FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 08:31:01 PDT 1997
wow, so much to respond to.... let's see... sleepy: sounds like a fun competition, but i had never heard of such a thing (though we were big on pencil fighting back during childhood.... same idea, though less natural). as for mr wax, if my phone service degrades in the near future, i'm reporting you to bell atlantic for possible conkering of the phone service (pun intended). lynn: what an interesting suggestion, simply because it lacks the morbidity of most morrisseyesque trips to a graveyard. rather, it sounds much like a celebration of the circle of life, wheels of dharma, all that groovy stuff. also, it's a good excuse to crank up robyn's tunes, have some potato salad, and hang with the dead. what more could one ask for?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:47:00 PDT 1997
I'm impressed!!!

DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:44:41 PDT 1997
Mellow Together! I got one I got one.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:36:16 PDT 1997
OK, here's a lyric suggested by a friend: "Don't say that this ain't love. I'd know it in my sleep.". Now I wouldn't have know that off the top of my head, but do you....?

DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:36:10 PDT 1997
I know just the graveyard. Actually, there is a tiny cemetery under the shadow of Rich Stadium called "The Sheldon Family Cemetery" with a plaque. You'd have to climb the iron fence to get in. Conker fight eh? I can't talk for all my fellow Americans, but I've never heard them called conkers before. We call them chestnuts around here and they are all over the place in Buffalo. I've heard the thing to do is tie two together and lob them over the telephone wires. Never tried that but I'm going to challenge someone to a conker fight soon. I can't wait to go pumpkin hunting on Sat--day. I'm sharpening my carving knife tonight.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:17:59 PDT 1997
Hmmm. Interesting idea. Highgate Cemetary in North London would be good for that. You could treat Karl Marx to a spot of swirling 'folk' music.

FROM: mooch <V@ngcouver>
DATE: Thu Oct 2 07:11:43 PDT 1997
..sorry about that nick page.I got It via my search engine "web weasel".It seems to be on its last legs .try the box' search A.T.N 'type Nick Drake it takes you, Moss is definitely a good choice It grows very big on one..conkers!!, we also played that .I used to wreck my fingers regularly on the way to school...Has enyone else noticed the "Donovany" sound of Nicks songs ?from Donovans Sunshine Superman/mellow yellow era? Mickey Most Production,young girl blues..etc..Cheers...

FROM: lynn
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:54:33 PDT 1997
No, I really haven't heard Moss Elixir yet. It's funny that t-tle though, because everytime I picture a Robyn Hitchc--k song I think of the color of moss. Actually, I picture a stagnant pond in the middle of the woods somewhere. Hey, a good way to get the fall spirit(or should I say, spirits) going is to take a picnic to a cemetery. Bring some music if you can, because those dead people sure do get tired of everyone crying over them all the time. Swirl with the leaves and eat pumpkin pie! Hitchc.ock's music repeatedly centers around death as merely life's backdoor, so play some for your dead gramps.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:42:42 PDT 1997
Oh, and an 's' missing in another part. Odd.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:40:54 PDT 1997
There was a superfluous 's' in that posting.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:38:57 PDT 1997
You and a friend (or enemy) get a conker each (you know what a conker is, right? Brown roundish hard fruit from a horse chestnut tree), bore a hole through said object and thread string or a shoelace through and tie a knot at the bottom. One person hold their conker on a string steady and the other person tries to do as much damages as possible to it with their own conker. Puerile, but fun. The first proper conker fight I've ever had and I won. Hooray.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:34:38 PDT 1997
sorry about the pavement, congratulations on the conker, and (again) nice work on the lyrical quiz.... but mr wax poses the question of the day: conker fight?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:32:19 PDT 1997

DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:17:35 PDT 1997
What's a conker fight?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 06:09:38 PDT 1997
Despite falling sideways onto the pavement half and hour ago, I am happy to report that Raining Twilight Coast is the track. Ouch. I won a conker fight this morning. What a day of mixed pleasures it's turning out to be.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 05:51:45 PDT 1997
mr wax: i a--ure you, NO ONE here is from texas. heh heh. Lynn: do as wax says.... buy Moss now. it is great work that can stand up to any of his best. nice work on the lyric, sleepy! got an easy one for ya: "...just one thing baby: you forgot my heart".

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Thu Oct 2 05:08:08 PDT 1997
I'm not getting much of any of this anymore. Good to see Lynn back. You've really not heard Moss Elixer? Buy it. Buy it now. Oh, I get it. I have to read more closely. First gulp of coffee is just now working it's way down. Never could get the hang of Thursdays. I just heard on the news that Texas executed their 30th prisoner of the year last night. Anyone here from Texas? I'm guessing no. I need more coffee. I'll be back.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 04:36:55 PDT 1997
Re: lyric:- Linctus House!!! Enfin. Mike H:- not enough, it seems...

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Thu Oct 2 04:32:13 PDT 1997
Sleepy: Thanks for that. Actually, do you ever sleep????

