FROM: Chronology
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:12:30 PST 1998
{1863 Jamblat Watashee Hitchc--k marries Hanna Prewett. 1903 Sugarbeet Hitchc--k marries Julia Cicely Trains. 1915 Marius Stretton Hitchc--k drowned in a breathing accident.} 1922 Birth of Raymond Hitchc--k, cartoonist, futurist and offbeat science-fiction writer. {1927 Giant Squid claims the life of Cynthia Mabel Prewett off Dawlish Warren. 1944 Raymond Hitchc--k wounded in Normandy. 1953 Robyn Hitchc--k born safely in London.} March 3, 1953 Robyn is born to parents Joyce and Raymond Hitchc--k in West London, where he subsequently attends an all-male boarding school. {1954 Morris Windsor born mainly in Croydon. (March 3) 1956 Andy Metcalfe born suddenly in Bristol. I see a dead chicken for the first time. 1963 "From Me To You" is the Beatles Second Number One. Kennedy a--assinated. I fall disastrously in love with Sandra Kenrich. 1965 "Mr. Tambourine Man" Number One in July. Still thinkin' 'bout Sandra Kenrich} 1965. When his attempts to build a time machine are met with failure, twelve-year-old Robyn becomes disillusioned. {1967 Get my first guitar. (Tim Keegan born this same week. -radio int.) June 1967 "All You Need Is Love" goes Number One. Sept. 1967 I learn how to tune my guitar. Aug. 1968 Russia invades Czechoslovakia. I fall in love with Eileen Dibney. July 1970 Surprise return of Tory government in U.K. Syd Barrett records his last LP. I write my first song "Baby" with schoolfriend Martin Mayer. Sept. 1971 First solo song--"Chug A Lug" (Just singin' bout my petrol) (Glen Uber asks, was this an RH composition or the Roger Miller song? -bc) Feb. 1972 First public appearance in folk club with Richard K. West, now living in L.A. (Died November 1993 -RH) Aug. 1972 I form the Beatles with Martin and others. We play seven gigs in two years. 1973 Martin double barrels his name--he is now a lawyer--the Beatles split. Martin and I still lunch occasionally.} [Monday, December 31, 1973 (p. 9) The Symptoms are playing their last-ever gig. Tonight's farewell show is opening up for Chilli Will & The Red Hot Peppers (Phil "Snakefinger" Lithman's band) at the London, British Council. They've been playing together for about two years under various names. For a while they were The Plums, their drummer Patrick "Patch" Fisher had them appear as "Patchwork Quilt" once, their drummer Simon suggested "Four Ascetic Young Gentlemen," and their bassist Martin Stanway-Mayers came up with the Symptoms. The only problem is that at their farewell appearance their name is spelled incorrectly as the "Symptons." The guitarist/vocalist Robyn Hitchc--k will later front the influential band the Soft Boys and later have a solo career of some repute in the '80s and '90s.] (RH corrects "ascetic" as "aesthetic" but I believe him to be mistaken in this-- "Ascetic" means austere, often referring to choosing a lifestyle devoid of pleasure. -bc) {1974 Move to Cambridge and play folk clubs for two years.} ca. 1975 Maisie is born. {1975 See Andy and Morris. {1976 Speak to Andy and Morris. Form the Soft Boys (initially Dennis and the Experts)} 1975-76. RH plays every weekend at the Portland Arms Folk Club, where he meets bluegrass guitarist Andy Metcalfe, and is introduced to Morris Windsor by James "The Great One" Smith. Rob Lamb temporarily (he thinks) loans Robyn his band, "Dennis and the Experts". [Wednesday, October 13, 1976 (p. 38) Robyn Hitchc--k finds himself fronting a band called Dennis & The Experts. Robyn himself is cast in the lead role as "Dennis," while the "Experts" are Ron (sic) Lamb, Andy Metcalf (sic) and Maurice (sic) Windsor. They play a few originals of Robyn's and some covers by artists like Little Feat, Steely Dan (these 2 crossed out by RH) and select bits of David Bowie. While punk is screaming on in London, Robyn is stuck in Cambridge playing what he later described as "sedate hippy gibberish." The group would only be a brief stopping place on the way to becoming the Soft Boys, with quite a different style.] (I got yelled at by RH for the butchering of Rob, Andy and Morris' names above, spelled as they are in The Punk Diary. Sorry Robyn. -bc) [Sat--day, November 27, 1976 (p. 41) Robyn Hitchc--k announced to the crowd on-stage tonight in Cambridge "We're the Soft Boys." It's a new direction for the group that was only hours ago calling itself Dennis & The Experts. The new name comes from the t-tle of a song that Robyn recently made up in rehearsal called "Give It To The Soft Boys." Rob Lamb left the group when he felt the band was getting to be too scrappy. The Soft Boys are Robyn Hitchc--k on lead vocals and guitar, Maurice Windsor on drums, Andy Metcalf (sic) on bass and new guitarist Alan "Wangbo" Davies, who takes departing Rob's place. Why the name the Soft Boys? Robyn explains, "I'd had this concept of this thing called the Soft Boys, like a William Burroughs amalgam. Soft Machine and the Wild Boys. The implications were kind of homo-erotic and seedy, kind of crawling, bloodless, colorless things that crawled around like filleted human jellyfish around the corridors of power. Soft Boys controlled things but they had no spine. Basically insidious people and basically that's what we were." (They played that night, billed as Dennis & The Experts, at Cambridge, Polytechnic.)] March, 1977. Demo tape recorded in Robyn's living room. Later that year, the "Give it to the Soft Boys" EP is released on Raw records. Kimberly Rew replaces Wang Bo on guitar, making the band's sound significantly louder and harder. Radar Records signs The Soft Boys and they go into the studio for the "Legendary Radar Sessions," but the only release is "I Want to be an Anglepoise Lamp." Several tracks show up later on Invisible Hits. For the next two years or so, the band continues to play to enthusiastic audiences, (..Only in Cambridge! -RH) with notable shows at the Portland Arms (acoustic) and Lady Mitchell Hall (electric). [Monday, October 10, 1977 (p. 88) The Soft Boys, a Cambridge-based band, have their debut EP released on Raw Records. The Soft Boys were formed out of the convergence of Andy Metcalfe and Robyn Hitchc--k when Andy (No! That was Rob Lamb -RH) auditioned Robyn for a position as vocalist in a white soul combo that became Dennis & The Experts back in 1976. The band then reformed with Kimberly Rew brought in on guitar and Morris Windsor on drums. A song that Robyn wrote called "Give It To The Soft Boys" gave the band their name. Their EP has the tracks "Wading Through a Ventilator," "The Face of Death," and "Hear My Brane." All of the songs are Soft Boys originals. The other tracks from the sessions, "The Yodelling Hoover," "Vyra Knowl Is A Headbanger," and "Give It To The Soft Boys" are all left unissued until 1984.] (Order of guitarists: 1. Rob Lamb 2. Alan Davies "Wang Bo" 3. Kimberley Rew --RH) {1977-1981 The Soft Boys land on the wrong planet. Record Wading Through A Ventilator. In '78 record their first LP, A Can Of Bees with a new member, Kimberley Rew, who would later join Katrina and the Waves. Refusal to cut hair, fake working class accents or devise an image, insured zilch interest outside Cambridge and New York.