had to get Perspex Island on import, because over here in the UK there seems to be no British label releasing the A&M albums.I could be wrong though....). There definitely is some very strong commentary on sexuality by Robyn. I think the song could be about muted or diluted sexuality, a sexuality that can't express itself because it's been conditioned by a repressive society not to (particularily the cobweb infested inhibited fusty U.K.....). I get that from Robyn's description of undressing....'I'm not naked underneath....I was born with trousers on.' Sexuality is repressed and the true self is hidden. There's a great sense of sexual liberation in this song which I find most uplifting, when Robyn sings the chorus: 'Birds in perspex,come alive...'There's the sense of elation and flight from repression in the bird imagery, and the perspex metaphor again hints at the lack of repression; liberated character is on show. It's an optimistic desire for freedom from constraint that I rather like. 'Perspex Island,' the tile of the album, could even refer to an ideal country freed from its own hang-ups,where everything is clear and there's no insecurity or deception.Does Robyn use animal imagery throughout his catalogue to convey the true characteristics in individual humans? Perhaps some of you out there could relate this to some of his other songs.What does anyone think of the sea imagery that pervades Robyn's work? And finally, Robyn, if you ever read this, will you ever consider playing a gig in Ireland (North or South) sometime? What about The Empire in Belfast - it's an old church that has been converted into a music hall style venue for gigs. Lots of bands have played there, it would be perfect - and for a relatively penniless postgrad student who's trying to get his M.A. in Belfast it would be perfect!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Aug 21 10:29:40 PDT 1997
Simon: "Eye" is alive and well, though it was released on "Twintone" records, and was not a part of Robyn's other record deals. it is the only one of his albums on Twintone, that i know of. usually, this one is not so hard to get a hold of... i regularly see it on the shelves. i did some research for you, and found a website for you , which kicks you over to an ordering site , and if you like to phone order, they like it less than email or snail mail, but since they haven't finished their page, one can't be sure they have "Eye" in stock (i'm sure they do). Phone: (612) 874-2400 call 'em and see if they have it, cuz you GOTTA have this album (RH acoustic is still my favorite, and this one is almost all unplugged). i hope this is helpful voltaic slides further into the abyss of madness, made clear not so much by his fondness for abba but by his hopes for the bills! heh heh

FROM: Voltaic <>
DATE: Thu Aug 21 07:35:23 PDT 1997
I just took all my Robyn tapes and burned them in a lovely huge chemical fire! I'm listening exclusively to my old cherished Abba albums! Come with me Sleepy and Pungo and Myk Murphy! Come with me to the Abba web site and rejoice in our new found freedom!

FROM: Simon Bean
DATE: Thu Aug 21 07:01:46 PDT 1997
What is this album called "Eye"? I've never heard of it and I've searched all over for it since I began reading about it in this message board. I asked several record store clerks and they told me there was no such album by Robin Hitchc--k and that all they had was "Respect" which was his best album anyhow. How can I get a copy of this for my victrola?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Aug 20 21:14:13 PDT 1997
Pungo: you will not mention "Hanson" again in this discussion group, or you will be punished severely. heh heh.

FROM: Myk Murphy <aWinningRecordThisYear@best.pungo>
DATE: Wed Aug 20 21:12:40 PDT 1997
good to see you again, pungo! yes, the discussion is lively! yes, Avalon revisited by RH would be a killer event! yes, Dr redjeaves is consuming other's prescriptions! (heh heh, jes kiddin, doc... loved your analysis of Birds in Perspex, by the way). thankfully, nick was here to remind us of the instrumental themes so easily overlooked when confronted with such a cerebral lyricist as robyn. in fact, i'm quite thankful that i now am a part of this board, because i enjoy the focus on analysis of a single artist (though if i were RH, i would find it both flattering and disturbing).

FROM: Pungo <>
DATE: Wed Aug 20 20:47:32 PDT 1997
Well, hello everyone! Has The Pungo been missed? Heh-heh. I see that the page has taken a lyrical turn. I reckon that we could gather together 100 people, analyze a song, and have 100 different opinions. Yes, Mr. Stipe and Mr. Hitchc--k write compellingly. But, I ask you, where is their true beauty? I think it's in their voices-in the magic and emotion that they transmit. Precious harmony, a gift given at birth....On the other hand, whos lyrics would you rather read without the accompanied music, Hitchc--k or Hanson?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Wed Aug 20 14:15:52 PDT 1997
Dr. Redjeaves, my my are you walking a thin line, but that's pretty interesting what you've come up with. Nick, I too want to hear Robyn's rendition of Avalon. Perhaps the whole album, like he did with the Dylan concert recreation. Come to think of it, too much like that...probably never happen.

