FROM: Decoy <seeyou@2>
DATE: Wed Sep 24 10:04:25 PDT 1997
Microsoft Chat, which is amusing graphics interface for, correct - Internet Relay Channel, sessions, can be downloaded free from for win95 machines. I checked though, the proxy server hates it - it would need special configuration. They archive to about 50k - this should about do it!

DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:59:37 PDT 1997
The game turned into a midfield tussle in the first half. Collymore, booed by Robyn Hitchc--k, notorious Mighty Reds fan at his every touch, had a chance after 30 minutes but headed well over, whilst Owen and Berger shots also missed the mark. It wasn't until 11 minutes into the second half that the game finally sprung to life with a controversial penalty (Owen felled by Southgate, but there didn't seem to be any contact), coolly slotted home by Fowler for his first goal in his first full appearance this season. A great run and shot from McManaman, eerily similar to his wonder-goal against Celtic recently, put Liverpool in the driving seat with 11 minutes to go and Riedle's finish from an Owen pass in the final minute topped off a second-half performance by Liverpool that was probably their best 45 minutes of the season. You'll Never Walk Alone

FROM: Postage Stamp
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:43:15 PDT 1997
Come on baby!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:41:58 PDT 1997
No! You got in 9 seconds before me, thereby exposing me as the fool I have now become! Ah, where are those prawns...?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:40:28 PDT 1997
There's an hour or so to go before the appointed hour, no? Is this board ready to pop yet?!

DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:40:19 PDT 1997
Myk, Great news. That group love fest of board heavies isn't until 2pm our time, so hold on to you bucket and get ready to romp. Whatever. Voltaic has to have time to roll out of bed and brush his hair. I agree about this file though. It's absolutely huge and needs archiving in a big big way. Stubornly holding on.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:34:09 PDT 1997
well.... it seems i missed an interesting 11am rondezvous indeed! i agree, mr wax: a chat format would remove the amusing random aspects of this board. hard to say.

FROM: Postage Stamp
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:31:35 PDT 1997
It's an overdue baby. Let's give birth.

FROM: Full Up
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:30:42 PDT 1997
Let's lurch right over the edge... this thing is too heavy now...

FROM: Wasteland
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:25:16 PDT 1997
Last orders please

FROM: Honey Bee
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:20:06 PDT 1997
Pour a little sugar on it baby.

FROM: Mrs. Resin Bag
DATE: Wed Sep 24 09:14:16 PDT 1997
"Oh your spotty", the wolverine said to the maggot as they pranced down the street, arm in arm like old chums although they had just met only an hour and a half ago at the Kettle and Drum. "Dreamy" he thought quietly to himself as they turned the corner into a dark alley, ripe the the scent of old books. Could this be the one? Only time would tell. He melted slowly into the asphalt, away from the surface tension.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 08:23:46 PDT 1997
Yeah! Alllriiiiight!

FROM: Inga ya!
DATE: Wed Sep 24 08:07:09 PDT 1997
Jag maste ga, men det ar inte att jag inte kommer tillbaks Jag maste sticka, men jag tror inte att vi inte kommer tillbaks Nej nej nej nej, allt ar inuti nat annat Nej nej nej nej nej, okej yeah Jag maste ga, men jag lagger min gaffel jamte din sked Jag maste dra, ett uraldrat satt att lamna rummet pa Se dom brinnande loven, lov pa lov Nej nej nej nej nej, okej yeah Vad du an ber till, det ar till den du hor Jag far vad jag fortjanar Vad jag fortjanar Jag maste skratta, men halften av mig vill sitta ned och grata Jag mastedra, ett uraldrat satt att saga hej da, hej da For vad ar din mor? Inte en start platta at din far Nej nej nej nej nej, okej yeah

FROM: Message Board
DATE: Wed Sep 24 07:49:19 PDT 1997
Oh. I'm so fat and bloated. Won't someone (I hope S.O.Y.B.) write a huge long message so I can metamorphasize into archive 10?

DATE: Wed Sep 24 07:31:44 PDT 1997
Now we're cooking.

DATE: Wed Sep 24 07:30:22 PDT 1997
Myk with the big answer. Turning this into a chat room would diminish it somehow.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 07:28:04 PDT 1997
I'll take your word for that then!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 07:26:55 PDT 1997
IRC is internet relay chat, i'm quite sure. just a text-based chat sort of thing, that's all. when i feel like chatting, i employ a graphical chat program called palace. it's a funnier way of doing the same thing, really.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 06:13:56 PDT 1997
CW - spookily, as I walked into a bookshop just an hour ago, what should be playing but The Rolling Stones. I don't know who Alan Breeze is, but the Home Counties is an area just outside of London. Commuter territory, really. A bit dull, but people have gotta live somewhere...

DATE: Wed Sep 24 05:20:06 PDT 1997
Sleepy, did you know who Alan Breeze was? And what are the Home Counties?