} [Friday, May 26, 1978 (p. 129) Soft Boys have their second 45 "(I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp" released by Radar Records. It's backed with "Fat Man's Son," both Robyn Hitchc--k compositions. The Cambridge-based group is lead singer Robyn Hitchc--k, along with Andy Metcalf (sic), Morris Windsor, Jim Melton, and Kimberly Rew. Hitchc--k has been in bands for many years. (The Soft Boys played in London at The Nashville with Solid Waste that night.)] Aug-Nov, 1978. _A Can of Bees_ sessions take place in Spaceward Studios, the basement of 19 Clarendon Street, Cambridge. Additional personnel include Jim Melton on percussion, vocals and harmonica, and Gerry Hale on Violin. Engineer: Mike Kemp. Working t-tle: Heat Me Up, and Tell Me You're Happy. For more information (and disinformation), see the CoB liner notes. Robyn later remarked that the highly polished, almost shellac-ed, sound of the CoB songs was due to over-practicing. [Sunday, February 4, 1979 (p. 169) The Soft Boys have left Radar Records on the eve of the release of their debut album when Radar decided that the recording for "The Day They Ate Brick" was too bad to release. Their single "Anglepoise Lamp" was out last May, but their album will have to wait until they get their own record company, Two Crabs Music, together next month.] [Tuesday, April 24, 1979 (p. 185) The Soft Boys celebrate the release of 2,500 copies of their debut album "A Can Of Bees." it's a collection of eight studio tracks and three live recordings. Robyn Hitchc--k has written a group of unlikely t-tles, such as "Leppo and The Jooves," "Sandra's Having Her Brain Out," "The Rat's Prayer," "Do The Chisel," "and "The Pigworker." The live tracks include a cover of Lennon's "Cold Turkey." The album is a re-recorded version of the album rejected by Radar a few months ago. Before settling on a "Can Of Bees" The LP was briefly called "Heat Me Up, And Tell Me You're Happy." A major tour follows today's release. (They played the Moonlight Club in London with La Starza that night.)] April, 1979. After further studio sessions (released on Invisible Hits in 1983) Andy decides to leave the band. Matthew Seligman replaces him on bass, and the band's sound changes once again, leaning more towards the pop side of the spectrum. July 79. Soft Boys played The Nashville pub, Kensington, London supported by Bruce Woolley and his band. There were 5 or 6 Soft Boys on stage including Robyn, Andy Metcalfe, Morris and Kimberley but not Matthew Seligman even though he had officially joined by then. The Nashville is now just a pub and has since been renamed The Three Kings. (Robyn and Morris played the Three Kings sometime circa 1994. I hear it's really small. -bc) [Friday, September 7, 1979 (p. 219) The Soft Boys debut their new line-up. Bassist Andy Metcalfe left to join Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators, eventually joining Squeeze. He is replaced by ex-Bruce Wooley (sic) Band member Matthew Seligman. Drummer Jim Melton left to start his own band and is having his duties heaped on drummer Morris Windsor. The Soft Boys are again a four-piece group. (They played the Rock Garden in London with Scissors Fit (sic) that night.)] Late 79/early 1980 the Soft Boys played at London's Rock Garden in Covent Garden. They were supported by "The Scissor Fits" - a fun loving punk band. [I feel "Scissors Fit" is a misspelling] The Rock Garden is still there. Other popular London venues for The Soft Boys in the late 70's included The Roundhouse in Camden, London; and The Greyhound, Fulham, London. Mid 1980. The classic Underwater Moonlight is recorded for less than 600 quid, released on Armageddon, and it's off to America for a series of shows in New York. (Underwater Moonlight working t-tle: "That's My Fish You're Holding.") 1981. The Soft Boys record their final tracks, "Only the Stones Remain" and "The Bells of Rhymney" and these are combined with tracks from the 1977 Hope & Anchor show to make Two Halves for the Price of One, also on Armageddon. Robyn cites Andy's absence as a key reason for the breakup; "After he left, it was more just a band playing my songs." With Matthew's a--istance, Robyn begins work on his solo LPs, Black Snake Diamond Role released in 1981, and Groovy Decay, released the next year. Easter 1980 or 81. Soft Boys play at The Moonlight Club, West Hendon, London. One stoned/drunk adoring female fan strips topless, leaves the audience, gets up on stage and writhes kneeling in front of Robyn's feet for several songs. Robyn and SB's ignore her and carry on playing. Eventually she is pulled off by bouncers. The club still exists but is now just a pub and has been renamed many times since then. April 81. A month after the SB's split Robyn appeared at the Hope & Anchor, Islington, London with a full band including someone on trumpet, someone (Seligman? -bc) on keyboards and Morris on drums. I remember hearing "Brenda's Iron Sledge" and "Acid Bird". July 9th 1981. Robyn plays at "The Venue", Victoria, London. This was a solo performance with lots of dancing girls hired to dance on stage in fish costumes. The girls were part of the act, all had the same costume and danced very well in time to the music! There was an elaborate stage set as well - fish were very much in evidence! "The Venue" has since been converted into a Garfunkel's. {1981-82 Two Solo LP's (Black Snake Diamond Role, Groovy Decay) gain no new ground. Rock world in the grip of synthetic, technological image conscious music. I can't get my quiff together. Drop out, I write, including lyrics for Captain Sensible, who keeps me going spiritually and financially. Fab new album out from the captain soon. Peter Buck finds Soft Boys LP in record shop in Athens.} 1983. Invisible Hits is released, with a mail-in offer for Live at the Portland Arms. 1984 Meet Peter Buck in cat protection agency in North London. {1984 Return to recording and release I Often Dream Of Trains in September. Form Egyptians with Andy and Morris and Otis Horns Fletcher (old school friend) and Roger Jackson. First gig in two and a half years.} 1984. Robyn enters the studio alone and records I Often Dream of Trains, widely regarded as one of his greatest achievements, on a Fostex 4-track recorder in two days' time. (No! That was the demo. The album was on 16 x 24 track. Took about a week. -RH) The Soft Boys' first EP is re-released in England as Wading Through a Ventilator. Robyn: "I heard that and it just suddenly seemed to me that we had been extremely good, but somehow we'd got lost along the way... it made me think that getting back together with Andy and Morris might be a good day's rehearsal and, bang! it was really fresh all over again." Thus was born Robyn Hitchc--k and the Egyptians. {1985 Release Fegmania! (first U.S. album). Discover the sparkling joys of America. Collapse in San Francisco after operation. Limp on to Texas and give up. Everybody wept. Failed to support R.E.M. as a consequence.