FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Oct 7 06:17:03 PDT 1997
I'll be giving out Decoy's e-mail address and home phone number later on so he can take orders for his new Mossy Liquor CD featuring special outtakes and a rare interview with Robyn outside a Manchester pub in 1977. Stay tuned

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Oct 7 05:55:35 PDT 1997
How would I know if I could chat? What would I look for? What can I download to crash my computer? No can chat. No can chat. Chat chat chat.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Oct 7 05:51:13 PDT 1997
No, I can't do chat. Boo. I like the word 'germain' though!

FROM: Decoy <NeverWouldMakeIllegalCDs>
DATE: Tue Oct 7 05:41:33 PDT 1997
Sleepy, I thought you posted about the RAWilson 'who is.' Sorry, then; yes the trilogy - I liked it. And it serves as a well for inside jokes. Unfortunately I forget most of what happens. Besides, it is entirely not germain to the intended content of this message board. So anyway, can anyone do chat? I fired up MS Chat and went to the WB irc server and clicked the new room button and it seemed to work. Anyone try and didn't see it? Anyone interested in trying again? Say 7.30pm EDT? #GlassHotel on

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Oct 7 05:23:30 PDT 1997
Check out the producer credit on the back of Five Leaves Left... He had a showcase of two new artists - one of the guitarists sounded a little like Robyn in parts. After this, I went running off to another gig (rock 'n' roll, eh?) which was a big noisefest, but quite good.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Oct 7 05:12:55 PDT 1997
Sorry, I was cast into the gorge of eternal peril. I got better. Sleepy, at least you have a turntable to hook up. Oh, that's an old lament. I saw a nice one for $29,000 reviewed in Stereophile Magazine the other day. "Illumanatus!" is a trilogy of Novels written by Robert Anton Wilson, mentioned in a previous posting. Decoy's right. I only get about 80 pages into Illumanatus! and my brains starts to rumble. It's pop-culture junk anyhow. Mooch, what is the connection between Perky Pete and Phillip K. d--k? Myk, I suppose as usualy, UPS will try to deliver my music today when I'm not home and I'll be greeted with the horible little yellow piece of paper telling me I've once again missed my package. Decoy and I are going to master a CD out of it. We have the technology. Finally, Who's Joe Boyd and was he good?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Oct 7 02:11:43 PDT 1997
I saw Joe Boyd yesterday.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Oct 7 01:49:04 PDT 1997
Decoy - I a--ume you were talking to mooch about the trilogy, since I don't know what you're talking about...

FROM: nanocephalic gushy underclerk
DATE: Mon Oct 6 21:18:17 PDT 1997
...oh,oh oh...crystallomagnetic deadlines...simool!!..

FROM: smirching Christlike dragrope <jetbread>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 21:11:29 PDT 1997
..corking nashgab..What??!!...

FROM: Fly rabbits in Allston
DATE: Mon Oct 6 21:08:18 PDT 1997
...dont put that near your'll go blind,K. Bob...

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 19:02:03 PDT 1997
Sorry to sound so excited. But it worked, and I was correspondingly suprised. I don't know if anyone is interested, but I'll keep it open for half an hour or so.

FROM: Decoy <Hosting right now>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 18:58:20 PDT 1997
I am trying a hosting on the wb irc chatroom name #GlassHotel on Try it if you have a chat program.

FROM: Hooded
DATE: Mon Oct 6 18:52:54 PDT 1997
all this talk about football makes me wish we actually had a team here in Chicago. Can you say Peyton Manning anyone? I'll bet robyn's a football fan, when he's touring the states It's my guess he catches a game now and then.

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 17:18:19 PDT 1997

FROM: Robert Anton Wilson
DATE: Mon Oct 6 17:00:58 PDT 1997
Hey Mooch, I am watching you through Philip K.'s d--k

FROM: mooch
DATE: Mon Oct 6 16:09:32 PDT 1997
...cosmic trigger III..(my life after death.. R.A.W.)..the studio was in my basement(no longer, alas..) Lucky # also ...what a sedimentious pseudostratum of statistics!..cheers..

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 15:19:43 PDT 1997
sounds groovy, mooch. every sunday for 4 years? damn, that's quite an arrangement with the studio! well, bully for you.

FROM: Decoy <Golden Apple..., et al. help me out ...>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 13:53:03 PDT 1997
Funny thing, Sleepy. I read that trilogy for the first time whilst in England. I always pick 23 as a lotto number now. I remember recommending it to CW at the time, I don't think he ever read because I think that level of conspiracy would make his head explode. - The Mgt.