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Wed Aug 20 14:12:35 PDT 1997
Jennifer: no offense taken but you've definitely laid down the gauntlet for a spirited discussion. Taking the music out of the interpretation of a song is a little like taking the visuals out of the interpretation of a film---interesting but, in my opinion, missing something essential to the whole "statement." Don't get me wrong, I take (guilty?) pleasure in examining lyrics in an english major sort of manor (I was an english major, B.S. 1987) ... if you want to talk about transformation/metamorphosis, f'rinstance, look at the lyrics to anything from "Egyptian Cream" to Kingdom of Love" to, well, I'd have to have a songlist in front of me. Robyn is getting at some fascinating magic there.... Gender roles have been in flux in many songs; and take a song like Birds in Perspex, where it seems as if he's telling a lover not to "finish" him...if taken sexually, what does the refrain refer to? "Birds in perspex come alive...." perhaps is a poetic, lovely metaphor referring to the actual mechanics of a man being "turned on." Hmmm, perhaps I've become a bit to familiar in this discussion. Still, Jennifer, if you want to talk about lyrics, name some songs and we can get started! Bye for now, robynites..........

FROM: Nick <>
DATE: Wed Aug 20 12:03:46 PDT 1997
Even Robyn's instrumentals convey the themes that meander through his entire catalogue. One of my favourites is 'You'll Have To Go Sideways.' The keyboards in the first minute suggest increasing disorder and a sense of panic as a response. It's a chilling piece of music but very exciting too. I bought 'Eye' recently and yes Myk 'Raining Twilight Coast' is wonderful. The most moving song on the album for me is 'Sweet Ghost of Light.' I think it's Robyn's vocals that clinch it for me. His voice sounds so fragile and vulnerable on this track, it is so powerful because of this. Recently I read an interview in which Robyn said he'd like to record an accoustic version of Avalon. That would be brilliant, I think. I'd really like to hear him play and accoustic version of 'More Than This,' the first song on the same Roxy Music album.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Aug 20 10:13:21 PDT 1997
always remember to put the top up on your convertible if you don't know the weather forecast. this morning i awoke to a flooded car! ugh! oh well, it's happened before. it serves me right...i'm a bit lazy when it comes to these things. good thing i haven't started to restore the car yet! "...and the rain falls up from the ground..." robyn says (Aquarium). that would be nice, because then i wouldn't have 2 inches of standing water in the footwells!

FROM: mooch <>
DATE: Tue Aug 19 22:03:47 PDT 1997
Thats it!!..if that syd barrett knocks on my door once more! ...I'll call the help me .

FROM: Myk Murphy <>
DATE: Tue Aug 19 21:31:27 PDT 1997
what a beautiful night. i've been driving around with the top down and listening to RH's "Eye". the temp is down into the 60s, i'd guess, and the roads aren't too busy. "Raining Twilight Coast" is an amazing song, technically, structurally, and (of course) lyrically. it's an old gas-guzzling convertible, but i transcend guilt for driving such a beast when i have nights like this. (i don't drive this car much). sorry this posting is so uneven, but i feel that driving at night is a therapeutic activity, and so i suggest it.

FROM: jennifer
DATE: Tue Aug 19 19:55:00 PDT 1997
Sorry if I came across a bit snotty, but I guess I was expecting literary interpretation instead of hardcore style analysis. Critical examination of Robyn's technical skills is something about which I know nothing.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Aug 19 11:18:19 PDT 1997
ok, pungo, now it's your turn to respond. ...where the hell is he??

FROM: Myk Murphy <>
DATE: Tue Aug 19 11:15:43 PDT 1997
Sleepy: as always, i should hate you, and shout rude things in a jealous rage. i will not do this, because you wouldn't hear me unless i typed it, which would negate some of the bluster. in all seriousness, i'm glad you had a good time (you lucky bastard). Voltaic: sorry i've been away, but deadlines and other artificial, self-imposed foolishness have been teaming up to kick my arse quite well. i did get to peek in a little... this thing has a life of its own, and should be monitored! Jennifer: i wouldn't worry too much about RH fans not getting the deeper gist of his lyrical gamesmanship. fortunately, robyn speaks/sings in a painfully clear and intelligible manner, and so one need only be attentive and literate. compare this to the murky wordsmithing of early michael stipe/rem, which required about 10,000 repeated listenings to figure out most of the lyrics. heh heh.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Aug 19 09:52:38 PDT 1997
Hello. I've been observing, but I haven't had time to participate. The boat trip was fun. Good weather, good music, good company. Robyn played a few songs on the lower deck going over on the boat to the Isle of Wight and then he played some more at the abandoned railway station and then we began the journey back and Robyn played some more songs on the top deck (including some Elvis songs of course!) and then we sailed back to the mainland and then we were very tired indeed... But happy ....