DATE: Wed Sep 24 05:00:08 PDT 1997
I'm not used to having so much company so early in the morning. All right Sleepy, I will go see the Stones. I will. They are playing the same giant stadium where the Bills play and where I saw such esteemed bands as The Who twice and The Grateful Dead, I don't know, what was it Decoy, eight times? Seemed like it. You can worm your way up to the front. We got right up to John Entwhistle's bass speaker and vibrated. That was a long time ago. I saw Dylan about a year and a half ago at Buffalo State College. He gets around here relatively often actually. Yes, Decoy, even I don't know what an IRC is. Internal something clock I'm betting. I'll be there at 2pm with bells on. I'll miss you sleepy.

DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:41:25 PDT 1997
What's an IRC? Internation Reply Coupon?!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:38:24 PDT 1997
CW - yeah, go see The Stones. My friend saw them a few years back out of curiosity and said they were excellent. He got quite near the front too, so the venue didn't seem quite so gigantic. I wonder whether Robyn will go to see Dylan when he plays soon...

FROM: Decoy <S O R R Y S O R R Y S O R R Y>
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:30:45 PDT 1997
Don't press the button marked "Repost from Data?"

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:29:39 PDT 1997
Look like theres alot of us on right now.

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:29:29 PDT 1997
Look like theres alot of us on right now.

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:27:23 PDT 1997
Look like theres alot of us on right now.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:25:42 PDT 1997
I can't make the 7pm appointment either. Boo. Hey, that reminds me of the They Might Be Giants line "if it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments" . Lynn - I love the big guitar outburst on Lady Waters too. I must play that tonight.

FROM: Decoy <NatureGrowsTheSeed,AndWeEatTheSeed>
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:25:28 PDT 1997
"The Young Ones." Chortle.

FROM: Decoy <NatureGrowsTheSeed,AndWeEatTheSeed>
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:25:04 PDT 1997
"The Young Ones." Chortle.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Wed Sep 24 04:19:55 PDT 1997
Hey all. Now poor Soybean is dead, and never called me Mother. Voltaic, you left me out of your list. I'm very hurt. I'm at least eighteen times the Robyn know it all that Decoy is. But, I don't know about Reg. I did notice the many uses of the name though. I expect it every time I hear Freeze, but he says Ray. I know who wrote the book of love. Soybean did. Bah ha ha. Excuse me while I wipe away the tears. Since music is an underlying theme here, I'll throw this out. Should I shell out the big bucks to see the Stones in a big big stadium show? I mean, it's Rock and Roll history right?

FROM: lynn
DATE: Tue Sep 23 19:53:41 PDT 1997
I was thinking about that too, Chewing Wax. I didn't think that Captain Kangaroo ran outside of the states, but I just can't figure out who else Mr. Moose could be. No, I never saw UFO, but I did see a sitcom about 10 years ago on MTV that was made in England. It was about 4 guys who were kind of losers and one of them was a hippie named Neil. I thought it was pretty funny, but I missed a bunch of references because they were so British. Anyway, I am glad that someone mentioned Element of Light because I love that album. I especially love his guitar work on Death and Lady Waters. Apparently, Robyn is as eccentric in life as he is in his music. A friend of mine saw him at a restaurant in Rhode Island. He said that he was making little puppets out of his napkin and making them talk to each other.

FROM: lynn <nyaanyaayoucan'>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 19:41:52 PDT 1997
What's the matter SOYB? You must feel unloved and left out. Well, I would just like to give you a big ole cyber hug, sweetie pie, and encourage all other posties to do the same! You know, mental illness is a treatable disease, but as long as you need to, you just let it out, baby. We understand that you don't have anything to contribute and therefore feel quite inadequate. I know how you feel, you know. I too have suffered from a disorder known as ruining other people's fun just to get attention. Well, it appears that you have achieved your goal. Congratulations!I guess this will become a board about SYOB instead of a board about Robyn now.

FROM: Reverse Flash
DATE: Tue Sep 23 19:20:12 PDT 1997
Can anyone tell me if the promo Beautiful Queen CD is a noticeable sound upgrade from the Rob, Bob, and Albert bootleg CD? Many thanks.

FROM: Hooded
DATE: Tue Sep 23 19:04:37 PDT 1997
Members of the board, it seems we have contracted a virus. My suggestion is that we ignore the bugger in hopes s/he moves on. just don't touch the screen while you read and post. I wouldn't want any of the esteemed members to contract any nasal parasites or some scabious rash. Or hell, come on in, we're all up for a little more laughter. Sorry I won't join the fun tomorrow, I've got one of those nasty 9-5 (7-7?) jobs where they don't let me log on. For shame! Still thinking about Reg though!

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 15:59:38 PDT 1997
voltaic: you got me on the "reg" issue. as for IRC-ing or other such, i'm afraid i can't pull that off, though i may be able to get on here at 11am pacific tomorrow. but i have one demand: i'm only coming if soyb is here! heh heh!

FROM: Ed Einstein
DATE: Tue Sep 23 15:58:38 PDT 1997
Impostors all! Robyn I think wood spel "youre" corektlyee.

FROM: Robyn <>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 14:46:32 PDT 1997
.....He's right you know,..youre driving me away ......

FROM: Shamu
DATE: Tue Sep 23 14:09:29 PDT 1997
IRC? What's that, a soft drink?

FROM: Decoy <WaitingForaCDtoBurn@Work>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 14:00:26 PDT 1997
7pm GMT, 2pm EDT, 1pm CDT, 11am PDT. Wed 9/24/97. How about an IRC? Does everyone have the technology?

DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:36:30 PDT 1997
Wednesday, 9-24 (oops)

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:35:52 PDT 1997
Hey you regulars, let's set up a time (synchronize our sundials) to be on this board all that the same time, eh? The postings are marked with pacific time (USA) -- which is easy for me cuz that's where I Brits like Sleepy will have to do some about 11 am tomorrow (Wednesday, 9-23)? If not, post another time....

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:32:57 PDT 1997
Yes, my good fellow. You!

FROM: King Reg <Donuts@ThePalace>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:29:01 PDT 1997
Who? Me?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:25:03 PDT 1997
Now really, I want to know about Reg. So you who would know -- Sleepy, Myk, Dr. Redjeaves, Decoy, whoever, new people! -- Let me know!

FROM: Cut One so SOYB can Sniff it
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:23:04 PDT 1997
SOYB, you six-toed hillbilly, how the f--k are you?!?! I haven't seen you since ma and I had you over for that inbreeders party! How's the wife/daughter doing, anyway?

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:20:44 PDT 1997
Cutting on SOYB is not fun; "it" will never respond to any "good" cuts -- the internal mechanism to bring him/it to simplistic rants will not acknowledge one-ups-manship. Besides, he's toying with us: hasn't offered a single comment; only insists we leave so he can be lord of some perceived Robyn'land. Sad really. I think he must be the original inspiration for "Trash." God you're embarrassing--Your photographs with Charlie Watts and Iggy are dog-eared, Bunghole.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:17:20 PDT 1997
Hey, there, Robyn fans, how many songs does Robyn mention "Reg" in, and what does it mean? I know he mentions Reg in these songs, but beyond these, there might be others: The Can Opener; Brenda's Iron Sledge; Tell Me About Your Drugs ("take it away, Reginald!" -- which makes me wonder if Reg is Morris....hmmmmm)

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:14:12 PDT 1997
Doh! Stop that!

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:13:45 PDT 1997
I was supposed to be famous, not Robyn. I am a jealous little twerp, so don't cross me, you lilly-livered so-and-sos! I am going to stamp me little feet in frustration if you don't stop posting messages using my name! Grrr!

FROM: Sick of Yoda's Bunghole
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:11:58 PDT 1997
Oops, wrong initials. The correct ones appear here. Bye, honeys! :)

FROM: Tired of Yoda's Bunghole
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:10:48 PDT 1997
Hey you morons! Quit having fun! Robyn's board is s'posed to be for anal-retentive spam-sucking zit-licking, f--t-sniffing, t--d-eating in-bred yahoo limbaugh-buggers like me!

FROM: Decoy <hahahahahaha>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:04:27 PDT 1997
Wasn't swimming to Cambodia, uhh what's his name... the shrink on Mad About You - Spaulding Grey! I remembered. That was a performance art trip - well done for something that was read. My turn to steal some soul: --- And by the way, in case you morons don't know who you are, I'm stalking Sleepy, Pungo, Myk, Hooded One, Joe, Chewing Wax, Decoy, Voltaic, Dr. Rejeeves and I'm sure I'm in love with a bunch of you not so regulars. Get me Off. --- And to quote someone dryer than me, "heh heh."

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 23 13:03:50 PDT 1997
I'm feeling a lot of love on this board. Thank you for the good advise Dr. R I appreciate it. I have a need to get out of here and order some Chinese food. Soybean, the line between us is so thin, I might as well be you. Hugs and kisses.

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Tue Sep 23 12:12:29 PDT 1997
And by the way, in case you morons don't know who you are, I'm talking to Sleepy, Pungo, Myk, Hooded One, Joe, Chewing Wax, Decoy, Voltaic, Dr. Rejeeves and I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of you not so regulars. Get Off.

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Tue Sep 23 12:01:05 PDT 1997
Filthy rotten cowards. Oh how I despise you all, "chatting" away in your little Robyn worshipping world. Well here's the scoop little boys. Robyn reads this message board and retches at the type of people he gets as fans. Oh it makes me sick. You are all embarrassing his True Fans. The ones who know what the music is really about. The ones who understand the lyrics. Just read what you buffoons write. And by the way, someone has been reposting my original message. Just the kind of lack of creativity I would expect. Get Off this board. You are driving Robyn away.

FROM: Myk Murphy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 11:43:39 PDT 1997
there... that's better. i was included in soyb's rant! hooray! normally they say it is wise to ignore such folks, but we've had a grand time poking fun at this bonehead. yes, soyb, robyn will be on later today to share with you his secrets for recording thoughtful music, and he'll throw in a super bonus recipe for yummy brownies too! so, soyb, stay tuned for this, and the rest of us won't trouble you with our unrelated postings. heh heh.

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 23 11:19:25 PDT 1997
I know I haven't given you a definitive answer. I was introduced via Pink Moon; but I now listen to Five Leaves Left more often because I the first song, Time Has Told Me, is one of my alltime favorite lyrics -- "Time has told me/you're a rare, rare find:/A troubled cure for a troubled mind." It doesn't get any better than that (with exceptions on behalf of Robyn's work, of course!)