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 04:30:51 PDT 1997
Mike H - get Way To Blue first. It's an introduction and it's excellent.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Thu Oct 2 04:22:11 PDT 1997
Fake Plastic Trees: Yes, sadly that was me acting like a child, I was very, very drunk that night. I've never seen Radiohead perform but I hear they're excellent. Don't know much about Nick Drake at all. Can Anyone recommend some listening to me? In turn may I recommend the comedic works of the genius that is Bill Hicks, for those who don't know him. Please listen to his Relentless album, actually all his albums are great and The Absoloutley Bill Hicks Video is God.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 03:12:43 PDT 1997
Leonard Rossiter - you must be English... I can't get anything on Nick Drake using the address you state. Am I just being imcompetent?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Thu Oct 2 02:30:56 PDT 1997
Oh joy! It's The Man Who Invented Himself. Phew, got one. I didn't play Eye last night. Got caught up in a Nick Drake evening. What was the track? I'm going out tonight, so I can't find out! Well done, Joe! Janice...

FROM: Leonard Rossiter <Grot shop@Luton>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 21:21:32 PDT 1997
..Nick Drake ....

FROM: Evlis <congealed.coff>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 20:58:12 PDT 1997
,,the residents are great!!San Fran I believe..eye-balls in top hats I purchased vinyl'My way'..ages ago..before the..incident.... think you vermush..

FROM: lynn <>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 20:47:33 PDT 1997
Methinks a glum mood has washed aboard in dread of the coming" darkest time of year." Time to turn inward and search out those hiding places and nooks for all those thinks you thought you had lost. I, too, was sad to hear that some people from the Jody Grind died. I saw them open for Robyn in Philadelphia in 1990. They were amazing, and I really thought that the lead singer created beautiful landscapes with her voice and her lyrics. By the way, I wouldn't buy Respect as my first Robyn Hitchc--k album. The classic album of Hitchc--k's is really "I Often Dream of Trains". I also think that "Element of Light" is a good first Hitchc.ock album. Fegmania is a fun album, which is where "The Man With the Lightbulb Head" can be found.(Kevin, supper's ready) At least, I think its on that album. I personally haven't heard Moss Elixir yet? Any recommendations on that one? By the way, has anyone heard of The Residents? Any Hitchc.ock connection there?

FROM: Mossy Zinc
DATE: Wed Oct 1 20:21:15 PDT 1997
Hello Messangers! What's the subject?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 17:53:42 PDT 1997
elvis: respect is a fine album, but which other albums do you own? if it's your last $12, and you're trying to buy the ideal RH album, one might choose another. hey joe, i know that one too, but i won't give it away! heh heh. (myk is pleased with himself for passing another quiz)

FROM: EVLIS <@Greaseland>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 17:05:07 PDT 1997 Respect a good album?I'm thinking of getting it ,but would like to know what y'all thank.think you.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 16:42:11 PDT 1997
"When there's nothin in the future and theres nothin in the past, theres only this one moment and you've got to make it last" Anyone who doesn't know this song should be shot! I mean it! Fellas!

FROM: Viv <tapthroughamerica>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 16:09:07 PDT 1997
Have a good time all the time. Thats my philosophy Marty..

DATE: Wed Oct 1 16:07:16 PDT 1997
Oh! Its A Mystic Trip! Good one Sleepy! Incidentally they played "The Cars She Used To Drive" on CarTalk last week. Troubling I can tell you.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 16:05:57 PDT 1997
In Linctus House, in my flesh motel, I don't care anymore, no... Anyone know what that songs about? It always reminds me of the Doors "Hyacinth House". Don't know what thats about either. Anyone. Lucy put a bean in her nostril? That can't be Falling Leaves. Christ. Sounds like Decay? or Black. I think EYE is my favorite album. Either that or TRAINS. Or ELEMENT. Someone asked which album it was that had Element of Light writ on it but WASN'T Element? What's up with that?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 14:43:40 PDT 1997
heh heh.... fun with cars in tv shows! i got a true dumb tv car story: "America's Most Wanted" is one of the few US shows that is produced in Washington DC.... well, the roommate of a girl i know (years ago) was working production there, and they used my friend's car for a getaway reenactment! just think: i once drove a car that was a tv getaway car! yeah!!!

FROM: Kevin <off licence.Narobi>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 14:16:18 PDT 1997
...Father...? yes boy,....Where's Burma?...It's in the midlands,boy...In Warwickshire....Burma?..(correcting him):Birmingham...No,Burma,Father. There's no such place as Burma,boy... Its a country with jungles in, and mountains...Your Father has spoken,dear.......(from the hall):...Dinner....

FROM: Daisy Bomb
DATE: Wed Oct 1 13:55:39 PDT 1997
Certainly Clickot

DATE: Wed Oct 1 13:17:24 PDT 1997
As Homer Simpson said when he saw Maggie all made up in high heels and a c--ktail dress, "That's it, I'm outta here".

