DATE: Mon Jun 23 09:10:30 PDT 1997
The cones page is very nice. Went there friday.

FROM: Dr. Sledge/Sticky <Saxmundham@slugbelch.aaargh>
DATE: Thu Jun 19 23:50:00 PDT 1997
If you went to any of the recent Robyn shows and were lucky enough to purchase a cone, please share it with other fans of Robyn's artwork...add it to Mike Runion's "Unofficial Robyn Hitchc--k Virtual Cone Museum" at --Hey Michael Reed (below): There already WAS a SB reunion!

FROM: Antwoman <>
DATE: Sun Jun 15 12:42:10 PDT 1997
Just another quick posting to let you know that Mrs. Wafflehead is no longer, as the same with the US PO Box. And we have started Antwoman, Robyn's info service. Since Robyn's split from his management, we will shortly be going through all of the Wafflehead notes, folders and merch and officially 'restarting' in the near future. Please be patient, as we await legal formalities before we can get it all together. If you would like to be on Robyn's email list, please email me. Also, if you would like to receive a summer Antwoman newsletter, please send an IRC or SAE (UK ONLY) to Antwoman, PO BOX 14864, London, W4 2GD, ENGLAND. Thanks for your patience and I hope those of you that went to the US gigs enjoyed them, and those in the UK are looking forward to the 12 Bar stint in July. As always, may the cones be with you. A

FROM: Michael Reed <>
DATE: Fri Jun 13 20:11:00 PDT 1997
Saw your great show in Atlanta. Picked up one of the flyers from the merch table. I sent in some $$ but never received anything. The cheque wasn't cashed and my follow-up letter of inquiry came back marked "moved-no forwardig address". Can someone tell me what happened to Mrs. Wafflehead. Let's have a Soft Boys re-union!!!

FROM: Holland <Holly>
DATE: Mon Jun 9 18:39:40 PDT 1997
Great site for a talented musician and lyricist! Saw you years ago at Toad's place in New! Love "Madonna of the Wasps"...Can't wait to see you with the Egyptians soon! Keep up the good work! BB.

FROM: Thoth
DATE: Mon Jun 9 17:21:02 PDT 1997
Dear Mr Hitchc--k, I object to your use in the past of my profile to represent your foolish group of human minstrels, 'The Egyptians'. I regret to inform you that the curse of Thoth is now upon your shoulders. Don't blame me, you walked into this with eyes open.

FROM: D Jameson
DATE: Mon Jun 9 17:17:28 PDT 1997
R.H.- You are a lyrical genius of impeccable strength and integrity. Soon, the world will bow to you-I will give it no other choice. Your commitment to creating ultimately important music and words is respectable in the eye's of God. I salute you.

FROM: Lorraine
DATE: Mon Jun 9 13:26:56 PDT 1997
Robyn: Very sorry that I missed your most recent concerts in southern California. I adore your music and you have a special place inside of me. I was on vacation in Maui. I look forward to seeing you next time you tour. Lorraine

FROM: don henderson <cmacdon6o8&>
DATE: Sun Jun 8 05:35:45 PDT 1997
need help in finding some lps

FROM: don henderson <cmacdon6o8&>
DATE: Sun Jun 8 05:32:50 PDT 1997
need help in finding some lps

FROM: Fleur Hitchc--k <>
DATE: Sat Jun 7 01:44:16 PDT 1997
Dear Robyn and Michele It's sultry here in Bath, with heavy clouds and incipient thunder. I am in the shop, typing this on the shop computer. Thanks for the card - be interesting to see if you get this.... Lots of love, Fleury love and Ian.

FROM: don henderson <cmacdon6o8&>
DATE: Fri Jun 6 16:14:59 PDT 1997
need help in finding some lps write and ill tell you what ive got witch is most of them

FROM: don henderson <cmacdon6o8&>
DATE: Fri Jun 6 16:02:12 PDT 1997
need help in finding some lps

FROM: Inspector Clouseau <>
DATE: Fri Jun 6 17:25:31 GMT 1997
So who is this dark-haired woman who moved from California to the Isle of Wight just to be near Robyn, is to be seen at many gigs and who presents him with strange gifts of her art? Do we need to be concerned for his safety? What if she succ-mbed to a fit of realous jage?

FROM: Anubis <>
DATE: Wed Jun 4 09:28:56 PDT 1997
Robyn was in fine form on Monday night, June 2, at the Sweet--ter in Mill Valley, Marin County, CA USA. New song highlights included a song about Nick Drake ("I Saw Nick Drake" ?), and "Jewels for Sophia." Oldies that shined: "Queen of Eyes," ""Only the Stones Remain," and "Autumn..." from "Trains." Storytelling highlight: a brilliant introduction to "Lysander," a song which now makes sense to me, I think. Thanks to Chris ("Ex-Hamburger") Alexander and Claudia for the hospitality.