FROM: Decoy <got it>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 13:48:27 PDT 1997

FROM: mooch
DATE: Mon Oct 6 13:06:23 PDT 1997
..hello Myk,et all,..I's not so much laying tracks,as scraping them from behind analog furniture,and then smelting them into digital ingots of cellophane wrapped "perky" product..but to be quite frank,its turning into a bit of a nightmare.we met every sun.for four years,and recorded,live into gadgets,board,and finally into a panasonic cassette recorder. sounds strange,but we got an amazing sound.expanse..but multilayered..and clean.the trouble is there's so much!!!!boxes!!...I have an old set of Koss pro/44's that I final mix on,'cause if it sounds good on them,it'll sound good through anything!..cheers...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 10:28:24 PDT 1997
damn, i couldn't quite remember... well, i was about to guess "ultra unbelievable love" out of sheer desperation. i'm glad that Mooch vanCouver saved me from the ignominy of an incorrect guess. groovy, mooch... get to work on layin' down tracks, pal. can't wait to hear the finished product (do give a shout when you've wrapped things up, and let out a yelp if you're going to hit washington dc). what brand/model of headphones do you use? my faves are grados, for the money.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Mon Oct 6 10:01:46 PDT 1997
just crawled out of traffic ..I agree Vinyl is great !! where are those damn headphones/vicegrips?..later

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:58:33 PDT 1997
Wooah, where did you come from mooch?! Very good.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:57:30 PDT 1997
Until tomorrow then ...

FROM: mooch23
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:57:27 PDT 1997
..oceanside..Robert Anton Wilson is an author"somebunall"of the time..we in "Vang"hollow out neeps,fill em with gasoline,and presto!,a flashlight...cheers

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:46:34 PDT 1997
Do you want me to tell you now? If not, I'll let you know tomorrow, (if you don't get it before then). Bye for now.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:45:17 PDT 1997
damn, can't recall. i gotta split (it's a quaint, old-fashioned way to go off to a meeting!).

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:41:22 PDT 1997
sleepy: i know that it's off Perspex Island. gimme a second on this one.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:30:16 PDT 1997
Hmmm. Maybe I should... Here's a little lyric for you all. "We could make this moment last forever." Is it too easy? So hard to tell when you're the quizmaster. Oh, it's raining and miserable and dark here. Hopefully I'm going to a gig tonight thought.

FROM: sick of your Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:18:13 PDT 1997
heh heh. ok, it's me, but i felt so left out. yes, sleepy, it is imperative that you hook up the record player. remember, records are fun! i enjoy my CDs quite a bit, but there's a certain energy gained by slowly lowering the needle onto the black vinyl.

DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:14:45 PDT 1997
Robert Anton Wilson is an author, so I am now a somebody.

FROM: sick of your butthole
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:05:44 PDT 1997

FROM: sick of your bile shakes
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:05:17 PDT 1997
Mmmm! Bile Shakes! Tastey!

FROM: sick of your bunions
DATE: Mon Oct 6 09:04:29 PDT 1997
Hey Sparky, Spanky, Sticky, Squelchy, Quimrim, Gaggler and Felch, go take a powder. I wanna use this board for important conspiracy-theorist discussions! If you don't know who Robert Anton Wilson is, you're a nobody, and you're all nobodies anyway, so GETT OUTTA HERRE!

FROM: Analog <Digital>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 08:39:46 PDT 1997
In a hypethetical world, where there are no LPs or CDs, but ASCAP and BMI do exist, would there be rules covering the making one archive copy on CD of an "LP" for your own exclusive use? In such a world, would there be ways of getting record companies to release what you want without childish games, but those ways where something short of extortion and murder?.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 07:18:07 PDT 1997
Vinyl is great though, no? I found an excellent record shop in the grim suburbs of London on Sat--day. Three storeys full of vinyl and CDs, a cafe, strange cinema seats and knowledgeable staff. Maybe I should endure the tortuous reconnection of the turntable...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 07:13:05 PDT 1997
I have Mossy Liquor and no means of playing it. Wah. The same dilemma with the REM Christmas single. It looks great, but what does it sound like?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 07:05:24 PDT 1997
so, mr wax: when do you get your copy of Mossy Liquor? it should be quite soon, since that company ships with some degree of speed. or, as you surmised, i'm simply thinking of cool uses for your credit card! heh heh.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:53:33 PDT 1997
must be nice to be able to go see your local nfl football team, mr wax. in washington, catching a 'skins game usually involves offering your firstborn for sacrifice. it's just as well.... the 'skins really blew yesterday. (that's my professional opinion.)

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:37:20 PDT 1997
Er, thanks Myk!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:29:07 PDT 1997
sleepy is my favorite sad, naive, english person. what a lively discussion about punkins and holidays! makes me want to show up for work early. heh heh, i crack myself up.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:07:15 PDT 1997
CW - doh!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:06:44 PDT 1997
I went to a pumpkin farm once. I think it was a place called Carbor. There were three large pumpkins in a bath and we named them Ted, Woody and Junior. It felt right somehow.

DATE: Mon Oct 6 06:05:25 PDT 1997
Just teasing. President's Day isn't until February, or is it March?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:55:29 PDT 1997
Am I being a sad, naive, English person?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:54:25 PDT 1997
You have to pay for a pumpkin-hunting licence? Surely not. Are you teasing??