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 23 11:16:55 PDT 1997
The oeuvre of Nick is quite small, sadly, as he died before he was 26. There are three "official" albums, I think in this order: Five Leaves Left, Bryter Later, and Pink Moon. Five Leaves Left is as fine an album as there ever was made; Pink Moon as well. Pink Moon is barely 33 minutes long, and was recorded in a couple of is quite sad, but compelling and beautiful. The slight piano on the t-tle track just may bring a tear to your eye (I am not kidding; it is that touching). Bryter Laters seems possibly a bit over-produced, but it has its moments.

DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:53:33 PDT 1997
Dr.- I went to the shop and looked but there was no Nick Drake to be found, so I bought Can of Bees instead. I guess I'll have to order them or something. What's the one to buy? I mean first. Joe says Pink Moon.

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:36:42 PDT 1997
More on Robyn: What kind of acoustic guitar does he have? I heard that it was a custom job, but I'd never heard of it....looks sort of like a Martin, but lighter sounding.... Did any of you ever buy the Nick Drake albums like you said you would? By the way, Robyn isn't the only artist to have rendered a tribute to Nick Drake in song: John Martyn's "Solid Air" is "about" Nick Drake as well....

FROM: Anubis
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:33:58 PDT 1997
And that is how we will steal SOYB's soul in his sleep

FROM: Holmes (Sherlock)
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:33:07 PDT 1997
Could be that someone is simply cuting and pasting ol' Rottengum's postings and re-posting them for him. That means the ol' stooge is immortal, sort of... like this: FROM: sick of your bulls--t DATE: Tue Sep 23 08:27:07 PDT 1997 attn: CW,pungo,decoy,voltaic,sleepy and in particular MYK. Did it slip your mind that this a message board for Robyn Hitchc--k, It's not a chat room for you bunglebunnies. It's not a chat room for you to discuss "morning tea" premiership soccer, or how your day was.We don't give a bottom how your day was. If you lilly white goombahs would like chat E-mail each other, And by the way you don't have a clue about the genius and intellect of M r. Hitchc--k.Get off this message so people with real constructive and concrete ideas like me can relay to Mr. Hitchc--k and gain some insight into his work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:31:13 PDT 1997
Airscape's bonus instrument, a water harp (I think) was once considered dangerous by the Church (not the band, SOYB), whose wisemen believed the sound of the instrument would induce madness. Lady Waters and the Hooded One: Dance Macabre...this is a classic, archetypal story, a piece of our western culture rendered beautifully for rock and roll. Thanks Robyn!

FROM: revelation ron
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:28:22 PDT 1997
It just struck me that this SOB character might actually expect Robyn to break into this endless stream of funtime with a revelation. What a complete idiot. That's totally hilarious. Thanks, Bunghole, for the entertaining "inside" ironic humor!

FROM: Butthead
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:26:24 PDT 1997
Huh huh huh huh, you said girl

FROM: Sick of Yoda's Bunghole
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:25:33 PDT 1997
Isn't it clever how I criticize you all about not talking about Robyn, and I do the same thing. Tee hee, makes me happy like a little girl!

FROM: slippy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:20:41 PDT 1997
wow!!!!twitchy and wide!!!..excellent!!(whew!)..way to go Robyn!!..(ooo!!)and the bills!!!seinfeld!!too..WOW...

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 10:10:53 PDT 1997
Ah, I see. And when the cat's head grins, she's ready for dinner... and so I venture out into the night (well bright evening llight actually). Until tomorrow...

DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:58:12 PDT 1997
Yes. Wide and twitchy, like something was about to lurch at him from the shadows at any moment. He was in New York City after all.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:53:23 PDT 1997
Were his eyes wide the whole time? It's important to know these things.

DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:50:59 PDT 1997
I saw Robyn on David Letterman what must be a couple years ago. His eyes were extra wide. What did he sing? I Something You. That's right. He even had a couple seconds talking to Dave, who I thought looked a little frightened of Robyn. That was it.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:34:05 PDT 1997
Don't fear the Soyabean - as Blue Oyster Cult might have said.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:26:27 PDT 1997
Eight hours ahead I believe. Trapped alone in cyberspace for so many hours... We got The Simpsons on cable (which not many people have) a few years ago, but it started on terrestrial televison about a year ago. However, it's been over for a few months now. We're only about six years behind the US... We're also clinging on to Seinfeld and Sanders for dear life. It's on tonight between 11.20 pm and 12.10 am - consumer friendly slots, no?! Have you seen Robyn on tv in the US? I saw him on a very fuzzy hotel television when he was on Dennis someone-or-other's show a few years back.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 23 09:05:42 PDT 1997
Hey Sleepy. I'm here but I'm afraid Soybean will get angry at me. What's up with that bull anyhow? Sorry, I know I'm no Voltaic. Thanks for the Captain Kangaroo update. Who can tell what exchange of television we have between our two fine countries? Do you get The Simpsons? We got a very very cool show called UFO back in the 70's. I have all the toys. Sleepy, how many hours ahead of PDT are you in London? Is it eight? I say Decoy takes his tracing equipment and pays a visit to this Soybean character. Once was annoying. Three times is out of hand. I'd like to reassure you but....