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Aug 19 09:28:58 PDT 1997
Hey Sleepy, Myk and Pungo, where are you? I've missed your comments here these last few days...

FROM: Ghost Driver
DATE: Tue Aug 19 09:26:46 PDT 1997
I believe Robyn Hitchc--k is part nonsense poet -- in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and others of the late '19th centurion; and he appreciates the period (just listen to Victorian Squid sometime) in a humorous, ironic way. He's only part nonsense poet, however. He's got some other things pushing out of his psyche too; quite a great mix of creative energies. Anybody else miss the days of "Uncorrected Personality Traits" as a live performance with the Eqyptians standing up there on stage singing the harmonies. Great great song and I hope someone, someday, releases a live version of that. By the way, there is nothing rare about the live "Wish I was a pretty girl...." it was on Gotta Let This Hen Out! Byefornow...

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Mon Aug 18 23:29:11 PDT 1997
Jennifer, I agree that it may be that some people sometimes miss the deeper point to Robyn's music...but the beauty of music could be that it is so many things to so many people...not to lecture. But I know some very deep thinking people who, for instance, never read lyrics on an album sleeve. They want to get the gist of it amidst the experience of listening only. Anyway, I for one love RH's lyrics and believe too that there is indeed quite a lot going on, above and below the surface. Metamorphosis, "gender" blurring, and the passionate, creative energy of frustration and desire.

FROM: jennifer
DATE: Mon Aug 18 20:56:32 PDT 1997
I am particularly interested in the lyrics to many of Robyn Hitchc--k's songs. They seem to be about transcending ordinary conciousness, achieving a heightened awareness of existence. They make fun of ordinary notions about death and paradise, and make these concepts seem strangely appealing,somehow. Sometimes I think that no one realizes that his lyrics are more than just clever nonsense.

FROM: I'mer lorry Driver Man <>
DATE: Mon Aug 18 13:28:09 PDT 1997
I love Robyn, I just got Underwater Moonlight and I love it!!! Kingdom of Love and I Got the Hots are the best.Old Pervert is great too. I love them all. I even liked hiked his treatment of VegetableMan. Syd's is faster though. I first got into Robyn through Syd, anyone else do this? They sound almost identicle. And they both have great, fun songs. I think Robyn would do a good version of Screm thy last scream too. I hope to see him in concert soon, so ROBYN PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!

FROM: I'mer lorry Driver Man <>
DATE: Mon Aug 18 13:16:03 PDT 1997
I love Robyn, I just got Underwater Moonlight and I love it!!! Kingdom of Love and I Got the Hots are the best.Old Pervert is great too. I love them all. I even liked hiked his treatment of VegetableMan. Syd's is faster though. I first got into Robyn through Syd, anyone else do this? They sound almost identicle. And they both have great, fun songs. I think Robyn would do a good version of Screm thy last scream too. I hope to see him in concert soon, so ROBYN PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Mon Aug 18 09:29:57 PDT 1997
Greetings, fellow Hitchc--k fans. How was your weekend? I didn't get to listen to any Robyn (my fault) but I did notice a local upstart band was playing named "Invisible Fish." Sounds like we may have Hitch fans in our midst, at least in my town, which makes Hooterville look like New York! I must quiz them regarding their name and possible appreciation of RH. Perhaps they do Midnight Fish or Bass . . .

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Sun Aug 17 19:00:15 PDT 1997
i have nothing to offer, other than a pleasant "hello". i hope everyone had a fine weekend, i know mine was groovy. can't hear enough of this terrific compilation! good news for US literature afficionados: Kurt Vonnegut is releasing his first fiction novel since 1990! it comes out Sept 1, it's called "Timequake". while this has nothing to do with robyn, i suspect that he has read kurt's work... they have similarities, i think ...or maybe i just want to see similarities. either way, that's the news.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Sun Aug 17 18:48:09 PDT 1997
Anyone here know if Robyn has any plans for "Don't tell me about Gene Hackman" other than live shows? By the way, house of figgy, has a clip of that tune this month.