} 1985. Fegmania! is released. The Egyptians tour Europe and the U.S. with keyboardist Roger Jackson. A concert from this tour (April 29, 1985 at the Marquee) is offered as Gotta Let This Hen Out!. Groovy Decay is remixed, re-arranged and re-issued with a different cover as Groovy Decoy. {1986-87 Continue to tour U.S. with increasing success and sign to A&M. Element of Light tops college charts etc....Fail to support R.E.M. due to bad money from promoters.} 1986. Element of Light, another common favorite, is released, as is the Invisible Hitchc--k compilation. Most of the back catalog is pressed on CD and cassette, though available in the US only on imports. 1987. Robyn stops eating chicken. {1988 Release Globe of Frogs. See second dead chicken--sell quite a lot. Work incognito in record shop in San Francisco for three weeks in the summer. Fired for incompetence. Record Queen Elvis in London. Gear up for U.S. tour with R.E.M.} 1989. Queen Elvis is released on A&M. "Madonna of the Wasps" gets some radio exposure. At the time, Robyn dislikes the tightness of having to record by committee, but later seems quite fond of the album. May 1989. Robyn puts in a strange, mentally disturbed solo performance at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Soho, London. He spends most of the gig running around on stage trying to get away from his own shadow. 1989-1990. Robyn takes a break from his bandmates, A&M, and production values, and Eye is released on Twin/Tone Records, supported with a 62-gig solo tour during which he traveled the country with just Cynthia and his guitar. (he also played piano at some shows. I believe this tour began and ended at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. -bc) The simplicity and elegance of Eye earn it a devoted following. Early on in this period, Robyn is in a bad state mentally, but comes out of it quite nicely after getting Eye out of his system and meeting Cynthia, to whom the next record is dedicated. Around this time he lives in San Francisco, writing songs later to be released on Perspex Island; his roommate later opens "Neurotic Records" and Robyn makes a secret in-store appearance there in September 1994. (I'm also told he worked there for a time-- see entry for 1988.) Robyn seems to have an af 1991-92. Robyn travels to Los Angeles, where he reunites with the Egyptians and records Perspex Island, his most commercially successful album to date. The US/European tour is also quite successful, with an acoustic set concluding the shows. The media notes the high sales volume and predicts even greater success. Two or three songs get significant radio play. Robyn moves to Georgetown (Washington, DC) to be closer to Cynthia, whom he plans to marry. He plays frequent gigs at Max's on Broadway and the 9:30 Club, and works on paintings. The fegmaniax internet list finds a new home. Robyn's father dies of cancer, and Respect is dedicated to (and influenced by) him. 1993. The band takes a quieter, more acoustic turn, in keeping with the Perspex tour's closing sets. The Respect album and tour are met with somewhat limited success. Robyn and the Egyptians are released from their A&M contract. Mrs. Wafflehead takes over the Fegmaniax fan club duties from Sandra and Trudi, offering a special souvenir live Give it to the Thoth Boys tape compiled by Andy from various U.S. shows. Also offered for sale are some of the scarce independent-label cd's. Robyn and Cynthia break up. RH returns to the Isle of Wight to record Respect in his kitchen and living room, then sells the house and moves to London. (Last Egyptians tour: November '93) -RH 1994. Robyn tours with the reunited Soft Boys and others (sometimes as many as seven of them), and solo, in support of the tentatively t-tled Surfer Ghost. Fans everywhere wait eagerly for news of this ephemeral release (Which, unfortunately, never comes out.) The band's lineup varies from show to show, but is always met with ecstatic support. (How about coming to America next time? -bc) In the latter half of the year, Robyn tours the West coast for a number of solo acoustic/electric shows. (Egyptians dissolve Spring '94 -RH) Robyn joins Scott McCaughney and other chaps from the Young Fresh Fellows for a concert in Seattle which is christened "Viva Sea-Tac!" Mrs. Wafflehead offers a second live souvenir Soft Boys tape from England, Where are the Prawns? All of the non-A&M albums are slated by Rhino for re-release at last, as well as a collection of rare tracks and odds and ends tentatively entitled "You & Oblivion" and perhaps a spoken-word album including the stories from the Queen Elvis, Eye, and Respect CD booklets. The internet feglist dies again in October. 1995. Robyn tours the east coast of America in the first half of 1995. The feglist comes back to life. Glass Flesh, the tribute compilation of RH covers performed by internet fegmaniax, is completed (at least the first two installments of it). Robyn and Michele now living together with a cat named Figaro (Figgy). 1996. Robyn, now signed with Warner Brothers, continues to play live fairly frequently. One notable gig at the Borderline with Tim Keegan's band re-creates Dylan's famous 1966 gig at the Royal Albert Hall. The new album Moss Elixir is released, along with its vinyl counterpart Mossy Liquor. Robyn tours Canada and the US with Billy Bragg and Deni Bonet. The Positive Vibrations fanzine ceases publication. (Thank God! -RH) Just before Christmas, Jonathan Demme films Robyn (along with Tim Keegan and Deni) performing in a Manhattan storefront. 1997. Antwoman takes over merchandising and fan club duties from Mrs. Wafflehead. Glass Flesh is released on CD. The Dylan Tribute gig with Homer is released on both bootleg and radio promo, but many people had a better sounding tape of it already. The feglist gets hit by lightning and goes down for a third time. Robyn tours the eastern US solo, then then the west coast with Tim. "Viva Sea-Tac II", a monumental event featuring the Popcycle Shoppe Incident, happens in Seattle. Robyn says he will return to Seattle for Viva Seatac 2.5 and the Bumbershoot Festival. He plays a one-hour set at the latter, featuring three songs with the Sea-Tac boys, but no proper Sea-Tac 2.5. However, four fortunate fegs are lucky enough to witness a brief secret gig at the Two Bells. 1998. The Demme film, entitled "Storefront Hitchc--k," is scheduled to be released March 27, (rated PG-13 for one 'bad word') with the soundtrack appearing at the end of February. Work has reportedly already commenced on the next studio album, Jewels for Sophia.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:11:59 PST 1998
Apparently not. Jellied eels?