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 08:54:58 PDT 1997
Apart from SN, where is everyone? Voltaic - I've never see Captain Kangaroo. I've asked one other person and they haven't either. So, there's my answer on behalf of the whole of Britain!

FROM: Stinging Nettle
DATE: Tue Sep 23 08:48:45 PDT 1997
Who is this tedious SOYB guy?

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 08:28:57 PDT 1997

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Tue Sep 23 08:27:07 PDT 1997
attn: CW,pungo,decoy,voltaic,sleepy and in particular MYK. Did it slip your mind that this a message board for Robyn Hitchc--k, It's not a chat room for you bunglebunnies. It's not a chat room for you to discuss "morning tea" premiership soccer, or how your day was.We don't give a bottom how your day was. If you lilly white goombahs would like chat E-mail each other, And by the way you don't have a clue about the genius and intellect of M r. Hitchc--k.Get off this message so people with real constructive and concrete ideas like me can relay to Mr. Hitchc--k and gain some insight into his work!

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Tue Sep 23 06:46:05 PDT 1997
Good morning. Another fine evening of postings I must say and welcome back Myk. Is that true Robyn is going to be playing the Nick Drake tribute on November 8th? Decoy. No Excuse. I was AT the Bills Game and I managed to tape the Simpsons. For Shame on you. Pungo, I hate the cowboys on such a high level you could never understand. I was at SuperBowl XXVII. I still don't know how you could forget the Skins weren't playing. I still love you man. Lynn, I don't think Balloon Man was serious about the costumes. Balloon man introduced himself to this message board by insisting that Robyn's lyrics were encrypted passages from the Bible. He is not to be trusted in general. I may be wrong. He may be telling the absolute truth . I need more coffee. Well done Voltaic. And Decoy, your many failings aside, your response to Soybean was good. The bit about the charter was funny. I laughed. And who's that quoting Hitchhiker's Guide? I have the entire radio show on tape. Good for me eh? And I talked to Douglas Addams on the Larry King radio show way back in 1992. I am my own hero. I've changed my mind. My favorite Robyn song is back to being Airscape although Sleepy's lyric quote on Friday turned me sharply towards Raymond Chandler Evening. And I'm lurking in the shadows because it hasn't happened yet. Zoom.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 02:57:03 PDT 1997
Joe - Robyn did a Syd song with Morris at the 12-Bar, but although I know the song, I can't remember the name. Er, it was good anyway. It had lots of ooee, ooee, ooee sounds in it!

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Tue Sep 23 02:31:45 PDT 1997
Hi Myk. It seems that the flowers of intolerance and hatred have been blooming early this year. So let's all be chums again. I'm now going to get a cup of tea and I don't care who knows it! Ha, ha!

FROM: Pungo <>
DATE: Tue Sep 23 00:41:18 PDT 1997
Hello, Mighty Voltaic! I love your response to the SOB's-it was hilarious. To CW, I really really am a Redskins fan, I just forgot they had the week off, not that it really matters. Anyway, you look like a Cowboys fan to me. Welcome back, Myk! Wie gehts du? I was thinking that this board needs a fresh, less hostile, subject. How about Moss Elixir? I don' t think this has been touched on for a while. Farewell to one and all. I'm off to fight for truth, justice, and the american way.

FROM: Hooded
DATE: Mon Sep 22 20:37:00 PDT 1997
quite the raymond chandler evening here tonight in the land of eternal road construction. I was driving through the downtown area as a light persistant drizzle rained down. the season is changing again, it reminds me of the afformentioned song. I wish it was the weekend still so I could sit on my poarch, drink beer, listen to 'element of light', and watch the seasons change.

FROM: Myk Murphy <back@home.usa>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 20:33:11 PDT 1997
glad to be back! just got back yesterday. you know i've been away too long when clowns like soyb don't include my name in their buffoonish tirades.... ah, to be back... well, i had a fine time, and it seems i've missed so much. i still have to go back and read the archives, a testament to the increased activity of this board. and yes, voltaic, everyone but my digestive system had a fine time in ol' deutschland, and i found some cool robyn vinyl in a vinyl-only record shop. didn't buy anything there, however, because it was nothing rare, and the records would bend quite remarkably in my packback, i'm sure! heh heh.

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Mon Sep 22 16:09:37 PDT 1997
Hail Hail, pungo! How are you? Myk! I miss your "heh heh"s. How's the fatherland? Cybercafe and Bratwurst make for quite a maalox moment, no? And just so we don't appear to "exclusive," how is everybody else, too? Welcome! Regarding the earlier discussion of Wax Doll: Was thinking it would be hard to figure Captain Kangaroo since it's an American show, not part of Robyn's childhood...unless it was on "over there" in Britain. Did they play that show in England, my Brit Brethren?

FROM: Clack Brow
DATE: Mon Sep 22 16:05:23 PDT 1997
Robyn Hitchc--k writes great songs; they are forever giving you more. And he tells great stories in concert. Can't wait for the movie to come out. Anybody seen "Swimming to Cambodia"...? It's a "small" Demme movie perhaps suggestive of what he has planned for Robyn.

FROM: Gregorian Plant
DATE: Mon Sep 22 16:02:24 PDT 1997
There there, Sicky (May I call you that?). It's allright. We all forgive you! Don't cry!