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:50:25 PDT 1997
Upon closer inspection of my calender, I note that it is in fact Labour Day in certain parts of Australia, hence laboUr. Oops. When's President's Day? The pumpkin hunting sounded like fun. I feel like my eyes have been sandpapered today, since I was up so late last night chasing after a spider in the bathroom. I've gotta get more sleep.

DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:36:58 PDT 1997
It's Labour day with a "u". Who's labour day do you think it is? I'm glad you care. I think that's Bill Murray in Ghost Busters. That's a preliminary guess.

FROM: Decoy <CoughingUpLungers>
DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:27:52 PDT 1997
"I, I, I ... I care !" What movie is that? I'm thinking some John Hughes or derivative. Well, I'm much better, thanks for all you concerned posters. Number 4? C'Mon. Whos labor/labour day is it? Or was that just pure unstuck in time type stuff? I have 4 big pumpkins and 5 little ones - got the party permit this year - a little more expensive but worth it if you're really after some BIG orange. b-i-l-s BILLS! BILLS! BILLS!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Oct 6 05:17:17 PDT 1997
Morning. I have several theories I'm working on to explain the strange postings on the weekend. Labor Day was Monday, September 1st here in The States. Today is no holiday at all. It should be, but it isn't. So, Sat--day I hopped in the car armed with "Five Leaves Left", "I Often Dream of Trains", and "Queen Elvis" and set off on a jolly pumpkin hunt. There were herds of them everywhere. I bagged me four little ones and a big one (forty pounder easy) and that was my official New York State limit. I can't believe they are charging $14.95 for a license this year. I got sun burned at the game yesterday. Lions 13 Bills 22. A wonderful game. Well, no one cares about any of this, so I'll let you go.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 04:31:25 PDT 1997
I played the "I Often Dream Of Trains" CD for the first time on Friday. I've only ever played the vinyl. The last time I heard "Mellow Together" was in 1986, but it sounded fantastic eleven years on. What a great album. Actually the weekend postings on this forum are quite bizarre, aren't they? Wonder why. I wonder which Nick Drake tracks Robyn will play at the tribute. Any suggestions?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Oct 6 03:52:35 PDT 1997
Morning. Jolly postings over the weekend. Mmm, Labour Day. Does this mean no-one will be working or posting today? Aha! Michael Legge aka Mike Hell (yes?!): I'm sure Robyn will forgive you if you promise to be good at the next Jazz Cafe gig.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Sun Oct 5 19:26:44 PDT 1997
..Thanks Myk,..I must get out of the studio headphones feel like vicegrips!!I'm getting cauliflower ears..mabey I'll take up muy tai,..later...

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Sun Oct 5 18:52:40 PDT 1997
"Tropical Flesh Mandala" and "Vibrating" are off "Globe of Frogs", and "Madonna of the Wasps" is off "Queen Elvis". there. quite a remarkable lack of posts here today. i guess everyone in the states is out enjoying this last shot of summery weather. i was, that's for sure.

FROM: mr. novel
DATE: Sun Oct 5 15:19:31 PDT 1997
..Vancwegian..??..vancdanavian??..(sad really), were the shows?, mr. sleep..(this may be easy, but what albums are tropical flesh ,madonna o'the wasps,she was vibrating,on?)cant seem to find 'em..see youse.. Mon...cheers..

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Sat Oct 4 22:21:32 PDT 1997
lots of vancouverian RH fans, i suppose. or is that "vancouverite"? or "vancouvian"? or, perhaps, "persons filled with vancouvage"?

FROM: bizzaro mooch
DATE: Sat Oct 4 13:31:10 PDT 1997
....eer now..wot pot ov vangoover am you livin in..surrey???????

FROM: michael <>
DATE: Sat Oct 4 12:54:44 PDT 1997
I recenly listin to you album and it is magical. I wonder if you are comming to Vancouver to sing or catch a hockey or basketball game.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 21:49:20 PDT 1997
..Right!!...,LINE UP ALL OF YOU!!, medicine time.....single file...

FROM: BrainGlasses <and back to the1st leg >
DATE: Fri Oct 3 21:04:59 PDT 1997
..your mother once had eyes that shone like Mae Wests legs.....

FROM: willybee <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 19:42:06 PDT 1997
12.50 via mail, boy were you robbed paid 9.50 "helps knowing the owner of the record store. Swimming from Buffalo to Quebec across the Niagra, not from these parts are ya? Gotta go cd's (Jack Frost-Snow Job) about over and theres Guiness to consume.

FROM: BrainGlasses <@michaels other leg>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 19:38:10 PDT 1997
..You turn the atmosphere wild with currents of vitriol,..when you smile at the passing insects....

FROM: pungo
DATE: Fri Oct 3 19:14:12 PDT 1997
Tis' but an old Jedi mindtrick. The Pungo is still rockin and rollin. YoU tHiNk yOU kNoW. But, you don't know. ...and you never will...