DATE: Wed Oct 1 12:21:06 PDT 1997
Mooch - Cool. I'll look for the 4-Runner in future episodes. Congrats on that purchase by the way. Thanks for the Perky Pat info as well. I love life, so I pull out the pin. Just came booming ito my head.

FROM: mooch
DATE: Wed Oct 1 12:07:41 PDT 1997 car (ex)..was in an x file shot: Parking lot,blue talon,...I got a dounut....didn't see Gillian...tho'..

FROM: mooch <v@ngcouver>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 12:00:52 PDT 1997
...Yeah Sleepy ..Its much like Britain in the' rain and green Dept'...(I lived in blighty for a while in '71 VERY interesting times!)..C.W...,C.D.usual head aches,taking my time..(our last perky pat gig was 13years ago!!)...the project is" Plastic flowers and fruit" released probably on Active Dog records('cause its my label)but we'll see..distribution:,perhaps zulu(gotta talk to Grant..)..indie..its turning into a long project..sigh...cheers..

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:44:55 PDT 1997

DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:32:02 PDT 1997
It's on Eye right?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:20:41 PDT 1997
poor ol' sleepy... well, it's quittin' time on the other side of the atlantic, and we just finished lunch here.... lucky british folks! i could home too, but the boss might not be receptive to the idea.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:11:12 PDT 1997
"Lucy put a bean in her nostril." Bye!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:03:52 PDT 1997
Oh, please, I'm so tired. I'm going home now (head bowed in shame). Robyn and Nick tonight. Delightful.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 10:00:52 PDT 1997
thumbs up on Gillian. Joe, i know that lyric well, but i won't give it away.... "i'm not the kind to push you around, but i don't want to make myself vulnerable.... and if i was on my knees you'd have a good view of my skull.... and i happen to know you're carrying a chisel..." c'mon, sleepy!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:54:38 PDT 1997
Have I missed the initial posting reporting the sad music theft? Commiserations CW. Bad people abound. Oh, that lyric is tickling my brain - it will be mine....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:48:09 PDT 1997
Joe - yes, I've got Way To Blue, but the vital hand is obscured by the CD t-tle. Bah. I'm sure it's a bloody crumpled tissue... So, er, Goldmine is a music magazine, right?... Kind offer. Of course, I'm not just stalling because I can't get the lyric (nervous cough)... CW - my friend saw Gillian Anderson at a Cake gig a few months back. All sexes agreed she was yummy.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:40:32 PDT 1997
It was just my turntable, with my beloved "Pink Floyd The Wall" sticker on the cover. Oh the wonderful tunes that machine played for me. Now I'm getting sad. Yes. I was moving in and put it down and it's an enclosed porch and everything. I walked down the street to the store and couldn't have been gone more than fifteen minutes and she was gone. Welcome to the new neighborhood I guess. Bastards.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:37:40 PDT 1997
"Should I say it with flowers or should I say it with nails?" Anyone recognize? Sleepy?

FROM: Joe <>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:36:12 PDT 1997
The cover of the Drake MOJO is also the cover of the Way to Blue compilation. One of the dudes at the shoot had a blanket, so Nick fittingly enough wrapped it around himself. Wish I had a copy as well - I read it in shop but DID NOT procure a copy. I have a good article on Drake from Goldmine. I can photo you a copy if you like. CW- someone pinched your stereo off of YOUR PORCH?! What, did they just stroll off with it. Myk - you're damn right in re EYE. You MUST own it, there is no choice in the matter.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:32:26 PDT 1997
Hey - Stepped out for a bite to eat. Thanks Myk. I appreciate it. I was in Seattle once. That doesn't really count does it? I was 18 months old so I don't remember much. Hey Mooch, the shoot the X Files there don't they? Mmm. Gillian Anderson.

DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:30:51 PDT 1997
Yeah, whatever happened to Lynn? Mam, England must be cool. Was thinking of going there to collect dole. Actually, more of a dole holiday - go to various countries in the EEC and see if they'd give me dole

DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:26:17 PDT 1997
Autumn is your last chance Sleepy

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 09:07:48 PDT 1997
CW - yes. Similar climates, vast difference in quality of coffee. Mooch - yes, I've been to Vancouver. It was very green and it rained very hard.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:57:34 PDT 1997
sleepy: nope, didn't see any shows when i was in england! i had a fine time, anyway. when i was in germany this past month, i met a backpacking artist from vancouver. nice guy, in a "canadian artist" sort of way. heh heh. i've never been to vancouver, but everyone i've met from there is awfully nice. sounds like a lively music/arts scene there too. cool. hey mr wax! if you need to score some cheap tix to the UK, let me know. i know a couple of good sources for wholesale tix!

DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:50:27 PDT 1997
Sorry. I was in a meeting eh. The Pacific North West and England have similar climates no? Rarely snows but rains a lot. I am now seriously thinking about going to England for some shows. Hey mooch, how goes the CD?