FROM: Probablybruce <sixth@venue>
DATE: Sun Jun 1 18:20:35 PDT 1997
jumping up gets me down

FROM: Duane <>
DATE: Wed May 28 15:27:18 PDT 1997
Working on filling the holes in my cd/vinyl collection. Was wondering if someone could provide a discography list for me. Please send to my e-mail address. Thanx.

FROM: Decorated hartz <>
DATE: Tue May 27 12:21:32 PDT 1997
plurally, we observed RH @ Cedar Cultural Centre-Mpls 24/5/97...Singularly, I was impressed by Tim Keegan and his solo trappings and his choice in loud shirts. Bought the "SuperKeen" CD-5 and met the man. I am glad to see TK over DJ's-and it seemed RH liked that, too...'Cos Bobby Dylan turned 56 that night, we were treated to a great "Queen Jane Approximately." The rest of the set was fun-cultural(acoustic gitters)-and smelled of live fish (have you ever sniffed a live fish? Wonder what Eric Clapton would smell like in a tank?) Hey, bro, I've got little round glasses too...didn't buy a cone...but if it had ice cream in it, it probably would've melted through the spaces. Maybe we're melting too-relationships, man...the shapes between us turn into Gene Hackman.

FROM: Paul Pearson <>
DATE: Mon May 26 20:31:28 PDT 1997
Help. Please. Stop. Hello? Would someone please be kind enough to send me the words to Airscape? I haven't been able to purchase the reish yet, and the tab page brilliantly contains only part of the lyrics. Please? Hello? Name yer ransom. Thanks. Help.

FROM: Milo
DATE: Sun May 25 19:09:28 PDT 1997
Saw RH in Chicago at House of Blues. He did a good show, with a larger mix of old/new than when I saw him in Oct 96. Did a great cover of Hendrix' The Wind Cries Mary!

FROM: bayard <>
DATE: Sat May 24 18:21:50 PDT 1997
gene, how come you gotta be so darn helpful? there's no questions left for me to answer!

DATE: Sat May 24 14:49:47 PDT 1997

FROM: Brian <>
DATE: Sat May 24 14:49:12 PDT 1997
Saw the man hisself at Shank Hall last night. half songs, half weird/gentle/oblong/free a--ociatiopn ramblings. In other words, at the top of form. And Tim Keegan was cool, too.

FROM: Tony Blair <>
DATE: Sat May 24 10:40:47 PDT 1997
An amazing pair of cherry-red lips that suck us pips into infinity, Pops!

FROM: Elizabeth <>
DATE: Sat May 24 10:38:25 PDT 1997
do you like the way my triangle's displayed?

FROM: alfred hitchc--k <>
DATE: Fri May 23 12:56:33 PDT 1997
anyone seen them shows in chicago or detroit? want to know what to expect when he comes to the friendly confines of colorado

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Thu May 22 12:55:00 PDT 1997
Wanna see the Beautiful Homer CD? Go to I had to visit a penthouse full of dwarves to get mine.

FROM: Happy the Golden Prince <Oooga!>
DATE: Wed May 21 16:32:14 PDT 1997
"They've been coming out the slot in my neck all morning! Look, over there near the moat! One of them is crawling into a hole in the ground!"

FROM: Sailor Sam <>
DATE: Wed May 21 16:30:24 PDT 1997
"Have we got any more of those sticky things?"

FROM: chris sabatini <>
DATE: Wed May 21 12:16:18 PDT 1997
hello robyn, i have been a definite fan since i first heard black snake diamond role, and have recently decided that you have the musical lyrical significance of bob dylan, and it is a negative comment on our siciety that you do not receive equal recognition. i am glad that you keep on making the brilliant music anyway. my theory was confirmed by the "beautiful homer" promo. thanks for everything.

FROM: Eddie Tews <>
DATE: Tue May 20 23:34:34 PDT 1997
all robyn hitchc--k fans who are not active on the Fegmaniax mailing list, so have not heard yet: i'm conducting a poll of the favorite movies of robyn fans. due date is May 31. send your ten all-time faves to: thanks!

FROM: Sophia <>
DATE: Tue May 20 19:09:00 PDT 1997
Dearest Antwoman, I love your Audrey Hepburn feelers..!

FROM: Antwoman <>
DATE: Tue May 20 15:42:44 PDT 1997
dearest robyn-ites, please note that the Mrs. Wafflehead UK and US PO Box is now shut. I am Antwoman. You can find most of the glorious info fegmania site - please find furthur instructions there. May the cones be with you all.

DATE: Tue May 20 13:21:33 PDT 1997
In case you aren't kidding: The reality of how those promo albums end up in collector's shops is this: The radio and print people who receive them (for free) from the record companies SELL them to the shops. Charming, isn't it?