DATE: Fri Oct 3 16:45:20 PDT 1997
hitchc.ockian poop

FROM: Rishi Shimshubeezee <6th dementia>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 15:23:37 PDT 1997
..only then did I realise that the claw had one final, hideous,trick to play on me.......

FROM: Jimmy the spinning bit o'meat <zzziiizzz!!!>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 15:14:23 PDT 1997
..C.W..DO NOT swim to Quebec...that would be truly frightening....

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 14:20:59 PDT 1997
that's a riot, mr wax! and not a bad idea.... hmmm.... heh heh. well, if you need a bit more proof, go to for the straight deal. if i need a credit card number, i'll just grab one from a table at a restaurant directly after a group departs.... much easier. heh heh. seriously, mr wax: glad i could help. julie: sorry, this pesky thing called the Atlantic Ocean obstructed my path to the manchester bbc studio. sorry.... it won't happen again.

FROM: Decoy <HaveA.Gr@e.Weekend>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 14:18:24 PDT 1997
Considering everyone's plans for the happy Friday, I have the following to contribute.

FROM: Decoy <giggle>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 14:05:36 PDT 1997
Moshe he brought her, Moshe he'll lick her! RIMShoTTTT!

FROM: Decoy <shame@who?>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 14:03:54 PDT 1997
I'd also walk out into the middle of Main St. Manchester and take a good look around - then ask the question again.

FROM: michael legge <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:58:21 PDT 1997
I'll shave you in some cozy church baby.

FROM: Lorraine
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:40:05 PDT 1997
I,m sorry I wasn't more discreet. I drank a little too much wine.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:30:25 PDT 1997
Hey Julie G. Well la di da for you. We can't all be Robyn stalkers.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:28:58 PDT 1997
I just had a really paranoid thought that the 800 number Myk gave out was his own and he was just setting me up to get my credit card number. I mean, we don't really know too much about each other do we? Creepy.

FROM: Julie G
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:28:41 PDT 1997
If you all like Robyn so much, how come I was the only at the BBC in Manchester in Feb. '95 waiting to chat with him after his live radio program? (he's a cool guy). Shame on you.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:24:15 PDT 1997
You are The Man Myk. My copy of Mossy Liquor is ON THE WAY. Now I just have to get a record player. Way too cool.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:17:22 PDT 1997
You do realize Buffalo is frighteningly close to Canada. I mean, I could swim there if I wouldn't get swept over Niagara Falls.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:13:18 PDT 1997
by the way, i bought my copy of "Mossy Liquor" from a mail-order audiophile record company in kansas called "Acoustic Sounds". it will run you $12.50 US, only on record, and since i just called and checked, i can tell you that they have quite a few in stock. call 1-800-716-3553 to order one. do it now!!!! this is a limited record release.... i think they are numbered. major credit cards accepted, i suppose. and they pack it well, i can tell you, so it won't arrive broken.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:12:33 PDT 1997
Myk. No. It's not a medical procedure, God forbid. It's a bottle of beer. Canadian Beer in a tiny 6.5 oz clear bottle that goes down like a shot. They sell them by the case at the bars around here. They rip the case open, pour ice into it and sell it for $12. I'm on number 5 so bear with me. How many guys got ripped at the Jazz Cafe? What a show that must have been.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 13:04:00 PDT 1997
mr legge means "mossy liquor", the record. yeah, i scored a copy of it too, and it has fine packaging. and, of course, everyone needs a copy of the swedish "alright yeah". "okej ja". mr wax: what the heck is an OV split? sounds like a frightening medical procedure only to be done in dire circ-mstances. ugh. i missed you squelchy, and rest a--ured, you'll be just fine. just fine. just fine. robyn finishing off nick? sounds like a great "movie of the week" on nbc, except that would be a bit too literary and dialogue-heavy for that crowd.

FROM: Enilorac <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 12:57:49 PDT 1997
Hey Caroline, are you my missing palindrome? Emtonma, I am not me

FROM: Caroline <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 12:35:37 PDT 1997
You don't see Heaven when you think of it, you imagine a Pig seeing what he thinks Heaven would look like if he could see it. And the Pig is rock-n-roll.DONT f--k with the Pig 'cause the Pig is rock-n-roll. And Heaven is right above us in the rafters. And its full of Heilium: and ball bearings.

FROM: michael legge <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 12:06:31 PDT 1997
robyn, do you think you could ever truly forgive me for being so drunk at the jazz cafe? also, to all the rh fans who can't get a copy of 'moss elixer' - I'VE GOT ONE AND IT'S REALLY GREAT! (better packaging than the cd too!!)

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:47:19 PDT 1997
Ungga Ungga Ungga pooh! Verrrrrrrrr splurphhhhhh jibijibjibjibbjibjibjibjibjibjib emmy emmy spunk. Gloib gloib gloib.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:42:41 PDT 1997
Robyn killed Nick?

