DATE: Fri Oct 17 07:14:49 PDT 1997
morning all,..oot???sing songy??'ve not noticed that but to be fair, the west(wet)coast has very little in common with the rest of Canada.central and eastern canuckage are preoccupied with Quebec while we(on the pacific coast slowly become chinese.(that may explain the sing songy accent..I have NO interest in L.A...if this is the frying pan THAT is the fire..No my family wants Hawaii. nothing less..I am not wanting a musical career(havent for years..)the perky pat cd is my parting, and final shot.I'm a graphic artist with my own co.(MOLECULUXE DESIGN) and an idiot for a boss....C.W. we talk?

FROM: Homer
DATE: Fri Oct 17 07:11:08 PDT 1997
You'll Never Walk Alone.

FROM: Homer
DATE: Fri Oct 17 07:07:13 PDT 1997
The seasons of the two main Merseyside teams couldn't have been more contrasting so far as we approach this classic derby fixture. Everton's season, to be frank, has been quote dismal - they have only won twice in the league and are now in the relegation zone. To make matters worse, they were thumped 4-1 by Coventry on Wednesday in the third round of the Coca-Cola Cup and things are beginning to look desperate for Howard Kendall's men. Liverpool's league form was almost as unconvincing as Everton's early in the season, but recent performances have allayed Robyn Hitchc--k's fears and the Reds are in a healthy 7th position in the table after a good string of league results (the defeat at West Ham United being the only serious blot on the copybook since their shock home defeat by Leicester back in August). Liverpool come to this match after a convincing 2-0 win away to West Bromwich Albion in the Coca-Cola Cup and the return of Ruddock and Leonhardsen after injury has further strengthened Liverpool's team, who showed that, yes, they can win without Paul Ince :-) However, talk of current form is always a red herring in derby matches - it's often the "underdog" that comes out on top. Looking at recent years, Liverpool have surprisingly failed to win any of the last six season's Goodison clashes (last season's game was a 1-1 draw), so anything could happen to upset the form book, despite Liverpool being the obvious favourites for this game.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 07:03:49 PDT 1997
I thought you were stating a fact for a moment there... I already know that I have no idea. Shame.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:59:06 PDT 1997
The Moon has been very bright lately. The nights have been crisp and clear. I refuse to shut the bed room window until the snow starts flying. My drinking water gets very cold. There's a suit of armor eating scampy by your side. Quickly. The clock is ticking.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:55:01 PDT 1997
Oh, no. Now I can't stop singing The Moon Inside .... I'm a slave to music.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:51:53 PDT 1997
He always laughs about the car he used to drive... It's a full moon tonight. The newspaper says that the light of a full moon is equilvalent to that of a 15W light bulb on the living room ceiling. Well, well.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:44:12 PDT 1997
wow, since i own two cars right now, i could sing a song called "My Car and My Dead Car"! heh heh. i know this was a bad joke, but i really had to do it.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:42:38 PDT 1997
good morning all! sorry i'm late, but my head was stuck to my pillow, and nothing could be done about it for the longest time. i don't have "fegmania!", so i would have been useless, mr wax. you could have taken your time on that one. such a bummer.... one of my cars blew up its transmission, so i have to get a new one. oh well, at least i get to take the car stereo system with me! another rainy day in washington. i ramble before i've had my breakfast muffin and milk.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:20:57 PDT 1997
Very good CW. You baked her nines!!!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:20:03 PDT 1997
Victorian Squid, la, la, la. Oh, stop, stop!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Oct 17 06:14:38 PDT 1997
Into the mud sc-m queen! Not you sleepy. My guess is... Strawberry Mind. They only way I have a chance is to answer before Myk starts posting. He know them all.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 05:51:45 PDT 1997
Oh, go on then, CW. I nullify my earlier start time in the way that Steve Martin annuls his wedding in The Man With Two Brains. I have Canadian relatives, but they all sound strange because they lived in Britiain first. Canadians sound sing-songy, right? In a nice way of course.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Oct 17 05:42:39 PDT 1997
Good morning. Yes. Good postings yesterday what? Hey. I know that lyric. Do I have to wait an hour and a half to answer? Must get more coffee. I make it myself so I know it's good. I told you Victorian Squid was good. I used to play it loudly around people who hated Robyn just to stick it into their heads. It was cruel, but they deserved it for having very poor taste in music. Ah the fun we have. Myk - Canadians have a wealth of cultural differences to bring to our melting pot. They say "eh?" constantly, which is charming at first and then annoying. They say "out" like "oooot", and they don't say "the" before "hospital". There is so much more. I'll stop. rOb, sorry again. No extra Queen Elvis. It's out of print eh? Rhyno will put it out eventually I bet. You could try that awesome record store Myk told us about where I found Mossy Liquor. I forget the number but it's in archive 14 or 15 I think.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 05:00:33 PDT 1997
Can't help you with the Queen Elvis CD I'm afraid rOb - I think I've only got the vinyl myself. Just for fun(?), I've decided to impose a 7.00 PDT start time on the lyric question. Oh, well, I've got to amuse myself somehow...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 17 03:39:23 PDT 1997
Good morning. Pleasing postings yesterday. They've made me all warm and glowy (or is that the colossal doughnut and tea I've just consumed - I fear the impending sugar rush.). Nice to hear from you rOb and thanks for your kind comment enilorac. Bill Drummond said, Bill Drummond said. I dutifully played You and Oblivion when I got home last night - heading straight for Victorian Squid and now I can't stop singing it, sigh. I did know some other songs on the album, so I felt slightly less guilty for leaving it so long. I also broke out Fegmania! and offer the following lyric: "... try to fade back into yesterday ..." Eek! - nearly swallowed my chewing gum during a telephone conversation. Scary. Luckily it came out and landed on the keyboard. Hee, hee. Thought you might like to know that...