FROM: WB Radio Promo Guy <>
DATE: Tue May 20 09:10:55 PDT 1997
OK, we'll release those Dylan tracks on a "radio only" promo disc with original RobynH artwork on the cover...then, as the fans clamor for a copy, we "make them available" through some collector's shops for $30-$35 apiece! *puffs a huge cigar* Now that's what I call "direct marketing"!

FROM: A&M Radio Promo Guy <>
DATE: Tue May 20 09:02:32 PDT 1997
Hey Robyn, Play Madonna of the Bees!

FROM: Chris Alexander <>
DATE: Sat May 17 23:37:29 PDT 1997
Oui, c'est un message pour vous, les Ètudiants de M.A.! Eh bien, maintenant il faut que vous cherchiez le numÈro de la page o˜ Red Sonja dÈcouvre Conan dans son lit avec une autre femme. DÈpechez vous! (Robynpeople - don't email me about this, I'm just borrowing a little cyberspace for a day or two.)

FROM: Sean O'Brien <>
DATE: Wed May 14 15:39:58 PDT 1997
Thanks for all the great songs!

FROM: griffith <same as before>
DATE: Tue May 13 12:28:18 PDT 1997
One more thing. The tour dates listed on this site are not correct. I called Ash Grove in Santa Monica. Robyn is NOT playing there on 05/30.

FROM: griffith davies <>
DATE: Tue May 13 11:50:45 PDT 1997
Finally, an LA gig! 05/31 at The Roxy. Check out the fegmania site for more info. Alright, yeah!

FROM: ProbablyBruce <sparkth@fatty>
DATE: Sat May 10 20:50:12 PDT 1997
munday tha twelf iz my birfday!!

FROM: ProbablyBruce <Jamma@lamma-ding-dang>
DATE: Sat May 10 20:47:49 PDT 1997
right now i am typing this message and after that i'm going to hit the post buttoon

FROM: Zerosixoneeight <>
DATE: Tue May 6 14:11:01 PDT 1997
I'm looking to buy a copy of the Beautiful Queen promo single CD. Any offers? (For WBR to issue this as promo only is a crime--what with all the seekers out here)

FROM: Furry Towel <>
DATE: Mon May 5 09:12:48 PDT 1997
Hey Harry Rag. Are you my long lost cousin?

FROM: Wobble Dome <>
DATE: Mon May 5 09:11:34 PDT 1997
Hey Duke of Squeeze Are you serious?

FROM: Harry Rag <>
DATE: Sat May 3 20:12:21 PDT 1997
I too am hoping to procure The Royal Queen Albert Cd . Please advise how!!!

FROM: Steve Mazzone <>
DATE: Sat May 3 10:14:16 PDT 1997
I am looking for new Robyn promo, 'Royal Queen and Beautiful Homer'. Can anyone help? Thank You.

DATE: Tue Apr 29 00:58:40 PDT 1997

FROM: Somewhat clean Steve <>
DATE: Mon Apr 28 13:59:18 PDT 1997
I've made a tape for when I'm in my car combining Moss Elixir and Mossy Liquor. It's called Musty Lickher

FROM: Duke of Squeeze <>
DATE: Mon Apr 28 00:08:56 PDT 1997
Robyn: How do you deal with the mystery which customarily surrounds a performer? I think that such mystification is the source of "distancing" in the audience/performer relationship and creates deep motivation problems. If a public persona is a bad fit for the person wearing it, conflict is inevitable. The music suffers. No one wins. Do you agree? (You're probably not reading this, but...)

FROM: probablybruce
DATE: Sat Apr 26 19:25:54 PDT 1997

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Thu Apr 24 07:15:41 PDT 1997
Hey Warner Brothers! Can I have a copy of the Royal Queen Albert promo CD (PRO-CD-8725)? Pretty please, with prawns on top?

FROM: Ed Anger <Red@Irritated>
DATE: Tue Apr 22 16:00:43 PDT 1997
Boogers all around!

FROM: Tim Jellies <>
DATE: Mon Apr 21 12:55:23 PDT 1997
Well Chris Alexander, thanks for message, bit of a c--k-up on the technical front, I have e-mailed you direct but I'm sure Robyn wouldn't mind the abuse of his board for personal contact (if he ever reads it) When are you going to let all the fans in Wolverhampton see you again , Robyn ? That should cover it Cheers Tim

FROM: First Name / Last Name <>
DATE: Thu Apr 17 16:22:07 PDT 1997

FROM: Joe Stutter <>
DATE: Thu Apr 17 16:20:57 PDT 1997
Uncle Who?

FROM: Mad Bees <>
DATE: Thu Apr 17 12:50:01 PDT 1997
New RobynH dates! Chicago, Boulder, Milwaukee, Portland...Check 'em out at!