FROM: mooch <@majestic studio>
DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:34:53 PDT 1997
..White rabbits, white rabbits,Hello Oct. Hello all.Phil. K. d--k lived in Vancouver for a time just before he went back to Marin Calif.,to write Do androids dream of electric sheep?(which later became the film BLADE RUNNER ..)rain can do strange things to a mind, day in day out,and some of the scenes in blade runner are amazingly close to Vanc.(the oriental,rainy bits)..But its a rain forest,that's what you get.Any of you lot ever been here? Robyn recently said,"All the groovers are from Vancouver."..cheers..

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:26:04 PDT 1997
Myk - have you ever seen Robyn play in England before?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:19:27 PDT 1997
Oh, I'm bored and restless. Where's Chewing Wax? He has to be here somewhere.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 08:15:34 PDT 1997
Myk - yeah! And where are Decoy, lynn, mooch, oh and many others, whom I have forgotten...? Chewy?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 07:54:52 PDT 1997
sleepy: your suggestion to come to Britain is damn tempting, too. i can get a ticket from washington to london for just a few hundred dollars, but because i just started a new job, i don't have much time off amassed. damn.... well, maybe i'll just take a long weekend or something!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 07:35:35 PDT 1997
So where are votaic, pungo, dr redjeaves, joe, where, where?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 07:07:53 PDT 1997
Oh, bye. Where is everyone? Is anyone else secretly from Britain on here?! The sun's gone in. Come to Britain in the Autumn - see the leaves, drink the tea, see Robyn Hitchc--k play - you know you want to...

FROM: Fake Plastic Tree (3)
DATE: Wed Oct 1 06:56:48 PDT 1997
it's brilliant. I'm going back to Manchester now, see ya.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 06:51:27 PDT 1997
FPT - Radiohead album is grand isn't it? The Robyn Jazz Cafe gig sounded interesting?!

FROM: Fake Plastic Tree (2)
DATE: Wed Oct 1 06:34:35 PDT 1997
MH: if it wasn't you, I apologise! Did you see Radiohead at Brixton? I heard they were great.

FROM: Fake Plastic Tree
DATE: Wed Oct 1 06:25:56 PDT 1997
Mike Hell. Were you with that other guy running up and down the stairs behind the stage shouting and acting like a big kid? My British friends will be pleased that you are sorry for your childish behaviour that evening!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 05:52:48 PDT 1997
wow, that's quite a tribute concert planned.... with that lineup, it's a bit more tempting to head to NY! well, i'd have to think about it. by the way, october in washington isn't too thrilling until later in the month.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 05:04:04 PDT 1997
CW - yeah, spot on re: lyric. Special hoorah to Joe as well.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 05:01:31 PDT 1997
Oh, waaaghhh. The February issue of Mojo is sold out. Joe - please just tell me this. What does Nick Drake have in his hand on the cover? Is it a bloody tissue of some kind? It looks like it on the scaled down picture that I have. Mmm. Swirling leaves.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Wed Oct 1 04:42:09 PDT 1997
Alernity - Cars are evil, I hate them. Did you read the Radiohead interview in Q magazine? You should. Hmmmm,,,,,Robyns playing the Jazz Cafe? I'd be pretty brave if I turned up there. I was the one who ruined the gig last time he played there! Sorry. By the way, Anyone know any good Princess Di jokes?

DATE: Wed Oct 1 04:35:28 PDT 1997
Joe. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. A very special night of Nick Drake's music which will be happening in New York on Sat--day, November 8, at 8:00 pm. Entitled "Bryter Layter: The Muisc of Nick Drake", it will take place at St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn Heights (157 Montague Street). Performers include Richard Barone (ex-Bongos), Jackson Browne, Robyn Hitchc--k, Marshall Crenshaw, Syd Straw, Susan Cowsill, and others, backed by an all-star band and strings. The concert will also be recorded for later broadcast on radio station WFUV F M in N.Y.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Oct 1 04:29:53 PDT 1997
Ah October. A singular month. It's a kind of tour de force morning here in Buffalo. A chill in the air, huge block-like clouds obscuring the Sunrise. Still, the kind of morning that makes you glad to be alive. The official start to pumpkin hunting season. I think that it's hunting when you go out into the wild and stalk the little buggers in a patch. When you go to the store and they are all just sitting there in a bin, then it's shopping. Hunting is much more sporting. I hate it when they scream as you scoop out all the pulp and seeds. Still, it's tradition. I don't know about other cities, but in Buffalo, all the Halloween decorations come out on October 1st. But what of Robyn? Joe is confusing me. He's playing at the tribute, but is Robyn? I'll go surfing for Nick Drake information. So Sleepy, am I right? The song is Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl, but the reason he can't tell right from wrong is because he's been on his own so long. Ha. I run rings around Joe logically.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 04:29:41 PDT 1997
This is perfect "I Often Dream of Trains" weather, or perhaps a spot of Nick Drake. Sadly, at this point in time, I have access to neither.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 03:17:37 PDT 1997
It's the most beautiful day here in London today. The leaves are all catching the light as they flutter down from the trees. Sigh...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Oct 1 03:04:56 PDT 1997
Ahh. October.