DATE: Mon Sep 22 16:01:17 PDT 1997
I love all of you. I want to marry Gregorian Plants! Please forgive me! I was o.d.'d on the Osmands Boxed Set, and had to vent. Those I love the most, those who post on this beloved site, were those who suffered most. Forgive me! Waaaaaaaa!

FROM: Ragged <>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 15:22:47 PDT 1997
I know all of you better, and I know Robyn better now that I have read the last 11 months postings. There is no empathy in one man running at another in a helmet and pads though. And we never feel things as we run past them ..or get knocked down by them on your way to the goal.Let us all be happy we all don't act in such a manner.

FROM: lynn
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:50:20 PDT 1997
Thanks, Balloon Man. I guess Robyn has plenty of inside jokes that I don't understand because I don't follow him that closely. Its kind of like this message board, actually.

FROM: sailor lobeless <zzittt@bbbarkinggg.zztt>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:45:18 PDT 1997
...ahrrr..feeling mooch better after the lobotomy..uhhh...gggn...gzzzzt

FROM: sai/moo <>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:32:31 PDT 1997
if any one is interested...Nick Drake page .. cheers..

FROM: Voltaic
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:24:05 PDT 1997
It is I, Voltaic! Greetings SOB, erm, I mean, SOYB. Thanks for including me in your favorites list. We all look forward to your gratuitous cruelty and mean-spirited redneck scibblings. They amuse us. By all means, if you wish, simply recycle the diatribe whenever the mood strikes you! It is poetry! And if I were you, I wouldn't turn my back on the Gregorian Plant fellow; you just might find yourself with a new best friend!

FROM: Gregorian Plant
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:05:17 PDT 1997
SOYB, you're cute. Come fondle my fronds and I'll tell you a story about the little vienna sausage and his friend with a skin disorder.

FROM: Squelchy
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:03:43 PDT 1997
Grrggr grrr rargg! ArfArrf Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf! Ppgggffff rr,,e,rmerere. mundi! mundi! More razors nooooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Dr. Redjeaves
DATE: Mon Sep 22 14:02:02 PDT 1997
SOYB got exactly what he wanted; perhaps not in the quantity he wanted. He didn't deserve that amount (he's a glutton); and his posting(s) were not very interesting anyway (like this one!, Right!). Still, we do need to be careful that this doesn't become too much of a closed clichot, no? Exclusivity simply raises a genital rash on people like SOYB---he's itching his 'nads right now; hear him groaning with pleasure? Serious voodoo here, mister jag.

FROM: Prostensic Vogon Jeltz <>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 13:17:35 PDT 1997
Frumblgriftles are my walrustities. Talk to me Squelchy - I love your ghnesteltic poetry!

FROM: Decoy <@LeastWe'reNot'Youngsters'Anymore>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 12:57:19 PDT 1997
Hi SOYB, nice to see you back. And welcome! I spoke to Robyn about your attitude and he said MYOB. Hi sleepy, yes it is beutiful here as well. Sorry, Acid - I should have went back to the archives for verification. I missed the Simpsons due to being in my car after the football game - doh! So much TV, so little time. I'm ready for some concrete construction, by the way! I've reviewed my copy of the board charter and that type of thing seems to be allowed. Meanwhile, I'll be catching flies in my drooping maw, that is if they can get under my forehead. Sorry folks, I can't stop myself. If everyone else ignores it I'll stop too. But the problem is, I didn't listen to any music at all this weekend.

FROM: Joe <>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 12:41:27 PDT 1997
Robyn's playing that Nick Drake tribute thing in the city on November 8th. Cool! Pink pink pink pink pink moon. Balloon man, have you heard the radio series of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? way cool. Sleepy, do you think Robyn'll release Rabbit Train? Its his best lyrics yet (not!). Bit from Hitchhikers: (upon returning home to earth a few days before it will be destroyed to make way for a new intergalactic bypass:) "So we're not home safe and dry," said Arthur. "We could not even be said," said Ford, "to be home and vigorously toweling ourselves off." Sleepy, does Robyn still do Syd? any Byrds? And hows that new Nick Drake song do you figure. I'm hoping he plays that next time hes in NY (Nov 8 - St Anns Church in Brooklyn Heights be there or be square!) (47 more days, but whos counting). ...Pink Moons probably the best place to start for anyone who wants to get into Nick Drake. The best of is kind of pointless for a person who recorded 3 albums during his brief life. Kind of like EYE, like say "Linctus House" from that, but a far quieter thing. Nick can break your heart so be careful why don't you. (Actually, Robyn can too, come to think of it. Love that "Sweet Ghost of Light" off of EYE.) Anyone out there know anything about Robyn participating in a tribute to Skip Spences (late of Moby Grape) OAR. I read that in a recent MOJO (the one featuring LOVE)

FROM: Balloon Man
DATE: Mon Sep 22 12:19:49 PDT 1997
That's not the Mr. Moose Robyn was singing about in Wax Doll. It 's not Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit , and Green Jeans. Jacob Lurch, Mr. Moose and Dandy were Robyn's nick names for his fellow Soft Boys. It was a short lived plan to go on a tour of the States dressed as their favorite childhood story characters. Robyn was going to be a huge balloon (hense Balloon Man). The plans fell through because of Harlowe's raging addiction. Very sad stuff.