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 21:41:43 PDT 1997
I just remembered...Does anybody out there have an extra CD copy of 'Queen Elvis'? I lost mine some time ago, and have not been able to replace it. The damn thing's outta print. I'll be happy to pay (a reasonable amount) for it.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 21:29:46 PDT 1997
Just heard the final master of my soon to be released album. It sounds great. I still need a name, though... Also, digging through my 'vaults', I found an old cover I did of 'I Used To Say I Love You', which in hindsight, should've been left to cover of 'She Doesn't Exist' still sounds good...Now, I'm off to bed. My bedside music tonight will probably either be Bowie (Low, or Heroes), or something by The Residents. At any rate, I hope to communicate with you guys tommorow (or later today, as it turns out).

DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:38:36 PDT 1997
..I'm out of neutral for a second..(no offence,Myk,I'ts been a confusing day)..later/morn..zzzzztttttt

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:27:23 PDT 1997
heh heh heh mooch! he may have a dog named myk, but i don't know about it! i chose "murphy" as my nom d'net because i needed a last name for an editorial i once wrote. i couldn't think of one, so my roommate suggested i name myself after her dog Murphy! this made perfect sense at the time, and it had a certain elegance. "myk" simply comes from how i would spell "mike" when entering my name into videogames, most of which would only accept 3 letters. that's all.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:16:01 PDT 1997
....later lads,I'm off to soak my ears in perspex..and put my brain once again in blissful, neutral..

FROM: Mr. D.
DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:09:23 PDT 1997
('Tis a Cope in-joke. I truly wish the lad the best of health.)

FROM: Perverted Bill Drummond
DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:08:41 PDT 1997
Julian Cope is Dead/I shot him in the head/I only did wot/A good manager ought/Now Julian Cope is Dead

DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:07:05 PDT 1997
Myk, is Peters'Dog also,Myk? just wondering if I understood a previous posting...

FROM: hooded
DATE: Thu Oct 16 20:03:50 PDT 1997
I didn't know love & rockets had a new album. I had just a--umed they split up. Express is one of my favorite of the genre, so I'll have to give "sweet f.a." a listen, thanks. off to beer and bed, night all.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 19:46:35 PDT 1997
hey hooded: i hadn't given love & rockets much thought lately, but their latest (1996) "sweet f.a." is a groovy album, reminiscent of "express" in many ways. my pal over in germany (my once and future bandmate) turned me on to this new one last month when i was visitin'.

FROM: three-toed bandysnooch
DATE: Thu Oct 16 19:44:22 PDT 1997
pthbtt! pthbtt! here I come again! pthbtt!where's gigelo aunt?

FROM: oor wullie
DATE: Thu Oct 16 19:32:46 PDT 1997
Oh bandy,you came and you gave without taking ,...but I sent you away..

FROM: three-toed bandysnooch
DATE: Thu Oct 16 19:15:05 PDT 1997
pthbbbttt! pthbbbttt!!

FROM: Hooded
DATE: Thu Oct 16 19:10:51 PDT 1997
Myk, here's a hand for peter murphy, another for his former band, still another for l&r. wow, that brings back memories, haven't heard those bands being mentioned in awhile.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 18:58:29 PDT 1997
you know, if i just keep posting things, they'll rename the future archive 17 to the "Myk Murphy Memorial Archive". i'd like that. of course, the name would change when some large corporation wants to tack their name on.... for a few hundred bucks, i'd happily let it be called the "Myk Murphy Microsoft Memorial Archive".