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Wed Apr 16 14:32:30 PDT 1997
ChattyKathy, this is the other Uncle Bobby Chat Room (the real one is the Fegmaniax! listserv). But I encourage you to speak, nonetheless. Just be sure it involves prawns, radishes, Elaine, and falling leaves.

FROM: Michael <>
DATE: Mon Apr 14 09:29:31 PDT 1997
All fire's the fire, hopscotch. Around the day in eighty worlds, we love Glenda so much. Blow up. Julio!

FROM: ChattyKathy <ChattyKathy@ChitChat.Com>
DATE: Mon Apr 14 09:26:52 PDT 1997
Hey is this the Uncle Bobby Chat Room? I have (some things) to get off (my chest)

FROM: L Spaniel <>
DATE: Mon Apr 14 09:25:35 PDT 1997
Hey you two, stop that. Uncle Bobby wouldn't approve.

FROM: K Uriel <>
DATE: Mon Apr 14 09:24:26 PDT 1997
Uncle Bobby is Uncle Reginald's uncle. They have a house in East Hampstead. And there's a blue light under the garage door. And bugs everywhere! Get them off (me)!

FROM: J Raphael <>
DATE: Mon Apr 14 09:22:29 PDT 1997
Hey, what's with the Uncle Bobby refs. I been listenin' to Hitch for 15 years and never heard that one before. Am I hip, or am I not hip. Oh well. Slay me.

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Thu Apr 10 11:11:22 PDT 1997
Hey Lobsterman, you're right. woj sed he doesn't know why, either. So, in the meantime, check out my live pix of Uncle Bobby at "...something slithering..."

FROM: Lobsterman <>
DATE: Thu Apr 10 05:23:41 PDT 1997
hey! waaaah! the mailing list is down.

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Tue Apr 8 14:17:21 PDT 1997
Ryan, I think you point out merely one of the many reasons Uncle Bobby is so cool. Others include the fact that he rhymed "Tell me when you/are gonna be on the menu" and that he said "There are two things worse than country, and one of them is punk."

FROM: Ryan Conners <>
DATE: Mon Apr 7 21:40:11 PDT 1997
Does anyone else think that what elevates many of Robyn Hitchc--k's songs from the "merely" very good to the downright excellent are musical contributions from "people who aren't Robyn Hitchc--k," i.e., Kimberly Rew (the Underwater Moonlight album), Andy Metcalfe (the Element of Light album in particular), Deni Bonet (Sinister But She Was Happy), Glen Tillbrook (Flesh #1), etc...? If not, I apologize for the unasked-for-ness of this observation.

FROM: Chris Alexander <>
DATE: Thu Apr 3 10:55:23 PST 1997
Does anyone have an email address for Matthew Selignman (one time Soft Boy)? Or the address of anyone who might be able to reach him?

FROM: Gene Hopstetter, Jr. <>
DATE: Thu Apr 3 09:34:40 PST 1997
1. My cone has a flower which morphs into a smiling cloud. It is beauty. 2. "Don't Talk To Me About Gene Hackman", "Dark Queen" and "Daisy Bomb" are unreleased so far. 3. Uncle Bobby did "Arnold Layne" a couple times on the last tour. 4. I have several promo RH/RHE/Soft Boys posters. 5. I have all the A&M promo CDs and EPs, if anyone wants to talk about them. 6. Call me Sven. That's a nice name. Yep.

FROM: Chris Alexander <>
DATE: Mon Mar 31 16:38:45 PST 1997
Tim Jellies! I've tried to email you a few times now - the last time the message came back to me saying 'no such address'. Are you offline; do you have a new address? Where are the prawns?? Chris Alexander (p.k.a. Hamburger)

FROM: fabrizio <>
DATE: Fri Mar 28 03:38:42 PST 1997
hi. anybody can mail me the lyrics of "i often dream of trains"? i'm not good at transcribing while listening (sic).

FROM: Chris Pallotta <>
DATE: Thu Mar 27 15:07:36 PST 1997
Went to Cambridge, MA show 3/21 - and luuuved it! Would you believe Robyn covered "Wind Crys Mary" by Jimi Hendrix? Excellent versions of "I Often Dream Of Tains", "Kingdom Of Love", "1974", and "I'm Only You" to name a few. Would anyone out there have a set list for the next night 3/22/97 ???

FROM: ProbablyBruce
DATE: Wed Mar 26 18:29:02 PST 1997
I was at the TT the Bears show on the 22nd .Great set . Is that Gene Hackman song on any of his recordings? I thought the dear janes were a big waste of time though. What's the deal with them? I mean, I write crappy songs too, can I get a deal with Geffen?

FROM: <>
DATE: Mon Mar 24 08:58:53 PST 1997
Robyn played a song called "Daisy Bomb" I think at TT's. He was joined on stage by the Dear Janes and they added some sweet harmonies. Does anyone know this song?

FROM: john damone <>
DATE: Sat Mar 22 11:01:22 PST 1997
Moss Elixer; the best yet out of Robyn! Keep up the good work.