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:11:36 PST 1998
Does it censor whelks also?.....

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:10:01 PST 1998
Sleepy, you warm my c--kles, as well you know. We're running out of paper clips and biros, don't you think?.........

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:08:47 PST 1998
Thank you both my darlings. I welcome you all into my arms of love. Goodnight. Have a happy new archive.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:07:29 PST 1998
Rod. That's the one.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:07:10 PST 1998

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:06:55 PST 1998

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:06:42 PST 1998
The stationery cupboard is only big enough for one of us Wax. Cackle. No Decoy to rule with an iron cat.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:05:32 PST 1998
I feel the steady eye of Decoy watching over my shoulder. Surely we can share her.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:04:34 PST 1998
Watch it matey, she's mine. Get your own piece of totty.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:03:31 PST 1998
Thank you all for your kind Moonlight sitings. And thank you very much for the tea Sleepy. I love you too.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 10:02:55 PST 1998
god i love that song.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:59:06 PST 1998
if i walk to the windows down the hall, i can see monica lewinsky's Watergate apartment.... hmmm, i wonder which one holds wax's evasive album? actually, now sounds like a nice time to look out the window.

FROM: Words
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:58:29 PST 1998
Seems like you were in a glass hotel. Seems like. Seems like. Seems like there was someone else as well. Seems like. Seems. Seems like you were in your glass hotel. Seems like, it seems like. Seems like everything was going well. It seems like a dream. Well the radio was playing in the darkness of the hall, there was someone standing with you who just wasn't there at all and you were laughing. Well the telephone was ringing in a coridor of blue, a geranium came out of it, reminded me of you and I was crying. Seems like you were in a glass hotel. It seems like, it seems like. Seems like there was someone elses as well. It seems like it seems. Well there's nothing in the future and there's nothing in the past there is only this one moment and you've got to make it last and you were laughing in a glass hotel.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:57:12 PST 1998
This Underwater Moonlight which you seek high and low for young man. I believe I saw it on a combine harvester out near my little village this very morn. He was, in true yokel style, Chewing Straw. HA HA HA.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:53:27 PST 1998
I saw Underwater Moonlight on the Today programme ths morning. It was being evasive. It was wearing a blonde wig, but it wasn't fooling anyone.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:51:16 PST 1998
I am sitting next to my smashing supermodel mug which contains oodles of lovely hot tea (no sugar of course). And so I love you Sleepy. I LOVE YOU. Even despite the Sound of Music comment. She made one for you too Mr Wax. Chocolate Hob-Nobs all round! Hurrah.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:51:10 PST 1998
i don't want to alarm you, mr wax, but Underwater Moonlight just might be in my town, keeping a good eye on this Lewinsky thing. i'm almost sure that i saw it hanging out with the Ginsburg legal team... i dunno... the video footage from CNN is kinda grainy.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:39:47 PST 1998
I meant bye mooch. Can you imagine what the people say?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:38:04 PST 1998
Oh, be a love and make me a cup too please. Bye Myk. I think perhaps I'll call the albums booking agent and see if they can give me it's itinerary.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:35:42 PST 1998
OK, Cushca. But you have to tell me that you love me. I used to say I love you.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:32:04 PST 1998

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:26:28 PST 1998
No time for the cupboard today Myk. We're just grooving on an inner plane. A very busy plane.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:21:53 PST 1998
see ya M! nice bill murray ref, mr wax. very nice. how was the stationery cupboard, sleepy? are you keeping my cushca in top form?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:21:24 PST 1998
So, CW, how are you? When do you think Underwater Moonlight will finish its crawfish gumbo and hitch its way up to Buffalo?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:19:24 PST 1998
Oh, bye, m!

DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:17:27 PST 1998
Yow!! 9:16!! I gotta get going ..later all...

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:16:47 PST 1998
So I have that going for me... which is nice.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:15:31 PST 1998
Mr.Wax Those numbers are for the lottery of life ..they WILL pop up..

DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:12:57 PST 1998
Hi Sleepy! Hows it going in Blighty?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:12:34 PST 1998
But our lotto don't go that high.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:11:57 PST 1998
Remember, The archives of your sufferings are being COUNTED, my children, because of your shiny fun and false goats.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:10:39 PST 1998
Hi m!

FROM: EaTrom <The all seeing EYE of Agamoto>
DATE: Tue Jan 27 09:04:35 PST 1998
When you walk down the street, can you identify every car you see and every tree you see and every insect you see? not really, But thats not particularly helpful anyway. What is needed is blind faith, liquid libation, and lucky numbers. And here they are:~66~31~12~46~4~100~!!empty your mind and enjoy winning.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:58:38 PST 1998
mooch! i wonder what the wise and revered eatrom would say at a time like this. the dawning of a new age of archives... a rebirth.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:52:34 PST 1998
Just tuned in, I'd like to thank whoever writes some of the funniest babble I've ever read. I really enjoy the swoops. thanks, it's not totally lost.!100 here we come!!!!!!!Morning all...

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:51:11 PST 1998
I have Infinity speakers. They sound good.

FROM: Ah, memories.......
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:38:00 PST 1998
I am reminded of something my father used to say, "Son, you never know where you might have to flick the next booger." My daddy sure had a way of talking.

FROM: Polk Audio
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:36:20 PST 1998
We have it on good authority, via database searches and certain red flag phrases, that a recent message which was posted on this board mentioning our products was in fact a very old and innocent post from one Patrick W. from Moscow Idaho. Patrick is a shut-in mental patient with a modem and tendonitis in his monkey spanking hand. Please leave him alone with his Polks.

FROM: Innocent Bystander
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:33:26 PST 1998
Oh my, I watched, and boy am I sorry. Put that back in your pants, you perv.

FROM: Henry's Spinning Archive Funnel
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:32:22 PST 1998
There you go! heruka welcome back!

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:31:36 PST 1998
I have Polk Audio speakers I bought in 1980 that have been good soldiers. Not top-o-the-line, but they have a very sweet sound....By the way, has anyone else noticed that the Mossy Liquor lp is incredibly good, sound-wise? I taped it (for personal use of course) and my tape of it is as good as any cd-to-tape I've done...for personal use..... Mossy Liquor, ask for it by name

FROM: watch this!
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:31:21 PST 1998

FROM: Arkansas Tail Dragger
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:24:56 PST 1998
Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton

FROM: Conspiracy!
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:23:55 PST 1998
I thought voltaic was heruka. They have both been strangled by the webmaster, who might be replaced himself if Clinton's name keeps popping up here. Nexus Plexus will begin registering this page, I bet.

FROM: Twin Peaks for Net Geeks?
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:22:08 PST 1998
What was archive 39 about? Is it a "necessary" episode?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:20:49 PST 1998
luckily, we have no 24/7 posters here, though voltaic was close to winning the crown, but no longer. heruka is now conspicuous by his absence.

FROM: Henry's Spinning Tape Recorder
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:20:41 PST 1998
Question: If Linda Tripp was so much trouble that she was moved out of the White House, how would she have been such a "friend" to the naive, be-diddled intern? Wouldn't the intern have been warned off? Wouldn't Monica L have figured out, hey this woman is danderous, maybe I better not have twenty or more hours of conversations with her about my affair with Billy. Tripp had already accused Clinton of affairs; she was the person to serve Vince Foster his last meal. Or is Bill Clinton really and truly that totally idiotic and incapable of keeping his trousers on a leash?

FROM: All those in favor.....
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:16:41 PST 1998
Perhaps someone who has been downloading the daily posts so they can be upchucked at the slightest provocation has a backup of ol' 85?

FROM: Here Here
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:15:15 PST 1998
I'd like to make a motion to dedicate this, the eventual 100th archive, to those souls who've found purpose in their life or lives by dedicating 24-hours-a-day to this message board. Here's looking at you!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:14:04 PST 1998
no, 65 was the damaged one, 85 (or thereabouts) is the missing one. two different incidents, though this place hasn't functioned right since the wreck.

FROM: Archive Watch
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:12:11 PST 1998
I think you will find that archive 65 is the one that got away. Robyn might have a song called "The Wreck of the Old 65," but probably not.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:11:33 PST 1998
First one in the new archive is a ca-ca.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:10:53 PST 1998
Billy Joel's song, Innocent Man, is as close as my addled mind comes to remembering .... Billy is so dreamy.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:08:16 PST 1998
Do you know the song Innocent Boy?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:07:17 PST 1998
yet another equestrian reference in an RH song? impressive, dear sleepy.

FROM: The Euphamism Shuffle
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:05:16 PST 1998
My favorite term for the mouth, in a humorous sense, is "Pie Hole." Pie, shut your PIE HOLE!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:04:49 PST 1998
85 was anything but unforgettable. sometimes ya just gotta let 'em go.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:04:46 PST 1998
I said whoooooooo do you think you are? I said whoooooooooo, some kind of superstar..........