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 18:53:13 PDT 1997
any Peter Murphy fans here? just curious. i'm currently rockin' to "Cascade" (his latest). not as good as "love hysteria" or "deep", but quite good. and let's see a show of hands for Bauhaus fans too, while we're at it!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 18:50:20 PDT 1997
well, i'm just delighted that you'd like to join us, mooch, but i'm afraid you can't come in, because you present us no linguistic challenge! it's quite clear that you can speak the english language, so you've been disqualified! i miss the days where you could talk to the person behind the counter at a fast food joint about more than what you'd like to eat. i know that sounds mean, but i don't intend it that way. well, the US has less than 5% unemployment, so we need all the immigrants we can get for entry-level service jobs. i'm happy that they're having a better life here, too. but... i just miss the days, ya know?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 18:41:18 PDT 1997
funny thing about canadians and los angeles: jack kent cooke, the recently-deceased former owner of the washington redskins, formed the LA kings NHL team, planning to sell tickets to the numerous canadians in LA. he found it was unsuccessful, so he reasoned that these canadians left canada because they weren't hockey fans! heh heh.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 18:37:13 PDT 1997
well, i have little to say about football (i'm just generally delighted with washington beating dallas... who needs more?) except that mooch should be warned that he'll lose 10 yards from each endzone and 10 yards from the midfield. the good news is that you get an extra down! (this is a CFL-NFL football joke, to those from outta continent. heh heh.) one other thing, li'l m: i know that your music career is quite important to you, but you may want to test-drive LA before you purchase, as they say.

FROM: Hooded
DATE: Thu Oct 16 16:58:07 PDT 1997
welcome rOb, as a late poster, I don't get much attention simply because I get archived 10 min. afterwards. keep us up on your impending release we tend to need robyn-like recordings at any suggestion. Myk- we should start beer&football posting, might be fun. To you Bills fans- might you let Indy win monday, my bears really need Peyton. Tonight for dinner its a 'black snake diamond role' - goes good with beer.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 16:45:11 PDT 1997
I'm having a really bad day but your messages make me smile and laugh....

DATE: Thu Oct 16 16:37:35 PDT 1997
If it's No just tell me

FROM: Doctor Spyglass
DATE: Thu Oct 16 16:18:53 PDT 1997
no you dont, there's nothing living on me.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:47:24 PDT 1997
If you really need to you can call me. cALL AT 1:00 p.m. on Monday the 20th. I'm listed and live on Spyglass Dr.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:40:10 PDT 1997
voltank in th nam ov oll thins soley com back mang..we mis uyo

FROM: Voltaic <netherworld>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:15:29 PDT 1997
Hey...I'm alright here...though I won't be flying anymore planes or releasing albums. Forget about me, move on with your lives. The afterlife isn't as cool as I thought it'd be.

FROM: Philip K. A. Wilson-d--k
DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:14:29 PDT 1997
There is a conspiracy always to minimize the depth of the overall Conspiracy....but remember, it isn't a conspiracy if you're dead.

FROM: sick of your voltaic
DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:12:27 PDT 1997
hey aright already. forget the a--hole

DATE: Thu Oct 16 15:11:25 PDT 1997
With your unbelievable imagination , genius I.Q. and use of descriptive vocabulary I'm sure you will find a way.

FROM: Jagomyhart
DATE: Thu Oct 16 14:26:54 PDT 1997
Extremely reliable warning: comments about the relevance in postings (or lack thereof) may bring Voltaic back from the dead.

FROM: Henry Gibson
DATE: Thu Oct 16 14:25:19 PDT 1997
Why are we talking about Voltaic still? He's dead, right?

FROM: Cat I Lov
DATE: Thu Oct 16 14:24:22 PDT 1997
That was a fake Cat I Lov; notice the extra "e". And it/he/she forgot a parantheses anyway.

FROM: Cat I Love
DATE: Thu Oct 16 14:23:22 PDT 1997
Fact: Voltaic never posted as any actual other poster--he always created his own. Fact: Squelchy of today is not the real thing (because, as you probably guessed, Squelchy WAS Voltaic.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:47:15 PDT 1997
Mr.Wax,I was't kidding about the card..I'm rapidly losing my cultural connection to Canada(my family have been here since1756)our politicians are all idiots, our school system is bogged down with esl,(I've two kids 11and13,we spent the month of May in Maui and saw how americans really feet and inches and gal. of california cabernet at an astonishing price!)and packaging you can read front and back!!I'm just fed old friend Warren Cann (ex of UlraVox)has recently moved to L.A. he wont come back to Canada.It has got me thinking,and the rest...

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:31:08 PDT 1997
I have relevant info....just can't figure out how to post it....

DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:28:03 PDT 1997
Mr.Wax,.."PERKY PAT"..the days of perky pat,is a short story by Pk..You'll have to read it.The best of Philip K d--k (Del Rey paperbacks 1977)..page157.second hand book store time!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:24:13 PDT 1997
Still here. mooch - I a--ume you are kidding, but my fiance is an immigration attorney so let me know. She'll set you up for a modest fee.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:23:35 PDT 1997
peace to ya, mr wax. having trouble posting stuff, rob, or do you simply have no relevant info? heh heh. i can help, maybe.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:19:04 PDT 1997
That's it. I'm out of here. Sorry rOb, can't help you. Decoy is a huge, Mr. Equator sized computer geek. He might be able to help. Mooch, you never told me the connection between Phillip K.d--k and Perkey Pete. See you guys on the Board tomorrow.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:17:44 PDT 1997 do I get a green card?

DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:16:26 PDT 1997
yeah rOb, its UP all right.(Up to here)..if you look back through the archives you'll see what I'm doing(analog to DAT) .but first put on some ROBYN HITCHc--k and relax,... I do.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:09:31 PDT 1997
Active Dog, eh? Is your label still up and running? My distribution for my own DoonGa Rekerds is next to nil.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 13:01:37 PDT 1997
Perhaps I'm just technically obsolete, but I can't figure out how in the Sam Hill to get any relevant info on my page. It's downright infuriating.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:59:27 PDT 1997
it's funny that we can seem quite exclusive and chummy here. i have never attempted to create a circle or anything of that sort. it's just that if you come on and chat regularly, you're comments are remembered and so forth. i sincerely apologize for anything i've done that seemed exclusive! we share a common bond, and it is BEER! er,... robyn!

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:55:52 PDT 1997
You murderous bastard. I'll have your eyes and testicles I will. There will be no pity. I am lost without Voltaic. I am non.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:55:12 PDT 1997
rOb,I want to win that computer on your home page.(300mH!!)when you moving in?...

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:46:13 PDT 1997
Jammin! mooch, you have to stand up and point out these double identities to us. We can't tell. I did notice you posting at odd hours though. As far as I know, Decoy and I are the only ones who know each other outside of this board. We are a bit chummy sometimes aren't we? It's the common bond that binds us. Decoy, what the hell did your last posting mean?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:35:28 PDT 1997
Hey Myk. No. I had nothing against rOb's first posting, just didn't want to give him the wrong idea. Precious few women on this board eh? We called Enilorac a woman and she jumped all over us. I'm going to rOb's web site now.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:34:26 PDT 1997
hello rOb, I Haven't been around much today,I have also felt like a 5th wheel at times,it's the peculiar tone of this board.(I a--umed the other posters knew each other from gigs, or school.) I have no corner to fact, some of my "postings" arent even by me..I'm usually on very early,6:30a.m.( or, If I'm near my comp.during the day ,taking a break from my damn DAT.transfer)I don't mind the bogus posts, I a--ume that it's Voltaic,a very funny fellow,I TRULY do laugh and laugh at his writing.great stream of conciousness babble.Some of the" poster cadets" I've never "officially" met , and I say hello to you all...(I also have a record label "Active Dog" that I started back in 79 so we could put out our single,Rat race/good filthy fun.back in the Golden indie vinyl days)I'm on the feg map,drop an "E "sometime, vancouver B.C...

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:32:26 PDT 1997
We could suggest an extract of the Voltaic postings, but you wouldn't learn anything positive. SUffice it to say we do not wish evoke his spirit and have it return to us. See the end of archive 16 for a touching goodbye. Similarities aside, it's not the same person. Though the gas thing was confusing at first. I'm probably pushing it saying this much. Not to worry, the rest of us are solid and 'approachable.' 'You vomit in the shed ... Voltaic got there first, he's dead.' hehÝ - Anyone?

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:29:05 PDT 1997
Thanks for the welcome, Myk. I just got my web page up (sorta). It's nothing right now, but give me some time and I should have it up and running.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:15:24 PDT 1997
hello all! sorry i've been out, but you see, i've been out. welcome rob! a fellow musician is always welcome to come into the fold. (i call myself a musician because 2 guitars rest comfortably in my bedroom. should i wake them?) ...i say caroline: you cast me as a less-than-benevolent kingmaker, of sorts... i like the idea! (it strokes my ego, and i look great in a robe.) glad to hear of your impending cd release. let me know if you're going to come up and play the nation's capital... i'll tell ya what parts of town you can go to. heh heh. i found rob's first posting (regarding a female penpal) charming and reasonable. i guess there's not too many robyn fans in south carolina. heh heh.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 12:01:10 PDT 1997
Joe - And why did he start again? Did he screw up? Was it like Syd in that song on The Mad Cap Laughs, I think it was "I Was Thinking"? Start again. I'll start again.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:59:40 PDT 1997
Enilorac....I performed a majority of all the instruments on said album..the t-tle of the album itself is up in limbo right now...any suggestions would be great and I will give credit where credit is due. I go under the non-de-plume of My Favourite's that for allegiance?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:58:20 PDT 1997
Voltaic is a long time poster who freaked out and started posting under hundreds of different names. He would talk to himself and generally clog the message board. He died on Sunday in a tragic plane crash off the coast of California, but now his spirit is back on the board, being channeled through several different names.