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Mon Sep 22 11:49:59 PDT 1997
attn: CW,pungo,decoy,voltaic and in particular SLEEPY. Did it slip your mind that this a message board for Robyn Hitchc--k, It's not a chat room for you goopsters. It's not a chat room for you to discuss "morning coffee" footbal, or how your day was.We don't give a s--t how your day was. If you micky go lates would like chat E-mail each other, And by the way you don't have a clue about the genius and intellect of M r. Hitchc--k.Get off this message so people with real constructive and concrete ideas can relay to Mr. Hitchc--k and gain some insight into his work!

FROM: Rupert
DATE: Mon Sep 22 11:33:21 PDT 1997
Who saw The Simpsons last night? That was funny when Homer was driving around with a boot on his car? Who among us has not fantasized about doing that. I laughed a lot. And if you listened very very carefully, you could here a split second of Jerry Garcia's ghost doing a crude cover of "Ralph give me a spanner". A spanner is British for Monkey Wrench. Then Homer kicked in the stereo.

FROM: Jeltz
DATE: Mon Sep 22 11:01:09 PDT 1997
Groop! I implore thee.

DATE: Mon Sep 22 10:54:49 PDT 1997

FROM: Cheese Alarm
DATE: Mon Sep 22 10:04:35 PDT 1997
I'll get a dog named Lazlo from a Lazlo shop...

DATE: Mon Sep 22 09:36:57 PDT 1997
Alright. Message received. Whatever you say.. You are always right. I understand completely. Far far away now. Night time in Brazil. Antwerp has a nice factory in it. Crumbles and darts like fire. Scales. Lizard toungues. Marble Arch. Undulation.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 22 08:23:16 PDT 1997
CW - the gig was good, but the audience wouldn't stop talking, even when the band asked them to. I felt quite murderous by the end of it. Robyn politely asks everyone to be quiet at the start of the 12-Bar shows, which thankfully people respect.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 22 08:17:59 PDT 1997
Hey Sleepy. How was your weekend? How was the gig? I didn't make it to the Crawl in Glasgow after all. Homer and I took in the match between the Mighty Reds and the Saints. Disappointing for Liverpool. Homer went running off in a fuming rage and left me to find my way to the airport. Everyone. Ignore S.O.Y.B.S. It was obviously a joke to get us going.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 22 07:51:40 PDT 1997
Dear S-o-y-b-s. That line about not having a clue about the genius and intellect of Mr H was very funny. I'll mention it to Robyn when I next speak to him.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 22 07:48:36 PDT 1997
Nice day today.

FROM: Sleepy
DATE: Mon Sep 22 07:48:15 PDT 1997

FROM: Acid Bird <Dolphins@1and3.alas>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 06:45:30 PDT 1997
Decoy, it wasn't Balloon Man who liked the Dolphins. He's a disenfranchised Browns fan remember? No, alas, it was I who worship the Dolphins, Marino, and have an autographed poster of Jimmy Johnson on the wall above my bed. Dripping with angry sarcasm, but what can you do? When you get your butt kicked by the Buccaneers there is nothing to do. It's only an NFC game. We can still count on beating the Bills, Jets and Colts twice and perhaps splitting with the Patriots. A shame about that impostor Pungo isn't it? Duck hunting. He's making fun of our blessed American Gun Culture. Let's get im boys!

FROM: Decoy <Watched@TV.SoThere>
DATE: Mon Sep 22 06:05:39 PDT 1997
CW, you jammy bastard, that's not nice. Where's Ballon Man? 'Loved that Miami game last night. Poor Jimmie, he really should watch his colesterol. Shula tried the uniform switch on the Bills once - If I recall (help me on this one CW), it didn't work. Robyn sure is missing a lot of good football games.

FROM: Chewing Wax
DATE: Mon Sep 22 05:25:31 PDT 1997
Good morning. I for one am honored to be included in Soybean's rant. Decoy is right. The plan is working. Um. I've never been one for conspiracy theory, but if pungo is a Redskins fan he would have known they didn't play this weekend. Do your research sleepy. How about them Bills? I was there. Robyn could have been. I tried to spot him in the crowd. Decoy should have been there but he is a Bills fan impostor and is so utterly whipped he has become a closet Jets fan. For shame.

FROM: Kramer
DATE: Sun Sep 21 18:16:39 PDT 1997
Jerry? Jerry?

FROM: Decoy
DATE: Sun Sep 21 12:12:34 PDT 1997
Forgot to sign below.

DATE: Sun Sep 21 12:12:09 PDT 1997
Thanks for the perspective Hooded, you're right, I've been to Chicago and that posting wouldn't do well there - people are way too nice for that kind of thing. Something about us New York people. I'm not going to apologize, though. You are right and I wish I'd though of it - the board is for the fans and our common interests - if soyb can't go back and establish to correct context for his posting (thats what the archives are for) then that is soyb's problem. I will apologise for my foul language. Sorry. The Globe of Frogs quote is absolutely apropriate. Probable a good thing to read any time you get uptight. The natural world is so much less stressfull - unless you're about to be eaten, I suppose. Ah, the pastoral life. Where's Myk? One hour to kickoff, go Bills.