FROM: Griffith <>
DATE: Fri Mar 21 14:22:04 PST 1997
James, I haven't heard a thing from Mrs. Wafflehead in quite some time. I did mail a request for info in August of 96, but I still haven't received anything. I'd like to order some stuff, but I am a little hesitant to do so.

FROM: James <>
DATE: Wed Mar 19 16:18:11 PST 1997
Has anyone received anything from Mrs Wafflehead recently?

FROM: Godfrey Damrath <>
DATE: Tue Mar 18 00:21:06 PST 1997
Can anybody tell me why I can't find Moss Elixir in Kingston, N.Y.? We were thinkin we wuz all modern and stuff with that shiny pretty mall and the world's biggest Grand Union and such, but somehow this does not earn us a Warner Distribution notice of any type.I would be much happier as a record consumer and Robyn fan if I didn't have to mail-order this one too!!

FROM: David Aubin <>
DATE: Mon Mar 17 18:55:10 PST 1997
I am going to see Robyn on March 20 in Portland, MAINE. Does he let people tape his shows?? Has he played any Syd Barrett covers on this tour??

FROM: Jim Neill <>
DATE: Fri Mar 14 17:26:04 PST 1997
Hitchc--k Anecdotes Wanted Rhino is releasing "Uncorrected Personality Traits: The Robyn Hitchc--k Collection" this August. It covers the post Soft Boys, pre-A&M years. Robyn has done a track by track annotation, and we're writing a brief contextual intro, but we'd love to include some fan quotes and short anecdotes. That's where you come in. If you'd like to submit something for consideration, simply e-mail it to me, Jim Neill at We will attribute the quotes so please include your name (plus city and state) as you'd like it to appear after the quote. It should be no longer than a few sentences. The shorter and pithier, the more likely we are to use it. It can be about a gig, a song, how you first discovered him, a conversation, whatever, but it should be somehow evocative of what the man is about, especially as pertains to the era covered on this CD. To that end, here is the track listing. Sorry, no rarities, but certainly a sweet introduction for newcomers. Robyn had a lot to do with the track selection. Believe me. We locked antlers on several tracks and this was the end result. Bass, Fifty Two Stations, Acid Bird, Egyptian Cream, Uncorrected Personality Traits, Heart Full Of Leaves, Trash, Queen Elvis, She Reached For A Light, If I Could Look, Airscape, My Wife And My Dead Wife, Night Ride To Trinidad, Raymond Chandler Evening, Linctus House, Beautiful Girl, If You Were A Priest, Autumn Is Your Last Chance, Nocturne (Demise), City Of Shame. So, let's have 'em y'all. Incidentally, we offer no financial renumeration for your words, nor do we guarantee their use. We do reserve the right to use them, along with your name, in any potential advertising, and of course in the CD booklet, but that's good news, right? Imagine how impressed your grandkids will be when crazy ol' grandma and grampa point out their names in one of them wacky antique compact disc thingies they used to play before entertainment chips were installed directly into our brains...

FROM: Chris <>
DATE: Sun Mar 9 09:10:11 PST 1997
EXTRA!EXTRA! Robyn rocks Rochester!Residents still reeling as a result of raucous rampages through old faves!

FROM: Harvey <>
DATE: Thu Mar 6 19:34:21 PST 1997
Robyn was great in Richmond. Too bad the crowd was so small. I hope he will come back sometime. My friend and I loved the show.

FROM: Matthew Cleveland <>
DATE: Wed Mar 5 20:15:44 PST 1997
Issue #40 of the Pop Culture Press features a cover story about Robyn and a sampler cd with his (great) version of "Caroline Says" by Lou Reed. I found it at a huge chain book/magazine store. PCP's website is:

FROM: Andy <>
DATE: Tue Mar 4 22:42:41 PST 1997
Specifially need the Madonna of the wasps EP-cd help !!!E-mail

FROM: Andy <>
DATE: Tue Mar 4 22:36:16 PST 1997
Any CD collectors out there ? E-mail me.

FROM: Wendy <>
DATE: Mon Mar 3 21:41:51 PST 1997
Happy Birthday!! Great show at the Cradle in Chapel Hill!

FROM: Griffith <>
DATE: Mon Mar 3 15:20:54 PST 1997
Happy birthday!!

FROM: Tim Springett <>
DATE: Mon Mar 3 09:33:52 PST 1997
Moss Elixir - what an album! Sounds like it could have been recorded in the 1960's. There's no greater compliment than that! When are you playing in the UK again? I gotta know!

FROM: Tim Springett <>
DATE: Mon Mar 3 09:28:52 PST 1997
Moss Elixir - what an album! Sounds like it could have been recorded in the 1960's. There's no greater compliment than that! When are you playing in the UK again? I gotta know!