FROM: Covital
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:56:53 PDT 1997
Joe why were you disappointed? Just curious (I am, yellow).

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:54:21 PDT 1997
Hey Decoy. See rOb, they aren't that bad after they get used to you. Now we just wait for Myk's blessing. Sleepy is a peach and would always give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm getting excited about your album. Do you have a working t.itle?

FROM: rOb. <you know my e-mail by now....>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:51:23 PDT 1997
Ummm....perhaps I'm being idiotic, or something like that, but what is Voltaic? Am I missing some great inside joke?

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:49:09 PDT 1997
Yes...I did start off asking for some female companionship...I heartily apologize if it put you or anyone else off. The CD is being released through my miniscule record label DoonGa Rekerds. It's a monumental task, especially in the financial area. It's Ok, though, since this is all I'm particularly good at. There are 25 tracks on this first album with another 10-15 scheduled for later release. I'm also working on a web page, so I'll keep everyone posted on that.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:49:04 PDT 1997
Yes...I did start off asking for some female companionship...I heartily apologize if it put you or anyone else off. The CD is being released through my miniscule record label DoonGa Rekerds. It's a monumental task, especially in the financial area. It's Ok, though, since this is all I'm particularly good at. There are 25 tracks on this first album with another 10-15 scheduled for later release. I'm also working on a web page, so I'll keep everyone posted on that.

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:46:57 PDT 1997
Welcome rOb. Pleased. I am a--uming everyone is Voltaic for now. You'll just have to be patient with us for a while - it was a rough time and we're not entirely convinced the terror has ended. According to CW, you like women. Wink Wink, me too. Hi Enilorac - long time.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:41:11 PDT 1997
Welcome rOb. Didn't you start off asking for female fans to correspond with? That' enough to put me off right away, but I'd hate to seem aloof. Mostly I fear anyone new is just another Voltaic schizoid manifestation. I lay awake at night in fear. Do you have a record label or are you putting this CD out yourself?

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:13:03 PDT 1997
I'm in the state of South Carolina, in the small city of Greenville, but would you believe Robyn's done TWO shows here, and I've seen 'em both!

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Thu Oct 16 11:04:57 PDT 1997
rOb - I'd be interested of course. Where are you posting from if it's not too bold?

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:55:56 PDT 1997
Thanks, Enilorac. You're kind and generous spirit will not be forgotten. I'm getting ready to release my first album (er...CD, actually), it should appease the Hitchc--k fan, it's very 'I Often Dream Of Trains'-ish. Very acoustic, very warped. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy should either e-mail me, or leave a note on the board.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:49:52 PDT 1997
rOb - Welcome welcome welcome. I had trouble getting noticed. It took years and still I get ignored most of the time. sleepy, chewing wax, decoy, and mooch have the corner on the market and if they ignore you, yo just have to deal. Sure, you cry. Sure you reflect on the meaning of life. But damned it, you find a way to go on. You cope. You survive.

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:34:07 PDT 1997
Being a new poster here, could someone please take the time to welcome me with open arms? We're all Hitchc--k fans here, we need to take care of one another *sniff* *sob*......I can't go on....*bawl*....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:17:06 PDT 1997

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:12:30 PDT 1997
Ah, well that's alright then.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:11:57 PDT 1997
Yes Sleepy, I am talking about a gig.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 10:05:23 PDT 1997
Hey Joe, Nick Drake man, hello again. I was at that one too. Yes, it was a long recording - they all were though. A good experience.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:58:29 PDT 1997
Oh, actually, it's in 20 minutes, so feel free to throw nice words at me quickly.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:56:47 PDT 1997
hey Sleepy, which of the Storefront tapings were you at? I was there the first morning. Quite a long set, though I was disappointed when he restarted Airscape

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:55:24 PDT 1997
Well I'm off to do a scary thing in five minutes, so I say bye for now.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:47:52 PDT 1997
I would just add that none of these gigs have been advertised in the press yet.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:34:43 PDT 1997
Well, I'd recommend London, of course, although I don't like the venue very much. Too "classy" and hollow. Brighton Concorde should be great. It used to be fabulously divey venue. I've seen lots of good gigs there. Southampton is alright - by the sea. Oxford is nice - although I've only ever seen it at night in the confines of a tiny room in a pub with over-active air-conditioning. Cambridge is great. Full stop. I've never been to the Boat Race, but lots of good bands play there. Robyn always seems to play the Princess Charlotte in Leicester, but I have yet to succ-mb to its legendary charms. So there you have it. I imagine it would take about 3 hours to drive to Oxford from London, but I'm not sure. Off to the travel agent right now...