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 08:03:26 PST 1998
The Ghost Ship haunts the sea to still come back and marry me, the rust is where her heart should be tonight. Her face is where her fingers were tonight. A horse is mentioned in that song, as well!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:57:49 PST 1998
Is the pressure on me to post something relevant? Oh, dear. I don't mind waiting when they cancel a train.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:57:30 PST 1998
Oh. Poor 85. You know, I was thinking, any of us could have gone back to a cached copy and cut and pasted her right back up. I thought of it just as it was wiped from my cache. I hate when that happens.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:51:32 PST 1998
Cushca is going to libel me in an e:mail. I have an army of lawyers on standby. It looks to me like your tadpoles have hatched.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:47:56 PST 1998
should we count the archive that died at birth? it was quite sad. archive 85, wasn't it? all our text in that archive just disappeared without a trace.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:46:19 PST 1998
Wax, your wisdom is infinite. I bow to you.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:45:28 PST 1998
He was an idiot. He was a fool. A slobbering fool with a speech defect and a shaking hand. And he wrote my name next to yours.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:43:25 PST 1998
this 100th archive is purely arbitrary. The REM board went flying past 100 with hardly any notice. And techncally, the new millenium starts with 101. Or something. I still think Sleepy has to post something relevant at the end to make it all sort of, you know, relevant.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:40:14 PST 1998
approaching the 100th is like the millenium of message boards. All you fatalists and anababtists better take take cover. The second coming of Robyn is at hand, and his hand may be one of punishment for all the wrong doing on this board

DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:28:36 PST 1998
isn't this fun? makes it more interesting doesn't it?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:28:35 PST 1998
yeah, cuchca, that's the sort of thing i like to hear! what's all this about some scotsman named derek? surely you can't be so fickle? (you do everything you can to make me jealous, don't you?) heh.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:27:31 PST 1998
Myk. You're being defensive. Your job must be important.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:25:44 PST 1998
Oh f--k it; Sleepy, let's go to the stationery cupboard.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:22:19 PST 1998
Well go on then. I (as would be expected) have bugger all to contribute. Go play kids.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:21:19 PST 1998
We've got to finish this archive with a Robyn-related posting. It might be lethal but it's fun.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:20:00 PST 1998
no, pie, i'm currently at work, but's it's always nice to take a break and chat with an inbred like yourself. you've been insulting since you've arrived. go away. there are so many other message boards to haunt.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:19:24 PST 1998
Val de reeee ha, ha, ha, ha HA. Val de raaaa ha, ha, ha, ha HA; my knapsack on my back.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:17:46 PST 1998
The hills, mountains, valleys, cities and suburbs are alive with the sound of Cushca.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:16:36 PST 1998
Cushca looks alarmingly like an extra from the Sound of Music. The weird older child who was locked in the cupboard because she was really rude and kept taking the p--s out of Julie Andrews.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:14:51 PST 1998
Derek would never say that. He would speak sweet words of love to me in his lovely Scottish accent. And I would reciprocate in my s--tty London squeak. Heavens! I swoon at the very thought........

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:12:02 PST 1998
I think there is a madness brewing due to the approach of Archive 100. Posters are unsettled, vibrating and possibly sleeping with their devil masks.

FROM: Derek
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:10:40 PST 1998
Is that with the 2 eggs, sausage, beans, tomatoes, toast and tea?

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:08:01 PST 1998
I spy, with my little eye something beginning with................monkeyspank pie.

FROM: richard the fifth
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:06:52 PST 1998
this is cornbread you describe. Usually made with white corn meal and oil and fried. Good with just butter or margarine. Also known as "hoecake" as it could be patted out on a clean hoe and heated over a fire by workers in the field back in the days before most farming operations became mechanical.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:06:14 PST 1998
Mike must be really smart if he can type. Wow, impressive. I fail to see the point of your existence. You must have alot to contribute to society if you spend 8 hours a day on a message board. What a loser.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:05:52 PST 1998
Myk, Leave me out of this.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:04:22 PST 1998
i think it's time to start the "Sak 'n Pie" message board, where one can explore alternate spellings of mundane words, including the classic "f--k".

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 07:02:11 PST 1998
I'm so ashamed. Thank you.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:59:31 PST 1998
In - Bread

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:57:39 PST 1998
I don't get it.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:54:59 PST 1998
Form a human chain wife of mine, and we can escape the Mother's Pride.........

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:54:40 PST 1998
Granary or rye?

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:48:47 PST 1998
What the hell is going on here. Myk, Pi's parent are not inbread. Pi, Myk is not a biggot. You all need to chill the f--k out.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:48:20 PST 1998
gee, i'm having an online conversation with a guy who types like Tonto. groovy. oh wax, what have you done!? heh heh. how's your day, cushcagirl?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:44:02 PST 1998
ohhh ohh OK Mike. your pretty smart for bigot. by the way, you're begging the question.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:37:37 PST 1998
This is all my fault. I'm sorry.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:32:54 PST 1998
Boom, boom.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:31:35 PST 1998
gee, pie, you're quite clever. but a question comes to mind: if Pie's parents get divorced, are they STILL brother and sister? hmmm...

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:30:38 PST 1998
Alright pi, if you cant behave ill have to banish you. Yes you skates and tape are in the mail

DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:26:47 PST 1998
this is so boring. don't you people have work to do? sak? did you send the tape with the skates? hey myk.. why don't you suck my dyck!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:22:13 PST 1998
heruka, is that you being silly?

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:22:05 PST 1998
Is this what happens when i leave for a day or a minute. Pi chill out. What 's up Cusch. Where have ya been

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:19:48 PST 1998
And there's nothing wrong with that.

FROM: slick 50
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:19:26 PST 1998
lets see if this works, phuck f u c k fffff--k fuk phukk futck (the t is silent) fuuck jf--k af--k ref--k def--k f--kked neof--k phukker

FROM: Sleepy and Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:16:56 PST 1998
Yes, we're gay.