FROM: Mary Brace <>
DATE: Sat Mar 1 19:57:47 PST 1997
Late report: the Nashville show was *so* wonderful. Come back soon, I'll buy a cone, promise.

DATE: Sat Mar 1 18:49:04 PST 1997
GO SEE HOWARD STERN'S "PRIVATE PARTS" OPENING IN THEATRES EVERYWHERE FRIDAY MARCH 7TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Mike Plumbley, Compton Beach <>
DATE: Sat Mar 1 15:29:00 PST 1997
Robyn Isle of Wight Rock map about to hit the press 4 colour oversize a3 with a few map references for Airscape, Glass Hotel and the Yarmouth Railway Station and Bus Gigs. Will pass them on to you when I get back from my second Amtrak trip across America. I often dream of trains . . . Mike P

FROM: rachel <>
DATE: Fri Feb 28 11:17:50 PST 1997
Robyn is the shiznit! I saw him at the 40Watt in Athens and The Point in Atlanta. He was awesome, but I need some Merch. I need a cone so I have to see him again ;)!!Anyone going to his show March 3rd at the Cat's Cradle please E-Mail me with directions from a major highway!peace, rachel

FROM: Loulou <>
DATE: Thu Feb 27 10:43:51 PST 1997
Saw Robyn last night at The Point in Atlanta. What a handsome guy; what a weird sense of humor. Loved the lamp. He is so talented, he deserves a better venue. It takes wild horses to get me out on a "school night" but it was worth it. Enjoyed Dear Janes also.

FROM: typo <>
DATE: Thu Feb 27 05:46:05 PST 1997
there's seems to be some confusion or no confirmation where robyn is playing on the 28th. does anyone know for sure? typo

FROM: Erich J. Karius aka Guy Lobotomy <>
DATE: Wed Feb 26 16:15:35 PST 1997
Are there any plans to come through the Midwest soon? The opening slot for Billy was great @ First Avenue, but a 1 hr. Robyn set doesn't quite quench the thirst!! Does anyone out there want to trade some live tapes?? email me w/your list.

FROM: Ratgirl <>
DATE: Mon Feb 24 20:12:48 PST 1997
I've been hooked on the Greatest Hits cd ever since I got it three weeks ago. It's so great! I've seen Robyn twice and will be going to the 8x10 on march 5th, can't wait! see you all there!

FROM: <>
DATE: Mon Feb 24 08:40:42 PST 1997
Just saw Robyn in Nashville at the Bluebird. Wow-wee. My love for Robyn has intensified ten-fold. If you don't have Eye or Moss Elixir, buy them both, you fool. Come back soon, Robyn (sooner than seven years!). Love, the girl with the weird glasses to your left at the bluebird

FROM: Walden <>
DATE: Sat Feb 22 10:16:55 PST 1997
hey y'all, the tribute cd is out. it's only $13 shipped for a limited time, and strictly legit. email me for the scoop.

FROM: Professor Wingwobble <>
DATE: Thu Feb 20 08:00:43 PST 1997
Anybody wanting up to the moment news on Robyn Hitchock gigs owes it to themselves to go to: You won't regret it.

FROM: mark <>
DATE: Wed Feb 19 02:23:04 PST 1997
has anybody out there (in the uk) got a decent copy of the'ptolmaic terrascope' (sp?) ep? one that doesn't skip?

FROM: Mike <>
DATE: Tue Feb 18 10:52:59 PST 1997
Is Robyn expected to come back through the Chicago-area at all this spring???

FROM: Elizabeth Morgan <>
DATE: Tue Feb 18 08:43:49 PST 1997
Help!The people at Flamingos in Knoxville don't know anything about the alleged show. Are they ignorant or has the show been cancelled? Flamingos isn't even open on Sundays. Could Robyn be playing somewhere else that same night?

FROM: chris eselgroth <>
DATE: Tue Feb 18 06:28:31 PST 1997
i'm trying to get tickets for the GREENVILLE SHOW .but i can't find any info on the Gunter Center. is this listing wrong?

FROM: Benjamin <>
DATE: Wed Feb 12 07:21:38 PST 1997
Im' looking for any/all Hitchc--k/Egyptians/Softboy posters that are out there, all help greatly appreciated. Cheers

FROM: The man who invented himself <>
DATE: Wed Feb 12 00:38:50 PST 1997
I have a sealed copy of "Queen Elvis" on vinyl for trade if anyone's interested. Please e mail me: --cheers

FROM: Greg Harris <>
DATE: Fri Feb 7 19:17:11 PST 1997
a--ure. a---ure! a--URE! "ASSURE!"

FROM: Greg Harris <>
DATE: Fri Feb 7 19:16:25 PST 1997
As the man with the lightbulb head, I can a--ure you that you have nothing to worry about, Mr. White. In fact, the same thing happened to my wife & my dead wife on a Raymond Chandler evening and we found it was caused by the acid bird. Leppo & the Jooves told us only the stones remain with Balloon Man. The only thing you can do is tell me about your drugs. By the way, your first name wouldn't happen to be Barry, would it?