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:24:39 PDT 1997
Hi sleepy, myk, cw. I am not in limbo, just busy. It's my lunch time so I'm checking the board and listening to BSDR; the very one that CW so graciously gave me last weekend. Thanks again, by the way. Oh well, a couple of Snicker's (MilkyWays to Sleepy, if I remember the candy translation) bars and its back to work. Please don't call me Decoy ... Hey, 'Do Policemen Sing' could almost be a T.Heads song.

DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:20:19 PDT 1997
Must learn to proof read postings

DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:17:52 PDT 1997
Sorry,that list is had to read. How long a drive is it to Oxford, Inspector Morse's stomping grounds?

DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:16:16 PDT 1997
Damned phone call slowed me up Sleepy, which of these gigs could you recommend 20 November - Jazz Cafe, London 1 December - Concorde, Brighton 3 December - Joiners, Southampton 4 December - The Boat Race, Cambridge 5 December - The Point, Oxford 6 December - Princess Charlotte, Leicester

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:14:33 PDT 1997
It's that Ultra Unbelievable Love isn't it?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:11:10 PDT 1997
Hurrumph. Very good. I'll have to find a more difficult one.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:10:00 PDT 1997
Ultra unbelievable love, oh sleepy one!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:06:54 PDT 1997
CW - I thank you for protecting me. I did like that Cat I Lov thing anagram though. Where's Decoy today then? Anyway, here's a line for all you furry chums:- "Every night I vibrate internally..." Which song, please?

FROM: Martyn Johnson
DATE: Thu Oct 16 09:04:59 PDT 1997
The song You and Oblivion seems to me to be about a lover who's lost a mother, just as Robyn has lost a father, in the song...Robyn did lose his father a few years back (also the subject of The Yip You and Oblivion, an emotional connection based on parallel losses resonates between the two people.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:56:44 PDT 1997
Sleepy - that's very cool. I mean the maps. I was very seriously thinking about tryi to make on of the London vicinity gigs in December. Probably won't happen, but I can dream. I think the best advise where L is concerned is to ignore it. Myk thinks it's just a Voltaic spawn and I would have to believe that's true.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:43:16 PDT 1997
Are you talking about attending a gig, or what?!

DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:41:52 PDT 1997
The only way I could do this is if I flew in Thursday morning and then drove to my sister's house on Sat--day. Or flew in on a Friday morning and drove to my sister's on Sunday. But, I don't know if this would work for you....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:09:26 PDT 1997
People would turn up at the 12-Bar with maps...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:02:02 PDT 1997
CW - well, he plays quite often in England as you know and the train service is usually good. Storefront was a nice Christmas break... You'd be surprise at the distance some British fans will travel to see Robyn in various parts of this country, even on a weekday. Their dedication is admirable... Or maybe there's nothing on the TV...

DATE: Thu Oct 16 08:00:22 PDT 1997
Thanks Sleepy, You painted a lovely picture. That's all I wanted. You don't have to get in trouble by say, going over the songs he sang and stuff.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:53:10 PDT 1997
Ironically, perhaps, my local tam is the farm team of the Indians. Decoy's local team is the farm team of the Orioles. Next year, our teams move into the same league together and open the season against each other. Just thought I'd puke that out. Sorry for going so long without mentioning Robyn. Sleepy, how do you manage to be at so many shows?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:52:44 PDT 1997
Autumn only lasted one day this year in England. What a swizz.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:50:53 PDT 1997
CW - the (seated) crowd was quite small - 100 maximum. It was filmed inside and it was pleasingly atmospheric. I'll get told off if I say any more, but I must say that the camera was alarmingly close to me on several occasions...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:44:42 PDT 1997
grrrr.... damn O's!

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:38:49 PDT 1997
Hey. How about them Indians.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:38:40 PDT 1997
ah yes, the ever-present "rain question". well, back in DC, the rain has given way to a sunny day. no complaints, really. we get alot of sun here, so suicide is somewhat rare here. homicide is less rare here, for the record. damn those WFUV folks! i guess they're busy licking stamps for all the reply email they must give. still no answer! arghh!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:36:33 PDT 1997
Please describe Storefront concert so that I may live vicariously. How big was the crowd? Was it inside or outside? Are you in the film shouting out "Play that dead wife song!!!"?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:33:22 PDT 1997
CW - I won't spoil the plot by telling you what happens...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:26:42 PDT 1997
Oh. It was very good! We've gone all monosyllabic... I mentioned rain m. It's everywhere these days.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:15:41 PDT 1997

DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:09:59 PDT 1997
morning..did someone mention rain?

DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:07:44 PDT 1997
morning..did someone mention rain?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:07:01 PDT 1997
Were you?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:06:42 PDT 1997

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:04:38 PDT 1997
Sleepy, were you at one of the Storefront concerts?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 07:04:22 PDT 1997
I think You and Oblivion makes a very good companion song to September Cones. Same gorgeous rambling structure. Mmm. Reminds me of sitting at the top of a hill in Winchester in the rain...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:49:36 PDT 1997
Only when I make them.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:49:07 PDT 1997
Of, of, of. God, I hate typos.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:48:38 PDT 1997
I don't know who Robyn is singing it to but I know that it's going to look great in the film, because it certainly did during the filming ot it...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:36:18 PDT 1997
yes, "you and oblivion" is quite painful and sad. i wonder who he is singing it to? does anyone know, or have some reasonable guesses?