FROM: Robert Smith <>
DATE: Sun Aug 17 06:56:16 PDT 1997
Dear Robyn, I know that we have talked about working together in the past, well I think the time has come.*meow* Perhaps when you're in town you could stop by for a spot of tea.*hiss* I have decided to get rid of the makeup and the hairspray. Maybe I'll get a nice short trim. Let me know what you think.*meow*

FROM: Hallucinogenic Woodpecker <>
DATE: Fri Aug 15 20:52:30 PDT 1997
To Reverse Flash and other RH listeners: The new Rhino compilation is excellent purchase. The only bonus track available is a live version of "My Wife and My Dead Wife", which is quite good. Even if you are disappointed with the lack of bonus tracks, the fans' quotes inside are the greatest. Robyn also gives a little insight on some songs on the album. Also, I agree with the others who believe Robyn sounds best when he is heavily influenced by Syd. I am also a giant fan of Syd's. I would say to anyone, if you like Robyn, then you would definitely like Syd. As it is time for me depart for the time being, I leave you with this: A sex change will never seem as glamorous to you until you listen to "Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl".

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 15 15:46:34 PDT 1997
i'm currently listening to that new Rhino compilation, "Uncorrected Personality Traits", and i'm enjoying it more than i should, i think. woodpecker is right: the liner notes are wonderful, worth the purchase price. it has been awhile since i bought a cd, but i had to get this one. i also bought London Calling (the clash, if you have to ask.. heh heh) because my tape of it has suffered the proudest death a cassette can have: overexposure to the head of a tape deck. why did i share that?

FROM: dext dozier
DATE: Fri Aug 15 13:53:14 PDT 1997
no one has ever said that i'm the voice of reason. i couldn't give this place up for good, it's so funny. I WANNA SEE ROBYN LIVE!!! I am going to beat my head against my monitor...later!!!

FROM: Antwoman <>
DATE: Fri Aug 15 02:35:44 PDT 1997
A wee update on upcoming live gigs. . . 23rd Aug, The Junction, Cambridge (part of the Millennium Festival !?! ) enquiries: 01223.578.000, box office: 01223.511.51. 30th August, Bumbershoot Seattle Arts Festival, Seattle, WA, USA. ~~ UK minitour ~ ~ 20th Nov, London, Jazz Cafe (this date is set in plaster of paris).1st Dec, Brighton, Concorde (this date is set in stone). " 3rd Dec, Southampton, Joiners (this date is set in stone). " 4th Dec, Cambridge, Boatrace (this date is set in stone). * 5th Dec, Oxford, The Point (this date is set in stone). " 6th Dec, Leicester, Princess Charlotte (this date is set in stone). other dates which may occur are set in jelly. " date has changed * new date If you are not on the Antwoman mailing list and would like to be, please email me with the subject matter e-mail list. Thanks & bon voyage to those lucky 84 people!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Aug 14 21:37:51 PDT 1997
yeah, gotta get that rhino compilation... as much as i dig RH, i don't have all the albums that i should... i'm sure it's a fine collection, and if it's rhino, the sound quality will be there too. heh heh Hood, the idea of a pirate radio station is compelling! we can all sorts of cool stuff until they triangulate us like in that silly Chris Slater movie. heh heh. if we shoot and kill someone, they'll make a made-for-TV movie out of it, and we get cash AND jailtime! ok, gonna stop now before the plot congeals in my liquid mind.

FROM: Hallucinogenic Woodpecker <>
DATE: Thu Aug 14 20:26:36 PDT 1997
Picked up the new Rhino Greatest Hits last week. I must say, it is truly better than the A&M attempt to capture the great ones. If you don't have it, go get it. Great quotes from the fans inside, also.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Thu Aug 14 17:46:33 PDT 1997
Reading the last couple of day's messages has made me all of a sudden wish I'd go back to school. I may get around to it if I didn't already have a good job. The radio station gig could be the break-even though. Anyone in the Chicago area want to go in on a radio station? With all the former DJ's here we might be able to get togeather 15-20 min. of airtime. Oh, to dream though

FROM: Reverse Flash
DATE: Thu Aug 14 17:21:27 PDT 1997
Has anyone picked up the new Rhino compilation? Since there are no bonus tracks, I don't think I'll be buying it. It's a shame what with RH's involvement in the project that there is nothing for the fan who has all his albums :(

FROM: Ricker Greenley <>
DATE: Thu Aug 14 15:00:53 PDT 1997
Hello! First time here, probably won't check for responses, so feel free to write if you want! Just wanted to say that QUEEN ELVIS is his (your!) best work ever :-) Thanks! Love, Rick thanks! :-)

DATE: Thu Aug 14 15:00:16 PDT 1997
Hello! First time here, probably won't check for responses, so feel free to write if you want! Just wanted to say that QUEEN ELVIS is his (your!) best work ever :-) Thanks! Love, Rick thanks! :-)

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Aug 14 09:52:21 PDT 1997
Just a quick 'hello' today. Matthew Sweet was fab. Loads of guitars. See you tomorrow.