FROM: B. White <>
DATE: Fri Feb 7 08:50:33 PST 1997
I discovered recently that Robyn and I were born at almost the identical date and time (within a year or so) and I'm finding that my musical interests at any given time seem to parallel his with an uncanny similarity. I have caught up with almost all of the RH/SB catalog over the past 6 months and can see my REM/drinking/acoustic phases echoed with alarming consistency. Anyway what concerns me is that lately I've had this intense desire to include obscure people's names in my conversations, especially if it happens to be a convenient rhyme, like Reg or Steve. Should I be concerned, or is this normal?

FROM: G. Bittner <>
DATE: Thu Feb 6 08:11:07 PST 1997
John Jones: Supposedly the Baltimore show is March 5 at the 8X10.

FROM: Robbie Camp <>
DATE: Wed Feb 5 21:47:51 PST 1997
I've jsut recently "discovered" Htchc--k's music. I'd owned Eye for about a year, but never listened to it past "Cynthia Mask". I found a copy of Globe of Frogs cheap, so I bought it because it had "Balloon Man". I hate it when people do that, but I fell prey to the goofy gene. I got "Moss Elixir" last week at a used disc shop and instantly fell in love. It's all I listen to and have since purchased Birds in Perspex and Greatest Hits. He is my new idol, this week. I just wanted to say that "The Speed of Things" are some of the best lyrics I've heard in a long time.

FROM: Ryan Conners >>>>>><>>>>>>>
DATE: Wed Feb 5 20:18:33 PST 1997
Robyn was surprised that I played quite well. He didn't realize I played piano at all.

FROM: Ryan Conners <>
DATE: Wed Feb 5 20:16:12 PST 1997
I had a dream about Robyn last night. He was playing a gig in Madison, and I wanted to go. Some friends of mine were going to go too, but it seemed like they were just going for me, not because they were familiar with Robyn Hitchc--k or anything. So I told them, "I'm not sure this would be your cup of tea." But they decided they wanted to come anyway. So there we all were, at the concert, but they didn't really get into it and left after a few songs, as did all the rest of the audience except for me and three other random people. I was completely embarrased on Robyn's behalf... Nobody wants to play a gig for just four people, I wouldn't think. I know I'd feel a little ridiculous. Anyway, after playing a few more songs, Robyn asked me if I wanted to play along for a few, on piano. I said sure, and after that the dream more or less trailed off...

FROM: Shelf Life <>
DATE: Wed Feb 5 05:53:16 PST 1997
Don't a--assinate me.

FROM: John B. Jones <>
DATE: Mon Feb 3 10:33:57 PST 1997
there ARE, in fact, new tour dates out there! WB, please post a complete list! We beseech thee! March 7 at Milestones in Rochester, one in Baltimore somewhere, and one at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA

FROM: sean <>
DATE: Sat Feb 1 18:16:25 PST 1997
Will the girl in the old, ugly white dress please e-mail me? P.S. It's super cold out right now.

FROM: <>
DATE: Sat Feb 1 18:12:02 PST 1997
a super job was done by robyn at let it be records and also at first avenue just a while ago. i was there, but this girl in an old, ugly white dress was also there. it was super cold out, and it bothered me that she was wearing that dress.

FROM: Lara Gaspari <>
DATE: Fri Jan 31 06:58:29 PST 1997
Robyn, I saw you in D.C. at the 9:30 Club. You made my year! Please come back real soon!!!

DATE: Tue Jan 28 19:30:39 PST 1997
oh so if i put it in "" i can use the word? "hitchc--k" "title"

FROM: probablyBruce
DATE: Tue Jan 28 19:28:57 PST 1997
what's the name of that golf equipment company? oh yeah, t-tleist! what's that sound a rooster makes? I remember now ... c--k-a-doodle-doo I'm a teat man myself! Please don't be offended by this entry I'm just being rediculous or should I say re d--k you lous?

FROM: probablyBruce
DATE: Tue Jan 28 19:23:00 PST 1997
t-tle hitchc--k

FROM: probablyBruce
DATE: Tue Jan 28 19:22:17 PST 1997
t.i.t.l.e. ..... h.i.t.c.h.c.o.c.k.

FROM: Griffith Davies <>
DATE: Tue Jan 28 11:15:30 PST 1997
For some info regarding the "Storefront Hitchc--k" project, check out the Los Angeles Times website. "Heaven" is on the Fegmania cd, by the way. Still waiting for a return performance at McCabe's Guitar Shop!!