FROM: Capt.Puget <exxonvaldez@mir>
DATE: Tue Sep 30 14:46:17 PDT 1997
yikes!!!i go away to join hup to navy and dis happons..??.

FROM: Sick of your bulls--t!
DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:40:20 PDT 1997
Ooh! f--k me! f--k me up the a--!

DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:39:15 PDT 1997
I'm off. Yes Joe. Without you, I'd never have remembered the lyric. Well done my lad. I tend to agree. I Often Dream of Trains is good. I'm off to listen to it now.

FROM: Robyn <hedoesn'texistanymore>
DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:37:55 PDT 1997
There are no jokes in the bible Keith and its a crying shame Mister - haven't you cried enough. That ultra unbelievable love

FROM: Robyn
DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:36:44 PDT 1997
Kevin - suppers ready!

DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:33:27 PDT 1997
The song IS "Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl" Lyrics as follows: "Been on my own so long I can't tell right from wrong. Blood red bats - give me fever. Pulverize this passion with a blood red kiss!" (whats up with that? lyrical analysis anyone?) Silly people.. What HAS become of SOYB? He is conspicuous in his absence I feel. Like Robyn actually. CW, I hope to be playing at this tribute, so if there is none I'm going to feel very silly, standing about a church on my own with my acoustic guitar don't ya know? I heard about it on the NICK DRAKE page, actually. Set for November 8th in Brooklyn Heights, which actually isn't in Brooklyn, but the people there pretend Peace all.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 13:18:50 PDT 1997
another strange day here in the netherworld. well, that's ok. i enjoyed it, despite myself.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 12:53:27 PDT 1997
Ah, but that wasn't the question. Been on my own so long I can't tell right from wrong. Squelching awful.

FROM: Richard M. Nixon
DATE: Tue Sep 30 12:34:35 PDT 1997
Frank, Joe, SOYB, whatever. Whats' in a name?

FROM: Frank Zappa
DATE: Tue Sep 30 12:19:07 PDT 1997
Music is the best

DATE: Tue Sep 30 12:18:02 PDT 1997
"Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl" don't you know? Partial credit there, for it IS on I often dream of trains. Ah, what an album. Robyn's white album. What more do you need? Respect? I don't think so.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 11:55:13 PDT 1997
darn that sleepy for leavin' us hangin'. yeah, swinging through the south of england up to midlands, catching robyn shows and drinking too much with the chill of winter coming... that would be something akin to heaven, really.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 11:52:47 PDT 1997
mr wax: i'm sure you've seen this site, and it has likely been mentioned here, but if it hasn't, go to this swedish website for a great collection of nick drake material: has all sorts of info and linked articles, etc.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 10:20:48 PDT 1997
Myk, I think Sleepy's left for the day, keeping us in the dark. I know it's close to "My Favorite Buildings" on the album, but I just can't load the words. Yes. Wouldn't that be a blast for a vacation? Touring about with Robyn in England. Ah.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 10:15:31 PDT 1997
mr wax: i'm honored that you look to me for the answer, but i'm quite stumped. i spend more time stumped than i care to let on. i once saw genesis back in '85.... ugh, it was a stadium show with miserable sound, but i was young and didn't know better. as for those RH shows, it sure is tempting to head across the water for those.... tix to the UK shouldn't be much that time of year, right?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 09:39:24 PDT 1997

DATE: Tue Sep 30 09:26:52 PDT 1997
My Infoseek search for you revealed this :"Brittle Days: A Tribute to Nick Drake," a 1992 tribute album on the Imaginary Records label. A spotty collection (like most tributes), by a pretty obscure group of artists (the best known probably being Clive Gregson).

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 09:21:48 PDT 1997
What is "Brittle Days"? Does anyone know? Is this a tribute album or something?

DATE: Tue Sep 30 09:07:45 PDT 1997
Thanks Sleepy. All those December gigs. I'm jealous as usual.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:53:54 PDT 1997
The Fruit Tree box set contains Nick's four albums and a booklet and is wonderful.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:46:43 PDT 1997
What's all this about Fruit tree box. I know I missed it earlier. Someone fill me in. Sorry. Little tiny peices of the song are filtering in .

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:23:29 PDT 1997
CW - yes it is on "I often dream of trains"!

FROM: mooch <glub@splash>
DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:20:17 PDT 1997
..Hello all,..I recieved my Fruit tree box yesterday,great music..(Great shame about Nick..)I also bought a new car(4runner ltd)I'll try not to kill anyone with it.back to the studio for me ...rainy day, autumn coming down on Vancouver,in short jerky movements..cheers..

DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:18:43 PDT 1997
Just a note, according to the fegMANIAX page, these are Robyn's upcoming gigs. 20 November - Jazz Cafe, London 1 December - Concorde, Brighton 3 December - Joiners, Southampton 4 December - The Boat Race, Cambridge 5 December - The Point, Oxford 6 December - Princess Charlotte, Leicester No mention of any Nick Drake tribute on November 8th, increasing my deep suspicion that Joe is having us on. Still computing. Myk will get it.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:10:20 PDT 1997
Is it on "I Often Dream of Trains"? My brain hurts.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 08:01:08 PDT 1997
Now for something cheery and fun (?) Tell me why "I can't tell right from wrong"?

DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:58:54 PDT 1997
Decoy won tickets to a Phil Collins concert back in 1982. We left half way through it. No wait, it was a Genesis concert. Just wasn't in the mood to lose my hearing for it that night. Can't recall anyone talking though.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:53:11 PDT 1997
Alternity - I prefer trains myself. Although of course there's no guarantee of safety there either. It's a scary old world.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:46:06 PDT 1997
Myk - yes, that sounds feasible. It also has to do with the music genre as well, I suppose. Out of the equally pricey concerts of Oasis and Phil Collins, I bet I know who'd have the quieter audience - even if both were playing at 130 decibels.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:20:28 PDT 1997
yeah, sleepy, there's a direct correlation between cost of the show and chattiness during the show, i've found. one should also figure into that equation the volume level, which can negate the problem. simply put, people will chat through shows they didn't pay much for. this doesn't always hold true, but it has for me.

FROM: alternity
DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:19:08 PDT 1997
I am glad you mendtioned that Sleepy!! I must say people that talk during performances really annoy me. And one more note about cars (I know this is off the subject)people never blame cars for all the greif they cause..I mean I know people ultimately are responsible for their cars..we forget how deadly they are. No one admits that cars are dangerous.People would like blame the photographers for Lady Di's death..and it is the Car crash that killed them.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 07:11:58 PDT 1997
So was all that breeze due to Chewing Wax blowing the candles out on his birthday cake? Tee, hee. (Yes, I know that was lame, but I'm tired...)

FROM: Decoy <@@@@>
DATE: Tue Sep 30 06:57:35 PDT 1997
I liked the Jody Grind at that show, that's too bad. I didn't buy any albums, though, 'guess it hardly matters. We never go to Nietzsche's anymore. Oh, one does not go pumkin shopping, by the way ... the term is "Pumpkin Hunting." Its a perfect day for it. In Rochester we have blown down powerlines, burst gas mains, people without heat or electricity, and a general damp feeling about the feet. Well, everything except the burst gas mains part. Anyway, I'm off to a business trip in one hour - won't be back until Thursday ... don't give me too much back reading to do.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 06:55:26 PDT 1997
I saw the Fountains of Wayne last night. They were very good even though the audience once more continued to talk their way through the gig. Do you find that happens much at concerts you go to? It's driving me crazy.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 06:35:08 PDT 1997
that's very sad news about the jody grind. cars really are dangerous, though we feel we can't live without them. oh well. i have nothing useful to report, except that i bought the latest Love and Rockets album a couple of days ago. "Sweet F.A." it's quite good, especially if you dig their classic "Express". for those of you annoyed that i could mention musicians not at all affiliated with RH, i'm terribly sorry.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 06:04:23 PDT 1997
Yeah, I thought it seemed a little too soon for alcohol!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 06:02:13 PDT 1997
CW - sorry about that. I just thought you should know. It shocked me too. The singer (Kelly) and the guitarist survived, I believe and the last I heard was that Kelly was performing in and around her home town. They had two albums, by the way.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:57:06 PDT 1997
The weather Isn't helping. I meant the bar is a block and a half from where I sit now. Not a block and a half from where I sit at the bar. More coffee.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:55:00 PDT 1997
Oh Sleepy, that's horrible news. Not the beautiful lead singer I hope? Not that I want any of them to be dead. A friend of mine has one of their albums. Probably their only album. No. I saw them right here in Buffalo. Actually, a block and a half away from where I sit at a bar called Nietzsche's. Well, you've put me in a melancholy mood. The weather is helping either.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:43:38 PDT 1997
CW - did you see Robyn at Tramps in New York? Or somewhere else?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:39:33 PDT 1997
I saw Robyn do some shows with The Jody Grind. They were excellent. Unfortunately I found out a year later that two of them had died in a road accident coming back from a gig. Very sad indeed.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:20:44 PDT 1997
What was the Glass Flesh tribute album again? It sounds familiar but I can't quite place it.

DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:19:26 PDT 1997
Mike, please share yor insights with us. Thank you.