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:40:22 PDT 1997
Enilorac - Speaking as someone who has encountered Decoy on many occassions, your mental image of him is frighteningly accurate. He even licks his pizza crust. And well done with the song.

FROM: Enilorac
DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:34:56 PDT 1997
What a week I'm having. Joe, that was me with the Element of Light CD that isn't Element of Light. My copy of Invisible Hitchc--k says Element of Light on the disk. Other than that, it's pure Invisible Hitchc--k. I don't know about you others, but I envision Decoy as Number 4 in Multipicity. That's Acid Bird by the way.

FROM: Tropical fruit mandala <>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:31:56 PDT 1997
1974 Robyn moves to Cambridge,..Nov.29th 1974 Nick Drake found dead....hmmmm....

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:27:59 PDT 1997
Mmm. I found a stash of chilly OV splits. They go down real smooth. You all have OV splits in DC? Sucking on a tap that never dries.. Anyone?

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:12:47 PDT 1997
Me too but I wanted to connect it up with Robyn. Oh I know. Sucking on a tap that never dries... that's a lyric question too but only the lyrically challenged like Decoy can play.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:08:08 PDT 1997
yeah, man, enjoy that bottle. i could use something from the beer family, actually.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:03:37 PDT 1997
China City!

DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:02:24 PDT 1997
Daisy Bomb with all the points. Decoy with several points deducted for his flip answer. My time sheets are done, which means the weekend has officially begun. Gotta find me a long red bottle of wine.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 11:01:57 PDT 1997
yes, decoy, the correct answer is pork! now, what's the capital of china?

FROM: Decoy <@BK.King.Combo.w/8pcChx&>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 10:29:44 PDT 1997

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 10:19:05 PDT 1997
damn, sorry i missed everyone before they departed for higher ground. (take that comment as you like.) as for me, i have no idea what my weekend will become, for you see, i depend on my friends to arrange much fun and amusement for me. pitiful, yet damn efficient! no complaints, really. my pals have a local band that i'll probably go check out this weekend, cuz i think they're playing in georgetown tonite. dunno, gotta confirm that. any other musical activity will probably be emanating from my car.

FROM: Daisy Bomb
DATE: Fri Oct 3 10:17:12 PDT 1997
In exchange for a good loaf of wax......I don't care what you're called, I just want to shave you bald (yeah you AND your playmates, Trevor), and maybe when we're done we'll go watch some cellists being hung.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Fri Oct 3 10:11:37 PDT 1997
..have a lovely weekend chasps,I'll be checking in later...happy tingling..

DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:58:21 PDT 1997
Mmm. Alcohol.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:57:37 PDT 1997
Well that's it for today chums. Speak to you Monday. Maybe I will find today, maybe I will lose tomorrow, gotta rock on to the oceanside...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:47:13 PDT 1997
I have a glass (plastic cup, to be precise) of white wine in my hand and it's having the same effect.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:39:39 PDT 1997
"Oh Vera my sweet, I would offer you some meat, in exchange for a .... I'd smear it on you and on all your apples too, if I thought it would help you relax". Makes me tingle it's so good.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:35:22 PDT 1997
I have to confess that apart from hearing that song live a couple of times, I have never actually played it, so I don't know. Boo.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:32:15 PDT 1997 here too..

DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:29:41 PDT 1997
What's meat offered in exchange for in Bones in the Ground. That's an easy one.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:19:26 PDT 1997
No no no and no. Pumkin hunting, Bills game and perhaps if I'm forced, some dreadful work around the house. Actually, there is a band that plays in the parking lot before The Game. Damned awful though. Bad covers of 1970's hits. That sort of thing.

FROM: mooch <@majestic studio>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:14:43 PDT 1997
...heloo all,..rain falls in grey, far away..(a party of clowns ,in my head clapping.)..oh dear,..Anyone remember The West Coast Pop Art experimental band??..67ish,put out a few albums,then the guitar player went mad...(I'm noticing a pattern..or something,)Dreadful, this Music business..hello,WARNER BROS...cheers..

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:11:52 PDT 1997
Anyone got anything fun and musical lined up for the weekend?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:06:05 PDT 1997
Now isn't that just typical. No-one, no-one, then I post, and someone gets there first.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:03:03 PDT 1997
My, it's quiet round here. Not even a 'guess the lyric' floating about. I'll have to remedy that.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 09:00:30 PDT 1997
Someone do a Squelchy.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 07:43:36 PDT 1997
Don't spare the horses though!

DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:51:59 PDT 1997
I heard Bangles too. You, know, an Egyptian? I'm with you Decoy. But do we spare the women folk? Sleepy, I'm happy to say the weather is improving steadily and the forcast for this weekend is sunny, or bright as you Brits say, and highs in the low to mid 70's. Only the massive tree limb lying in the sidewalk across the street from my house betrays the earlier storm. Now I have The Ballad of the Edmond Fitzgerald in my head. Perfect football weather eh Decoy? Oh yeh, you went and had yourself a family.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:49:19 PDT 1997
It was the Bangles! Well done Myk.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:48:00 PDT 1997
Sleepy - No, The Verve, right?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:42:12 PDT 1997
sleepy: didn't he write it for the bangles? i dunno, that piece of info has faded in my head. yeah, i wanna join the pumpkin conking posse too! show those damn large vegetable WHO'S BOSS! yeah baby yeah! it's a shame i've been stuck in a meeting and now i'm out of the office in a moment. drag.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:40:02 PDT 1997
Sleepy- Was it Poison?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:21:05 PDT 1997
CW - how's the weather where you are now? Have the great storms subsided? Who can tell mefor which band Robyn allegedy wrote "Balloon Man"?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:15:41 PDT 1997
My "er, ok" was in response to Decoy, but fortuitously was also applicable to Mike Hell. Not important, but I like to clarify things.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:12:51 PDT 1997
Er, Ok. I saw some scary looking pumpkins carcasses this time last year. Their faces had gone a bit shrivelled and their smiles had turned into sinister leers - those things have personalities... Decoy - Can people hear you rattling with your sickness? I sympathise.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:12:43 PDT 1997
Can I just whoop? I don't really like pumpkin.

FROM: Decoy <@Work.Despite.MySickness/~goodMeds>
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:08:23 PDT 1997
I know a great cheat book for minesweeper. But I won't share it because I have the high score. My god, penises, have you no shame? Sleepy, lets get up a posse and go ridin' around, a whipping and a whoopin every pumpkin within an inch of it's life. We could also conk some of them in deference to municipal litter laws! Are you ALL with me? LET'S RIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:07:50 PDT 1997
CW - If we ever meet, I'll explain all in vivid detail.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 06:00:18 PDT 1997
I can honestly say that the penis thing has me confused and uncomfortable. But, I'll shrug it off like I always do and it rained like a slow divorce. How 'bout them Yankees?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:58:21 PDT 1997
I want to go pumpkin-hunting.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:54:44 PDT 1997
From a sumptuous velvet-cushioned palazzo with the music of Robyn soothing my ears as the autumn leaves flutter past my window ... well, actually, a dull building in the middle of London...

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:54:16 PDT 1997
I'm at the top of list! Wohooo! Thanks SOYB!

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:48:56 PDT 1997
You are truly wise, Sleepy. Where are you E-Mailing from?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:44:10 PDT 1997
Obviously I was referring to the prior posting!!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:43:21 PDT 1997
Violence won't solve anything. Just agree to differ (Sleepy sagely rubs chin).

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:40:54 PDT 1997
Mind you, I've seen Robyns penis twice. Who can truly say that???

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:35:38 PDT 1997
Er...No. I like RH but have no desire whatsoever to get to know him. I know RH likes him, that's whats scary! Oh well, maybe it's just me. I used to go to the improv night at the Comedy Store and remember apologising on a near weekly basis to lots of people for Larry-boys rudeness. Oh, and my best friend still wants to beat him up! That said he did introduce me to Robyns music so he's only 99% awful.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:24:30 PDT 1997
PS If you ever read this board Lawrence, and you are in fact rich, can you lend me the money to get to New York around oh, I don't know, 8 November?!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:10:26 PDT 1997
I've never met Sally though.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:09:39 PDT 1997
Oops, something went wrong there. Actually, I met Lawrence once and I must rush to his defence! I thought he was really nice. Maybe you just annoyed him acting like a drunk idiot at that Jazz Cafe gig! I know for sure that Robyn likes him too because I saw them chatting amicably. So, ner. As far as I could tell, he didn't seem to have much money either. You sound like you're a tad jealous mate! Ha, ha!

FROM: Sleep
DATE: Fri Oct 3 05:03:39 PDT 1997

FROM: mike hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 04:58:21 PDT 1997
He's a strange one. Really rude to just about everyone. Normally drags his long suffering girlfriend Sally to gigs with him. He literally goes to every RH gig, no matter where it is. He has too much money. Let's kill him! Hope you don't mind me enjoying a little bitch with y'all.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Fri Oct 3 04:27:00 PDT 1997
Mike - sounds familiar.

DATE: Fri Oct 3 04:25:05 PDT 1997
One bad apple has to ruin the fun for everybody. Actually, it wasn't without its creative charm. Thanks Sleepy. Actually, everyone has been raving about the Radiohead Album, but what kind of music is it? And as for Mine Sweeper, if it will keep you busy, each number represents the amount of mines in the immediately surrounding squares. A nonboarder square has eight surrounding squares, so if it has a 1 in it, only one of the eight squares around it has a mine in it. You then have to figure out, using information in the nearby squares, where the mines are. Happy hunting.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Fri Oct 3 04:13:24 PDT 1997
Has any one heard of Laurence Arnold, the RH obsessive who follows him everywhere?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 04:04:12 PDT 1997
CW - yes, buy the Radiohead album. "No Surprises" is wonderful. Also, re: Robyn albums to play at the cemetery picnic (this sounds kind of strange in retrospect ...), I now think that "Queen Elvis" would be an excellent choice. Oh, well, back to work...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 03:35:32 PDT 1997
What happens to this board sometimes when I go home at night?! I think I get out just before the madness gets in... Joe - I'm working my way through all the ND albums at the moment, but stand out tracks so far (I've only played Way to Blue album and Five Leaves Left) for me seem to be Time of No Reply, Cello Song, One of these Things First, Time Has Told Me, Man in a Shed, oh, all of them ... The man was a genius. One of the highlights of my year. Thank you all for your recommendations... Did any of you get my "I Something You" reference? It occured to me that it actually isn't on any album (I don't thing so anyway), so in fact I was probably being quite cruel.