FROM: Homer
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:34:06 PDT 1997
Liverpool showed a commitment to the Coca-Cola Cup that put Manchester United to shame, as they overwhelmed West Bromwich Albion to an extent that was not mirrored by the final scoreline at the Hawthorns. To Robyn Hitchc--k's utter joy, they had Albion chasing shadows for long periods with their one-touch football slicing through the home defence time and time again. Albion deserve credit for sticking to their task, but if ever the gulf between the Premiership and the first division was highlighted then it was on this occasion. Only in the final quarter did Albion get a sniff of the Liverpool goal, and all their effort and commitment counted for nothing as The Reds booked their place in the last 16. Liverpool dominated the first half to such an extent that had it been a boxing match then the referee might have stopped the contest to spare Albion further punishment. You'll Never Walk Alone.

FROM: Friggormorandum
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:33:33 PDT 1997
You and Oblivion (the song) can actually make me cry.. a potent medicine that mossy stuff be!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 06:05:31 PDT 1997
yeah, sleepy, the good money is always on mr wax! as for roger waters, his last work is reason enough to spend absurd amounts of money on a killer stereo system. "amused to death" is a pristine recording, and the Qsound is brilliantly executed (unlike "the soul cages" by sting, in comparison). ...he hasn't released anything in the meantime, right? (just to add to the confusion this morning, myk is sleepy right now)

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 05:34:07 PDT 1997
I'd better listen to You and Oblivion tonight then... Shame on me. Mmm. Where to start with Julian Cope... Well he was in an excellent band in the early 80's called The Teardrop Explodes. They had a few chart hits and girls screamed at Julian. After much internal bickering he became a solo artist in about '84. He sliced up his stomach onstage with the microphone stand in that year (quite disturbing - some of the crowd couldn't deal with it....) and lo, Julian Cope the strange underground man was born. If you wanted to buy some of his CDs, there are two very good compilation albums out on Virgin, I think. Otherwise, you could dive right in with Peggy Suicide...

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 16 05:03:45 PDT 1997
Ah. Fresh scintillating morning air. Good afternoon Sleepy. West L.A. Girl, You and Oblivion is not only an album, it is long and chalk full of wonderful songs that somehow all fit together even though they never had a home before. Victorian Squid alone is worth the price of purchase. It is a must for any collector of Robyn Hitchc--k's work. It's a treasure trove. But enough. Where is Douglas Addam's long overdue Dirk Gently novel? Where is anything new by Roger Waters? Tell me more of this Julian Cope I know nothing of.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 16 02:31:13 PDT 1997
Well hello all. West LA - yes, You and Oblivion is an album full of previously unreleased songs and I am very ashamed to say that I haven't played it yet. Good cover though. I also have Interpreter and oh dear, I haven't played that either. I do like I Come From Another Planet Baby though, which was a single from the album. Useless fact:- I won a Julian Cope frisbee a few months ago! 20 Mothers is great Cat I Lov (my, could that be an anagram...). He did an excellent 3-hour stage show a few years back (Julian Cope, not Cat I Lov...). Anyhow, enough of that. My evening postings were a non-event, I see! I have decided that Robyn will not be attending the Drake tribute because I am naturally fairly pessimistic. Who will log on first, CW or Myk.....? I'll get my tea and wait....

DATE: Thu Oct 16 01:38:20 PDT 1997
Okay, here's a RELEVANT question for you. Someone in a past posting referred to "You and Oblivion" as an ALBUM. I thought it was some little e.p. on K Records, containing songs that eventually would/will end up elsewhere -- Released in 1995? I missed something here. There - that's the first order of business for you all on this fine Thursday.

FROM: West L.A.
DATE: Thu Oct 16 01:35:14 PDT 1997
I CAAAAAN'T SLEEEEEEP! (P.S. - Thanks, Voltaic. You're probably right.)

FROM: rOb. <>
DATE: Wed Oct 15 21:38:41 PDT 1997
The girl of my dreams fell into my lap once. I was so shocked, I stood up, and she fell off. things have just gone downhill from there.

FROM: larry
DATE: Wed Oct 15 21:11:37 PDT 1997
I have yet to fall in love!!!!!!!

FROM: willybee <dont dare>
DATE: Wed Oct 15 21:04:58 PDT 1997
no news just yet, have to wait and see, does any body ever get that feeling that the outer layer of skin that seperates our physical being from the rest of everything is non-existant? like physically we have no beginning or ending, were just a small part of a much much larger system? being? i dont know guess ill go back to bed.