DATE: Thu Aug 14 09:32:43 PDT 1997
Sleepy, I haven't mentioned the boat gig 'cuz I am jealous. Will there be a fishing segment of the show or would that be too, well, too violent? Have a great time and don't go swimming too soon after eating prawns..

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Aug 14 09:30:22 PDT 1997
Sleepy, that Slim's weekend series, I think, was unfortunately the weekend Robyn's father passed away. Were you there Friday or Sat--day? I think I was there Sat--day.

FROM: Invisible Bastard
DATE: Thu Aug 14 08:58:58 PDT 1997
Vol- Yeh, yeh, "Airscape". I knew that. I was just really drunk last night and slipped up. Funny that you can say "bastard" but not Sat--day. Oh I know why you can't say Sat--day. I figured it out. That's funny.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Aug 14 08:36:24 PDT 1997
Hey, it's cool to see another former college radio DJ on here. man, those were good times. people would ask me "why don't you try to get a DJ job after college?", and i would respond "back in college, i could play cool stuff i liked and admired [e.g., RH], while in the commercial world, i'd have to play mainstream alternative (read: top 40 for the 90s) or worse". yeah, that would surely suck. i'll let someone else spin the Bush and Stone Temple Pilots CDs... it's not too hard to do.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Thu Aug 14 07:43:25 PDT 1997
My my, am I ever glad I was too busy to check this board yesterday. Apologies accepted, Chewing Wax, though I do think you should learn to spell "apologies".... Another bitchy point of order: "Element of Light" the song is called "Airscape." Perspex Island lyrics, hmm, Marina, have you tried Fegmaniax? Go to the main page here and look for the links page. From there cruise to Fegmaniax and search for lyrics. Sleepy, Pungo and Myk, once again you were great, forgiving dissipaters of anger. That is a great talent; I wish I possessed it. Thank you. I think anybody casually spying this message board would know that it's a friendly place, and we all have lives; if we didn't, we wouldn't "get" Robyn's music in the first place -- as wacked as it is sometimes, Robyn writes about lives we liveas well as lives no one every imagined.

FROM: Invisible Bastard
DATE: Wed Aug 13 19:20:34 PDT 1997
Hey dudes, I think that "I often Dream of Trains" is a giant tribute to Syd. The first time I heard it, I was playing Syd on my college radio show and a very hip woman came running in with a copy of "I often Dream of Trains". When I played the t-tle song I was absolutely positive it was Syd. I even asked all my friends to compare the voices between "I Often Dream of Trains" and "Here I Go". They all agreed they were the same voice. Now I know different. Anyhow, I have 16 Robyn albums now and he has surpassed Roger Waters as my favorite artist. It's close. I've seen him In Toronto, Buffalo, and Rochester. I am very jealous of those going on that boat trip. When Robyn played myh favorite song of his, "Element of Light", I shouted out, "It's your favorite beach!" He even played "I often Dream of Trains." I was two feet away. It was the best show I've ever seen by anyone. Thanks,

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Aug 13 19:04:51 PDT 1997
c'mon, pungo... ya gotta stick around. one of the few reasonable voices here can't just cut outta here for some silly thing like continuing one's education. as for sleepy, i heard about the boat ride... how odd, i hope it's cool. i want a full report, as always. my company has a contract or 2 in London..... hmmm... gotta wiggle my way into that one! as for marina, i have no lyrics, but robyn sings clearly, so just listen, sing, and push that orange crayon quickly across the paper! make your writing messy, do it on canvas, and you've got a marketable piece of art (and a copyright lawsuit).... giggle....