FROM: slick 50
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:16:00 PST 1998
when i say f--k it says f-ck. that my friend is called cencorship.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:14:21 PST 1998
i'm pie. this board is gay.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:12:42 PST 1998
i'm pie. this board is gay.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:10:10 PST 1998
Bye the way Im not Pi.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:09:33 PST 1998
I failed spelling in grade 3. Ever since ive protested by spellngi stuf wrogn.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:08:30 PST 1998
hey slick, who the hell is cencoring you???

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:08:16 PST 1998
I know a band called Fret Monkey. But you lot will no doubt be fortunate enough not to have heard of them. Hello. By the way sak, you even spelt your pseudonym wrong. Not taking the mickey - just pointing it out.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:07:32 PST 1998
Sleepy that is not me, it is a confidant that I mentioned the board to. He is an old friend that moved to cali. Where did he go?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:02:23 PST 1998
sak - if you're not pie, how do you know who joe is?

FROM: Slick 50
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:01:55 PST 1998
this is lame. cencorship has no place on the web. somebody please unchain my keyboard. is this american? no, not the america i know. i suppose i don't belong here. well, this speech is not intended to change anybody's way of thinking. you should all think for yourself and let your mind be heard. cencoring the message board is simply a road block on our highway of self expression. where does it all end? i don't have all the answers, but i can tell you this... f--k OFF!!! and you know why? cause this is america and i'm an american. god bless.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 06:00:12 PST 1998
what a fitting name, scuzzy. last night i was fighting with a cheap scsi card, attempting to make it see reason. it finally did. there was much rejoicing, as you can imagine.

FROM: sak
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:59:23 PST 1998
Hello. I see I have an abnoxious stalker out there, Pi. Whats up? Hey sleppy, wax, Myk

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:56:38 PST 1998
---he- - al--br-f por---f --sorr- wh-t?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:55:22 PST 1998
who's robyn hitchc--k? is a chick or a dude? or neither? axl could kisk is a--.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:50:09 PST 1998
'tis a silly place. the Monkees were the hardest-hitting punk band of the last 50,000 years. yeah. i keep missing sleepy when she pops on in the evenings. bummer.

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:41:20 PST 1998
my fault. anybody see sak today? whatever. out

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:41:03 PST 1998
I heard you the first time! Pie and chips, maybe?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:40:17 PST 1998
Why not?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:40:07 PST 1998
Why not?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:39:10 PST 1998
Why not?

DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:38:50 PST 1998
joe, your late. get your a-- up.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:37:28 PST 1998
Pie? Why?

FROM: Pie <>
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:36:44 PST 1998
Anybody out there?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:36:13 PST 1998
Only teasing. Good morning.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:35:47 PST 1998
"Here we come, (smashing things up), walking down the street, get the funniest....." Who can forget the classic "Safety Pin Believer"?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:21:28 PST 1998
Hi Myk. Did you know the Monkeys were a punk band?

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:20:53 PST 1998
i never look for meaning from mr wax before he has consumed sufficient coffee to stabilize. heh. good morning! sleepy in the office today?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:12:58 PST 1998
Hi Cushca. No. No meaning. Too early for meaning.

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Tue Jan 27 05:01:17 PST 1998
This means nothing to me. Is it supposed to?

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Jan 27 04:58:26 PST 1998
Strawberry Mind. Do you think it's ready by now? I'll go check.

FROM: gnarly
DATE: Mon Jan 26 22:26:05 PST 1998
I love to show how tough I am in the mosh pit because its the way I pick up girls. Girls dont want a scrawny 135 pound vegan weakling! they want a 320 pound hot pit moshing monkey, & i'm just the staggering meat simian to give em what they want. You see when they see me stepping on your ugly face they think, "The trick ape is so much cooler than that dirty little veggie grubber", and then they go home with me & eventually eat my bad cooking.

FROM: President William Jefferson Trousersnake
DATE: Mon Jan 26 19:57:02 PST 1998
Hillary and I have an understanding: I screw around all I want and she covers for me. It's what feminism is all about, as far as I'm concerned.

FROM: Me Like'em Spicey!
DATE: Mon Jan 26 19:16:02 PST 1998
How about Ginseng Spice....she is H.O.T. HOT!

FROM: The Rambling Critic
DATE: Mon Jan 26 19:13:40 PST 1998
I am reminded that Mick Jagger has not been in very good movies since the very beginning of his career as a standup comedian; with a few exceptions: Didn't he play a kitchen sink in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid? How about his turn as Roy Scheider's little brother in Star Wars and the Temple of Cream? His best role, however, was his cameo in Robert Altman's "The Player Piano."

FROM: Jago Poppodollip, Greek Tycoon
DATE: Mon Jan 26 19:11:16 PST 1998
Hemlock Spice is my favorite. She's easy!

DATE: Mon Jan 26 17:48:57 PST 1998
Has anybody seen my sak?

FROM: Jesus H Christawmighty!
DATE: Mon Jan 26 17:34:39 PST 1998
I am reminded of the Learning Channel's Great Moments in Protological Surgery series.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:59:55 PST 1998
I am reminded of Another Roadside Attraction...

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:53:19 PST 1998
I (am that I am) need a bong hit.

FROM: Jesus Christ!
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:52:54 PST 1998
No prob, rOb. You got any weed left?

FROM: rOb.
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:52:32 PST 1998
Thanks, J.C.

FROM: Jesus Christ!
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:52:08 PST 1998
HEY! Leave rOb alone! Don't make me smite you!

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:50:08 PST 1998
I won't overreact anymore. I promise.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:47:54 PST 1998

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:36:43 PST 1998
Tell me you want me to stay.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:34:52 PST 1998
I did over react, forgive me.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:34:20 PST 1998
That was for you lorraine, just in case you're a Patti Smith fan. I'm heading for the pillow. A fond farewell to you all. Bye.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:32:51 PST 1998
Break it up. I can't understand it. I can't comprehend.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:31:43 PST 1998
lorrie baby, who are you talking to?