FROM: Michael Young <>
DATE: Mon Jan 27 23:10:20 PST 1997
Hey Matthew, You are so lucky to see that show. Hey there anybody, what album is heaven on? I'd like to hear it so I know why Matthew likes it the way that he does. Michael

FROM: Matthew <>
DATE: Mon Jan 27 18:29:01 PST 1997
As one of the few people who saw all four recordings of "Storefront Hitchc--k" over Dec. 10 & 11 it can only be incredible. It was such a cool premise and they used the window to make an great effect. I heard the release would be in the fall. by the way, my favorite song will always be "heaven" no matter what he says in the film.

FROM: Jacomo <>
DATE: Mon Jan 27 12:34:06 PST 1997
Bobo Are you "insanely drunk" or Insanely Jealous?

FROM: Harrison
DATE: Mon Jan 27 10:37:28 PST 1997
"Everybody clocks your wants, but no one wants your clock." Thanx for the Oxford streak of brill

FROM: Bobo Siki <>
DATE: Sun Jan 26 21:49:28 PST 1997
Robyn, I am insanely drunk. Thank You.

FROM: Greg Harris <>
DATE: Sat Jan 25 19:56:20 PST 1997
Thanks everybody for the info! Actually, I want to the Fegmaniax website & got the scoop. And Ryan, you must at all costs go to your local purveyor of fine video rental t-tles & rent "Stop Making Sense"! Must I tell you! It's ooohhhh so good. By the way, please don't call me Reg, it's not my name. Not yet.

FROM: Reg <pleasedon'>
DATE: Fri Jan 24 12:58:50 PST 1997
More specific details on the movie can be found at the Fegmaniax site, although I don't have the url handy. I'm sure it can be found at the fan links page accessed from the front end of this site.

FROM: Ryan <Posting #4>
DATE: Thu Jan 23 21:30:17 PST 1997
Except that time it did, for some reason.

FROM: Ryan yet again <alright yeah>
DATE: Thu Jan 23 21:29:24 PST 1997
I can't believe this site won't even let you post the word "title"!!!!

FROM: Ryan Conners <same as before>
DATE: Thu Jan 23 21:27:54 PST 1997
I forgot to mention, Robyn did one of those "storefront performances" here in Madison, WI a number of years ago (c. 1987, I think). I heard about it from a friend recently, who was lucky enough to be there. I hadn't heard of Robyn at that time anyway. Supposedly, he played for about an hour, and Ghost Ship was in the set. Wish I could go back in time...

FROM: Ryan Conners <>
DATE: Thu Jan 23 21:25:28 PST 1997
Sounds like you've heard about as much about the flick as I have. Here's all I know: The t-tle will be "Storefront Hitchc--k," since the performance occurred in a Manhattan storefront. The performance happened in mid-December, perhaps more than one day, I'm not sure. Orion Pictures is distributing the film (I thought they were defunct!). I know nothing regarding release dates, movie or soundtrack. I was just trying to locate an Orion homepage to try to find information, but I can't find one. Actually, I've been meaning to rent Stop Making Sense lately-- I haven't seen it yet!

FROM: Greg Harris <>
DATE: Mon Jan 20 12:25:33 PST 1997
Good choice, Ryan. Actually,in my mind, "I Often" & "Element" are engaged in an ongoing struggle to determine once & for all which of them is the better album. It's a struggle somewhat reminiscent of that "Star Trek" episode where the positive & negative versions of a space traveller are locked in an eternal battle. Sorry to say I can't help on the "Mossy Liquor" front. But hey, what about the news that Jonathan Demme is directin a Robyn concert film. If "Stop Making Sense" is any indication, this project will be a-MAY-zing. Any confirmations of this or any comments?

FROM: Bob Lob <>
DATE: Mon Jan 20 11:26:18 PST 1997
Hey, how 'bout all those songs Syd Barrett ripped off from Robyn Hitchc--k. And how about that tune that Elton John recorded, only to be ripped off by the Beatles. Criminals!

FROM: same as below <same@below>
DATE: Mon Jan 20 11:24:51 PST 1997
"Point Me At The Sky" is virtually "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" with different words, chords, and recording technique, and musicians are different too. But other than that, they're almost completely identical, except they aren't, ya know?

FROM: Corporal Clegg <>
DATE: Mon Jan 20 11:23:34 PST 1997
Yah, and the Floyd ripped you off with "Point Me At The Sky." You should sue the lot!

FROM: Dr. Winston O' Boogie <>
DATE: Sat Jan 18 11:55:33 PST 1997
Rip-off? I always thought of it as an homage. I would've loved to have had the chance to discover, meet and work with Robyn (ala Paulie and Elvis Costello), but some bastard shot me.

FROM: Dr. Winston O' Boogie <>
DATE: Sat Jan 18 11:51:54 PST 1997
Rip-off? I always thought of it as an homage. I would've loved to have had the chance to discover, meet and work with Robyn (ala Paulie and Elvis Costello), but some bastard shot me.