FROM: Mike Hell
DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:05:00 PDT 1997
Sorry to break up the party and talk about Robyn H, but did anyone actually buy the Glass Flesh tribute CD and was it any good? Good to see some people enjoying the new Sundays album, I think its pretty good too. Just in case you're interested I do recommend the last Morrissey album and the new Verve one too. But then, I like Prodigy and Ash so what do I know!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 30 05:03:30 PDT 1997
DRINK you under the table. Robyn did not write The Philosopher's Song. Ah. I'm alive. Windy night here in Buffalo. Seventy mile per hour gusts they say. Trees lie scattered , neh strewn about the place. It's El Nino with the squiggly bit above the "n". Mighty early in the year for such a storm. I have to go pumpkin shopping tomorrow. Did I mention I got a jack-o-lantern carved by Robyn in 1991? I froze the bit wth his autograph but it vanished when I moved. I think I mentioned this already, archives ago. October 14, 1991. Six years ago? Wow. A band called The Jody Grind opened for him. They were a lot of fun. Anyone heard of them?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 19:39:28 PDT 1997
it seemed reasonable at the time! heh heh.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 19:37:54 PDT 1997
...I need your beers in my refrigerator, your pot in my bong. (Myk Murphy, 1997)

DATE: Mon Sep 29 15:35:50 PDT 1997
...I need your kisses upon my lips, your love in my soul. (Juliette Drouet, 1835)

DATE: Mon Sep 29 13:51:34 PDT 1997
Emmanuel Kant was a real p--sant who was very rarely stable Heidiger Heidigger was a boozy beggar who could think you under the table What a strange person!

FROM: The Face of Death
DATE: Mon Sep 29 12:16:08 PDT 1997
I wrecked my car once traveling to see Robyn and somehow emerged without a scratch.NO WAY am I traveling some 600 miles to see him NY.He hasn't been in my home town since 85. bbhhoo -waaaaa. There I feel better.

DATE: Mon Sep 29 11:54:15 PDT 1997
Decoy. You drank all the bourbon? That was my bourbon. I want my bourbon. What a wonderful time of year. Monday Night Football. Baseball playoffs start tomorrow. Hockey starts on Wednesday. No basketball to be found. The leaves are turning. The Sun sets at four o'clock. Hey Decoy, what say you and me road trip to The City for that November 8th show. What would be the chances of us surviving? The things we used to do. I don't know who we're still alive. Are there tickets Joe or is it invitation only? You are the only one who seems to know anything about it. That scares me.

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 11:29:43 PDT 1997
I've already applied sufficient guilt to CW for being sick on his birhtday and not coming to the party I was throwing him (I taught him a lesson by drinking all the Bourbon myself) so I won't mention it. Happy birthday, Chewing Wax! I think I was at CW's brother's place near Marble Arch in '87. Is that the one with the really long escalator?

FROM: Grimshaw
DATE: Mon Sep 29 10:26:25 PDT 1997
Yes. I'm afraid was there as well, lurking in the shadows.

FROM: katies crazy landlady <basement>
DATE: Mon Sep 29 10:22:47 PDT 1997
...Cavendish road,..Kilburn High street..1971..(its all coming back now)...thank you doctor,I feel" much" better..

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:51:12 PDT 1997
CW - The Beehive sounds nice. I don't know that area very well, but I'm sure the pub still exists. The British are loathe to let their pubs disappear. Continue to have a fine birthday. I'm off to see the Fountains of Wayne now. I'm looking forward to November 18 - thanks for that Joe. Byeeee.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:47:31 PDT 1997
I get the bus!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:31:14 PDT 1997
sorry, mr wax and sleepy, i'm a little tired (dare i say "sleepy") today, so i am prone to mistakes like this. cool to hear you toil nearby to that very same point in London, sleepy. what underground stop are you? don't worry, no solicitors will visit. heh heh.

DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:19:03 PDT 1997
Sleepy - I'm sure you can get hold of February's back issue with Nick. Might cost you a bit for post. Yes, Static is good. I think I'll like it very much, like Blind or their first album. Yes, isn't Black Dog terrifying? Some of that stuff scares the f--k out of ya, especially those later tracks. Why leave me hanging on a star... The Drake bio is due out Nov18th. Its by the same person who wrote the (quite)good article in MOJO. And one day I could have a fifty inch waist...Oh, Robyn. Isn't live where hes the best. What a musician! What a dude!

DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:18:49 PDT 1997
Sleepy - I'm sure you can get hold of February's back issue with Nick. Might cost you a bit for post. Yes, Static is good. I think I'll like it very much, like Blind or their first album. Yes, isn't Black Dog terrifying? Some of that stuff scares the f--k out of ya, especially those later tracks. Why leave me hanging on a star... The Drake bio is due out Nov18th. Its by the same person who wrote the (quite)good article in MOJO. And one day I could have a fifty inch waist...Ah, Robyn. Isn't live where hes the best. What a musician! What a dude!

DATE: Mon Sep 29 09:02:40 PDT 1997
I was awfully fond of a tiny pub called The Beehive, right around the corner from my brothers apartment on the corner of Bryanston Place and Seymour Place. Is that right? It's been a while.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:59:31 PDT 1997
Myk, That was Sleepy wanting your excuse. I understand completely. New York is to large for me. If my musical friend in Boston would finally move there like he keeps saying he's going to, then I could stay with him. Check out

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:58:43 PDT 1997
Woah. Elephant and Castle is but 15 minutes from where I currently languish.