FROM: Rob <>
DATE: Wed Oct 15 20:47:41 PDT 1997
The effervescence is the only thing he left after his departure. All we have left is the vague feeling that perhaps, once, he was here. That is all we have, so for that is all we should ask back to that wacky Kramer on Seinfeld!!!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 15 19:47:17 PDT 1997
my, my.... this board has been frightfully active! i'm glad to hear "have a heart, betty! i'm not fireproof" mentioned here. long, long ago, i once played that back in my glorious days of college radio. (ok, maybe there was little glory, and still less fame, but i had a fine time). as i was saying... i once played it, and i believe i got a phone call from someone who said (something like) "what the hell is this?" that moment, i knew it would be a banner day for radio! i see that we have been overrun yet again by those who post messages for fun and profit. well, go to it... i have improved my text-skimming skills quite a bit since the first onslaught. heh heh. NO NEWS YET ON THE DRAKE SHOW FROM WFUV...

FROM: spinner
DATE: Wed Oct 15 19:39:34 PDT 1997
mmm..thems good eatin'

FROM: Shmoe
DATE: Wed Oct 15 17:47:03 PDT 1997
Just thougt I would like to say... hey wait a minute, whats that noise aaahhh space monkeys in my room get away from me with that thing...Sorry Shmoes message could not be completed.

DATE: Wed Oct 15 16:58:23 PDT 1997

DATE: Wed Oct 15 16:58:16 PDT 1997

DATE: Wed Oct 15 16:58:08 PDT 1997

DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:41:02 PDT 1997
Carson won something,!!

DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:39:49 PDT 1997
m, the last you heard of JP was on Carson? Didn't Carson retire about a decade ago? JP's won an oscar since then, you ol' shut-in you!

FROM: Robyn
DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:39:14 PDT 1997
I'm off chicken, but I could go for a steak.

FROM: Quizmaster Bater
DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:38:38 PDT 1997
Hi Kids! Now, Robyn will perform his newest single, "I Wish I Was an Angelpoise Lamp!" A big warm put your hands together for Robyn Hitchc--k!!!!! [screams and the rumbling of foot-stomping as Robyn takes the stage]

FROM: Booger
DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:32:50 PDT 1997
Quit picking on me (get it?).

FROM: Fred Sonic Smith
DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:20:27 PDT 1997
Kick out the jams, Julian

FROM: Cat I Lov
DATE: Wed Oct 15 15:18:24 PDT 1997
West L.A., I sense that the Voltaic which posted as a "channel" was in fact a fakir. Voltaic, who is in limbo with a can opener's dream, asked me to mention that he has heard neither Rite nor Interpreter. He has, however, heard 20 Mothers, and loved it. There is another release floating about the ether called I Come From Another Planet. Alas, Amazone.Com couldn't cough it up for a recent request (yes, Voltaic used credit cards). None of these have been heard by the astrally challenged Voltaic, though he guessed recently that they were all pagan-related, positive-vibe, mother-earth-hugging opuses (opi?). Often there is a point where art is no longer art but ritual and vice versa; one thinks perhaps Cope might eventually cross over.... Robyn, however, is first and foremost writing songs and living the life of an artist; he is probably not looking for a way to jump to another plain...

DATE: Wed Oct 15 14:29:47 PDT 1997

DATE: Wed Oct 15 14:01:42 PDT 1997
I'm a veg, too, so you'd have to make mine "Vege-Turk", or "Fakin' Tur-kee", or whatever nasty analog's out there.

FROM: West L.A.
DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:55:49 PDT 1997
Thanks, anyway (for the ?opinion?, not the turkey). You'll be up to an archive a day soon, I bet. WB didn't know what they were starting. So long.

FROM: gippy
DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:40:44 PDT 1997
anouther slice of turkey, mr. pallance?

FROM: Channelling Voltaic
DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:35:09 PDT 1997
I have no idea. Um, pass the gravy, please? Are you gunna eat that? You're too kind, thank you very much...

FROM: West L.A.
DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:26:36 PDT 1997
Not meaning to stage a Cope coup here (Robyn, feel free to release "Jewels" any second now), but seriously, Volt, I need an opinion - a--uming you have "Interpreter" - is it a worthwhile purchase? Is it Krautrock/spacerock? With all due respect, I don't want to buy another "Rite".

DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:17:09 PDT 1997
In his own way ,yes.

DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:16:01 PDT 1997
Voltaic wasn't storing gas was he???

DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:07:51 PDT 1997
last I heard of Jack Pallance,he was on Carson, talking about his love for a turkey(or was he storing gasoline in a tank behind his house, either way, it's just a matter of time...).Robyn has no need for petrol.

DATE: Wed Oct 15 13:06:49 PDT 1997
How are you today?