FROM: marina <>
DATE: Wed Aug 13 12:05:11 PDT 1997
..i was wondering if someone could give me the lyrics to perspex island.. if so, i'd really appreciate it.. m

FROM: Nick <>
DATE: Wed Aug 13 11:31:25 PDT 1997
In terms of Barrett/Hitchc--k comparisons, I think Robyn's best when he's influenced by Syd rather than covering his songs outright. That's a pretty thin argument though 'cos I've only heard the Softs doing Vegetable Man. I don't think it compares with the studio Floyd version at all, which is much faster.I guess that the perfect example of the Barrett/Hitchc--k influence comes for me in 'Sometimes I wish I Was a Pretty Girl,' especially the part that starts with 'Been on my own so long....' I think that its a great nod to Syd but does something else with its influence. It might be a different matter live though, I don't know. Mind you, perhaps I'm biased....I've been into Syd for seven years since I was fifteen and I only discovered Robyn a year ago....

FROM: pungo
DATE: Wed Aug 13 10:32:43 PDT 1997
Can't we all just get along? Well, gang. My classes start next week, so I won't be popping in with such regularity. Please, please, no tears. I'll still make an occasional guest appearence. Well, think I'll go listen to the Madcap Laughs....oh yeah, Myk I can play a mean 'Bass' now. I'll leave with a mystery quote. "Ive got too much pride inside to hide or slide. I'll do as I decide and let it ride until I've died and only then shall I abide this tide of catchy little tunes, of hip three minute ditties."

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Aug 13 06:19:40 PDT 1997
That wasn't supposed to sound so sarcastic!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Aug 13 05:01:43 PDT 1997
Oh, it's you Chewing Wax. Didn't see you there. I guess I can wipe the tears away from my eyes now.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Aug 13 04:57:57 PDT 1997
What's wrong with saying Sat--day?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Aug 13 04:57:07 PDT 1997
Er, cheers Prince Logic. What's all this silly bickering... I'm sure Robyn would be proud of all of us...(?!) Hey V - I was at Slim's too. It's the Robyn boat trip on Sat--day - weh heh!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Aug 13 04:42:06 PDT 1997
To all concerned. I'm sorry for my behavior yesterday. It was inexcusable. I especially appologize to my dear message board pals Sleepy and Voltaic. What I said to them was beneath contempt. I will change my attitude from now on and I hope I didn't put anyone off. It's just that I've had it rough these past few years since Robyn and I parted company. I really did write a song called "Forever Dressed in Cream" with Robyn though. It doesn't mention Syd and Roger. It's about a tiny elf named Gippy and his adventures on the wild west end of London in June of 1987. Kind of a strange tribute to Jethro Tull, Dire Straits and Syd all rolled up into one wonderful song. Anyway, my appologies once again. Cheers!

FROM: Prince Logic
DATE: Wed Aug 13 03:56:11 PDT 1997
Chewing Wax - haven't you got anything better to do than post to a forum that you have no interest in? Surely that's sadder than you claim everyone else to be!

FROM: pungo <>
DATE: Tue Aug 12 17:24:50 PDT 1997
myk murphy...yeah i know. Syd Barrett's great!!! he's the piper at the gates of dawn. "the way the english say, 'we only mustn't grumble in the end'."

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 16:27:25 PDT 1997
what an interesting string of insults, grumpiness, sentiment, information, misinformation, disinformation, and lyric quotations. i'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of my affiliation with this board, so i'll default to pride (it's a "top 7", you know). pungo: i'm entirely too impressed to attempt to impress, ya know? (yes, pungo, but we must be diligent not to let fret noise turn on us and become our enemy. heh heh.)

DATE: Tue Aug 12 13:37:01 PDT 1997
pharedrus- That sound like it could be right. I'm sure he played "Feels like 1974". I've only seen him live three times, but this show was incredible. When I walked into the bar to buy the tickets, Robyn was just hanging out on the stage doing equipment checks. Then, he was enjoying a c--ktail with some fans. Very cool. I bought a cone and got a lime that Robyn played with on stage. Th lime is dried now and will last forever. The cone will go onto the museum soon. Thanks.

FROM: phaedrus <>
DATE: Tue Aug 12 12:23:49 PDT 1997
Perhaps the song mentioning both Roger and Syd of Pink Floyd is the as of yet unreleased song "1974" (or "Feels like 1974'). A great song. It has been recorded by Robyn with Homer as the backup band (according to Homer's website). I gotta split.....

FROM: pungo
DATE: Tue Aug 12 10:36:12 PDT 1997
chewing wax... there's no need to throw insults around. i'm sure that myk has been losing sleep at nights trying to think up ways to impress you. hey myk, swollen finger tips make for great fret noise, don't you think? i love Mathew Sweet. he played at the boathouse here about a month or two ago, but i missed it. "there's something in your eyes that is keeping my hope alive."