FROM: hooded <alsoflamed@sickofyourbulls--t>
DATE: Sun Sep 21 00:12:06 PDT 1997
one more thing, and then i'll go back to today's musical selection "globe of frogs". dear soyb, read the liner notes to today's musical selection and partake in the wisdom of our beloved uniting thread, "so loosen your spine, bury your television, and welcome to a globe of frogs..." thats all folks, see ya tomorrow. sleepy- keep the coffee warm will ya buddy?

FROM: The Hooded One (from here on just hooded) < >
DATE: Sat Sep 20 23:28:08 PDT 1997
ok, enough nastyness people. here in chicago people with nasty,narrow minds live pathetic, anal-retentive lives and we laugh at them at every chance we get. s.o.y.b. thank you for much laughter. as far as i can tell this message board's purpose is to unite us fegs within our enjoyment of mr. hitch.c--ks' work. wheather this has anything to do with mr. hitch.c--k or not it has to do with his FANS. now, on a completely unrelated note. this fan last night went to a show hoping to catch a surprise gig by the rolling stones, instead i saw a blues band led by elvin bishop. it was sweaty, smelled funny, very loud, and completely amazing. definately one of the 10 best concerts (ok 20) i'd ever seen. I think mr. hitch.c--k would have agreed. all you guys and in particular, SLEEPY, i enjoy your discussions and think that the FANS are what this board is about. robyn hitch.c--k is the uniting thread, and the subject of "robyn hitch.c--k fan message boards" is FAN.

FROM: pail-o-hooch <arf arf@barking .com>
DATE: Sat Sep 20 17:59:22 PDT 1997
gentlemen,PLEASE!!there's enough moose bollocks to go around..decoy,behave, or be nice.....

FROM: pungo
DATE: Sat Sep 20 15:46:25 PDT 1997
Hey, kids! Boy, I've had a great day! The weather here is beautiful. At the moment, I'm sipping on Maxwell House and of course typing. I sure hope the Redskins win tomorrow. Sleepy, I think you're terriffic. I kinda thought that line in wax doll had something to do wiht ejaculation. I guess all art is up for interpretation. Anyway, it's hunting season. Time to sharpin' up those duck shooting skills. Ya'll be chill!!!

FROM: Decoy <Gratuitous posting @ You>
DATE: Sat Sep 20 12:58:42 PDT 1997
Mr. Moose and those ping pong balls where the light of my mornings as a three year old.

FROM: Decoy <Flamed@sick of your bulls--t >
DATE: Sat Sep 20 12:53:18 PDT 1997
Our little plan is working. Oh by the way, Sickie, do you think Robyn reads this board? You twisted little Philistine; grab a reality check and grow up. I suppose you don't drink beer at Robyn shows, but prefer instead to maintain an internal conversation with yourself (in as many voices as possible) that has one singular purpose - to somehow figure out what Robyn means in his art and if you get the chance, somehow you'll tell him so. We'll all be very impressed. You little prick, lighten up. I'm sure everyone's real eager to hear your constructive and concrete[sic] ideas, lets have them. Unless you are just Squelchy on a bender, then never mind. Here's to archive nine! Long live archive ten!

FROM: lynn <ohigetitthesee-mailaddressesare.bogus>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 19:23:31 PDT 1997
I have several disconnected thoughts that I will attempt to weave into one beautifully synthesized posting.(Kind of like a Hitchc.ock song,eh?) First of all, Chewing Wax, Mr. Moose was a moose puppet on "Captain Kangaroo", a children's show that ran during the sixties and seventies. His sole talent consisted of making ping pong balls fall onto said Captain whenever the mood struck him. At least, I think that is why, but anyway, perhaps Robyn feels that this is about as close as any human can ever come to self-realization. Also, I think that the line, " Is your Wax Doll still crying in the fire?" refers to the idea that most people are controlled by rules and regulations not of their own design. The whole song seems to be about freeing oneself from external binds.

FROM: sick of your bulls--t
DATE: Fri Sep 19 16:16:20 PDT 1997
attn: CW,pungo,decoy,voltaic and in particular SLEEPY. Did it slip your mind that this a message board for Robyn Hitchc--k, It's not a chat room for you youngsters. It's not a chat room for you to discuss "morning coffee" footbal, or how your day was.We don't give a s--t how your day was. If you youngsters would like chat E-mail each other, And by the way you don't have a clue about the genius and intellect of M r. Hitchc--k.Get off this message so people with real constructive and concrete ideas can relay to Mr. Hitchc--k and gain some insight into his work!

FROM: Dufus
DATE: Fri Sep 19 16:10:09 PDT 1997
Homer: Your sister, the one on the Simpsons? Your sister, the one in The Odyssey? You are the Homer for which the band is named, no? Or are you Sherlock Holmes, going by the name they called you in grammar school?

FROM: ProbablyBruce <Sixth@venue>
DATE: Fri Sep 19 15:54:04 PDT 1997
It's almost Halloweeny . Time to take pumpkins out of the deep freeze unit, place them on the frunt end loader, flick open those switch knife blades and start carving ....humf, that's strange , this one looks like you Cynthia.....CHERRIO!