FROM: Syk Surfy
DATE: Fri Oct 3 02:56:09 PDT 1997
Anyone know where I can find instructions for Minesweeper?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 20:37:23 PDT 1997
and yes, joe, if my name was actually "Myk", i would surely spell the full name "Mychael". i chose the last name to honor one of my favorite friends... but this friend is actually a dog. his name is Murphy. Murphy is a good boy, despite his inability to catch a frisbee. yeah, joe, i know ccnv well... that must have been grueling work, pal. i think times are getting better for the down and out, though... i could be wrong.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 20:31:59 PDT 1997
at first i thought it was a lot of original postings since i was last on... alas, after an enjoyable first half, what followed was nonsensical postings from a person who should be limited to the Solitaire program on his computer. ("band aid sniffer"? well, mr novel/mooch put it best in the posting that precedes mine.) heh heh. hmmmm...

FROM: mr.novel <@2012>
DATE: Thu Oct 2 18:01:02 PDT 1997 you can break those tablets in half..y'know..random fellow..

FROM: random man
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:52:28 PDT 1997
multi post modern world wide load a-- wipe out side ways was wizz whys wherefore forcips

FROM: arc-weld-my-hands-before-i-pick-again!
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:50:53 PDT 1997
Mrs. Rosin Bags: are those rosin bags or are you just happy to see me. You are either Robyn in drag or a serious attempt to become chicken fat candy

FROM: miso howny
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:48:58 PDT 1997
kimono my house, joe

FROM: tattler in tights
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:48:13 PDT 1997
dr. redjeaves, voltaic, and a host of others have defected this dingle-berried message board and gone to the Nickelodeon/I Love Lucy chatroom because there was too much discussion of Robyn Hitchc--k here instead of unrelated matters...

FROM: myk murphy's nurse
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:46:02 PDT 1997
no television for you, you trouble-makiong bastard!

FROM: sleepy's pharmacist
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:44:54 PDT 1997
hey, sleepster, come and pick up your prescription...let's see, there's a few cold tabs, 'ludes, valium, a couple bottles of vicks45, and these extra large condoms (heh heh)

FROM: sick of my own breath
DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:42:39 PDT 1997
my idea of heaven is being the towel boy in your hell, Chewie

DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:41:20 PDT 1997
Oh, this bitter wasteland....all triplets and cold cuts, band-aid sniffers and FOOTBALL FAGS

DATE: Thu Oct 2 16:22:34 PDT 1997
When I looked into your brown eyes I just knew. I tried to make it go away because it hurt. But it never went away....

DATE: Thu Oct 2 15:44:50 PDT 1997
I lay in bed at night and I ache for you.

FROM: drugaddled
DATE: Thu Oct 2 13:33:29 PDT 1997 verks mit a zero too..

FROM: monitor#6
DATE: Thu Oct 2 13:22:40 PDT 1997
..that last big O in mckenna..should be a 6..oops sorry..

FROM: too mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 2 13:19:16 PDT 1997
C.W...umm,..not to put too fine a point on this guy's head, but he also has been rather" novel "out,and getting "noveler" all the time...cheers..

DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:43:13 PDT 1997
Joe - you're on a roll aren't you? Mooch, I checked out that website. That's a lot of stuff to digest. I couldn't readily ascertain what was going to happen in 2012. Hell, that gives us almost fifteen years. Doom. Pink Moon eh? Or how about that Fruit Tree box set? And should I buy that Radiohead album?

FROM: mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:41:37 PDT 1997
....The entire Fruit Tree box set is wonderful!! is Robyns'..Moss elixir..later.. cheers..

DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:34:44 PDT 1997
The last song on Pink Moon. Oh for another album like that. Mines probably Which Will. Or Northern Sky. Or...

DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:33:25 PDT 1997
The Residents are great! They did an album about Elvis a few years back: The King and Eye (and they were all dressed as eyeballs on the cover). Did they cover "My Way"? I remember in Spinal Tap when the limo driver sang that. It was uproarious. Whatever happened to Conker? ...Let us not go to Camelot, 'tis a silly place.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:33:05 PDT 1997
.."From the morning"..(pink moon)..Haunting and humable..

DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:29:32 PDT 1997
Mike Hell : For God's sake Mike! pick up Pink Moon! Pick it up! Then listen to it on headphones. In the dark. They should make this a Nick Drake page, I'm telling you! Anyone have a favorite moving Nick Drake track? Anyone? Incidentally, the song was "Glass Hotel". Well done Mychael! (sp?)

FROM: gippy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:28:12 PDT 1997
..what??,..with both hands???...

FROM: Mrs. Rosin Bags
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:20:35 PDT 1997
Perhaps around the corner she would recognize a name. Ripped forth from her soul, the aching emptiness threatened to consume her. A flock of crows cawed in the woods. The Sun would set soon, behind the quickly moving clouds. Shades of gray into black. The blackness of her loss. She wouldn't be able to find it in the dark . It would be too late. Despair.

FROM: gippy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:19:22 PDT 1997
..and the ant wants it back...

FROM: mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:11:20 PDT 1997
..just popped in for a second..this may or may not be of interest to reality stretchers/part time alchemists..and green things in general,!! we'll all be one big teapot in 2012!!!check this: ...cheers (soyb too)

DATE: Thu Oct 2 12:10:17 PDT 1997
Oh ja. Dat's original. Way to cut and paste. Decoy. Trace that posting.

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Thu Oct 2 11:50:45 PDT 1997
ATTN: Decoy, CW, Sleepy, Myk, and the other Myk and anyone i left out. I see that you did not take my advice and get off this message board. well, i talked to Robyn and he agrees with me that you all have the intelligence of an ant.

FROM: Joe <>
DATE: Thu Oct 2 11:35:12 PDT 1997
You ever hear of The Community for Creative Non Violence? Mitch Snyder founded it. That was a sobering experience I can tell you. I had to make sure the residents got their benefits. I was glad to get away from there. I guess you see homeless wherever you go, but it seems theres a lot of them there particularly

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 2 11:32:35 PDT 1997
Decoy, you a funny boy. Stick to your day job and get well soon.

FROM: Decoy <delerious@you>
DATE: Thu Oct 2 11:29:00 PDT 1997
I'm back, and just finished catch-up on Archive 12 - nice job people! Sadly all that sticks in my mind is a chuckle about a transient 's' and the return of lynn. My business trip went well, but I seem to have contracted some kind of bug. I was thinking it is a good time for an ode to autumn, which I do, by the way, love. Just making it up as I go along ... Oh, autumn - we hardly know ye. And autumn - will never know ye. Your brown and bright and chilly night, the time is ripe for a knitting fight. Several couches sit at the curb, their many seats speak not a word. Gourds and hordes of screaming voices descend upon the waiting houses. Cider mills and spinning wheels and frosty mugs of cheer - Fill'd up yours with bitters, mine's a cup of beer. I hate the time, this time of year - when everyone gets bronchitis. s--t damn f--k oh no oh well, no couplet here to rhyme it.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 10:41:31 PDT 1997
yeah, joe, but the good economic times seemed to have made the homeless' numbers dwindle. hard to say. with the usually nice weather and the lucrative begging contracts available, i'd recommend DC to anyone down on their luck, lazy, or (sadly) mentally ill. did that sound a bit cynical to you? it did to me.

DATE: Thu Oct 2 10:34:16 PDT 1997
What loss is death if life is not to be lived? Anyone? Sleepy?

DATE: Thu Oct 2 10:30:57 PDT 1997
Myk you must be working in DC. Last I heard they were considering nicknaming it the Homeless Capital. Mossy Liquor good? anyone?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 09:54:09 PDT 1997
"You were not at all predictable." Bye for now.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 09:46:45 PDT 1997
Yum. Someone's just handed me a chocolate bar. Excellent. I'm off to see Tanya Donnelly tonight. At the moment, I would prefer to be going for a long walk in the park or along the seashore. But no, it's a hot, smoke-filled room for me... Musn't be ungrateful though.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 09:18:31 PDT 1997
as for what album i'd bring..... i'll get back to you on that. this time of year is my favorite too, though i wish i worked in a less urban environment so that i could enjoy it a little more. a well-manicured city park decoratively adorned with homeless folks is no match for large stretches of untamed land.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 09:16:43 PDT 1997
Very nice. Are you a water sign? CW - I have to agree with your choice of album to bring to the cemetery. Oh, yes. Potato salad, with loads of mayonnaise. Red wine?

DATE: Thu Oct 2 08:59:35 PDT 1997

FROM: mooch
DATE: Thu Oct 2 08:55:19 PDT 1997
..I was born to the sound of rain,and I've always loved water,lived in a cabin we built on the beach(before pacific rim park).."Wreck Beach".now THAT was winter water...salal and surf...rain, and coffee.........cheers.

DATE: Thu Oct 2 08:37:03 PDT 1997

DATE: Thu Oct 2 08:36:32 PDT 1997
Mmmm. Potato salad. Which album would you bring to the cemetery? I Often Dream of Trains I guess. Man, I love this time of year.