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Aug 12 10:20:45 PDT 1997
To The Misshapen Guard: Way to steal a name from the same song as me. And as for "Forever Dressed in Cream" I have a demo recording playing as you read this. I'll fax you a copy of the lyrics if you'd like. It seems like there are three idiots posting notes on this page now.

FROM: The Misshapen Guard
DATE: Tue Aug 12 10:13:33 PDT 1997
I know for a fact there was never any song named "Forever Dressed in Cream" written by Robyn. So Mr. Chewing Wax, it seems like you are the idiot.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Aug 12 09:57:18 PDT 1997
Hey Sleepy and Voltaic, don't you have anything better to do? You two are a couple of idiots. Get lives. Robyn would be so proud of you.

DATE: Tue Aug 12 09:56:15 PDT 1997
That would be at Slim's in San Francisco. Robyn and the Egyptians did a semi-acoustic encore, including a tremendously huge rendition of Eight Miles High!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 09:47:15 PDT 1997
V - I saw Matthew Sweet open for Robyn as well - which city? I saw him on the West Coast. I wasn't very keen on him in Seattle, but really got to like him by LA.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Aug 12 07:43:08 PDT 1997
Hey Ian, That would be "Forever Dressed in Cream" which Robyn and I wrote back in the early eighties. He had trouble recording it because it was too personal and reminded him of his childhood. It almost made it on "Eye" but was cut at the last moment.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Aug 12 07:41:10 PDT 1997
Hey, Sleepy, I saw Matthew Sweet open for Robyn once (around the Perspex Island era) ....I didn't get "it" then, but he (MS) has grown on me a bit, even though I don't have any albums..... I understand he had Richard Lloyd of one of my favorite bands, Television, on a recent album.... The duel guitars of the Softs could be seen as Television's double whammy gone completely and hopelessly mad; don't know if Robyn would agree, but just a thought. Cheers and goodye for now!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Aug 12 07:23:16 PDT 1997
Hey Ian, That would be "Forever Dressed in Cream" which Robyn and I wrote back in the early eighties. He had trouble recording it because it was too personal and reminded him of his childhood. It almost made it on "Eye" but was cut at the last moment.

FROM: ian <>
DATE: Tue Aug 12 06:59:28 PDT 1997
Hey, Forgive my ignorance, but when I saw Robyn in March, he sang a song I'd never heard before. In it he mentioned Syd and Roger. What was this song and where can I get a recording?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 06:47:50 PDT 1997
i can appreciate the importance of a warm, nearly tropical climate for musicians... though i can't speak for others, when i play a guitar with cold fingers, it's slow and painful (like dentistry). because it would look silly to play guitars wearing mittens, the best solution is for a warm venue. so i don't mind the sweating, because the music will sound better. the end.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 04:14:54 PDT 1997
I must add that it is indeed great when the artists themselves are slimy also. It makes for a beautiful bonding experience. J was drippy-haired at the Dino gig, but he need a fan so that his hair could blow back horizontally (essential) or was it just the noise from his many amps that caused this to happen?! The 12-Bar gigs were good 'n toasty too. Why am I being so defensive? I'll just shut up now ...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 02:13:07 PDT 1997
Actually, I don't know why I complained about no air-conditioning - nothing's air-conditioned in England and I've survived this far. Hooray, it's Matthew Sweet tomorrow - rock 'n' roll again! Bring on the guitars.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Aug 12 02:08:08 PDT 1997
Voltaic - of course I am no stranger to gig slime (as it shall be known). I have slithered about with the best of them (I remember seeing Robyn in Austin in the summer - that was one of the hottest, most fab gigs ever) - however, on this one occasion (wearing inappropriate clothing and being knackered) I just wasn't up for it. However, sometimes I just revel in it - it's a funny old world isn't it?!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Aug 11 21:52:58 PDT 1997
To nick: yeah, someone caught the womad show, read about it in archive 3. Elizabeth: i think the pedal is still gone. some people are mean, ya know? as for volt, there can be no question: clearly, he rocks. i have no doubt of this. none. as for outdoor concerts, the best ones always resemble druid rituals, but without the c-mbersome stones to dance around. i like outdoor shows very much.

FROM: Elizabeth <>
DATE: Mon Aug 11 21:18:57 PDT 1997
Robyn is the greatest! Did he ever get his equipment back?

FROM: gon up
DATE: Mon Aug 11 18:25:14 PDT 1997
so Voltaic(posing as prof. backwards) you a blues man, eh? ahhh, there's nothing like being packed in crowd like a sardine, if the show's good. if the show sucked,...well, then it may be a bit miserable. but now, what can be said of outdoor concerts?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Mon Aug 11 16:41:24 PDT 1997
Thank you. That is because I rock.