FROM: lorraine
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:31:02 PST 1998
Did I over react? Do you want me to stay?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:27:56 PST 1998
Anyways, I'm off to bed now. Goodnight. And in onions you will soon be mine.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:26:47 PST 1998
We are perilously close to archive 100 as someone noted earlier. Heruka hasn't identified himself for some time.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:25:37 PST 1998
I think I'm developing a Tom Verlaine obsession.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:23:50 PST 1998
Hello. I just thought I log on quickly. Some madness. Some sense. Ah, Lloyd Cole. His voice has changed recently. I don't mind dressing in black if I thought it'd get your temperature back.

FROM: Hmm, how interesting....
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:21:56 PST 1998
Myk, you haven't the slightest idea who's borrowed a name. How do I know? I am the one you THINK did, and it isn't me. I'll give you a hint, however....he shares a middle name with jesus, and he writes gay porn, AND he spends time on the REM board.

FROM: hooded
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:21:07 PST 1998
that would be Cole not cold!

FROM: hooded
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:19:42 PST 1998
Don't get weird on me babe. I've always wanted to say that! Thanks for the prompt queenie! I'ts the ti.tle of a Lloyd Cold album. Don't go nuts queenie the sane people on the board need to keep posting until the wacko's get board and go away!

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:14:59 PST 1998
I don't mind dressing in blue if I thought it'd make any difference to you.

FROM: hooded
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:14:42 PST 1998
CW- I'll keep an eye out in case your CD shows up for Mardi Gras, being the party animal it seems to be. Yesterday during the lame 1/2 time show nobody watched, 4 of my friends decided the 5 of us should rent a van and drive to N'awlins for the big bash next month. By 3pm today we had a hotel and rental booked for the long weekend! WooHoo! Orders for beads anyone? I bet Cushca could fetch a truckload!

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:14:09 PST 1998
Perhaps I'd fit in better if I were COMPLETELY NUTS

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:10:16 PST 1998
It's nearly archive 100. Do you think there'll be a party?

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:03:07 PST 1998
do you wanna talk?

DATE: Mon Jan 26 16:01:04 PST 1998
so you're still here, after all!

FROM: slight sulferous smell
DATE: Mon Jan 26 15:59:02 PST 1998
so long dude

FROM: lorraine
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:48:54 PST 1998
I can only a--ume that you want nothing further to do with me. It's been very nice. You made my heart beat again. I won't be coming back because if I read your words it will only make me want you. Never coming back because it will only make it hurt a millon times worse than it already does. goodbye, love.

FROM: Salt--ter
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:45:30 PST 1998
thank you anon

DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:43:48 PST 1998
I like salt--ter's story

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:42:57 PST 1998
so nice to check in and see cushca's name borrowed by the mighty-anon we've known for so long. please, make up your own names for that lunacy (lorraine was a nice choice). by the way, anon, your recall and rehash of the smallest details of these discussions is disturbing. Furthermore, your tendency to dwell on certain details characterizes you as an obsessive loon. you need a new hobby. they say golfing is a lot of fun. maybe you could take up Haiku poetry. yes, that might be nice.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:39:26 PST 1998
voltaic - you are a sorry excuse for an entertainer.

FROM: Hmmm
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:38:17 PST 1998
I think you are beginning to get the point!

FROM: Salt--ter
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:37:43 PST 1998
she walked through the driving rain. her hair blew away from her face and the cool water entered her pores. she was another element on the seashore. her feet pounded on the darkening sand and she approached the pebbles to her right. soon she felt the pain of the irregular stones pummelling under her soles but clambered on towards the granite steps which would take her back to the roadside. she walked towards the covered shelter and sat on the cold wooden bench. she looked out towards the sea and thought back to several summers ago, when the pier came alive with tourists and their pink cotton candy. now the pride of summer lay on the ocean bed since the storm had claimed the boardwalk years ago. she glanced towards the cafe - closed now, in these chilly winter months. memories of trays filled with coffee and sandwiches drifted past her and the sweet image of a blond boy brought a smile to her lips.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:34:40 PST 1998
this is nice conversation before dinner ...

FROM: Footnote on "Imposter" and variations of its Latin root....
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:31:59 PST 1998
Other latin derivatives of Imposter denote genital parasites, anal sores, farm animal STDs, ritual sex acts of incestuous cults, and tiny dung fleas.

FROM: Looks like we're in need of a little Latin review... <>
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:27:44 PST 1998
Today's Latin Vocabulary Word: Imposter, from the Latin, Impostrilus: The yellow hairs on a rat's anus.

FROM: Mystic
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:19:01 PST 1998
what's a jabberjaw?

FROM: Mystic Trip
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:18:00 PST 1998
It's beyond madness. Very dull, also.

FROM: Queenie
DATE: Mon Jan 26 14:08:03 PST 1998

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:59:00 PST 1998
I can't stay any longer.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:47:53 PST 1998
Please say something.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:42:49 PST 1998
and stop talking about chemicals and shooting straight!

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:39:53 PST 1998
I want you back!

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:37:06 PST 1998
All the things we've said to each other. All the fun times. All the sweet, loving times. You're breaking my heart.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:34:31 PST 1998
Things you've said pop into my head all day long. I'll never stop loving you. If you want me to go away for good, just tell me. I mean so little to you, that you can't even acknowledge me?

FROM: Dr.Rolando Fiek
DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:14:43 PST 1998
stand on the yellow rubber line, straight shooting Ralph.

DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:14:18 PST 1998
Why won't you let me in?

FROM: Cushca
DATE: Mon Jan 26 13:11:40 PST 1998
You're hurting my feelings. No matter how hard I try I can't stop thinking about you.