FROM: myk murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:49:20 PDT 1997
generally, mr wax, i don't go to NYC without a damn good reason or a note from my doctor permitting that sort of activity. interesting discussion about the "subways" and the "underground". yeah, i was expecting more from the subway at Elephant & Castle, but it simply was a walkway to the other side of a rather large intersection. perhaps a nice little tram could be installed, or chauffered golfcarts. yeah, that would be cool.

DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:26:52 PDT 1997
Ah, I could go for a nice tin of sardines right about now. Thanks for all the kind bd wishes everyone. It's very nice of you. Where is Voltaic? Has he forsaken us after his little chat didn't work out?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:21:26 PDT 1997
Sigh. Alone and pointless...

FROM: mooch <v@ncouver>
DATE: Mon Sep 29 08:14:44 PDT 1997
...A happy birthday to you,mr.wax..(this is also my mothers birthday..)What the hell can that mean??..anyway have fun!..CHEERS....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 07:19:06 PDT 1997
That last bit should read "it IS really". Obviously the need to attend lessons to correct lousy typing is my excuse for not going...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 07:16:44 PDT 1997
Hey Myk. Where are you? I want a written report from everybody in America as to why they will not be attending the Nick Drake tribute show. Having no money, no accommodation and knowing no-one in the area is just not good enough... Well actually, is it really. .

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 07:11:50 PDT 1997
So, will you be playing lots of Robyn tracks at your party?? I a--ume that this time tomorrow you will be horribly hungover and will remember nothing of tonight's events. I think that "I often dream of trains" would be a good album for you to listen to then. Works well after too much alcohol.

DATE: Mon Sep 29 06:35:46 PDT 1997
Both. I meant both. It get's confusing, cause we call our Underground the subway and subways don't really exist. Not in Buffalo. There's barely any traffic in Buffalo. No need to toss clods of dirt here.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 06:12:33 PDT 1997
The Underground is indeed magnificent. Or did you mean subway? Or did you have to get on the tube to get somewhere else? Is your rising sign Capricorn?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 06:10:42 PDT 1997
I don't think rifles are involved. Probably clods of mud are though.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 29 06:06:47 PDT 1997
When I was in London some years back, I had to cross the street by Marble Arch and I couldn't. There was no way to cross. That's when I discovered Undergrounds.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 06:00:32 PDT 1997
Potential London riot update:- Not the dockers, but Reclaim The Streets - anti-traffic mob. I can almost hear it raining.

DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:59:16 PDT 1997
Yummy. What is going on there? Crazed dock workers on the roofs with rifles? Is it safe? Did you risk your life for bad desert?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:55:44 PDT 1997
Yuk. Large nauseating rock solid chocolate dessert. Much regret.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:40:48 PDT 1997
Happy Birthday waxy one. A libran. Hmmm. Fair and well-balanced. Charm personfied. Would this be an accurate description of your fine self? We've got a mini riot-type scenario happening in London at the moment. Police cars everywhere. Helicopters. General look of apathy on peoples' faces... Something to do with dockers on roofs. I'm off to get chocolate or a million spratts in conical hats.

FROM: Homer <>
DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:31:57 PDT 1997
Liverpool started brightly with Berger attempting a long-range shot, but it was the Hammers who opened a shock lead against the run of play - a Berkovic shot against the post rebounded to Hartson, who had the easy task of slotting home his fifth goal of the season. This spurred on West Ham, but by half-time they only had a rasping Andy Impey drive (tipped over James) to show for their efforts. In the second half, Liverpool came to life and, for a sweet 20 minutes or so, threatened to engulf West Ham with their attacking play. Fowler equalised with a superb goal taken on the volley from a defensive clearance and nearly gave Liverpool the lead when a cross-c-m-shot grazed the bar. However, it wasn't to be Liverpool's day and as Robyn Hitchc--k stared on in horror, West Ham scored the winner thanks to a Iain Dowie header to Berkovic who slammed in a low shot past James. Tomorrow is CELTIC (UEFA Cup First Round Second Leg) - Live on BBC1 at 8.05pm I'll be there. You'll Never Walk Alone

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:19:25 PDT 1997
a fine monday morning it is! happy birthday to our dear mr wax. oh, how you've grown! heh heh. well, one's thoughts do wander before the coffee can have its full effect, yes? well, it's his birthday, so we'll overlook this. as for me, i will not be attending the tribute show nov 8.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 29 05:11:41 PDT 1997
Morning. Monday. Not to mention, it's my birthday. Happy days for me. Robyn is not going to play at my party. I wonder if he does weddings. That would be good. My Wife and My Dead Wife for the traditional first dance. I have the theme song for The Little Rascals in my head. That's all right. There is actually no reason I couldn't be at that tribute on November 8th. I'd need a place to stay. Hmm. I need confirmation of its existence before I set out on the 400 mile trip. Speaking of Nick Drake, I picked up Five Leaves Left. My neighborhood store had his work all along. It was in the Folk section. I liked the album immediately and wish to own more. It reminded me of Rick Wrights work with early post-Syd Pink Floyd. It's awfully quiet here. Did you know that android could hum like Pink Floyd? What else can you do? Rock and Roll? Something like that.