FROM: Cheese boy
DATE: Mon Aug 11 16:40:59 PDT 1997
Voltaic, I think you're full of hot, garlic scented air.

FROM: Voltaic (posing as Professor Backwards)
DATE: Mon Aug 11 16:36:31 PDT 1997
Sleepy, don't you know rock and roll should be experienced in hot, close quarters? It's the way it should be. Sit down and I will explain: The heat, sweat and general discomfort are connections to the tribal ritual from which blues' baby rock and roll descends. Some rock and rollers remember this and adhere to the traditions: I once witnessed a Mojo Nixon/Skid Roper show in which the Moj' demanded the air conditioning be turned off 'cuz it was blowing on some folks but not all folks. His initial demands were purely selfish (the a.c. was not blowing on him!) but he expounded on the need for moist, cheesy air to breed the most spontaneously combustible rock and roll experience. This is one of the main reasons why you can be sure that Kenny G and Yanni never rock (aside from their comma-inducing musak): they have huge fans blowing cool air on them, buffeting their coifs and keeping their silk shirts free of any sweat stains. Here is the acid test: if you have bad body odor after attending a music event, you probably rocked. Here ends the sermon. All may rise.....

FROM: nick <>
DATE: Mon Aug 11 10:56:34 PDT 1997
Did anyone catch Robyn at Womad? Any chance of listing the set and some comments on the gig?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Aug 11 10:33:02 PDT 1997
Sounds like a great time, sleepy. as always, i envy your geographic position and your keen ear for gigs.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Aug 11 03:13:59 PDT 1997
Myk - yup, Dino was fab! J was on good form - he played brilliantly, smiled a bit (gasp!) and said "Alright" several times. However, the venue was disgustingly hot with zero air conditioning - yuk! - everyone was dripping with sweat. Rock 'n' roll, eh?!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Sat Aug 9 13:18:57 PDT 1997
Stick with voltaic. pungo is slowly losing his mind, so you might wish to reconsider any advice he provides. heh heh. as for sleepy, i demand that he tell us the cool details of the dino jr show, unless it sucked, in that case he shouldn't bother. i suspect it didn't suck, however. and yes, big V, you win the posting award!

DATE: Fri Aug 8 18:58:18 PDT 1997
Hey, Voltaic. Ya know, I was thinking that I like ____ a lot better. I don't know why really...there's just something about typing ____ that really appeals to me. Sleepy, Myk, Shiny leather hood, ya'll be chill...and I'll see ya round the bend...

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:05:21 PDT 1997
Sorry. I am over-coffee'd today.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:03:42 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:03:33 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:03:25 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:03:14 PDT 1997

FROM: Votaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:02:58 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:02:48 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:02:34 PDT 1997

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Fri Aug 8 12:02:24 PDT 1997

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 11:10:17 PDT 1997
i hate that damn sleepy! he gets to see all the cool shows! Dinosaur Jr is da best! ok, enough of my foolishness.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 08:46:10 PDT 1997
Hang on, I might just win ...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 08:45:50 PDT 1997
Myk - you'll probably win since I'm leaving to see Dinosaur Jr shortly! (my poor little ears...)

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 07:52:58 PDT 1997
Sleepy and I are having a trans-Atlantic duel to see how many how many short messages can be posted in as short a time as possible.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 07:49:14 PDT 1997
Oh yes, I forgot to add that the tape came out several years earlier, so the chances of finding it are even smaller... Boo...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 07:48:49 PDT 1997
As for the Demme film of Robyn, the release will be March '98 in the US, May '98 in the UK, last I read.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 07:47:42 PDT 1997
The Hooded One - the content is the same for tape and vinyl - fear not! Good luck in your quest.

FROM: The Hooded One
DATE: Fri Aug 8 05:06:17 PDT 1997
Sleepy- I had a vinal copy-is there a difference in the content, I would settle for either, since I know for fact there isn't a digital release. I'm sure there's a copy out there somewhere, I'll find it!!!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 03:22:57 PDT 1997
Oh, my - say goodbye to archive 3. So that's where all the messages suddenly disappeared to. Is Takashi a christian name or a surname? Have I committed a hideous faux-pas? Apologies if I have.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Aug 8 02:52:08 PDT 1997
Takashi - Last December Jonathan Demme filmed Robyn playing concerts in a store window in New York. I guess it will come out some time this year. Warner Brothers would be the best people to speak to for detailed information I imagine.